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tv   Liberally Stephanie Miller  Current  December 4, 2012 6:00am-9:00am PST

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♪ e. what? i was confused. >> by what? >> stephanie: we have representative sandy -- >> levin. >> stephanie: i was not going to mispronounce that. >> okay.
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>> stephanie: it is a bad nightmare repeating, isn't it jacki? >> the fiscal cliff negotiations? >> stephanie: yes. >> i love that they don't include the tax cuts for the middle class or the expiration for the bush tax cuts for the top 2%. and they are like here is our offer. if you are going to make a deal at least deal something somebody actually wants. >> yeah. >> stephanie: serious plan. they are like they won the election. >> it is totally farfetched and they are like i don't understand why he doesn't want it. >> stephanie: all right. here she is, jacki schechner in the current news. >> good morning. we already know that ashley judd can show a much wider range of emotion that some.
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she has been taking steps to assess her options when it comes to running for office. she is doing opposition research on herself to see where she might be most vulnerable. mcconnell will be running for his sixth term another option is to run against senator rand powell in 2016. there is a briefings tomorrow on the september 11th attack on our console consoleate attack in benghazi they the talking points were watered down by the cia. it said the notes did contain reference to al-qaeda but the
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cia took it off. elizabeth warren has won a spot on the banking committee. sources are also saying that senator joe mansion will have a seat on the panel as well. that's good news. we're back after the break. stay with us. ♪ to me all the time now. she get's the comedians laughing... that hilarious. and the thinkers thinking. joy okay so. there's wiggle room in the ten commandments is what you're telling me? >>she's joy behar. joy and the best part is that current will let me say anything. what the hell were they thinking? > only on current tv. brought to you by geico 15 minutes can save you 15% or more on car insurance. visit geico dot com for a free rate quote.
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he'll start investing early, he'll find some good people to help guide him, and he'll set money aside from his first day of work to his last, which isn't rocket science. it's just common sense. from td ameritrade. [♪ theme music ♪] >> announcer: ladies and gentlemen, it's the "stephanie miller show"! ♪ i'm walking on sunshine woe ho ♪ ♪ i'm walking on sunshine woe ho ♪ ♪ it's time to feel good ♪ ♪ hey, all right now ♪ ♪ it's time to feel good ♪ >> stephanie: it is the "stephanie miller show." welcome to it. six minutes after the hour.
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1-800-steph-1-2 the phone number toll free from anywhere. charlie pierce from coming up at the bottom of the hour. the sexy liberal website, sexy liberal on facebook, get tickets. d.c. sexy liberal show january 19th. there are only five vip tickets left now. >> as of 15 minutes ago there were two left. >> stephanie: oh dear. i think three quarters of the orchestra already gone, so hurry. we have been talking about the fiscal cliff, it is like we can just dial back to last summer and yet what has hand since this then [♪ "jeopardy" theme music ♪] >> stephanie: oh, i know, the president won in a landslide. [ applause ] >> stephanie: good morning representative sandy levin. >> good morning. >> stephanie: let me borrow a term from john boehner, i am flabbergasted by the budget
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which they put forward, which is basically paul ryan's budget right? >> more or less. i mean it's basically a repeat. they come up with revenues but they won't touch tax rates, and they don't really say how they get the revenues. they would get it from what they call loopholes, deductions. they don't specify where it would come from, so really it's a combination of the ryan budget, and what romney -- governor romney began to say toward the end of the election when he was worried a they were being tabbed as the party of the very wealthy, so he said well, we won't lower taxes on the very wealthy, because we'll get ahold of loop holds and deductions but they never said what they were and they continue to evade.
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but mainly they evade the basic question, are we going to keep the high income tax breaks or are we not? and if they insist on keeping them, they are going to take themselves and the country over the cliff. >> stephanie: uh-huh. this is -- we have been saying -- i don't think this is fooling anybody. they keep putting forth something that looks like the appearance of compromise and it isn't. why does there seem to be no realization of the fact that they lost on this budget issue on their side? >> i think it is because they are in denial. they keep on saying that there was no real election result; that we had a dead lock. >> stephanie: right. and that isn't true. >> stephanie: that's right. well they wrote a letter to the president -- boehner and six
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other house republicans, they insisted the election return obama to the white house and the gop return to the house requires both parties to come together in a fairground. but we know that didn't happen. i think everybody is aware, right, that it is the gerrymandering that has returned -- what they are calling middle ground is not middle ground, right? >> it isn't middle ground and there wasn't a dead locked election. they forget a couple of things number 1 that there was an election, and the people spoke and number two if you look at every survey -- i guess the second point is in this campaign there was a clear, clear outline by the president of where he stood, no secret. there had to be a continuation of the middle class tax cut, and
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an end of the tax cut for the very wealthy in -- in 2010 they got over 90%, the upper 1% -- 90% over that of the income growth, and the third point, the surveys show after the election all of them -- that if you ask people should there be continuation of the middle class tax cuts? yes. should there be a continuation of the tax cuts for the very wealthy? no. the surveys are very clear. >> stephanie: this basically feigning shock at economic proposals that the president has put forward many times before and the voters just voted for, for mitch mcconnell to say he burst out laughing, and john boehner to say he was flabber
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-- flabbergasted it is incredible. >> essentially they come up with a status quo proposal. >> stephanie: right. and the status quo that just lost. >> yeah, they are status quo, and that -- so that won't work. >> stephanie: representative what -- is nancy pelosi -- are we going -- is she going to put that forward this week in the house? the voting on the middle class tax cuts? >> absolutely. we have a discharge petition that's being filed at noon, almost as we speak, in an hour three quarters it will be put forth and congressman walsh from minnesota and myself will sign it, and we'll ask other democrats to sign it and i hope the republicans will sign it. essentially what it says is take up the senate bill. we all agree that the middle class tax cuts should be
7:11 am
continued. let's do it. and we'll see. >> stephanie: right. >> the republicans instead essentially are acting as if -- if there's a cliff, there's a way to not go over it by doing everything except what the president insisted during the campaign needed to be done and the people spoke. >> stephanie: yep, that's right. well if you had to make a prediction today how this is going to play out, what would you say? >> i said yesterday i'm optimistic, and the reason is that -- you know, often in elections issues in campaigns -- issues are fuzzy. this issue wasn't fuzzy. this issue was clear-cut. >> stephanie: yeah it's essentially the largest issue the president ran on, i think. >> i think it was that the auto companies, the 47% analysis
7:12 am
of -- of -- statement of the governor. no, no. i think -- i think sometimes elections don't have clear messages. this time there was a clear message, and you can argue is a clear message a mandate or not? a clear message is at the very least a clear message. that's why i'm optimistic. the republicans have cornered themselves and essentially made norquist kind of their referee. they are going to have to end that. >> stephanie: yep, absolutely. representative good luck this week. >> thanks we need a bit of that. >> stephanie: thanks so much. >> the main thing is to keep mighting. >> stephanie: that's right. we'll talk to you again soon. [ applause ] >> stephanie: maybe we should send some norquill along for everybody in congress. they need to decide who they are more loyal to, the united states
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constitution or the grover norquist. >> what is it? >> been i can't sleep. >> here try this. >> norquill. >> norquill the shut the [ censor bleep ] up so we can get something done medicine. available liquid or suppositories. [ applause ] >> stephanie: yes, go ahead. >> caller: yesterday on hurricane irene huckabee's show he went on and on and on about how dare bob costas talk about gun control. >> stephanie: oh boy. he is not even in politics.
