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tv   The War Room With Jennifer Granholm  Current  December 3, 2012 7:00pm-8:00pm PST

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narr: miami. is a tale of two cities. rich versus poor. 24 hour partying... 24 hour vice. famous beaches. infamous ghettoes. dangerous gangsters. innocent victims. just ten miles from miami's world famous coastline are some of america's meanest streets.
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to take down the most violent criminals, the miami dade police department turn to their special response team - known as srt. calvin sync: srt responds to any situation that regular units on the road cannot handle. when they run into trouble, they call us. we are the last line of defence. narr: it's the beginning of the
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day at miami dade police department. sergeant manny malgor leads one of the three highly-trained units that make up the special response team. man sync: sarge. man: good late afternoon. why am i here early, sir, and you're not? narr: manny's boss, lieutenant calvin james, is srt's overall commander. mannie sync: how are you doing? everything good? good job last night, by the way. calvin: thanks, you too. you too. excellent. narr: with violent crime ever present, the city is becoming increasingly dependent on its elite police unit. calvin sync: the reason why miami dade has chosen to use srt to execute most, if not all narcotic search warrant, is because of the propensity for violence that comes with the field. usually when you deal with, with dopers, they believe in violence. they survive through violence.
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they're all armed. so instead of sending, or taking the risk of sending a regular detective or police officer to these places to execute these warrants, the leaders of the department understand that it will be responded to in, in the appropriate fashion. narr: illegal weapons have become an epidemic. in response, police combat units like srt, need to equip themselves with the latest weapons and body armour. mannie sync: this is our bullet-proof vest. it's got level three protection, which means it'll stop rifle fire such as ak47s and sniper rifles. this is our diversionary device, also known as a flash-bang. delivers an intense flash of light and a loud noise. it's used to divert the attention away from the entry team, and it's also used to temporarily stun the subject. this is our 9mm handgun which is a secondary weapon in operations. a lot of the houses in miami dade are fortified with iron bars, security bars.
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team leader will come up to the door, wrap the hooks around, give the signal to the driver, and the door'll rip right off.& this is our halagon bar. we put this in the gap of the door, pry the door open. this is a 15-pound sledgehammer. this is our breaching shotgun. got a serrated muzzle. basically the breacher comes up to the door, places the muzzle right up against the lock and blows the lock off. next is our 223 car beam. it's our primary entry weapon and it can also be used as a sniper weapon. this is our 40mm multi-launcher, also known as a gas gun. it'll shoot six rounds at one time, and it's used to deploy either chemical agents or beanbag rounds - less lethal munitions. this is our 50 cal sniper rifle. it's a very powerful weapon. it's used for long-range hostage situations. this is the round that it fires. it's got a maximum effective range of just over a mile.
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police and miami guards are on the hunt for the gunman who sent five people to the hospital. investigators say shots were fired late last night near ne 22nd avenue and 183rd street apparently after an argument. five people including a sixteen year old were shot and transported to the hospital in stable condition. if you have any information about the shooting call miami dade crimestoppers at 305-471-tips. narr: a week after the mass shooting, srt have been tipped off as to the whereabouts of the fugitive gunmen. melvin gonzalez' unit ten wait patiently for the go-ahead to arrest them. melvin sync: we've, we've been waiting here for about three hours, waiting to get the search warrant signed, or for detectives, for that matter, to get the search warrant signed,
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but i mean sometimes we have to wait, we have to wait every day. all the legal aspects of it have to be done the right way, and then when we get the word, that's it, we get to the, we're straight to business and we don't skip a beat. narr: after five hours, the squad has been given the go-ahead to make the arrest. they must prepare themselves to take on gangsters willing to shoot on sight. melvin sync: i've had the misfortune of being present while two of my comrades have been shot in the line of duty, and, and there is somewhat of a sense of helplessness, because obviously the, the act is done you're, your partner is injured, and then everything after, everything that occurs after that isn't going to make him whole immediately. narr: from police intelligence team leader sergeant burt perez briefs his unit on the suspects, the target address, and their plan of attack. burt sync: this subject right here is a gang member here in miami gardens. they have somebody else in custody already that was the driver, go ahead and pass that
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around. nickname jojo, six feet tall. narr: these two gang members may only be 17 years old, but they have already shown that they are prepared to kill. >>i jump out of my skin at people when i'm upset. do you share the sense of outrage that they're doing this, this corruption based on corruption based on corruption. >>i think that's an understatement, eliot. u>> i'm not prone tot. understatement, so explain to me why that is. i think the mob learned from wall st., not vice versa. did you get chips for the party? nope. cheese plate? cheese plate...nope. i made something better. ♪ ♪ you used the oven? boom ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] pillsbury crescents. let the making begin.
