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tv   Full Court Press  Current  July 25, 2012 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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esh perspective. >>i'm a slutty bob hope. the troops love me. >>only on current tv.
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>> announcer: taking your e-mails on any topic at any show." live on your radio and current >> taking your e-mails on any topic at any time this is the bill press show live on your radio and current tv. >> all right. still lots of e-mails about penn state. clarence says, when a school damages the brands the school is subject to punishment. this is true for all supports organizations. nancy says, i think burning down the penn state campus would be going too far. otherwise -- that's christian of
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you, nancy. otherwise hit them with as many penalties as possible. on the firearms and my call for some limits, sensinal limits on gun control coming out of what happened in aurora colorado and limits on ammunition says. peter says the fact you have no idea as to the the nra provides the people as regards their second andm to the constitution is so telling as is your contempt of the bill of rights. peter, the founding fathers did not intend for america to be able to build an ammunition dump in their own apartment, idiot. peter nelson says f.u bill press. guns don't kill people. you are right. people kill people with guns that they should never be allowed to have in the first place. elliott spitzer, top of the next hour right here. >> this is the bill court press /*
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bill press show.
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[ ♪ theme music ♪ ] >> hello, everybody. what do you say? good morning and welcome to the full-court press. on this wednesday, july 25th, comeing to you live all the way across this great land of ours from washington, d.c., buying you -- bringing you big stories of the day. before he left for the olympics, mitt romney slamming president obama for not being tough enough on america's enemies. what's he talking about? has he ever heard of sew sam a bin laden? has he ever heard of gadaffi? what happened to them?
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does he have any idea what's going on the real world? apparently not. >> that's all we get from mitt romney. we will talk about that and a whole lot more. elliot spotser right here with us at the top of the hour but first, we get the latest, today's current news update from lease a ferguson in los angeles, still shaking from the 3.4 quake this morning. good morning, lisa. >> we are. we are still shaking here a little bit, but don't worry. we've still got the news for you. mitt romney is on his way to london today and the obama super p.a.c. priorities u.s.a. is taking advantage of the trip to proceed mote a new ad. this is called romney's gold and uses the olympics to attack the candidate onshoring -- on shoring. >> you have got to say this about mitt romney. he sure knows how to go for the gold, for himself. >> the spot is part of a
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$20 million ad buy. it will run in florida, pennsylvania and virginia during broadcasts of the olympics. in the meantime, team romney is going after the jewish vote in addition to romney's upcoming trip to israel the "new york times" is reporting the republican jewish coalition backed by sheldon adelson will begin a multi-million dollar ad campaign in three swing states calling my buyer's remorse, with test mobilials of jewish people saying they regret obama. he won 70% of the jewish vote. this year, adelson has promised to spentd as much as $100 million to stop him from winning reelection. the latest in poll numbers nbc. and "the wall street journal" have a new one out with president obama in the lead by six points, up to 49 to 43. the more voters hear about the candidates, the less they like
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them. more bill press after the break. stay with us. >> romney you can take it. >> a new ad we will play for you when we come back here with lynn sweet, chicago sun times methderr death shiner from row call and bill cress part full-court press. you are welcome to join our conversation at 866-55-press. we will be right back. >> this is the bill press show.
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[ ♪ theme music ♪ ] broadcasting across the nation on your radio, and on current tv, this is the bill press show. >> mitt romney says president obama hasn't been tough enough on our rivals. did he ask gadaffi or 0 sam a bin laden? good morning, everybody. the full court press. here we go on this wednesday, july 25th, great to see you today. thank you for joining us as we boom out to you live from our nation's capitol all the way across this great land on your local progressive talk radio station and, of course on current tv. as we say, we are the warm-up act for the big prime time heavy
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hitters in the evening and we have one of them right here this evening, our good friend joins us usually by phone on a wednesday morning. what a great pleasure to welcome eliot spitzer, host of the viewpoint in studio this morning. >> good morning. it is great to be here. >> getting you will early in washington, d.c., too. >> you know, i get up early to do your show, get up early to listen to your show. this time, i got up early and get to have a cup of coffee with you. this is great. >> this is. what brings you to town? >> there are some hearings today about libor, that funny little phrase that only geeks may want to think about but it's important. >> you are the first one that i heard talk about it. and the role of the treasury secretary. >> tim geitner. more of what he did or did not do when he was president of the new york fed which is look at it and say another wall street scandal, turn his back and walk away, maybe send an e-mail to make a paper trail that he did something, but not enough. >> that's where he is going to get some heat today if you look
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at the papers. "new york times," washington post, everybody kind of asking the very hard question: what did he do? and what did the new york fed do leading up to the crisis of '08, they knew what was going on and didn't do a whole lot. >> right. the lead story in the business section of "the new york times" this morning. >> yeah. >> new york fed faces question over policing wall street. they say particularly questions to tim geitner when he appears at the house finance services. are you going to testify today? >> no. no. i am going to be in the peanut gallery. i am on the media side of the game now, saying to the folks on the show. i used to come down here and testify back when i was in government. i used to spar a little back then one of the big issues was why is the state enforcing this not the federal government. it was because the federal government is not doing anything which continues to be the story line. but this, i think what will emerge from this is that the libor scandal is a metaphor for everything else.