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he just said something reasonable. like this domestic situation would not have resolved this way if he didn't have a gun. >> caller: and any situation that they can be on the wrong side of they find it tweet it say it and it drives me insane. >> stephanie: exactly. and bob costas is satan now. >> we'll have some of that coming up in right-wing world. >> stephanie: good tease. nicely done. >> stephanie: thank you. >> stephanie: jay carney. >> what we hope for is specificity from republicans. >> stephanie: and they gone none. [ buzzer ] >> stephanie: this is what mitt romney was criticized for, was he was not specific. >> uh-huh. >> stephanie: and the math just does not work. jay carney again. >> making vague promises about achieving revenue through
7:15 am
capping deductions or closing loopholes simply doesn't add up to a serious proposal. >> stephanie: yes, exactly. -- their proposal is the one that is unserious. >> flabbergasted about it's unserousness,ness,ness. >> stephanie: it's like oh please boner. did he rehearse that? oh my god you can't be serious. i'm flabbergasted -- because you already commented on it back in october. he literally -- boner literally said i have never seen anything like it. >> it's outrageous. >> computer says yes. >> stephanie: yes, you have. >> flabbergasted! >> stephanie: i'm telling you he rehearsed at the tavern. >> an outrage!
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i'm turning orange with outrage. flabbergasted! >> stephanie: fifteen minutes after the hour right back on the "stephanie miller show." >> announcer: i don't let those screeches bother me. >> announcer: it's the "stephanie miller show." ♪ come away armed with facts and the arguments to feel confident in their positions. i want them to have the data and i want them to have the passion.
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♪ ♪ yeah ♪ ♪ it's the key that makes us line up when -- >> announcer: stephanie miller. ♪ comes on, the girls all line up and the boys all look but no, they can't touch -- >> announcer: stephanie miller. ♪ wants to know why they like us
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so much. >> stephanie: uh-huh. filling the giant void in yodelling. >> absolutely. >> stephanie: "stephanie miller show," twenty-two minutes after the hour. i almost forgot, i got an awesome hate letter from someone named matt. the subject line is treason, and they are referring to me. [ bell chimes ] [ applause ] >> and your reasoning is. >> stephanie: there's know caps. there's a lot of bad punctuation in my hate mail. >> you know who else doesn't use caps? >> stephanie: who? >> you. >> stephanie: i do. >> no, you don't. >> stephanie: it seems like he lacked energy in this hate letter. matt writes you are a communist [ censor bleep ] -- that would
7:21 am
be the c word >> oh. >> stephanie: and pigbitch. all one word. >> that's new. >> stephanie: yeah. i apologize, he did capitalize liar. >> in the middle of the sentence? >> stephanie: right. >> you are not supposed to capitalize a word like that -- >> stephanie: and why not capitalize communist [ censor bleep ]. >> in german, they do capitalize all of the nouns. guess who capitalized all of his nouns, hitler. >> stephanie: all right. let's refer, communist [ censor bleep ] and bigbitch. you are a liar as is that rat sitting next to you. i don't know which one -- >> stephanie: jim sits next to you. i sit across from you. >> what lies did we aledgedly
7:22 am
tell? >> stephanie: i don't know rat. you better get your un-american pig ass to china. >> pigbitch. >> stephanie: right. [ applause ] >> stephanie: so that's, you know, an ordinary day for me. how many all y'alls open your indexes and get stuff like that. >> not every day. >> stephanie: have you ever been called a pigbitch? >> never. >> you don't read your twitter feed either. >> stephanie: is that a problem? >> no. [♪ "world news tonight" theme ♪] >> stephanie: okay. i teased this, and then forgot to do it. you know what the latest obama conspiracy theory is?
7:23 am
>> what? >> stephanie: that he is trying to get a third term. >> oh right. [♪ "world news tonight" theme ♪] >> stephanie: he'll need a third term to get the rest of your guns. >> oh. >> stephanie: quarter stands burry is now trying to cash in on some of the public's dislike of president obama. on monday over a listener previously devoted to newt gingrich's presidential campaign, he warned that president obama is secretly trying to seek a third term. [♪ mysterious music ♪] >> stephanie: he said the election was actually at steak was whether or not he will have a third term. [♪ dramatic music ♪] >> uh-huh. >> stephanie: but he can't because it's in the constitution that a president can only serve two terms.
7:24 am
>> stephanie:. [ cuckoo clock chimes ] >> stephanie: world net bailey to spread sanatorium. the conservative news -- rick santorum will be joining the slate of commentators as an exclusive columnist. it will appear every monday just to mark your calendars. [ applause ] >> okay then. >> stephanie: get some santorium on your -- what? your world nut daily. >> hum. >> stephanie: let's go to marcy. welcome. >> caller: hey i have two observations to make. i know you guys touched upon this yesterday about david gregory and meet the press with grover, and i'm still flabber gsaed over how david gregory -- first of all i think they should change the name to be meet the pushover. i have never seen anybody throw more marshmallows at somebody and not get an answer on
7:25 am
anything. and my second observation is when claire mccaskill said i met him. he is nice. but who is he? and this is where grover gets his strength. he has flown under the radar for 20 years, and have these people signing these pledges, and he is more in touch with those senator, because he is just a lobbyist -- >> stephanie: and the premise of almost every meet the press turned out to be wrong. >> caller: right. >> stephanie: and i couldn't wait to tune in, the meet the press right after the election -- >> caller: right. >> stephanie: we played this over and over david gregory literally asked do you think president obama should bring mitt romney in to negotiate the fiscal cliff. >> caller: i think my brain unattached from my spine when i
7:26 am
heard that. [ laughter ] >> caller: i can't -- david gregory should be ashamed of himself, and i really think they need to change it to meet the pushover. and the democrats have to understand that that's how grover got his power is flying under the radar. nobody knows who this guy is. >> stephanie: that's right. >> caller: some of these senator are realigning themselves with him now. >> stephanie: i know. >> caller: they say i would break the pledge, but now -- i can't remember the one senator's name, but he called up and grover just gave him a what for, and he goes i'm sorry. i'm sorry. i'm like are you kidding me? >> stephanie: sorry grover. [ laughter ] >> stephanie: you should never have to say sorry to anybody named grover. >> exactly.