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but just ten miles from the bright lights of south beach's impressive skyline is the dangerous area of miami gardens. the special response team meets, a few miles from the home of two members of the notorious 170 boyz gang, suspected of shooting five people. both gunmen are just 17 years old, but are armed and highly dangerous. burt sync: it's a one storey single family home. the premises has a light colour roof, and it's bordered by chain link fence. the entry team has got to be mel with the shield, cruise one, flockhart two, majuga three, myself, larry and joe on twos, followed by george casaris. again, subject involved in shootings and gangs, alright and they're looking for a weapon in there, alright, and we're looking for subjects. okay? narr: every srt warrant is
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meticulously planned. with such high stakes, melvin believes that intelligence on their target is essential. melvin sync: in a situation like this, whoever has the most information definitely has more of an edge and more of an advantage. we've got numbers, we've got the element of surprise, and we've got superior equipment and training. that definitely gives us the edge. melvin sync: alright, easy day guys. yeah. melvin sync: we have information that he's supposed to be badder or tougher or more dangerous than the average criminal out there, but you know what, you never know who's capable of doing what, and you're always ready, as cliche as it sounds, you're always ready to expect the unexpected. melvin sync: you don't ever want to become complacent, because on the one search warrant that you become complacent, that's the one where godzilla is waiting for you on the other side of the door. burt sync: yo, every day's a
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holiday and every meal a feast let's go eat! narr: just one mile from the suspect's property, the officers disembark from the truck, and jump on to their armoured vehicle, known as the bearcat. burt sync: everybody on? narr: hanging on to the outside struts, the team is able to assault their target quickly. melvin sync: get on the ground. melvin: go, go, go, go. pull! police! man: police, search warrant. police, search warrant! get on the ground. man: get on the ground.
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narr: srt systematically searches each room, looking for the gunmen, detaining other suspects they find in the house. woman sync: oh my god, oh my god. y'all didn't have to break the door. officer. why you have to break the door open? all you had to do was knock on the door and i would have opened it. look at all of that. man: my arm. my arm. sir, my arm hurts. man: hey, sit down on your butt, put your feet out in front of you, cross your legs. woman: oh, my god. man: what? what did they get? woman: oh, the crystal glasses do- man: oh, man. woman: do you know how long it took my mama to get that? break the house down. man: okay, okay, alright, we need you to stay calm, alright? woman: now what are we supposed to do? narr: the entry team continue their search for the gang's main gunman, who's finally found in a
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back room with the ammunition he allegedly used to shoot five teenagers. woman sync: don't hurt him please. oh god, don't hurt my baby please. oh god... melvin sync: the job went absolutely as expected. it couldn't have gone any better. everybody's leaving here with not so much as a paper cut which in my book is a completely successful search warrant, because everybody came in, everybody's going home exactly how they got here, and it's actually funny, now that i ponder it, serving search warrants in the neighbourhood that i grew up in, it's kind of like a good and a bad, because i mean you come, and you're coming for, you're coming back to your old neighbourhood to serve search warrants on people that are doing bad things, but at the same time you get to reminisce a little bit, and remember the times and the days that you would spend playing kick ball in these very streets. man sync: nice. man: are you happy about that larry? larry: yeah. perfect. excellent job. narr: after a successful night hammer man larry reflects on a perfect door breach.