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it is a huge issue. it really is. every interest rate is pegged to it. people should care even though it's a bizarre little acronym but people should care. >> london inter bank offered rate. >> what's an offered rate? come on, guys. only an economist could come up with this. but it's what bangs borrow from each other at. consequently, here is a geeky thought. a bank's cost of capital determines how much it can relend the money at. >> thistricals down to what people pay for home loans and everything else. >> absolutely. we got a lot going on here. a lot to talk to eliot spitzer about. we will take your calls at 866-55-press. bob cue sack from the hill will join us at the top of the next hour as a friends of bill. congressman tim ryan for ohio joining us a little bit later as well. but first. >> this is the full court press. other headlines making news, on this wednesday, the star of batman, dark knight rises
4:08 am
visited victims. aurora shooting yesterday. ristian bales spent time with different patients at the medical center of aurora for several hours. one saying it was incredibly therapeutic to meet the movie star. >> that was a great move on his part. >> totally. >> saw a movie last night. he is a phenom nam actor. >> yeah. >> gay marriage made new york city a lot of money. it's been a year since same section marriage was legalized, reporting 10% of marriage licenses over the last year were issued to same-sex couples and generated nearly $260 million for the city's economy. >> wouldn't it be funny some of these other states, right, these kind of red next states or not necessarily gay-friendly states adopt same sex marriage to get the revenue. >> that's obviously not why most of us are supportive of it.
4:09 am
a civil rights issue, not a money issue but they were showing economic harm to states that don't permit same-sex marriage. they are going to lose a lot of commerce. >> huge. >> mississippi and north carolina. >> a big state. >> yeah. >> a touchy issue there. >> and baseball history buffs gearing up for their shot on getting their hands on the 1912 boston red sox trophy. the current owner is selling it in honor of the 100th anniversary of fenway park. he bought it for $74,000 five years ago. experts say it will go for about $300,000. >> the red sox won the world series? when was that? >> the red sox ought to buy this. >> they could buy it there. >> where office this guy live? in boston. >> a new jersey sports memorabilia collector. he is saying i don't want it anymore. they have a replica at fenway
4:10 am
park, not the actual park. >> typical boston. right? >> stop beating up on boston. >> the yankees are doing okay. you have to enjoy it when you can. come october, i won't be talking like this. >> these new yorkers, they are merciless. thank you, dan. indeed. the sports memorabilia world? >> i never quite got it. >> i haven't either but boy, you talk about -- i never quite got it. >> talk about people throwing money away for old jocks. >> $10 million? i don't get it. a baseball painting? none of it makes sense to me. i don't get that either. >> people pay fortunate a. >> for things that have no inherent value. >> we are not going to worry that one. >> good to see you. >> thank you. >> we have so much to talk about i don't know where to start. i am going to start, get your
4:11 am
take. i know you talked about this on the show with something president obama said last week that the republicans are trying to make a big deal of. here is the exact quote. in context. >> if you were successful somebody along the line gave you some help. there was a great teacher somewhere in your life. somebody helped to create this system, somebody invested in roads and bridges. if you have a business you didn't build that. somebody else made that happen. >> i don't know about you. in context, i think he was telling the truth. we all had help along the way. right? >> not only telling the truth but as you have been talking about, mitt romney took out that middle phrase about the roads and then made it seems like when he said you didn't build that, which is completely a misrepresentation of what the police department
4:12 am
president said but is typical of the romney campaign. >> that's all they have. vapors misrepresentation but there is a deeper tension that really is at the root of this battle. here, the president beliefs and he is right, elizabeth warren said it first with a spark a year ago, we understand there is a sim biotic relationship between the way government invests and the private sector. mitt romney wants to believe it's the marlboro man who individually built the railroad. the president is right. that theoretical argument is happening right now. >> the role of government. >> right. >> the president saying not that the government does everything or could do everything or should do everything. but there is a constitution we all benefit from an ought to rectifies it. >> mike end lind wrote something, i forgot the fame of it the hamiltonina, voice way
4:13 am
back when wanted a national bumping, wanted infrastructure, things like the eerie canal that got built on. he understood roads. the president's metaphor roads is the project you are talking about, the internet, wi-fi, whatever the sort of technology is at the moment. those things don't get built alone. and the president is right, of course. i love the headline in the washington post this morning about romney speech yesterday to the vfw. romney process a shift. asails obama and said they should be tougher on refers. if there is one thing some liberals say, he has been too tough on his riffles. >> i want to put romney in a corner and say give me the example where the president hasn't been tough, hasn't used
4:14 am
force effectively? it really does boggle the mind that they still roll out these arcane ridiculous i amages that have no relationship to reality and whether it will work or not is an open question. >> right but when you look at the record, let's face it, we know as democrats, republicans used to own the national security issue. this was a weak link. obama has chained that. when you look at gadaffi? >> when you look at osama bin laden, the drone attacks some of which give me pause, frankly as to what we are doing. but you can't say obama has bin a wimp? >> the drone issue is a serious one we are going to have to deal with in terms of pursuant to what authorities the president pushes, would we may or may not know. putting that aside in terms of the politics, the no, sir the president has not used force aggressively is simply ridiculous.