7:27 am
>> stephanie: all right. we'll get the latest on what charlie pierce thinks on the fiscal cliff and much more as we continue on the "stephanie miller show." ♪ that viewers like about the young turks is that we're honest. they know that i'm not bs'ing them with some hidden agenda, actually supporting one party or the other. when the democrats are wrong, they know that i'm going to be the first one to call them out. they can question whether i'm right, but i think that the audience gets that this guy, to the best of his ability, is trying to look out for us.
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tell them it's like being nestled in an eight-way, adjustable, heated and ventilated seat surrounded by a 500-watt sound system while floating on a suspension made of billowy clouds. or you could just hand them your keys. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ >> in a world where man kind is ruled by -- >> announcer: stephanie miller. . >> -- a giant intelligent beaver what food is no longer consumed? [ laughter ] ♪ >> stephanie: it is the "stephanie miller show." >> malomars. >> stephanie: 1-800-steph-1-2 the phone number toll free from anywhere. there's only one man that
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understands -- that's the author of "video of america." charlie pierce of ♪ why is everybody always laughing with me ♪ >> stephanie: good morning, charlie pierce. >> i'm falling it off the cliff? >> stephanie: what did you call it? the gentel fiscal incline. >> that's right. it's like they have taken all of any bad things about any way they cover on-coming hurricanes and transplanted them. >> stephanie: yeah. i love your stuff on this week. because i misplaced the remote in my hotel and throwing a shoe through a television is frowned
7:33 am
upon my most hotel chains i came across mornings with joe. the president just won election on this issue, and it really is -- as you call it mock horror, right? >> yeah, i think even in his -- his quivering heart of hearts john boehner knows the essential parameters of the deal are going to be what geithner laid out, not what he laid out. >> stephanie: yeah. we have been mocking him about i have never seen anything like this. yes, you do. it's what he ran on. >> exactly. i think this is a little bit better than the offer the president made last time. >> stephanie: yes, because he won an election in the meantime. >> right. there has to be some acknowledgment that if any issue at all was litigated, it was
7:34 am
this one. >> stephanie: yep. you say i have come to the conclusion most of the mock horror comes in the dilution that government should be handled more like a business. the clear basis for almost all of the anguish and garment rending inside the beltway. it's like you say, this is sort of impolite of the president. >> exactly. look at the lineup on david gregory's show. there hasn't been a single labor leader for two weeks now. >> stephanie: right. >> bob corker and lindsay graham, both of whom enjoys a government-run single health payer system graham enjoys two of them, say if we don't slash
7:35 am
medicare we're going to end up like greece. well, that's just stupid. >> stephanie: yeah. but you know this is what i have been talking about all morning. and i couldn't stop playing that clip for you from david gregory. sunday after the election should the president bring in mitt romney to negotiate the fiscal cliff. maybe the fact that grover norquist has a seat at the table, as if he won this election. >> i can see putting him in there, but the party is at least pretending to run away from him right now. >> stephanie: right. >> for all of the people who are running away from him, i think we should notice we are essentially arguing to bring the top marginal rate back up into the lower 30s. >> stephanie: exactly. i love the way you state. you say i have said it more than
7:36 am
once it's not the president's job to tame john boner's tax reform um. he has no obligation to water these down just to get a deal down just for the sake of appearances. i mean that's exactly it. the president has more leverage than he obviously had last summer. >> and -- and -- if boehner can't control his caucus then he shouldn't be speaker, unless they are absolutely convinced that eric cantor can't get the vote. >> stephanie: yes. charlie how do you see this playing out? >> i'm still very -- i'm still -- i'm about to harsh stephanie's mellow here -- i'm a little bit worried that the president might have that little
7:37 am
tinker bell on his shoulder saying make a deal just to make a deal. >> oh, dear. >> but i think there will be stimulus, no substantive cuts to medicare benefits. i don't believe there will be any touching of social security but i'm not entirely saying that won't come up down the road. but whatever deal is stwruk is going to be within the universe you know, set out by geithner's original proposal. >> stephanie: that's good news but i'm reading a story, gop leaders may be pondering a deal on taxes. letting the top marginal rates go up, blah blah blah. i have been saying like there is part of me -- if they stick with where they are now, why don't we go down as you call it
7:38 am
the gentle fiscal incline. i'm warming up to that idea. >> i think the choice between no deal and a bad deal is easy. it's no deal. >> stephanie: right. >> because not everything will happen at once. >> stephanie: that's right. that's why as charlie pierce says a gentle fiscal incline. >> that's right. >> stephanie: it can be fixed when we come back with a better congress. >> that's right. but harry reid is going to have some [ inaudible ] young ladies when they come back too. [ laughter ] >> the senate really doesn't have much to do here thank you james madison, but we never envisioned a house like this, by the way. [ laughter ] >> stephanie: exactly. charlie obviously you cover sports and we had a caller bring up bob costas and it really is
7:39 am
incredible, isn't it? the right-wing has gone insane bob costas is satan now. >> it's ablazing to me the amount -- it's a real triumph for the organized right -- the number of things aren't in the discussion anymore. he said more than either candidate did the entire campaign. >> yes. he spent less than 30 seconds on it. >> and all he did was allewd to the possibility of discussing sensible gun control. he didn't advocate it, or endorse the brady bill he just said maybe this guy wouldn't have found it so easy to kill his girlfriend and then shoot himself in the head if we weren't convinced that this kind
7:40 am
of collateral damage is an unnecessary biproduct of our freedom. >> stephanie: you are right. you have take that right out of the discussion and you are right. that's insane. >> if it comes umpire to are football game everybody goes into hysterics. i can remember when every political campaign included an discussion about gun control. and now it is not even discussed anymore. >> stephanie: yeah. >> i can -- the idea that bob costas is considered brave and is for broaching such remarkable ideas is an indication of what
7:41 am
is to come. >> stephanie: yeah. love ya, charlie pierce. >> thanks charlie. >> stephanie: bye-bye. >> i always say they should do thes [ inaudible ] first. >> stephanie: yes. how about those -- the owners -- can you imagine watching someone do it right in front of you? >> and then the team took a vote whether or not to play on sunday, and they played and broke like an 8-game losing streak, so i don't know how they did that. >> stephanie: all right. lou in texas welcome. >> caller: hey stephanie this is the first time i have called anybody about anything. >> stephanie: ever? >> caller: ever. >> stephanie: wow. you are more of a shut-in than i am. sorry go ahead. >> caller: well, i have a lot of things to say, but really they seem to fall on deaf ears. i was listening to all of this stuff about the political arena,
7:42 am
and the democratics and the republicans, and the news media likes to label everything left right, center moderate liberal, conservative, what have you. >> stephanie: uh-huh. >> all of these guys have been elected from their home states to go to d.c. to represent us and do what is right for the country. >> stephanie: yep. >> not their agenda. >> stephanie: yeah, that's right. and the country spoke very clearly in this election. all right. he has never called anybody about anything ever? >> wow. not since alexander graham bell. >> stephanie: watson come here. linda in florida real quick. hi, linda. >> caller: hey, stephanie how are you? >> stephanie: good, go ahead. >> caller: i'm so excited we just bought your last two vip tickets to the d.c. show.