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larry sync: another win. i feel great. it's a great day, had a nice tobacco, a nice cigar before the warrant, it was a good night. go home, give the kids a big hug and a kiss, let them know dad got home today, safe, give the wife a kiss and a hug and call it a day. start another day tomorrow. narr: two months after being arrested, the teenagers still haven't been charged, as no witnesses or victims have come forward to testify, even though a reward of up to $50,000 has been offered. sergeant ray melcon returns from an intelligence-gathering operation for a warrant to arrest another member of the 170 boyz gang. man off: in your opinion is there a trend amongst gang members to recruit the younger and more vulnerable? ray sync: yeah, absolutely, the trend has always been for the senior gang member to recruit the junior gang member, because basically they're doing all the dirty work, and the senior gang
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members is getting all the proceeds. these poor kids are going into the life of crime, leaving a trail of disaster in their wake, and unfortunately the only time they learn their lesson is when they get caught up in a, in a feud and end up dead or end up in jail. narr: ray believes that the only way to stop the rise of teenage gangs is for srt to employ a zero tolerance policy. ray sync: we need to show the community that we are going to do whatever's necessary to be the knights in shining armour, to keep the streets safe. we're not going to allow any gang member, with whatever weaponry, and whatever preparation they may have, to supersede our authority. i don't care, whatever a gang member or crew brings to the table, i don't care if they bring additional weaponry, or they've planned for us. we plan for the worst contingency, and we're going to come out with success and as
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winners. >> wow! i've never seen anything like this. >> when disaster strikes sometimes the only way out is to look within. current tv digs deep into the extraordinary tales of heroism determination and escape. "trapped" experience the drama. back to back to back. >> hold on mates! >> catch the "trapped" mini-marathon saturday starting at 1 eastern. on current tv.
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handling high-risk arrests for most of miami dade county - an area of over 2,000 square miles. there's rarely a need for them around the famous south beach. most of srt's work is focused on
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the run-down districts to the north of the city. in miami gardens, one of america's most violent areas srt are being briefed for the arrest of another member of the 170 boyz gang. ray sync: pictures of the structure. definitely, definitely orange. we're going to go westbound 167th street to 22 avenue, at 22 avenue prior to the traffic light we're going to stop, get out of the truck, forward onto the bearcat. we're going to go northbound on 25 avenue, our structure, corner structure at 170 and 25. joe, once again, once you stop if we need additional help up front, we may have kids. i'll put you out in front as a babysitter so we can dump them off. alright, guys, let's go, let's beat the rain. narr: as there are children at the property, srt need to walk a fine line. they must hit the house aggressively to minimise their own exposure to danger, but also shield the children from harm.
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to make matters worse, these alleged gangsters are suspected of having assault rifles. ray sync: well, what concerns me about this job is the, the fortifications, the history of violence and that's actually a gang affiliation. so there's mention about ak47s which even though we always assume that, when they bring it up in conversation it's actually more than likely going to be the case, and we're hoping that we don't have those kind of confrontations on this one, but we're always prepared for the worst. narr: as the weather worsens and the light fades, ray's unit climb onto the outside of the bearcat in preparation for their surprise attack. man off: how dangerous is the weather? ray sync: visibility is one. two is the possibility of lightning in any one of these thunders, and three, manoeuvrability of the vehicles, we don't lost manoeuvrability, somebody else crashes into us or we crash into somebody else.
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narr: but these treacherous conditions don't seem to dampen ray's spirits. ray sync: in every crisis you've got to look for the opportunity. obviously we feed off the crisis. cars up front, possible kids in the house. man: car out front. man: opens out. door, door, door, door. police, search warrant! police, search warrant! police, search warrant! take it, take it, quick, quick quick, go, go, go. search warrant! get on the ground, get on the ground, get on the ground. search warrant! get on the ground. it's okay. get em out, get em out, get em out. narr: the first priority for the officers is to get the women and children quickly out of the firing line, before conducting their search for the suspects. man sync: we haven't done a
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secondary. man: have a seat right down on that step. hey, hey listen to me. man: keep them over here by the tree. keep them, don't let them get over by the gate. you got any more? man: you got anybody else left over there? man: let this guy low. man: you've (inaudible) now? man: yeah. face down, face down. narr: now that all the suspect gang members are detained, the narcotics detectives begin searching everyone, even the children, who are often used to hide drugs. miami gardens pd detective barbara lee palmer grew up in a neighbourhood where drug dealing was commonplace. she felt compelled to join the police force. barbara sync: just take her. barbara sync: i have seen family go through that, and that's just, it's just not, not where i wanted to be. i myself i was around it, and look where i am now, you know? everybody is given an opportunity, be it small or be
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it big, it's just what they do with that opportunity that gets them to where they are. i try and give them the speech about if they get caught with this, their kids'll get taken, and maybe they'll think twice next time when they do something like this. unfortunately, you know, 60 or 70% of them don't, and their kids get taken, but it's the price they pay. barbara sync: wow. you're a big boy, how old are you? four? wow. when's your birthday? barbara sync: this is the type of job you can't do if you don't love it. it's very, very time-consuming very stressful, and 90% of the time people don't say that they appreciate what you do. and you, you have to love it in order to keep coming back every day. narr: after a thorough search of the house, srt and the narcotics detectives eventually find what they've been searching for.
