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tv   The Young Turks With Cenk Uygur  Current  December 3, 2012 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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h benefits, and some of the funniest people i know will be performing, and 100% of the proceeds will go to charities. for tickets go to thank you all. and good night, everybody. >> see you on that sandy show! [ laughter ] ♪ >> cenk: welcome to the "the young turks." there was a murder-suicide of the player from kansas city. >> here is what i believe. if javon belcher did not possess a gun, he and cassandra perkins would be alive today. >> cenk: we'll give you the details in a minute. and on the issue of homeland. have you seen this tv show? it's about the c.i.a.
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well, the question is are scenes like this realistic? >> you're a terrorist. >> imagine we were sitting down to dinner with your wife and children and drone strike heads destroy us all. who is the terrorist. >> cenk: we have a former c.i.a. agent on the show tonight and she'll explain that the scene is shockingly realistic. how much did sheldon adelson spend on this election?
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>> cenk: shooting his girlfriend and then going down the stadium and shooting himself as well. we'll give you more details on that in a second. what everyone is talking about is bob costas' reaction during the sunday night football game. first he started out unobjectible, poignant and he usually is. >> in the aftermath of the unphattible eventsunfathomable events in kansas city. this really puts everything in perspective. if so that perspective has a short shelf life since we'll hear about the perspective we'll regain the next time ugly reality intrudes upon our games. those who need tragedies to recalibrate their sense of proportion with sports would seem to have little hope of truly achieving perspective. >> cenk: i love that. it goes beyond saying he's
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right, this gives us perspective, and then we forget that lesson. but it applies to the lessons learned from any of these tragedyies. speak of any tragedies the other side said you politicize things. >> ensures more and more domestic disputes will end in the ultimate tragedy and more convenient store confrontations will leave more teenage boys bloodied and dead. handguns do not enhance our safety. they bring out flews and bait us in embracing confrontation rather than avoiding it. in the coming days, this is what he i believe. if javon belcher did not own a
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gun, he and cassandra perkins would be alive today. >> cenk: he was everying to what lee whitlock had written. they mentioned a kid who was shot for listening to music that was too loud. that was a story we covered here, 17-year-old jordan davis. let me go back to javn belcher. >> police say belcher turned a gun on perkins in the home that they share with their 3-month-old daughter. the child was spared. the player then went to the stadium, thanked his coaches for believing in him and then shot himself as they watched in horror. >> cenk: were guns a factor in this shooting?
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of course, of course! of course they were. he shot her nine times. he shot himself as well. but not in the ultimate reality that the conservatives live in. they're reacting not at him but at bob costas. here is ted nugent. we thought bob costas was smarter than that. only fools blame tools instead of human failings. shame, bob. this guy talking about shame. remember ted nugent was the rocker who crapped in his pants to get out of vietnam. that embarrassment, that pitiful excuse and you talk about shame. you walked around in your own waste for a week, you coward. shame. then we weapon "g" to matt yoder whoyo--then we go to matt yoder so
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that's the place where people might pay attention to it. so don't ever talk about it, a when people are paying attention, and b where they're paying attention. just make sure you whisper it in your basement and make sure everyone hears about it. no shout from your rooftops and make sure people hear it over and over again. craig carton said. i thought the beginning of it was very thoughtful, poignant. but when go down that rode of debate, to me, not the place for it. what i love about for the state guys, they talk, oh, let me talk about this coach and that coach and we're full of opinions. but when advertisers will object i have no political
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opinion. fox news has been discussing this. some people on fox think bob costas should be fired. >> there are 20,000 laws already in this country. when they say they shouldn't be fired for casting an opinion talk to bob. >> and hank williams. >> he was fired from the nfl. >> are we comparing wanting gun laws to saying racist things? >> there is a problem though-- >> for people who have opinions. >> cenk: no, no, no, no. we're in the middle of making a nonsense analogy. two guys say outrageous rayist things and the other has a perfectly acceptable political opinion. would anybody argue that somebody should be fired for saying there should be no gun