7:43 am
>> stephanie: awesome. [ applause ] >> caller: and we don't have any idea who is going to take care of our eleven animals yet, but we needed to do what we needed to do first which was to grab those tickets. >> stephanie: yes. although i'm an animal fan, so now i'm concerned. >> i put on an event for a no-kill shelter we have here. and i'm recuperating from a dog bite that i got from my own event, which is ironic right? >> stephanie: that is ironic. all right. honey see you in dc. >> caller: all right. good night. [ applause ] >> stephanie: maybe she needs to build an arc or something. [ laughter ] >> stephanie: forty-six minutes after the hour right back on the "stephanie miller show." >> announcer: i got her number off of the men's room stall, 1-800-steph-1-2.
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♪ always -- >> announcer: stephanie miller. ♪ there to we mind me ♪ ♪ always -- >> announcer: stephanie miller. ♪ -- there so remind me ♪ >> stephanie: it is the "stephanie miller show." fifty-within minutes after the hour. 1-800-steph-1-2 the phone number toll free from anywhere. oh, my goodness, it is official. our last caller said she got the last two vip tickets. vip tickets for d.c. officially
7:49 am
gone. >> wow. >> stephanie: there are still some seats available, but this is going faster than expected. we're still over a month out, you need to hurry. >> and the president of the united states is once again, barack obama. >> and time for a new sexy liberal. >> a celebration of freedom. >> now a new sexy liberal show. >> january 19th inauguration weekend in our nation's capitol at the warner theater the stephanie miller sexy liberal comedy tour makes it to 2013. featuring, hal sparks john fugelsang, aisha tyler, and the queen of progressive talk radio,
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stephanie miller. the long-awaited washington, d.c. stephanie miller sexy liberal show at the warner theater january 19th. >> stephanie: wa hoo. thank you rocky mountain mike. let's go to dan in chapel hill. >> caller: good morning, stephanie and guys. i want today explain to john boehner that bush put us on like a black friday sale for the country, and now the sale is over, so we have to go back or we'll go out of business. little complaint i saw your pictures on facebook, and they are really sexy and i always thought of you as like a big sister, and now i have this creepy feeling. [ laughter ] >> caller: the hate letters you get are really lame. i think we should have a competition that we have the best hate her to you.
7:51 am
>> stephanie: okay. >> caller: we have to have misspellings -- >> stephanie: no punctuation, no grammar, made up words like pigbitch. >> caller: exactly. >> stephanie: all right. thank you, honey. >> you must see stars and little birdies flying around your head. >> stephanie: yes. tim geithner. >> i can't promise that. that is a decision that lies in the hands of the republicans that are now opposing increases in tax rates. if we can't afford the reality, then we have a basis for an agreement that would be very good for the american people. >> stephanie: not a good sign that boner just put through the warmed up paul ryan budget, or as he calls it a serious offer. >> we put a serious offer up there, but though white house has responded with virtually
7:52 am
nothing. >> because he is just doing what the american people want. screw the american people! i'm flabbergasted. [♪ "world news tonight" theme ♪] >> stephanie: three big whoppers, after voters rejected economic proposals they sought the appearance of compromise -- >> oh. >> stephanie: it's like a butter-like substance -- [ bell chimes ] >> gee your hair smells like compromise. >> stephanie: this all right showing benefits only the wealthiest of americans. it's the same [ censor bleep ] different day. exactly. the major myths? the republicans have used -- feigning shock at the proposals and boner has seen before. in that was my favorite part after the flabbergasted, i have
7:53 am
never seen anything like it! [ bell chimes ] [ applause ] >> really? >> stephanie: boner pretending to encounter obama's economic plan for the first time -- >> this is outrageous! i'm flabbergasted! >> stephanie: oh, the light turned green i'm flabbergasted! oh look -- >> yellow? what does that mean? >> stephanie: i'm flabbergasted! he said we laid it all for them dozens of ways to raise revenue. on sunday he was pressed to provide details, he dodged answering. it's all of these loopholy something -- this, but they are not specified.
7:54 am
myth number 3, obama has put $400 billion of unspecified cuts on the table. he claimed obama's -- i'm serious -- proposal -- >> he is a drama queen. >> mine is serious. theres isn't serious! i'm flabbergasted. [ laughter ] >> stephanie: the programs have existed for quite sometime. here he is. >> they won the election. they must have forgotten that republicans continue to hold the majority in the house, but the president's idea of negotiation is roll over and do what i ask. >> objection. >> we need to find common ground and find it quickly. >> oh shut up. >> stephanie: common ground -- >> common ground do what i tell you to do. >> stephanie: how about the same
7:55 am
thing you just -- >> yeah. >> stephanie: tom [ inaudible ] republican of oklahoma. >> i'm certain if this is not good enough for the white house, we will go over the fiscal cliff. this is a compromise on taxes -- >> stephanie: no it's not. and the aforementioned drama queen, lindsay gram. >> i'm pretty sure we have going over the cliff. >> good heavens! >> stephanie: oh, my god! i think we're going over the [ inaudible ] -- [ screaming ] >> stephanie: thank got i still have tara. >> are you implying that lindsay graham has warn pearls in his life? >> stephanie: no! >> his real name is ashley. [ laughter ] >> stephanie: frankly he does give a damn. he does.