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burt sync: we found indications of money consistent with narcotic sales, some paraphernalia, and firearms within the house. narr: the main gang member is charged with possession of firearms and marijuana with intention to sell. the business of drug dealing is often seen as a ticket out of the ghettoes. the drawback is that these criminals will often face srt, who undertake over 300 drug warrants every year. the following day, srt's unit ten are back in the ghettoes for another narcotic search warrant. the team won't have far to travel, as heroin dealers are operating out of a house directly opposite the police station. melvin sync: apparently these, these individuals have decided to sell drugs right in front of
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a police station, which makes them pretty brazen. i mean, there's not too many people that i would think would have enough sense or commonsense if you will, as to deal drugs in front of a police station, so i don't know if they're really really brazen and brave or if they're actually kind of dumb. narr: officer melvin gonzalez will be first to enter the target house. so he works the shield. melvin sync: this is our shield locker. this is where we maintain our shields. we have different level of shields. this is the standard shield that we use more often than not. the majority of it is consisted of a bullet-resistant material got a ballistic glass that allows me to see through it. it's got this plastic assembly that houses this light, that i'll use to illuminate the path in front of us. in the back of it, it's got an apparatus here, it's to be held with either the left or the right hand. it's got a switch, on and, an on and off switch here that sends electricity to the touch pad
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and then when i put the touch pad, it activates, turns on and turns off the light. it's simple technology, 5,000 year old technology, a basic shield. when they threw rocks, shields were made of wood. when they threw arrows, shields were made of metal. now bad guys throw bullets, so now they have to be made of kevlar. narr: as the drug den for this warrant is just across the road from the police station, sergeant burt perez briefs his men around the corner, so as not to draw attention to themselves. burt sync: search warrant, hispanic male selling heroin approximately 15 feet across the street from pob. this is 35 street, pob's right here. narr: a 30 second right in the bearcat, and srt arrive at the target address. burt sync: that's the house, right there.
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man: i'm right behind you. burt: alright, we've got subjects running out the back, subjects running out the back. police, search warrant! narr: the alleged drug dealers try to slip out of the back door, but srt easily capture them. man sync: put your hand in your back. burt sync: the job went as perfectly and as smoothly as we could possibly have hoped for. we came up, door was locked, our breacher came up, breached the door, i was the first one coming in with the shield. we went in, went into the rooms, confronted no-one there, all the bad guys were all gathered up trying to make their getaway at the back. it went smooth. smooth, smooth, smooth. narr: one of the arrested suspects has a tommy gun tattoo - usually symbolising that he's the gang's executioner. a narcotics canine is released
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and later finds evidence of drugs. the gang are charged with possession of heroin and marijuana. melvin sync: this is where they're selling heroin out of, and like i told you, right across the street we have marked police cars and our police station. man sync: what's up boys? narr: after the warrant, the unit return to base. man sync: how are you? man: going on, bro. man: tough work. yeah, don't touch, don't touch him too hard, man, you might they might, they might explode. narr: working constantly in the line of fire, these srt officers have developed a rare friendship. man sync: (inaudible) people. (inaudible). ray sync: what we like to do is just sit around, talk, crack some jokes and easy up the, you know, the atmosphere. man sync: (inaudible) i'm a winner, and you're a loser!