4:15 am
he is getting us out of afghanistan after the surge, after sending in more troops after everybody on bolt sides, the drones are the way we are using force. they are working. do you think romney can continue to get away without releasing his tax returns? drink about it this week. the number of articles has dropped. he has weightaited it out. >> that's what he did in the primary. >> he has waited it out. the media has a sense of exhaustion. the conservative media is better at pounding the drum. if there if this were, say, a birth certificate, it would be there every day on the headlines. we, because we are bored by repetition say on to the next. it may come up in the debates. he will deflect it. would probably come up if he stopped. my image was he was going to go to switzerland. i wanted to see where he sneaks
4:16 am
to the zurich bank accounts. >> he wouldn't dare go to switzerland. what afternoon image. eliot spitzer with us on the full-court press, in studio. he is the host of "viewpoint" on current tv at 8:00 p.m. eastern every evening. so i want to call you governor. i want to call you eliot.eliot. please. >> christian bale going out to the hospital yesterday, it disappointed me that neither the president nor mitt romney were willing to say, boy, this shows we have to look at, you know, some of the sensible ideas about restrictions on sale of guns to people who shouldn't have them and on ammunition? right? are they doing the right thing or wimping out? >> i think wimping out. you know, i hate to be critical and use that phrase about the president. but let's face it. this is an affliction this
4:17 am
country has to deal with. i went back. we talked about on the show a couple of weeks ago and everything did, everybody was for obvious reason. richard nix on when he was running for president, bill saphire quoted that nixon was in favor of getting rid of handguns. handguns should be illegal. >> hardly a liberal voice. the whole debate has shifted because the power of the nra and somehow we have bebegun to imbue the second amendment with this mythology that it protects the right to buy an ak 47. >> or buy 6,000 rounds of ammunition. >> pat monahan who i think of as one of the great legislateorslegislators, he have saying tax bullits as a way of stopping them from being sold, limit access to bullets. it may be true there are so many guns that bullets is the way to go but this lack of backbone when it comes to the issue of gun control is startling.
4:18 am
a little statistic. i used to think of it as an urban-rural issue. urban is more sim patympathetic to gun control. still, we can't get legislators on the hill to vote for gun control. >> what you was surprised to learn this week, it's not like the nra. they are not like frankly sheldon adelson with new ads out say, $100 million. the nra says they have raised $9 million for campaign contrib bucksaws this year. it's the power of the nra but also the cow arrestedis of the politicians for not standing this up. >> i have give them their due. it's the power of grassroots politics. i would rather almost tip my hat to them. you drive on the interstates and look as i do at bumper stickers just kind of i think they are a good way to measure what's going
4:19 am
on in the world. you see amount of nra bumper stickers. that tells me they have done a good job getting out to a membership saying don't let them take our guns around. right, wrong,. >> you read my e-mails. they are out there. the one person we have to give credit to standing up on this is michael bloomberg? >> i did a show with ed koch and dimato and we agreed on the sale thing. we need gun control. dimato is a more conservative republican. mike is the one who stood up at the moment when this erupted and saw the president and romney offer very nice platitudes. the words were soothing but where are you on the substance. mike said, hey, guys, let's get real here. >> both on current tv. one difference between the "viewpoint" and full-court press is you can join the conversation here give us a call because we are radio as well as t.v.
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866-55-press. we will save a seat at the table here for you. give us a call. we will be back with eliot spitzer on this wednesday morning, july 25th. >> radio meets television the bill press show now on current tv. [ ♪ theme music ♪ ] >>we're going to places where few others are going. >>it doesn't get anymore real than this. >>occupy! >>the award winning series "vanguard" only on current tv.
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of sununu, you're wrong. mitt romney, you're wrong. we need more teachers, not fewer teachers and more cops and more firefighters that support our
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♪ take just one more ♪ it's been dumbed down ♪ long before romney ♪ ever did ♪ >> thank you
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. >> stephanie: 45 minutes after the hour. we'll be back as we close "the stephanie miller show." >> on "the stephanie miller show" in suburban america this [ ♪ theme music ♪ ] [ music ] >> this is the bill press show. >> we are at 26 minutes after the hour. it is wednesday, july 25th, elliott spitter is in town going to be broadcasting the "viewpoint" from washington tonight. treasury secretary and house financial services committee to explain his role at the new york
4:24 am
fed when he learned about london banks that were maybe -- particularly barclay's? >> it was a conspiracy. this conspiracy reaches probably every major bank. moral morgan chase. >> both sides? >> across the pond, as they say. the way they set the rate 16 banks are involved. stot to move it, amount of banks have to be involved and we think that's what's going to am could out. >> tim geitner says i tried to stop it t i did everything i could. really? maybe we will few under out. one of the others i wanted to ask you about, this headline from politico this morning, we know michelle bachmann came out with this outrageous theory that the muslim brotherhood has infiltrated these agencies. joe mccarthy said that. newt gingrich said she is asking the right questions. >> is newt desperate to remain
4:25 am
relevant and get into the headline? you wonder how many times this cat will come back into our lives saying irrelevant, crazy things and how many times. the moments when newt gingrich used to say things that were reasonable and smart and he goes off the wall. this is heinous. michelle bachmann is rightly being condemned. she is the butt of humor anger, vitriol vitriol. she should be con democrated. >> for obtain to stand up. >> let's asplat the guys when they show sensitivity and reason. >> once in a blue moon. >> show them we can recognize ill give them credit. >> we have is that much to talk about and too much fun and we will give a hell of a show together. >> we will get you on our show. up, up at 4:00 in the morning. >> i am up for you. >> thank you for coming in. >> the bill press show.