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control? of course not. now what is the reality in america? get ahold of this chart. chart of the day. all the lines on the bottom, that's the rest of the worlds, all the lines representing those countries. these are assaults for 100,000 people. see the one off the chart? can you guess what country that is? if you guess finland, you are wrong. we're number one. we're the most violent yes and guns allow that. but after killings from guns, never say a word about it. it's amazing how the n ra has the entire conservative media politicians, etc. to basically work for gun manufacturers in this country. when you look at it state by state we'll show you this incredibly confusing map you will not be able to decipher. the more gun control laws states have, the less violence they have. shocking. that's the most obvious thing in the world unless you mention it
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in a public sphere. how could you after a tragedy involving guns, how could you talk about guns? that's because they want you to avoid the topic when we might actually do something about it. let me bring in dave, who talks about politics for sports. he writes for the nation magazine and edge of and sports on sirius radio as well. dave, first of all bob costas or any announcer in a format like that, acceptable or unacceptable to give political opinions. >> profoundly acceptable. what was unacceptable were the broadcasts on fox and cbs during the nfl coverage that day that did not say the words javon belcher or cassandra perkins or murder or post traumatic stress which the kansas city chiefs
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were going through that day. they were dealing with that suicide. to not talk about it, to not contextualize it was, in fact, a political indication. you're talking about the mental health of these athletes as well as the value of the life of cassandra perkins. that should be criticized notebook. i thought what he did was brave in the apolitical world of the nfl. if i had the 90 seconds that bob costas had at halftime that's probably not what i would have said, i would have said the careful has set out wrong priorities using its platform to do so. but i applaud bob costas against
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the others, who had said nothing. >> cenk: i love people use the excuse, that's politicizing it. when we discuss anything of any sort it is by definition political. they politicize 9/11, but when there is something that they're uncomfortable with, how dare you politicize it. >> exactly. >> cenk: so now dave, i know you talk about the political aspects of football all the time and other sports. you mention suicide. that's an interesting topic. why is that such a large issue in football that people may not be aware. >> there have been four suicides among football players including junior seiu and we can add mr. belcher as well. we can link depression, and our illnesses to concussion
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syndrome. there is now a suits on the issue of concussion, nfl with the hidden information that they had, putting players out there not telling them about the cost in terms of their mind that they would pay by playing the game. in terms of javon belcher, i thought it was interesting that clark hunt the owner of the kansas city chiefs he spoke about how tragic and shocked out the whole organization was. he certainly didn't stand up and say maybe we shouldn't play this game 24 hours later p. but he did say we have no record of any long-term concussion issues with mr. belcher. he said that. that's how nervous nfl owners about this issue. this is the biggest in the history of sports, and the concussion issue is frankly something that could potentially undermine all of it. now, that being said, it's worth noting that a friend of javon
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belcher has anonymously coming forward and sending out e-mails about javon belcher had been dealing with a reevent head injury. >> cenk: thank you for shedding light on this. by the way, belcher shot himself in front of the stadium in front much his coaches and yeah well, let's play tomorrow. now let's talk about the fiscal cliff. to use the words of john boehner, i'm flabbergasted. >> nowhere period. we're nowhere. i'm flabbergasted. he can't be serious. i'm serious about our debt. >> cenk: i can't wait to get serious on john bainer when we come back. and later in the program the elbow of the day who 12 on? guess at @tytoncurrent.
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this corruption based on corruption based on corruption. >>i think that's an understatement, eliot. u>> i'm not prone tot. understatement, so explain to me why that is. i think the mob learned from wall st., not vice versa.
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(vo) connect with the young turks with cenk uygur. >> it's go time. >> cenk: some had hopes that in a second term president obama would be more progressive because he wouldn't have to face re-election. i thought that was very unlikely. color me surprised. because it turns out president obama is more progressive! and a little tougher negotiator--so far. now apparently i'm not the only one surprised. when he gave his new storms on the fiscal cliff negotiations, well apparently john boehner was a little bit surprised. >> tim geithner sit there like we are here and presented this to you. what did you say? >> flabbergasted. >> cenk: flabbergasted. well, what went wrong? where do you think we are today. >> i would say we're nowhere.