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ray sync: unit cohesion's the, the, is, is the best thing in this unit. it's something that we look for in every, in every operator. if we have an operator that we can't get along with, then it's not good for the unit, it's not good for our squad. it's okay to have a different opinion, as long as everybody's on the same page. everybody takes care of each other, everybody watches out for each other. narr: these officers are more than just a band of brothers. they've been trained into an elite fighting machine, to bring miami's most hardened criminals to their knees. ray sync: you can send a, a pack of dogs inside a house and they'll search the house for you, but it's just a pack of dogs. it takes an operator that knows what he's doing, that's seasoned, that trains together from the oldest guy in the unit to the youngest guy in the unit. i would say that there would be a lot more police officers hurt in this job if srt wasn't around or if the county didn't have an srt unit. i think it's a credit to our training that we haven't been,
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life is delicious.
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narr: on the streets of america, three million illegal weapons are seized each year, and 17,000 murders committed. in the area of miami gardens srt has been called in to arrest a local rapper known as dollar bill, who's suspected of attempted murder. an srt led by sergeant manny malgor is already inside the house, and dollar bill has barricaded himself in the attic. man sync: he's in the attic. he's in the attic. calvin: sure, sarge. you have him tazered? man: no, he's not complying. narr: whilst manny's team hold
7:35 pm
their positions inside the house, srt's commander lieutenant calvin james, oversees the operation. radio voice: we've located him in the attic, but he's not complying, we're going to find a way to (inaudible). stand by. narr: to assist lieutenant james, a negotiating team has just arrived at the scene. woman sync: anthony. we're not going anywhere. anthony, we know you're in there. no sense in hiding up in the attic. take the cover off the attic show your hands, and come down from there. do it now. you don't want us to tear up your friend's house. he allowed you to come in there for safe-keeping. but we're not going anywhere. we'll do whatever it takes to get you out of there. radio voice: just for your information i've been attempting to negotiate since primary was complete, with negative results.
7:36 pm
calvin sync: we're going to coordinate the burn boxes, tell them to get ready to coordinate the burn boxes with their negotiation. narr: after an hour of unsuccessful negotiations, srt decide to increase the stakes. a chemical agent is poured into the building to try and force dollar bill out of the attic. woman sync: come down from the attic. come out with your hands up, do it now anthony! come out anthony, do it now. narr: srt wait another 30 minutes for dollar bill to surrender, but he refuses to give himself up. with all their options exhausted, lieutenant james gives the order to storm the attic. radio voice: shots fired. man sync: shots fired in the house. radio voice: shots fired, shots fired, stand by.
7:37 pm
man: take cover. take cover. radio voice: subject's down, subject's down. we're going to hold four point on the subject. we're holding on the attic. calvin: manny. manny. do a quick role call, make sure all of our people are still- narr: according to srt, when they entered the attic, dollar bill lunged at officers with a knife. in self-defence, srt shot dollar bill. he died shortly afterwards. manny sync: obviously the taking of someone's life is the most difficult thing you're going to have to face in this job. if, god forbid, you're placed in a situation where you have to take someone's life, we try not to take it personal. we try to at least in your mind, tell yourself you did it because you had to, you did it because you had to save someone else's life, or your life, and not dwell on it. move on.
7:38 pm
narr: to take down miami's most hardened criminals, srt has needed to become one of the world's best units at close quarter combat, as the consequences are severe. ray sync: we had a, one of our operators shot in december, took a 9mm round to the face. prior to that we had another operator take a round to the hand while he was covering an exterior. we encounter some subjects with firearms all the time, and it's only because of our training and you know, the aggression in which we do our job, that, that keeps us safe and keeps us alive. ray sync: we prepare by training, doing entries over and over and over. the movement inside a house, the room clearing, the entering a room. who's going to open the door? who's going to come in first? what way is the room laid out? how do you read that wall? when you find your footing and the rest of the guys know what it is, it's almost like a dance
7:39 pm
inside the house. nothing goes wrong. your footwork is smooth. the way you handle your weapon is, is correct. you think you're going slow, but you're really not. it's happening rather quickly, and, and you're gathering a lot of information rather quickly, and that's the dance. we had an operator, a seasoned operator, a veteran operator who came in and told us, when you come in through that through that front door, expect that those first three rounds are yours. you own them. so what he did was he took out his magazine and he gave us three rounds, just like that and he goes here, you hold them. they're yours. man sync: come out, come out come out! ray sync: it's how you react after you get hit with those first three rounds, and how your team reacts after you, after you get hit, and what they do that makes you a great operator and makes your team a great team. you practice it, you rehearse it, you train for this all the
7:40 pm
time. but you don't, you know, you don't really know until game day, how it's going to, how it's going to play out. (vo) when the clock runs out when the last card is played what will be remembered? explore the lives of the famous and infamous who changed our world forever. experience the drama, back to back to back. of all the hours in all their days, the ones you'll never forget are the final 24. don't miss the final 24 mini-marathon this sunday on current tv. save the best for last.