4:26 am
>>it's the place where democracy is supposed to be the great equalizer, where your vote is worth just as much as donald trump's. we must save the country. it starts with you.
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[ ♪ theme music ♪ ] >> heard around the country and seen on current t.v. this is the bill press show. >> thirty-three minutes after the hour. now here, the full court press on a wednesday, july 25th. good to have you with us today and great to have eliot spitzer in studio. be sure to catch him on the view point tonight on current tv at 8:00 p.m. hear more about tim geitner and libor and what is bubbling up to be a pretty big story here in our nation's capitol. i wanted to bring you up to date on the latest on the romney campaign on a couple of fronts. of course, romney is off on a
4:31 am
one-week foreign trip, taking him to london and then to israel and then to poland giving his address yesterday at the -- to the vfw convention in reno one day after president obama was there. we talked about that this morning, where -- and just talked about it with eliot spitzer where romney had the audacity to claim that president obama had not been tough enough on our rivals which is ridiculous. i mean given what pompom what president obama was able to accomplish when it comes to 0 sam a bin laden or gadaffi or chakking down on china's tradepoms and on and on and on. i think it's something like maybe 20 times more drone attacks than even george w. bush and dick cheney launched not that i am entirely happeny with those. one thing you can't say is president obama has been soft on terror.
4:32 am
two other aspects about the romney campaign i wanted to talk with you about this morning and get your comments on. first of all mitt romney's first stop is the olympics. this is one that is a little fraught with danger on at that couple of fronts three fronts, i would say. one is that romney is using the olympics, of course, as a chance to raise money. it's got a fundraiser with the very people we were just talking about with eliot spitzer from barclay's bank. the very people who were in the heart of this rigging the rates on bank loans, thereby impacting consumers worldwide including mortgage home loans, car loans and whatever here in the united states. clark clay's bank giving a fundraiser for mitt romney. he doesn't care if they are under investigation in the u.k. he doesn't care if there are hearings in the united states about this. he is walking into a fund razor
4:33 am
$75,000 $75,000 a head number 1 problem for romney. no. 2 problem, the reason he is there ostensibly is to watch his wife, ann, and her dressage horse compete in the olympics. just further building on the imagery of the out-of-touch plutocrat, the elitist >> .00001% of the american people who have enough money to compete in the sport and earn a house and hire a groomer and a trainer and the whole damn team and the plane to take the horse to london and all of that stuff. number 3 for mitt romney's problem in the olympics is the uniforms. remember the flap about the
4:34 am
uniforms? the ralph lauren uniforms made in china when it turns out that when mitt romney was in charge of the olympics and i am looking now. i am frustrated because -- here it is. the olympics. i have a friend in californiation kathleen hill who lives in sonoma. she was a torch bearer in the 2002 olympics. >> that's cool. >> she got her uniform and she still has her uniform. there was a reason mitt romney was was not out among republicans for having the uniforms made in china. this year, because when mitt romney was in charge of the olympics in salt lake city kathleen hill looked over her old uniform and she found out, of course that her cap was made
4:35 am
in bangadesh, pants in berma. the jacket was made in burma. the tee shirt was made in honduras. the long sleeve shirt was made in el salvador. he outsourced those jobs all over the world. >> wow. >> let's not talk about uniforms while he is at the olympics. the second issue i wanted to mention and we will get to your calls at 866-55-press, is romney, lately has really been slamming president obama, among other things, for lack of transparency. this president promised to be -- have a transparent, transparency was going to be the mark of the administration. lack of transparency? look who is talking. i talked about this the other night with jennifer granholm on the war room on current tv.
4:36 am
when you look at mitt romney's record, man, it is deep secret. a man who not only refuses to tell the truth but destroys the evidence, sort of like burns his bridges behind him so nobody will know what he has been up to. some of them have been destroyed, the records, and the archives are out of bounds. the property is some university in utah and are not even accessible to reporters who want to look and see, well exactly how good a job did mitt romney do as head of the olympics, number 1. no. 2. when he was finished his first term and only term, as governor of massachusetts he gave orders for his staff to destroy the records, destroyed so nobody can
4:37 am
look back and see at least from state records what really happened when he was governor of massachusetts. of course. he won't relee in this information from the cayman islands. he said he release the tax returns for 2010. well, he did except for those returns that relate to any offshore tax havens or tax shelters or whatever. he refused to release those. it's only a partial release the he won't release any information, of course, about his swiss bank account, how much money is there. what's it doing? what's it invested in? how much is it, you know, kicking off every year in terms of income. income he will not release tax returns other than for part of one year. the prompt of another year when he has the returns finished. so i think this is an important issue for romney is the reason i wanted to talk about it is because it really does this lack
4:38 am
of trans piece and this lack -- this refusal to tell the truth i think, speaks to the issue of his credibility, of his beliefability and whether or not we can trust him. if he is so secretive and so -- practices such cover up when it comes to his own actions, own history, what kind of sec res see would he want to bring to the white house, god forbid a couple of issues tracking mitt romney has he begins his trek around the world today. let's go back to the phones today. alita is calling from cleveland, ohio. >> hi, bill. how are you? >> i am good. thanks to hear from you? >> i am a first time caller.