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period. we're nowhere. we've put a serious offer on the table by putting revenues up there to get this question resolved. but the white house has responded with virtually nothing. they've asked for more revenue than asking for the whole entire time. >> cenk: that's just not true at all. he says we did this serious offer. here is the offer that john boehner put forward--butkis. nothing. he said, i'm interested in raising revenue or we're willing to do that. so how much, you want to cut medicare? you want to cut social security? john, admit it, you want to cut social security. no, no i want the president to say that. why would he say that? that's not his position. that's your position. you have not made no offer, no offer. i don't want you to get confused because the rest of tv will say he said-she said. no the republicans have made no offer, none. they're full of it. now the white house is fighting back. this is the thing that is
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flabbergasting. the white house communication director said, the president is not going to negotiate with himself. he has laid out his position, and the republicans have to come to the table. my reaction to that was-- >> flabbergasted. >> cenk: what? the white house not negotiating with itself? that's fantastic. do you remember what president obama said in 2010 because he had these negotiations with the republicans over the stimulus package. he said, this is the lesson he learned. now in retrospect i could have told barack obama in 2009 if you had a third of the package as tax cuts then republicans who are traditionally more comfortable with tax cuts may just pocket that and attack to other components of the program. that is exactly right. it appears that the president's team has finally learned that lesson, which is very reassuring. i'm going to bring in michael shure, our epic political
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correspondent. they're even running ads now or it seems like ads campaign ads even though the campaign is over. let me show you one of them, and then get your reaction. [ ♪ music ♪ ] >> the polling is with the president. the clear mandate of this election was that the majority of americans agreed with president obama's vision of one of the ways to fix the fiscal cliff had to be to put new revenues and raise the tax rates of the wealthiest americans. [ ♪ music ♪ ] >> cenk: so taking this case to the american people fighting strong, making his own case which he we've been asking him to do for four straight years. my reaction was this. >> flabbergasted. [ laughing ] >> cenk: what's your reaction. >> slightly flabbergasted because this is not how the president has worked before.
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he ran with a grassroots in 2008. we tried to recreate that, talked about the ground game in the campaign in 2012. he's taking a grassroots campaign to politics, which is what progressives have been begging him to do now for a while. it seems to be working. all the hash tags and all the my 2 k has tags has gotten up to 13,000 tweets per hour. not every one of them is, hey great idea, mr. president. a lot of them are coming from people who are conservatives saying whatever it is that they're saying. the point is he's in touch with the people. he's not living in a cocoon like he did in the first term. >> cenk: when they ask how would you spend that $200,000 that you wouldn't get if we didn't get to the fiscal cliff, he's getting a bazillion responses. we talk about climate change on the show, and i want to go to stunning numbers.
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in 2011 we had 38.2 billion tons of carbon dioxide released. this is the most stunning number now. we released 2.4 million pounds of carbon dioxide every second last year. every second of every day. that's amazing. now one other thing about this, the protocol that they signed back in 1997, the goal was reduce emissions by 5%. what happened since they signed that and we never ratified. that was one of the problems. the emissions are 54% higher, not lower. but michael you're here to bring me good news. >> the good news the president is now saying he's working with china, trying to get a--by 2020, seven years from now, an agreement in to reduce emissions by 17% by 2020 with china. it is aggressive. it is progressive, and you know, we talked a lot during the campaign. >> cenk: is he going to be the d
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block, the aggressive progressive. >> i don't know if he heard of that before, but you can have the politics of a wink and a nod is what we talked about during the campaign. i think this is that. he did not speak about climb change. it was brought up to him once after being re-elected. but now he's doing something and he's doing it quietly but he's doing it. that's important and that's what we didn't expect. >> cenk: that's probably the most encouraging thing i've heard out of all of this. he didn't make a big deal out of it. it appeared that he was laying low and he wasn't doing much. and china and india won't do because. they use the u.s. as an excuse. and since copenhagen voluntarily agreement emissions have done nothing but go up since last year. now that the president is reaching out to get a deal, we don't know if they're going to
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get it. >> but in some ways its talking to the republicans having something in place. they don't have specifics. now the china and india doesn't have the specifics. we're the ones with the specifics. >> cenk: if he's negotiating with them like he is with boehner, perhaps even better. the republicans at the end of these letters at the beginning said we had a status quo election. i got bad news for you guys. you didn't. you lost. now thank you michael. when we come come back back, homeland, is it realistic? we have a form c.i.a. agent who will come on the prime minister program in just a minute and tell us other assessment and its surprisingly realistic, it turns out. >> what are you doing? [ choking ] >> you still don't get it, do you? >> cenk: well, if you don't, we're going to explain it in the next segment. then later on, park avenue, you think you know the whole story? no you don't.