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man sync: developing now, this morning police were looking for a man who has shot an undercover officer at a drug lab in south west miami.
7:44 pm
woman vo: now police say that the undercover detective was checking out a possible drug house last night, here in naranja, when he was shot in the torso. the undercover detective is the third miami dade police department officer to have been shot and wounded this year by gunmen. narr: policing in america has never been so dangerous. every 53 hours an officer is killed on duty. news of the latest police shooting in miami has reached sergeant manny malgor's team. manny sync: i understand that an officer's been shot. manny sync: apparently one of the narcotics guys just got shot down south. for 272 street and 152 avenue, we're trying to figure out what exactly happened and if they have the subject in custody or whether he's inside the house. last information i got the subject may have run back inside the house, so we might be heading over there. manny sync: start gearing up. narr: the unit is at a staging post preparing for a planned warrant. but this will now be postponed
7:45 pm
as srt have been instructed to try and capture the gunman. manny sync: are you guys on? alright, the staging area for now is going to be 272 street and the highway. 272 and the highway. man off: how difficult is it knowing that you've got an officer shot? manny: well obviously my first concern is for the officer's safety. as a human being, it's, it's very difficult. not to want to seek revenge and not to see it as personal. especially if the officer is a friend of yours, or someone you know. it's very difficult. but that's where the professionalism kicks in, and you've got to let, you've got to believe in the justice system and, and let you know, justice take its course. our job is to catch the guy. narr: at the crime scene, the wounded police officer is emergency airlifted to hospital.
7:46 pm
on arrival, srt immediately take control of hundreds of police officers. manny sync: alright, let me get everybody over here. srt, meet me at the front of the bearcat. it's supposed to be a latin male. he, they were, they had some kind of surveillance on him, and as they approached the house the guy shot at the officer with a shotgun, he got hit in the face and on the side. as far as they know, he's still inside the house, they said just recently he turned off all the lights, but they could see him moving around inside. that's all the information i've got, take it at face value. there's a good possibility he may not be inside the house, so heads up, if you set up on a perimeter make sure somebody's watching your back, alright, because he could be anywhere around, alright? narr: having no idea where the gunman is hiding, srt's first task is to surround and secure the perimeter. but that's not going to be easy, as the gunman's property is situated in vast areas of open land.
7:47 pm
manny sync: you want to take pupuyo and somebody else with you, and start working your way along that fence line to the three side. manny sync: the next thing we're going to do is we're going to send bird back there with about five or six guys and three canines, and they're going to sweep the field behind him. once that field is swept and it's clear, we're sure that the subject's not hiding somewhere in a field, then we can concentrate on the main structure. melvin sync: as it stands now, we've cleared the acreage that's behind us with canine, to make sure that there are no subjects hiding back there. we've been able to clear this small room that's here, turned out to be a storage shed, and right now we're going to set up to contain the backside or the three side of the house. man off: is there any difference doing your job when it's someone
7:48 pm
who's shot at police, or is it just business? gus: well, professionally it's the same thing, i mean shots are fired, you know the guy's aggressive, you know he's willing to hurt somebody whether it's police or not, but i mean i would be lying if i was to tell you you don't take it a little bit more personal because you know he's shooting at police, it's one of your buddies that got shot, so emotionally it's a little bit more personal. as far as business, it's the same job. narr: after an hour, the perimeter around the property has been secured. the next stage is for the negotiating team to try and start a dialogue with the gunman. man sync: it's the miami dade police department. there are officers, police officers all around the home. you need to come to the front door. those of you in the house, we need you to exit the residence now. exit at the front door. manny sync: there's a negotiation process going on and we're starting to plan for the tactical approach, if we don't get any answer from, from anybody from inside within the next couple of minutes, we're going to go ahead and move up,
7:49 pm