4:39 am
as i mentioned, i am glad you have a show. i used to watch you on msnbc along with joe madison, the eagle and y'all going back and forth regarding a lot of issues. i am glad to see you with your own t.v. show. >> thank you. i am glad to be here and glad you found us and joe madison is a good friend. i am sure he is still doing msnbc. they won't put me on now because i am on current tv. ? >> anothert show. >> my own, yeah. what did you call about? >> a couple of issues. one is about governor romney i would i would like to say americans really need to wake up because for regular men's when we apply for a job we have to present a resume. we have to go through a background check. >> yeah. >> i am in accounting. i have an accounting degree. i will have to do an excel test, an accounting test. we are being vetted.
4:40 am
why do son-in-law people feel governor romney should not be vetted for the highest job in the united states of america? >> excellent point. write. we are hiring him. right? we are hiring him. we have a right to know? >> he has right to answer. just think if i went to an interview and said i am not going to answer. you know what? they would tell me to leave. >> what's your second point? >> okay. i wish more democrats in the media or somebody else would call out the republicans. i am tired every time a job report come out that the republicans an especially john boehner is always asking the question: mr. president, where are the jobs? they are holding everything in congress. it's a double standard. the media has not really called them out on this. they are asking where are the jobs this is the republican party that says government get
4:41 am
out of the way. government doesn't create jobs. instead of asking mr. president, they need to be asking their corporate americans, guys on wall street, where are the jobs and they are holding trillions of dollars and not creating jobs. they need to do better, calling them out when the republicans say, mr. president you are for government getting out of the way and government doesn't create jobs. so why are you asking the president? >> you know what alita? you are right. i am glad to hear from you. i have said that all the time. there are two things. 1 thing is why are you wall street, sitting on all of this money and not hiring people? and, and, number 2, why are you republicans in congress killing all of the jobs' bills. you can't have it both ways. you can't kill the jobs bill and then complain that so many americans don't have a job. they would have a job if you passed the damn legislation. alita, good to hear from you.
4:42 am
continue our conversation at 866-55-press. >> this is the full court press, the bill press show, live on your radio and on current tv. no problem. you want to save money on motorcycle insurance? no problem. you want to find a place to park all these things? that redefined tv journalism. >>we're going to places where few others are going. >>it doesn't get anymore real than this. >>occupy! >>the award winning series "vanguard" only on current tv. you want to save money on car insurance? no problem. you want to save money on rv insurance? no problem. you want to save money on motorcycle insurance? no problem. you want to find a place to park all these things? fuggedaboud it. this is new york. hey little guy, wake up! aw, come off it mate!
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4:45 am
[ ♪ theme music ♪ ] >> on your radio and on current tv, this is the bill press show. >> hey 12 minutes before the top of the hour here on wednesday, july 25th, bob kusac, managing editor of the hill friend of bill the next hour. we will be joined by tim ryan from ohio. right now, we are talking about mitt romney and his tax on
4:46 am
pompom -- his attacks on president obama for the lack of transparency in the obama administration. this is the same guy. what gall he's got. this is the guy who won't release his tax returns and who has destroyed records from the -- his days in the olymfingers and his days as governor of massachusetts. we will get back to your calls on that at 866-55-press. here is another one of those stories caught my attention. this one from abc news reporting that police are looking for three men who stole the identities of multiple people and made fraudulent purchases of over $100,000 worth of goods. goods they bought thousands of dollars worth of building suppliers using a credit card that belonged to a former police officer. one more case of identity theft. 1 more reason why you should be protected against it. there is no better protection than life lock ultimate. i've got it and recommend it.
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you need t it's the only id theft protection company that monitors bank accounts for take over fraud as well as keeping track of all of the rest of your vital information type of life lock can't protect you or your bank account if you are not a mer. call now and mention press 60 for 60 risk-free days of lifelock ultimate identity protection. if you are not happy, give them a call within 60 days of signing up. they will give you a full refund. see life for details. give them a call at 1800-356-5967. 1-800-356-5967. back to the phones to the west coast. here is kevin in riverside california. thank you for joining us. >> good morning, bill. the elitist point, it is a job interview for the most powerful position on the planet. >> i think that's a good way of
4:48 am
looking at it. yes. >> exactly correct. ten years ago, i was denied employment because they looked at my cred history and found i had filed bankruptcy. for mitt romney to not show us his tax returns is unbelievable. they must show there were years when he paid zero in taxes. i am convinced of it. there were years. yes get your second point in. call another time. joyce is in wus chicago. >> good morning. how are you doing? three quick points. the reason why mitt romney do not disclose anything because he has been told to be quiet. we got this. another reason why, you have too many week democrats running around here letting this man get away with murder. do you think if the republicans had this hand to work with with president obama they would let
4:49 am
him get away with this? which man had to show his birth certificate. come on, man. this imagine don't have to show his tax return? >> they didn't even accept -- not all of them accepted his birth certificate. >> the democrats until they get off of their did you haveuffies and get on this man because our lives are at stake. we are at stake. this man's policies would kill the working people and the poor people. get up and get moving. >> get their ass in gear. >> there you go. >> all right. ? >> thank you. >> joyce is on -- i like joyce. >> cracker. >> i love me some joyce. when the president says fired up and ready to go, that's it? >> that's it, man. >> he is talking about joyce from chicago, man. we got them going this morning.