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on the one side, the billionaires, and on the other side those who are doing poorly in the bronx. a great story about that, and a great movie about it. we'll talk to the director. >> using money to buy fancy cars private jets and mansions, they also use it to rig the game in their favor. politics with a west coast edge. >>ah, thank you. >>it really is incredible. (vo)bill press and stephanie miller, current's morning news block. weekdays six to noon. get irresistibly clean and fresh carpets in your home with resolve deep clean powder. the moist powder removes three times more dirt than vacuuming alone while neutralizing odors for a clean you can see, smell and really enjoy. don't just vacuum clean. resolve clean.
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incredibly good. i haven't been watching it, but everyone else who has watched said, oh my gosh, you got to watch it. calm down, dude. why? because they do things that other shows don't do, and bring up interesting topics. first on the issue of not doing what is normally done on television. last night. >> i want to feel clean again. because i pretty much disagree you say and do. >> what are you doing? [ choking ] >> you still don't get it, do you? i'm killing you. >> cenk: since i don't watch the show no, i still don't get it.
4:29 pm
he's killing him oh, okay, i got it. let me bring in my usual movie and television critic ben mankiewicz and lizzie, who was an agent and she has her book, with thoughts on this. i want to address this to both of you but first i want to play one more clip. this was interesting from last night's show. >> you're a terrorist. >> imagine you're sitting down to dinner with your wife and children. out of the sky as if thrown by an angry god, a drone strike hits and destroys all of them. who is the terrorist? >> cenk: man, that sounds powerful already. now lizzie, i want to ask you how realistic that is in a second. but ben, if terms of how it is in a show.
4:30 pm
as if from an angry god. that sent chills down my spine. >> that is a great show. i know you belittle the people who watch it, calm down. it's really compelling television. you know it does what so many great shows--here comes the little bit of criticism. even last night, and i'm curious to hear what lindsay has to say. they just made the first steps in getting away from significant credibility where you have moments you're asking about characters, why would you do that? why would you go back into a darkened building by yourself to search for osama bin laden armed with a lead pipe, like maybe you should wait for other dudes. >> cenk: let's get to both of those lindsay. first of all over all is the show doing a reasonable job in portraying the c.i.a. agent. >> absolutely. this is probably i would say the most realistic representation of the inner workings of the c.i.a.