7:56 am
come on. fifty-eight minutes after the hour. right back on the "stephanie miller show." ♪ the governor tomorrow night. she is awesome. we'll be right back on the "stephanie miller show." [♪ theme music ♪] >> stephanie: hello, hour number 3, tv world. oh jacki schechner, sanatorium will be spread -- what is the -- word net daily. he is getting a new column for world nut daily.
7:57 am
>> i'll put that in my must-read for the day. >> stephanie: right. because he forgot about him and all of the other rapy republicans. he once said republicans should make the best out of a bad situation. >> and he has not ruled out running again in 2016. >> stephanie: and food stamps are unless because obesity rates are so high. >> so we should starve people? >> stephanie: yes. >> interesting diet. >> stephanie: i can't wait for his weekly column. >> oh, it's only one day a week? >> yes there is a dark cloud. all right. jacki schechner. >> good morning, the u.s. military is saying the u.s. drone has not been captured. the islamic posted on his
7:58 am
website that the drone was captured. the spokesman says u.s. operations there are only confined in the gulf region to international waters and air space. in egypt eight influential daily papers have shut down for the day in protest of the stop of freedom of expression. thousands are expected to march on the capitol. egypt is now divided into two camps, those who support morsi, and other ultra conservative islamist, pitted against youth groups, liberals and a large portion of the public. and it's election 2012 secrets revealed, kind of. a comprehensive harvard
7:59 am
institute of public politics brought together rivals to debrief what we all went through. some of the highlights include that mitt romney never read clint eastwood's convention speech and president obama didn't fully commit to competing in florida until mid-september. we're back after the break. with a washington perspective from an emmy winning insider. >>you couldn't say it any more powerfully than that. >> current tv, on the roll. (vo)followed by humor and politics with a west coast edge. >>ah, thank you. >>it really is incredible. (vo)bill press and stephanie miller, current's morning news block. weekdays six to noon. from silver screens... to flat screens... twizzlerize your entertainment everyday with twizzlers the twist you can't resist.
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[♪ theme music ♪] >> announcer: ladies and gentlemen, it's the "stephanie miller show"! ♪ i'm walking on sunshine woe ho ♪ ♪ i'm walking on sunshine woe ho ♪ ♪ it's time to feel good ♪ ♪ hey all right now ♪ ♪ it's time to feel good ♪ >> stephanie: it is the "stephanie miller show." welcome to it. six opinions after the hour
8:03 am
1-800-steph-1-2 the phone number toll free from anywhere. the website, you can email us all there. or you can just call me communist c word. i'll read the hate letter again, because it's too good to miss. >> all right. >> stephanie: and tomorrow is sexy liberal hal sparks? >> yes. >> stephanie: hump days with hal sparks tomorrow. >> absolutely and the voice of spongebob square pants. >> stephanie: yay! terry is a jim fan. jim your boner impersonation is spot on. i think you should call the white house. [ phone ringing ] >> i think the president is awesome. >> stephanie: i'm flabbergasted. >> i'm going to resign just to clear the way for him to take
8:04 am
over! >> stephanie: that would be funny. let's start prank calling members of congress. [ applause ] >> all of you guys can just go home. it's over. obama is the ruler of the land and you guys are just wasting your time. [ laughter ] >> stephanie: okay. and a love letter for me from mike. [♪ romantic music ♪] >> stephanie: so glad video didn't kill the radio show. steph i have always been curious what you look like. i tuned in today and you have my dradel spinning. >> wow. mozzeltoff. >> stephanie: we need to play
8:05 am
the dradel song this season. i think in order to keep my fcc license. let's do it now. ♪ [ inaudible ] yummy, i put it in my mouth, i can feel it in my tommy, i think it's heading south ♪ ♪ oh, dradel dradel dradel i made you out my meat oh dradel dradel, dradel you'll soon come out my feet ♪ [ bell chimes ] [ applause ] >> stephanie: all right. let's dive into the right-wing world. >> the tax increase aspect is ridiculous because we don't have a tax or revenue problem we have a spending problem, and when we're looking at entitlements i
8:06 am
don't think they should exist. those of you who want to control your own retirement you can opt out of these various programs. you don't have to participate in medicare, social security, and that's how we cut entitlements. >> we should have turned over social security to the free market like bush wanted to do. >> geez, idiots. >> stephanie: oh boy. not since the ceo of goldman sachs said we can't afford these entitlements anymore has something so irritated me. bill crystal. >> we can say president obama is overreaching. at the end of the day he is selling a very simple message, i want to keep taxes low for middle class americans, and republicans are in the position of looking like they don't care about the middle class.
8:07 am
>> stephanie: that would be horrible if people had some sort of impression like that? that would be horrible. >> god! >> stephanie: that would be crazy -- [ cuckoo clock chimes ] >> where do they get this. >> stephanie: oh really? sarah palin? >> yeah. she keeps showing up. >> barack obama is a socialist. he believes in socialism in redistributing health in confiscating hard-earned dollars of our small businessmen and women so they cannot reinvest their dollars and hire more people and expand. barack obama has not had a budget in the four years he has been in office and not been worried about it and continues to spend recklessly other people's money, and that is a sign of that idea of loving
8:08 am
socialism. >> stephanie: okay. i think we can confirm it now, she gets paid by the word. [ bell chimes ] [ applause ] >> stephanie: i'm working on a book right now the publicer gives you a world count. i think that's what happens. she is literally filling out the blue book. >> socialism. fill his socialistic socialism -- >> stephanie: and all and forward short also socializing with the -- okay. >> it was really hard to find -- >> small business -- >> stephanie: there is no edit -- >> that's why it went a little bit longer than usual. it was hard to find an edit point to take it out -- >> stephanie: we used to put in a razor blade and cut it all up to ribbons -- >> i still have scars from my
8:09 am
first radio job. >> stephanie: our! >> i sliced an artery. >> stephanie: that was just like radio geek talk. nobody knows what we're talking about. >> explain to me this tape. it was on a reel you say? >> stephanie: oh, my god, mom, what are the old people talking about on the radio now. [ laughter ] okay. fox and friends. >> during the big game on nbc, bob costas actually used what happened in kansas city as an execution to call for gun control. >> this ensures that more and more domestic disputes will end in the ultimate tragedy. if he did not possess a gun, he and his girlfriend would still be alive today. >> when people fortunately want to kill other people, there's a lot of ways to do it.
8:10 am
>> i just don't know if it is appropriate at that time to make that stance. i don't think we really wanted to hear that -- >> stephanie: i don't want that common sense mixed in with my football. yeah, i think it can say that a gun makes it a lot easier. >> you can't knife someone from across the room. >> or strangle someone -- >> from across the way. >> you can run away if somebody tries to strangle you -- >> god. >> stephanie: this is when it happened. >> yeah. >> stephanie: rush limbaugh. >> the republican party, as lincoln's party freed the slaves, but today the truth is obscured by a pack of lies and the lie is that no republican ever saw a slave that he didn't want to own, even today.