4:50 am
all right. speaking of the president, out on the west coast, and he's got a big leap across country, a big addressed to down in new orleans. we will tell you about it, the podis schedule when we come back on our full-court press this wednesday morning. >> this is the bill press show. live on your radio and current tv. hot water. >> bill: the way the process works is the federal government would drag the state of florida into court and it would be resolved in front of a judge or in front of a jury.
4:51 am
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start you morning with a daily dose of politics from a fresh perspective. >>i'm a slutty bob hope. the troops love me. >>only on current tv. [ ♪ theme ♪ ] [ ♪ theme music ♪ ] >> this is the full court press, the bill press show live on your radio and on current tv. >> in the next hour, bob cuekusack
4:53 am
managing editor of "the hill," a great newspaper covering the event did on capitol hill will be in studio with us as a friend of bill for the entire next hour. we will be joined by congressman tim ryan from ohio to talk about what's happening with tax cuts what's happening with the sequestration issue in the united states congress and always there to take your calls at 866-55-press. you think you have a busy day? you you ought to be trying to keep up with president obama today. he spent the last night in seattle, washington after a couple of big fundraisers up there. leaves seattle this morning on his way to new orleans. in new orleans, villa campaign event, late this afternoon with of course, the time difference. he will be getting to new orleans failure late in the afternoon. first campaign event is at a private residence at 3:50 this afternoon. then the second cam paper event
4:54 am
at the house of blues in new orleans. that will be a great event. you know it. >> there are a lot of places for him to stop off on the new orleans trip you know. >> the acme oyster house. >> that would be one of the places. >> a good place to go. >> absolutely. he often makes those off-the-record stops. >> yeah. new orleans is perfect for that. >> so a campaign event at the house of blues. he will be speaking, the main reason, speaking at the national urban league great civil rights organization. their 2012 convention being held at the convention center in new orleans. then the president back on air force 1 coming home after three days on the road. he will be back at the whitehouse tonight at 5:minutes to midnight. wow. >> this is the bill press show.
4:55 am
4:56 am
[ ♪ theme music ♪ ] >> bill: good morning, everybody, it's a big wednesday morning, july 25th. welcome to the "the full court press." you want it know what is happening here in washington, d.c. around the country, and around the globe we'll let you know. that's what we're here for. we'll also take your calls at 866-55-press. join the conversation here on current tv, "the full court press." mitt romney slamming president obama for lack of transparency. look whose talking.
4:57 am
this is the guy who want let us see the archives of the 2002 olympics won't let us see his accounts from the swiss bank account and won't release his tax returns. mitt romney, the king of secret files. that's just one of the things that we'll be talking about this hour. we'll go to los angeles for today's current update from lisa ferguson. good morning lisa. >> good morning, bill. good morning everyone. mitt romney will be in london, but his team is still piling on the pressure back here in the state. the camp is holding 24 we did build this events in 12 different states including the usual swing state suspects florida, ohio and virginia. we just received the e-mail of the day claiming that president
4:58 am
obama meant what he said, that americans didn't build their presses. but he's pushing back on those attacks and accused romney of twisting around his words. now the obama campaign is out with a new ad called always. saying the way romney took that statement out of context is flat-out wrong. >> of course americans built their own businesses. every day people sacrifice to make a payroll create jobs and make our economy run. what i said was we need to stand behind them as america always has. >> he goes to say it's important to invest in roads and technology and all things that support business. the dnc plans to join in on that push back. the party will hold events on the ground as well as a national conference call targeting romney romney's failed economic policies. more with bill press and we're
4:59 am
live on. >> and you think it doesn't affect you? think again.
5:00 am
joining us. >> my pleasure. thanks for having me, man.
5:01 am
5:02 am
[ ♪ theme music ♪ ] >> announcer: broadcasting across the nation on your radio and on current tv. this is the the bill press show. >> bill: mitt romney off to the olympics to watch his wife's dressage horse. i am not going. i can't afford a dressage horse. good morning everybody, it's friday--no it's not, it's wednesday. i wish it were friday. >> see you later i'm out of here happy weekend. >> happy weekend everybody end of story. where did this come from? wishful thinking. should we start again. it's wednesday july 25th. welcome. people think this show is taped and replayed, no, you can tell
5:03 am
it's life because i make dumb mistakes like that. >> as polished as we are. >> oh shut up, wednesday july 25, good to see you today. thank you for joining us on the full court press bringing you news of the day from our nation's capitol from around the country and around the globe and of course taking your calls at 866-55-press. don't forget you not only have the joy of watching on current tv or listening on your local progressive radio station, but it's a chat room with other full court pressers around the country. go to and sign up and then you can talk about whatever we're talking about. lots to talk about today with our guests in studio. we welcome back to the studio, the managing editor of the hill newspaper, which i occasionally write and everyone in washington has to read. hobble hi, bob cusick.