4:31 pm
the personalities the petty careerism within the c.i.a. and turf wars that sometimes get in the way of national security. when i really like about it, i love that with the character of kerry, it debunks this myth that the c.i.a. is a good ol' boy network with all this important work is done by men. the part of the show that i find most believable is this character of kerry. she really rings true to me. i would totally agree with ben last night now we're starting to stretch the bound of plus plus ability, and it's becoming more hollywood and less c.i.a. but the life of a c.i.a. officer probably doesn't make the best show like this show does. >> cenk: do you ever chase after anybody with a lead pipe? >> only at home. that aspect with are she goes back in in the warehouse and you're yelling at her not to do it, again stretches the bounds of believability but it
4:32 pm
works because we know how crazy and obsessive kerry is that that's the kind of officer she is. she does crazy stuff. she does stuff that sometimes she's been specifically trained or told not to. so it kind of works with her character. >> they built up so much credibility with this intensely credible believable character that yeah, when certainly hollywood moments happen, you don't want to see the show head completely in that direction. you don't want to see it jump the shark, but we're not there yet, not at all. >> cenk: shawn jumped a little bit of a guppy. >> that's a fair point. kerry is also bipolar the character. they have this whole other thing. >> cenk: you started with bi--and you have me interested in the show finally. >> she's bipolar so we have a lead character in a significant drama, and she won the emmy, a character dealing with serious issues of depression in a way that we have never seen on
4:33 pm
television. i think that's another really significant thing that the show has done. >> cenk: well, you know, we just saw the clip where they talk about the terrorist perspective. when was the last time that you saw that on television. i want to show one other clip and get both of your reactions to it. this is when the end of that argument that we began to see. >> bromous, starve us, occupy our holy places, but we'll never lose our faith our hearts, our souls, to die is to join him. it may take a century two centuries, three centuries, but we will will exterminate you. >> like i said, you're a terrorist. >> you know, i want to hear from lindsay because she has gone after guys like this, and i only
4:34 pm
watch movies. but there was the writer spent a long time on that conversation to make sure that they gave a fair balanced approach, because kerry points out a number of undenyiable arguments that makes this guy hideous. he has killed children. he has literally gone and attempted to kill children. but then framing his argument in a way that is supposed to, really for the first time on television well, i could see how you think that if that's the part of the world you lived in, and a drone came in and killed your family and other children. >> cenk: the argument is we don't have drones. this is what we have. it doesn't justify it at all. lindsay, are there conversations ever with terrorists like this and you sit down and argue back and forth? >> um, that's not completely realistic. in fact, in the c.i.a. what you're trying to do is make friends, and the person you made friend with probably wouldn't have you chained up and handcuffed and beating you.
4:35 pm
but what i really like about that conference, conversation, and it really struck me last night and what i like about this show, it does present a very compelling character in the form of a terrorist, and we don't see that in hollywood reputations. we don't really see the other side of the story. not that it condones his point of view, but it shows a multi facetted character. what i like about this show is from kerry to brody to saul you have complex complicated human beings. the c.i.a. is in the business of collecting human intelligence. and that industry is inherently flawed because it relies on human beings. and human beings have all sorts of vulnerabilityies and motivation. we at the c.i.a. are trained to how to exploit those motivations and how to exploit those vulnerabilities. i love the fact that this show does not portray strictly good guys and bad guys but complex
4:36 pm
characters. >> cenk: lindsay, i want to ask you one question, the woman who tracked down bin laden at the c.i.a. are women a much larger portion of the c.i.a. than we realize in the outside world? >> i think they are. you know, i've made the argument for a long time that the c.i.a.'s biggest secret is that it's best guys are women. i could go on to the inherent advantages of being a woman in the c.i.a. are. but the best buys that i knew were my female colleagues, and there are a lot of reasons for that. it comes with advantages, but it also comes with added challenges of being a woman and really serving in parts of the world where women are not afforded the same status or respect that they are here. so it's challenging. >> cenk: all right, that's very challenging. lindsay moran. thanks so much. hopefully we can do it again.
4:37 pm
>> thanks for having me. >> cenk: speaking of the progressive aggressive. >> in macao he spent $2.4 billion on this edifice. his reputation is being tough. >> people will say to you that you're a fierce character out in the business world, don't you think? "trapped" experience the drama. back to back to back. >> hold on mates! >> catch the "trapped" mini-marathon saturday starting at 1 eastern. on current tv. [ male announcer ] red lobster's crabfest ends soon. hurry in and try five succulent entrees like our tender snow crab paired with savory garlic shrimp. just $12.99.
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[ ♪ theme music ♪ ] >> cenk: by now a lot of you are familiar with sheldon adelson.