8:11 am
that's what the elected democrats are saying. it's like margaret singer. planned parenthood is all about family planning. yeah, but it's called the elimination of black families. that's what margaret singer is about. >> what? >> stephanie: he has gone a little off the rails since the election. hasn't he? >> i think he needs to refill his oxycontin prescription. >> allen west compared himself to abraham lincoln yesterday. he was asked what is next for you? he said god closes doors so he can open up greater doors. and always remember abraham lincoln only served one term in congress too. [ applause ] >> he does have two of the same letters in his name so i can see why -- >> what?
8:12 am
>> stephanie: and we close for bill o'reilly. >> i had to deal with assaults at christmas. i don't want to do this. but i personally am fed up. the people who want to diminish the christmas federal holiday are insulting me and you if you are a christian and/or believe in traditional america. >> there are a lot of jewish people in america -- >> stephanie: do you think he actually takes the entire month of december off and these are just old tapes? i think they might be. they use cji to make his hair the proper gray -- >> yeah, or like they did with osama bin laden. >> stephanie: right. it's the same thing every year. >> because they play the same tape every year. >> stephanie: yeah.
8:13 am
blah. blah. next year he'll say that war on christmas, blah, blah blah. i told you guys to play the christmas tapes. i want december off. >> there's a restaurant very near here that are very aggressively pro christmas. they are wishing merry christmas. >> stephanie: yeah, get your face right up in there. bill in arlington, you are on the "stephanie miller show." >> caller: good morning. my wife refers to you guys as the happy news. she won't even listen to the network news anymore. i think this stalemate on capitol hill comes down to a contest between greed and need. the republicans are interested in the greed end of it and the president is interested in the need end of it. >> stephanie: that's right. somebody was saying the other day, bill, people don't want a hand out. they want a hand up.
8:14 am
that's what we believe in here in america, and on the happy news. ♪ happy, happy, joy, joy, joy ♪ [ applause ] >> stephanie: thank you. fulfilling all of your happy clappy liberal news. >> that's what we do. >> stephanie: thank you. seventeen minutes after the hour. how do we come up with all of our happy news. we have a go to meeting every day. >> yes, we do. >> stephanie: i don't mean to disparage -- >> you got it right. >> stephanie: i always do. >> representative sandy levin would be very proud of you. >> stephanie: as would mark levine. my point is -- have you ever had that horrible marbling video or
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audio quality dropping out -- >> buffering. >> stephanie: right. none of that in go to meeting. it also gives you the ability to work on the same document at the same time. go to meeting with hd faces, it is amazing. you can meet face-to-face with colleagues and clients no matter where they are. travel, a thing of the past in my opinion. go to meeting, with the highest quality hd videoconferencing. turn your business ideas into action, and now you can even present from your ipad. >> that's new. >> stephanie: you can be the leader from your ipad. >> wow. >> stephanie: go to, and type in the promo code stephanie. chris seems to be a follower
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because he just says words like -- >> wow. >> stephanie: that's all he adds. we'll be right back on the "stephanie miller show." >> announcer: it's her political party and she'll cry if she wants to. it's the "stephanie miller show." ♪ who watch our show to be able to come away armed with facts and the arguments to feel confident in their positions. i want them to have the data and i want them to have the passion. at cepacol we've heard people are going to extremes to relieve their sore throats. oh, okay, you don't need to do that. but i don't want any more of the usual lozenges and i want new cooling relief! ugh. how do you feel? now i'm cold. hmm. this is a better choice. new cepacol sensations cools instantly, and has an active ingredient that stays with you long after the lozenge is gone. ahhh.
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bp ♪ >> announcer: stephanie miller. ♪ she thinks she's the passionate one ♪ ♪ oh, yeah it was lightning, everybody was frightening, and the music was soothing ♪ >> stephanie: oh, yeah. it is the "stephanie miller show." what is wanker doing on my
8:20 am
television? >> the governor just met with obama. >> stephanie: oh, governor scott walker. >> a bunch of governors. >> stephanie: why because he always look like somebody just hit him in the head with a plank before he came on tv -- >> he always does. >> i met with both presidents and both agree -- >> stephanie: george you are on the "stephanie miller show." hi, george. >> caller: hi, stephanie. let me take you off speaker. there are very few minutes i would wait 50 minutes for, but you are one. >> stephanie: thank you, george. >> caller: i have a couple of additions i would like to make to the right-wing world, because of the gentle fiscal bump -- >> stephanie: gentle fiscal incline. please go ahead.
8:21 am
>> caller: grover norquist donald trump, and chucky [ inaudible ] on i have got a rash limbaugh. >> stephanie: all right. >> caller: i want to thank them for what they have done for the republican party and what they plan to do in the future. >> stephanie: exactly. the gift that keeps on giving. >> caller: they are were [ inaudible ] and against barack obama. is there a seem going here? >> stephanie: yeah exactly. why because michael seem so reasonable now. yes. [♪ "world news tonight" theme ♪] >> stephanie: this just in. steph i have already gotten two emails from fans trying to buy tickets which is soldout for the washington, d.c. show. do not get scammed. go to sexy liberal facebook for
8:22 am
the proper link. don't just google it because -- this is what happens. the minute the ip sells out, they start selling scam stuff, and we can't police it all. bastard people. i hate them and all of their ass faces. let's go to jim in oregon. >> caller: hi, stephanie. thanks for taking my call. i have a couple of points i would like to make. if i'm not wrong, this so-called fiscal cliff was created by legislation that was passed as a result of the debt crisis a couple of years ago. >> stephanie: that's right. >> caller: this is where obama snookered the republican party. >> stephanie: yeah. >> they agreed to this. >> stephanie: we said that at the time and we still got downgraded because of the
8:23 am
republicans, but you are absolutely right. >> caller: yes and grover norquist on sunday on david marshmallow's show, said that obama was going to take us over the fiscal cliff. >> stephanie: yes, and it is because of republicans. you know what the funny names for republicans, just leave that to us. [ bell chimes ] [ applause ] >> stephanie: david marshmallow. yeah. hi, bob. >> caller: good morning. i just wanted to call about the bob costas thing and just say i started shooting when i was ten year's old, and i still believe there is a place for regulation in gun control. >> stephanie: uh-huh. >> caller: and i think the
8:24 am
people that shout the loudest don't speak for even the majority of gun owners and i think there is this trained pavlovian dog whistle, and there's no room for discussion. >> stephanie: yeah, and he wasn't even talking about gun-control legislation. how can anybody say that is not true? i bet there would be a lot of domestic disputes that would not end this way if there were not a gun in the house. >> caller: i agree completely. he was quoting a writer from kansas city, who was closer to the situation. but the important part for my point is they attack nbc, and bob costas and they believe they should be fired, anybody who believes there is room for
8:25 am
discussion needs to respond and show nbc that they buy beer and viagra and cars too. >> stephanie: there you go. good point. twenty-nine minutes after the hour. right back on the "stephanie miller show." ♪ what will be remembered? explore the lives of the famous and infamous who changed our world forever. experience the drama, back to back to back. of all the hours in all their days, the ones you'll never forget are the final 24. don't miss the final 24 mini-marathon this sunday on current tv. save the best for last.