5:04 am
i've got my hill. it was there when i woke up this morning. >> yes a very beautiful edition. they don't tear about politics but they e-mail me and say number 4 should be number 7. >> there it is. the 50 most middle east beautiful people. >> where is bill on the list. >> number 51 again. >> he writes for us. he has a conflict of interest. what's funny everyone on the list has never been on the list before. that's how it works. you have to be new. >> really? >> barack obama was number two when he was in the senate. the question he asked our reporter was who's number one. he was not pleased with that. he made the list. nancy pelosi made the list. michelle bachmann is on the list this year. >> she's in here? >> yes yes she's in there.
5:05 am
>> this is the 50 top 50 craziest people. >> important to point out. it's not just lawmakers. >> and it can be media people as well. anyone who works around or on capitol hill. >> are reporters on this list. >> there have been some who made it. >> bill: alyssa from asheville north carolina, 4. good looking. she is she's a democrat, and she's single. here we go. all right. >> we know the important stuff. >> news you can use. >> oh, and michelle bachmann. >> throw the paper away. >> bill: so bob, this is steve and dan and. >> hi, good to see you. >> bill: bob, we follow politics and we think today politics gets kind of mean and nasty.
5:06 am
you know, it's been meaner and nastier in the past as we discovered this morning. some how we came up--this is an actual ad that was run by the lbj campaign or those supporting the president back in 1964. listen up. >> we the represent the majority of people in alabama we support negroism he said he needs our home. vote for johnson. >> and that was not a close run. >> pull out all the stops in alabama. all thoseisms.
5:07 am
we have keith ryan joining us. but first. >> this is the full court press. >> other news making the press this wednesday morning gearing up for the republican national convention and this were over 40 clubs. they're expecting an influx of republican customers. one even hired lisa ana the adult film star that looks like sarah palin. and one club owner said he could easily make as much money in his club as when the super bowl is in town just during the four days of the convention. >> how about the strip clubs in charlotte. >> confession time. i had my bachelor party in a strip club. it was a very nice upscale strip club, and i'm sure all the
5:08 am
visiting dignitaryies will visit there. that's a free plug, by the way a free plug. >> i didn't get an answer about charlotte. i want to know what is happening with charlotte. >> i happened to have gone to a strip club in charlotte in the past. >> it's common to find a bible in your hotel room from the gideons. they have now replaced all the copies with "60 shades of gray." he felt in today's modern secular society it was inappropriate to put bibles in people's private rooms. >> what is this news this morning? is this the penthouse edition? >> third story actually we talked about the 50 most people on the hill. this from the hill newspaper
5:09 am
one of the hill office buildings, the animal protection caucus led by jim moran of virginia sponsored a pause for celebration event. >> i get it, paws. >> promote the adoption of showter animals and had a bunch of cats and dogs there yesterday. >> bill: there are so many comments. >> my head is spinning. >> bill: right right. thank you. well bob let's save this show here between the way i started and the way dan ended it here, i'm not sure. i want to start with--well, no. very important stories of the tax fight heating up here. but first this got my attention this morning. newt gringrich coming to the defense of michelle bachmann after john boehner said her comments about the muslim
5:10 am
brotherhood were dangerous. john mccain condemned her remarks on the floor these kinds of unfounded allegations and yet newt gringrich said, no, this is an important question. we should know how much the muslim brotherhood--what influence they have--what is this all about? >> this is a real split in the republican party. you have michelle buckman and mccain criticized bachmann and whoever signed the letter. and they fired back and called mcmccain numb nuts. he said read the letter, but the letter does not prove that huma did anything or was involved in anything so mccain went to the floor and ripped them. >> he said he was asking legitimate questions and what is wrong with mccain? what are they afraid to learn by
5:11 am
asking these questions? i mean, is this really what the republican party wants right now? >> no, not at all. it's a huge distraction. i mean, john boehner usually does not call out members of his own conference. the fact that he did--he has not called out alan west or joe walsh, but he called at bachmann. that means he wants to put it to rest, and newt gringrich is reviving it. >> bill: do you think they'll condemn michelle bachmann the in the same way they condemned joe mccartney. >> there will be talk of that, but it's unlikely. when you have the split 100 days-plus out from the election, that's a problem for the g.o.p. >> bill: yes, tax fight heating up between the parties. the administration released a report yesterday showing if the middle class tax cuts are not extended that's going to increase taxes on working class
5:12 am
families by $1,600 a year. the pressure it seems is really building on republicans not to let this happen. there are various kinds of scenarios that have been floated about the way that the republicans can some how give the middle class a tax cut without ever voting to increase taxes. what's going on? >> yeah, the big issue here is the grover norquist tax pledge and something that the republican leadership level have not broken. they feel confident we're going to see a rerun of 2010 where the bush tax rates were extended for two years. >> bill: but that means that obama will have to cave in again. >> again. that's where the democrats are mobilizing a little more. joe mansion said he was going to vote for the proposal so he would raise taxes on people making more than $250,000.