4:41 pm
he's a huge political donor and he actually makes 90% of his money in macao. he has casinos there on an island off of china. his worth is over $20 billion. we just found out through two republican insiders who are fundraisers that apparently he didn't spend $100 million on this last campaign. he spent $150 million, which is amazing. now, why? why did he do that? well he explained it to politico in the middle of the campaign. he talked about israel and his love for it, and he's a right wing hawk on that issue. he doesn't like unions because god for bid he should make $19 million instead of $20 million. he said, a second obama term would bring government vilification of people that were against him, he thinks he would be at the top of that list and contend that he already has been targeted for his political
4:42 pm
activity. now what does he mean by that? well, you see the government is investigating his company for violation of the foreign corrupt practices act. in an alleged scheme to bribe bribe chinese officials. now if he gets the republican government as president and more republican congressmen senators, etc. what do you think happens to those charges after he gives them $150 million. if they continue though charge then you have not paid attention to what has been happening in the united states of america. on the other hand if a democrat wins then adilson gets vilification. you see this? he has an enemy's list. i'll make a prediction right here. if they bring these charge up against adelle son's company they'll go on and talk about how obama has an enemy's list like nixon did. they will do that because they want to protect their main political benefactor, the guy
4:43 pm
who has given them $150 million. those insiders have talked to "huffington post," and now adilson is going on a trip. he said while here in washington he has arranged meetings in which he is expected to discuss key issues, including possible changes to the foreign corrupt practices act the anti-bribery law that under girds one federal probe into his casino network with knowledge of this plan. one other thing why have two republican insiders who are on his side leaked in information including spending $150 million to "huffington post"? now wouldn't that normally make him look like a fool? he spent all this money and got nothing? no he wants to put the word out on the street to republicans and democrats alike. see where this money came from? there is a lot more money where that came from. republicans, if you play ball
4:44 pm
with me, if you back me up, next election there is another $150 million in it for you. normally they don't like the press at all. during the rnc the producer was trying to talk to him and had this confrontation with his daughter. >> how much are you going to spend on this election? >> get off me. >> i did not touch her. she ran back into me. she just grabbed our camera--this woman just grabbed our camera. >> cenk: that's the confrontation that they had with the media when they don't want to answer a question. but when they want to leak something, well, that gets on the front page of "huffington post." and "huffington post" is right to cover it. it is a very interesting story but it is very clear adelle son is trying to send a message. i'm trying to do legalized bribery here in the united states. the laws we have fixed in place allow me legalized bribery.
4:45 pm
i tried it in this election cycle, i'll try it again in the next cycle. when you go against me, remember where your bread is buttered. when we come back you'll see the results of that. the rich getter richer, and the poor getting poorer all on the same street. park avenue in new york. >> this stretch of park avenue on the upper east side of manhattan is the wealthiest neighborhood in new york city. this is where the people at the top of the ladder live. [ ♪ theme music ♪ ]
4:46 pm
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[ ♪ theme music ♪ ] >> cenk: do you remember last week we told you the heartwarming story of an officer who found a man with no shoes on and he went to buy him shoes so he wouldn't be cold at night. of course, he was barefoot at the time. an unfortunate story, "the new york times" caught up to him. he did not have shoes on again. he when asked why. he said, those shoes are hidden. they're worth a lot of money. i could lose my life. that goes to show the plight of the poor, even when they get something good they have to hide it otherwise someone will come and jack it. on the other hand, that's the same city in which there are a lot of rich folks living pretty damn good. there is a new movie "park avenue." let me show you a small clip from the movie. >> on the upper east side of manhattan is the wealthiest
4:50 pm
neighborhood in new york city. but this street is about more than money. it's about political power. the rich here have not just used their money to buy fancy cars, private jets, mansions. they've also used it to rig the game in their favor. over the last 30 years they've enjoyed unprecedented prosperity from the system that they increasingly control. >> cenk: now, that's the part that i really want to talk about. lucky for me i have alex the award-winning director of this movie. hishe has made a string of other movies, and now alex, talk to me about this movie. first of all what was the inspiration for it, why did you choose to do this movie at this time? >> well, you know, i was approached by a group of international broadcasters who