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♪ >> i like the humming, it shows her pleasant disposition -- >> announcer: stephanie miller. . >> -- those morning hums are what help get me out of bed. [ laughter ] >> stephanie: it is the "stephanie miller show." welcome to it. thirty-four minutes after the hour. 1-800-steph-1-2 the phone number
8:30 am
toll free from anywhere. oh, jim, you missed world masturbation day. >> oh dammit. >> stephanie: it was china's first world masturbation contest. ten male participants wore mass community corrections and hid their private parts with orange buckets. >> wow. we need one of those. [ laughter ] >> stephanie: the current -- [ laughter ] >> god. >> we must not have a sex wank-a-thon gap. >> stephanie: you just wonder who is the current world record holder of the longest time masturbating. >> who is it? >> stephanie: porn star sonny gnash. ten hours and ten minutes. >> but if you are in porn
8:31 am
wouldn't you have a steady supply -- >> stephanie: i don't think it is good to do anything for ten hours and ten minutes. wouldn't it fall off. >> maybe have blisters. >> stephanie: ann romney would tell you stop it. it's hard. >> ann romney: stop it. >> stephanie: stop it's hard. >> maybe it's not time to stop it. >> stephanie: let's go to kyle in ohio. >> caller: hi. listen, i'm a big fan of you, i do like listening to you and reading you since i was 18. that's the first thing i have got to say. >> stephanie: oh. >> caller: all of this talk about the fiscal cliff. i like you don't buy it but more importantly i'm getting ready to be twenty-four, and back in my grandpa's time we had a thing called glass spiegel, we put a man on the moon because of
8:32 am
it. we built hoover dam. alaska wouldn't have been alaska without it. >> stephanie: that's right. >> caller: you know this policy -- you probably know more about it than i do. i have only read about it in political science class, but i was wondering wouldn't it be better if we went back to something like that, instead of just reinforcement of to clinton era tax rates and the reagan tax rates -- why don't we just go back to the old way of doing things -- >> stephanie: exactly. >> caller: because the rich -- we had billionaires with all of those taxes -- >> stephanie: that's right. absolutely. charlie cristenson said that this morning. the fact that there is all this hysteria over oh no we might
8:33 am
have to go to the low 30s percent range. [ screaming ] [♪ "world news tonight" theme ♪] >> stephanie: all right. chris there is a lot of discussion tab who is flabbergasting who? >> yeah. >> stephanie: republicans are working to quiet rumblings, and may have a newly reported doomsday plan. give a little keep a lot. avoid blame for the fiscal cliff. good luck. the bill would go to the floor, the republicans would vote present, allowing democratic votes to carry it to passage, the bill would be send to the white house and then put into law. obama has been unequivocal over
8:34 am
the fact that the top earners tax rate must return to the clinton era. he can introduce a tax plan that will accomplish all of his revenue goals. that's the rumbling that they are getting ready to cave and make it seem like they are not caving. the republicans are suddenly in control, blah, blah, blah blah blah. so i don't -- i'm getting confused on how the best way is for this to play out. [♪ "world news tonight" theme ♪] >> stephanie: you know president bad for business, jim? corporate profits have hit a record high while wages have hit a record low. corporation earnings are up 18.6% from a year ago. >> thanks to that socialist
8:35 am
obama. >> stephanie: wages as a percentage of the economy are at an all-time low as this chart shows. i have a handy dandy chart once again. >> socialist, communist, hip hop barbecue. >> stephanie: thank you, skeeter. let's goo to jerry. >> caller: hey, steph. i was wondering during the fiscal cliff thing they are talking about putting medicare and everything on the block, couldn't they accuse the president of cutting $716 billion out of medicare -- >> stephanie: right, remember that. thank you, you are the smartest boy in class. [ bell chimes ] >> i'm flabbergasted that they did that! >> stephanie: yes. mernii in michigan. hi, merni. >> caller: hi steph.
8:36 am
i'm going to take you off of speaker. >> stephanie: all right. thank you go ahead. >> caller: i wanted to make a follow-up to one of the things that you just brought up that these businesses like wal-mart and a lot of them don't want to pay more than basically minimum wage and then not even have people working a full -- you know a full workweek. >> stephanie: right. >> caller: and basically they -- on top of that they are forcing these people to go and get additional services -- >> stephanie: yeah i just read the story corporate profits literally an at all-time high. >> caller: exactly. yeah, and it's just frustrating because then wal-mart and these other businesses are going to the government and saying they need help with trying to provide healthcare for their workers and other things and it's kind of like, you know if you don't
8:37 am
want to provide welfare for the lower-class people, why would you think you are entitled to making all of these profits that you are? >> stephanie: yep. thank you. [♪ "world news tonight" theme ♪] >> stephanie: i just love all of these regret stories. romney campaign manager regrets -- and then you just fill in. >> yeah. >> stephanie: his campaign manager matt rhodes wishes he wouldn't have taken such a hard-line right position going after immigration. yeah. we remember that. the farthest right position -- and then they are like we're flabbergasted -- >> flabbergasted! >> stephanie: and speaking of john boner. it's time to hear the christmas special again. ♪ grabbed ma got run over by
8:38 am
john boehner, lost her medicare on christmas eve, because he said she don't deserve no health care no medicaid or social security ♪ ♪ he'd been drinking too much eggnog, and we begged him not to go, and then he put on too much bronzer, and he staggered out the tavern to the snow ♪ ♪ when he found grandma that morning, at the base of the fiscal cliff ♪ [ laughter ] ♪ she had orange marks on her forehead, and some cheato flavored tear drops on her cheek ♪
8:39 am
♪ grandma got run over by john boehner ♪ >> stephanie: boo. [ applause ] ♪ >> stephanie: thank you, rocky mountain mike. daryle in california. you are on the "stephanie miller show." hi, daryle. >> caller: hello. you know that gal that was talking about socialism of obama -- being a socialist -- >> stephanie: oh, that gal would be sarah palin, you mean? >> caller: yeah anyhow how come nobody mentions how much mitt romney and the gop was -- with their program a dictatorship? >> stephanie: yeah. >> caller: if you actually looked at the two, they were proposing to control all women, control this, control that ore anything that didn't agree with them. >> stephanie: yeah. >> caller: now back in school that came out to a dictatorship. >> stephanie: there you go.