pop the iron off the front, and pop the wooden doors open. man: anyone in the house needs to exit immediately through the front door. narr: the negotiators try for 40 minutes to get a response from inside the house, but there's not a sound. srt then waste no time in adopting hard tactics. manny sync: alright rt, we're ready to go. narr: they use the bearcat to punch open the front door with a battering ram, so that the team can see inside. man sync: miami dade police department, we've opened the door for you to come out. come out now. this is the miami dade police department. we need you to exit the residence right now. narr: there's still no sign of the gunman, so srt use
7:50 pm
multi-launchers to deploy a chemical agent that causes uncontrollable tearing of the eyes, breathing difficulties and disorientation. manny sync: alright, let's go. gas, gas, gas. narr: the plan is to give the suspect no place to go but outside. surprisingly the chemical agent proves ineffective. to make the arrest, srt have no choice but to enter the gunman's domain. alright, in 15 minutes we're going to do the young turks. i think the number one thing that viewers like about the young turks is that we're honest. they know that i'm not bs'ing them with some hidden agenda, actually supporting one party or the other. when the democrats are wrong, they know that i'm going to be the first one to call them out. they can
7:51 pm
question whether i'm right, but i think that the audience gets that this guy, to the best of his ability, is trying to look out for us. get irresistibly clean and fresh carpets in your home with resolve deep clean powder. the moist powder removes three times more dirt than vacuuming alone while neutralizing odors for a clean you can see, smell and really enjoy. don't just vacuum clean. resolve clean.
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narr: a miami dade police officer has been shot in the suspected drug dealer's property. the county's elite police unit the special response team, has been called in to arrest the gunman presumed to be hiding in his home. man sync: there are officers there's police officers all around the home. you need to come to the front door. narr: knowing that the suspect has already shot one policeman entering the house to arrest him is srt's last resort. man sync: alright, let's go. gas, gas, gas. narr: so the team have fired chemical agents inside to force him out into the open. this tactic has so far proved ineffective. so sergeant manny malgor's unit
7:54 pm
decide to increase the dose. manny sync: we're going to set up a burn box on the one side, the room, as soon as you come in through the front door, the first room on the right. let's go, set it up. narr: a burn box delivers a huge payload of chemical agent into the property all at once. man off: how much cs gas can somebody actually take? manny sync: oh, there's a lot of, there's a lot of factors in there, you know, the guy's tolerance, has he been exposed to it before, people tend to build a tolerance after a while, mental state, on deranged people it doesn't work as well, you know, there's 100 million things. narr: since srt arrived four hours ago, there's been no movement inside the house. manny then decides it's time to storm the gunman's home, and find him. manny sync: now listen. the barricaded subject search,
7:55 pm
alright, there is no hurry. i don't want two or three separate teams searching three of four different locations in case we get into a shooting, alright? do it. alright, i need kulic on the left. narr: srt carefully search for their suspect, room by room. narr: but there's no sign of the gunman. long into the night the search continues around the outhouses and surrounding area. eight hours into the operation and there's still no suspect
7:56 pm
but instead, srt finds what the gunman was protecting - a clandestine grow room full of marijuana. later that morning, the gunman is arrested 40 miles away on the other side of the city. he's charged with attempted murder and drug trafficking. peter do'ench sync: this is the man that police arrested, joel padron garcia. they say he was guarding a marijuana grow house. garcia and the silverado he was driving were found at a friend's house in dania beach after a manhunt by police. authorities said garcia was guarding a home where 129 marijuana plants were confiscated - plants worth more than $1.3 million on the street.
7:57 pm
meanwhile i have spoken with a number of miami dade police officers. they tell me that detective diaz is going to be okay. we're live at miami dade police headquarters. peter dan, cbs4 news. narr: back at the special response team's headquarters manny and his team prepare for manny sync: the subject that we were looking for last night, the one that shot the police officer in the face, we were there for hours yesterday. we checked everywhere, and obviously we didn't, we didn't find him last night. i just got on the phone and i got information that they picked him up in brower county last night, so at the end of the day it doesn't really matter who gets him as long as he's going to jail. and now we're off for another job.
7:58 pm
7:59 pm