4:51 pm
were putting together a series on poverty called "why poverty." they asked me to do one about the united states. i said actually i think i would prefer to do one on wealth and how wealth creates poverty. that's what i did. i was looking for a way to frame it, and i came up on a book by michael gross about in one building on park avenue where a lot of interesting and powerful people live. then it occurred to me, i might want to--i followed park avenue all the way up to the harlem river. then realized there is a park avenue in the bronx and i followed what the difference was and that was the film. >> cenk: how wealth creates poverty. people would be shocked on conventional television. we're not conventional television. tell me what you mean by that. >> wealthy people, and i heard you earlier talking about
4:52 pm
legalized bribery. because of the campaign system wealthy people are able to rig the rules in the game, rig the laws that are written in washington in order to benefit themselves very often at the expense of the people at the bottom or even the 99%. also if you think about capital capitalism in general, i think it's a great wealth-producing system. in many ways it's great. but let's not kid ourselves for every winner there is a loser. if there are a lot of people winning big, a lot of people are losing big. in this country we put up with a level of poverty that most advanced nations would not even think about. >> cenk: i want to connect those dots but i want to show a different part of the documentary. i want to skip ahead to the bronx where you found the continuation of park avenue. let's take a look at that and talk about it. >> from here, the last 30 years have looked very different than the view from manhattan's park avenue. people here have seen wages fall
4:53 pm
and the cost of everything else go through the roof. they lost their jobs to recession. and they watch their children struggle in failing schools. they've ended up worse off than they were a generation ago. >> cenk: so alex you connected to the schools and we don't put money in there. is the main problem that we don't put money in schools and we put money into lifting others, and then contribute to the politicians and then get more money as a result? >> yes that's absolutely true. one of the things that we talk about in this film is that there is a philosophy that has become increasingly popular at the top. it's a good thing to have a lot of poverty because that's a motivator. if you don't have poor people, they're not motivated to do better. but, in fact, the poverty that we have in this country is so
4:54 pm
crushingly--no oppressive-- >> cenk: oppressive. >> adverse to the way people need to live it seems impossible to think about getting ahead. what i'm interested in is the social mobility, the ability for someone at the bottom of the ladder to climb to the top. the chances of somebody doing that, somebody on the bronx side of park avenue ending up at 740 park are almost non-existent. when you're hungry, and it's not enough just to fix the schools. lafayette kids come to cool, school, they're absolutely hungry and they don't have enough to eat. and then you have tremendous economic mobility if you go to college, but who can afford college when you're at the bottom of the ladder, not to mention food. those are the things we have to think about. how can we create a series of social mechanisms so there is
4:55 pm
some sort of baseline for people at the bottom of the social ladder. >> cenk: we're out of time, but you're absolutely right. my dad was born in poverty, and we lived through it. how did he get get out of it? he went to college which is free in turkey. you're absolutely right with that. thanks for joining us. >> thanks, cenk. >> cenk: coming back we have the elbow of the day. we'll throw that elbow around.
4:56 pm
>>i jump out of my skin at people when i'm upset. they're doing this this corruption based on corruption based on corruption. >>that's an understatement, eliot. [ ♪ theme music ♪ ] >> cenk: one of my favorite analysts is nate silver.
4:57 pm
he analyze polls which he does for "the new york times." during the election he took a lot of heat from the conservatives, how dare you do math. politico said he might be in trouble if president obama is an one-term star, and not how it went down. now bill simmons this time for sports. he had interesting words for politico. >> politico is, you know, it's like who won the day kind of thing, right? they're trying to cover sports but not in an intelligent way at all. they want to create noise basically, right? their whole thing is you have to have a lead story about about campaign on a campaign trail. >> cenk: who do i see in the middle of that ring? it's politico and nate off the top ropes. he's not done yet. >> what is remarkable to me is you have
4:58 pm
4:59 pm