5:13 am
they have coalesced behind the president. chuck schumer is talking about $1 million marginal tax rate as opposed to $250,000. nothing is going to pass. this is just all a leverage game. the interesting thing will be, okay who defects? which moderate democrat defects welcome make scott brown watch his vote. but republicans, i talked to the whip in the senate two days ago and i said, are you going to get everyone on the republican side to vote against the democrats $250,000? he wouldn't go so far as to say that everyone would vote for t but he expects a strong vote. it's another game of chicken. >> bill: could they--oh could me allow all the tax cuts expire at the end of the year, and then the next day vote for a tax cut for everyone making under $250,000. >> they could. >> bill: that's one way of
5:14 am
getting around the pledge. >> that's what patty murray, she in a high profile speech raised that possibility. now some have said, well, that would mess with the economy and that would be very dangerous. but certainly it would get around the tax policy, and you've seen this with congress on health policy or tax policy, they have done things retroactively. you could wait a few days and then-- >> bill: even senator patome yesterday said because it looks like we're going over the financial cliff that he thinks republicans will vote for some revenue increases. >> yes yes. >> now the question is what will they apply to. some republicans say, we will go for some revenue. they're not specific on what that is, but will they pay for the defense sequester?
5:15 am
there is mounting pressure from the republican leaderships on the white house to get rid of defense cuts that would happen in early january. some republicans say no, don't close those tax loopholes for defense. close them for tax reform. another kind of split. we've seen john mccain raise that kind of possibility and grover norquist is watching very closely. >> bill: bob cusick is with us from the hill. we're talking about issues that may not be acted as very important, and most likely not before the election. join the conversation any time if you have a question or comment at 866-55-press. i want to come to this question next. the republicans and mitt romney in particular try to blame the across the board cuts and drastic cuts in the pentagon on the government. he did that yesterday. but this is legislation that congress wrote the president
5:16 am
signed it, and the congress had this committee of super committee which failed to do its job, now the sequester came in. they could have avoided the sequester, and they could do undo it now. the president can't congress has to. >> no, the president can't. they all voted for that bill. they said we'll take discretionary cuts but you have to take tax increases or defense cuts. and then the committee flop. >> bill: they made their bed and now they have to lie in it. >> that's what harry reid said, we're not stepping away from that. at the said that panetta said this would be devastating. >> bill: the white house jay
5:17 am
carney said for the president, he doesn't want these massive defense cuts, either. but congress has to undo them. >> that's right. >> bill: do you think they will? do the cuts go in january 1 right? unless they act. >> i don't think they'll go in effect. i think in the lame duck after the election i think they'll have some type of--congress is very good as kicking the can down the road. i think the credit rate agency also give them time to deal with the sequester. the nation's debt ceiling will have to be raised tax cuts. they'll have to have a grand bargain between president obama and john boehner but i don't think it will it will go down the road. i think a lot of chatter after the election, and then they'll punt it to congress. >> bill: it's worth repeating we're in this mess because
5:18 am
republicans signed a pledge to a lobbyist. not an elected official, a lobbyist that they will never vote to raise revenue. of course we're talking about grover norquist. this is the full press. wednesday, july 25. >> announcer: the the bill press show now on current tv. [ ♪ music ♪ ] and on twitter at bpshow. >>i believe people are hungry for it. [ man ] ever year, sophia and i use the points we earn with our citi thankyou card for a relaxing vacation. ♪ ♪ sometimes, we go for a ride in the park. maybe do a little sightseeing.
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ct means no b.s. just telling you what's going on in politics today. >>at the only on-line forum with a direct line to bill press. >>it's something i've been waiting for a long time. >>join the debate now. [ ♪ music ♪ ]
5:51 am
[ ♪ music ♪ ] >> announcer: the parting shot with bill press. this is the the bill press show. >> bill: okay, on this wednesday july 25, my parting shot of the day. it's amazing how much you can get into by just telling the truth. president obama learned that the hard way. make he could have said it metro artfully, but he did tell the truth when he told a crowd of campaign supporters whatever success they had in life they didn't do it all on their own. even if you built a business, he pointed out you didn't do it all alone. well now mitt romney is having a field day with that remark. he says president obama is anti-business. which is total nonsense. the truth is, as president obama pointed out, we live in a great country with great advantages and great opportunities many of
5:52 am
them provided by the government. and every business, no matter how success owes part of its success to our transportation system our highways, to our police department, our fire department especially to our workers and our great american workforce. no man or woman is an island, and no business is an island, either. and mitt romney ought to know that, because he was only able to make so much money by taking advantage of tax loopholes allowing him to park a lot of his money offshore or in a swiss bank account. romney proves more than anybody that president obama is right. he had government help coming along, for sure. that's my parting shot for today, folks. have a great one. we'll join you on the full court press tomorrow. >> announcer: this the bill press show.
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