8:40 am
thank you very much. the former presidential candidate of the united states is that gal. >> guys and gals. >> stephanie: that gal. >> those common -- [ mumbling ] >> stephanie: would you like some more talent for dessert. >> barack obama is a socialist. he believes in socialist, in redistributing wealth in confiscating hard-earned dollars of our small businessmen and women, so they cannot reinvest their dollars and hire more people and grow and expand, instead he believes in these failed socialist policies, and he has not had a budget in the four years he has been in this office and continues to not worry about it and continues to spend recklessly other people's money. >> most americans don't have access to maps -- >> stephanie: so maps, and on the road to socialism and
8:41 am
also -- >> god. >> stephanie: wow wee she is something. [ applause ] >> stephanie: isn't it like watching -- watching her is like watching your kid in the thanksgiving play. you are like no -- >> i don't even hope she gets through the whole thing. >> stephanie: hurry before the set calls on you. forty-five minutes after the hour. we'll be right back on the "stephanie miller show." >> oh, wow that feels weird and good all at once. >> announcer: it's the "stephanie miller show." ♪ >>connect with "talking liberally with stephanie miller" at and on twitter at smshow.
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this. >> when disaster strikes sometimes the only way out is to look within. current tv digs deep into the extraordinary tales of heroism determination and escape. "trapped" experience the drama. back to back to back. >> hold on mates! >> catch the "trapped" mini-marathon saturday starting at 1 eastern. on current tv. ♪ ♪ i said my baby at the
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drive-inshow, she turned the speaker down, instead she turned on the radio and got the -- >> announcer: stephanie miller. ♪ -- boogie fever, she's got the boobgy now, fever ♪ >> stephanie: it is the "stephanie miller show." fifty minutes after the hour. i was name dropping during commercial break. i just got a text from a really famous person. he liked my green shirt today. >> stick 'em out. >> very nice >> stephanie: i don't think i'm supposed to say who. >> yeah, sting told me to knock it off. but bono is okay with it. >> stephanie: the rock star theme, so that was a hint -- >> uh-huh. >> hum. >> stephanie: this hour brought to you by go to meeting with hd faces.
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try it free for 30 days. type in the promo code stephny is, won't you? this may be it's time for an intervention. see my show prep show -- >> it has wine on it -- >> stephanie: no gatorade because i needed to rehydrate -- >> oh. >> stephanie: i might have had a touch too much wine last night with the bender. >> stephanie: bending your arm. yes. when you see that -- >> [ mumbling ] >> stephanie: the warshack test that basically says you are a drunk. [♪ "world news tonight" theme ♪] >> stephanie: but kid rock said things are cool when him and president obama. as you recall he was a romney.
8:48 am
i don't know if there is a drone over your next concert -- >> i think ticket sales were going down -- >> stephanie: right. >> so he is doing a little mia culpa there -- >> stephanie: yeah. he said i saw the president tonight, and he said i'm still here, and i said no hard feelings. [ applause ] >> stephanie: i hope he said i'm still here bitch. tell meatloaf i said hi. [ laughter ] [ mumble singing ] >> stephanie: we have all of the good singers on our side. >> oh, wow. that was -- yikes. >> stephanie: leonardo decaprio spent $3 million on alcohol for his birthday party. >> wow! >> stephanie: par-tay. >> that's as much as you spent each month.
8:49 am
>> stephanie: right. i swear i pull up to the wine store and there are stars in their eyes my kids are going to college. [♪ "world news tonight" theme ♪] >> stephanie: samuel l jackson said michelle obama is super woman what can't she do? she is history and she's stay history because she is so amazingly smart and together. [ applause ] >> stephanie: i agree. >> and good-looking. >> stephanie: easy on the eyes. >> not according to rush limbaugh. >> stephanie: oh please. who better to comment on people's figures. [♪ "world news tonight" theme ♪] >> stephanie: [ inaudible ] wants to have five kids 18 dogs, a horse and a pig -- i hope she is not giving birth to all of those. just the kids. >> stephanie: she is desperate to extend her family to a
8:50 am
basketball team full of children. indicatory perry accepted the hero award from the trevor project. >> uh-huh. >> stephanie: she told the crowd that the real heros are the folks at the call centers. i agree, and that's why i wrote them a big fat check this week. all right. let's not talk about that. katy perry also said this jim. queue squeezy music. [ squeezy music ] >> stephanie: she said i hope in the future we all grow beyond labels. >> good news for you. >> stephanie: good news for me. she might want to kiss the girl again. how fluid are you kneeling
8:51 am
tonight? ronda in texas. >> caller: hi. i have heard a lot of your listeners talking about grover norquist. >> stephanie: yes. >> caller: and this man is crazy. he -- he has hijacked the republican party. >> stephanie: that's right. >> caller: he has them in a strangle hold because he has billions and billions of dollars saying if they don't vote the way he wants them to vote he will crush their election. >> stephanie: right. a processor did a video, i think it's treason so sign a pledge to somebody other than the united states constitution. >> caller: it is. i want your listeners to know
8:52 am
you can go to to sign a no pledge. >> stephanie: yes, brought to you by this -- >> honey i can't sleep. >> try this. >> norquil. >> the empty headed shut the [ censor bleep ] up so we can get something done medicine. >> stephanie: diane, hi diane. >> caller: hi, steph. this is the home of the clinton presidential library, and maybe the hilary clinton presidential library. >> stephanie: oh, i hope so. i was just talking to somebody about that yesterday. >> caller: when are you coming down here, we have a lot of liberals down here.
8:53 am
>> stephanie: yes, i have never been to the clinton library. >> caller: well, come on down. what i wanted to point out, and it has already been said here before, basically -- the republicans are trying to throw grandma and grandpa under the bus because of the $3 trillion war debt. >> stephanie: yeah. >> caller: this is what this is somebody. americans claim to be patriotic, and so many of us wanted to go to war after 9/11 then why don't we have a surtax on the bottom of our income tax reform so we can all pay, but people like mitt romney should be paying more also. >> stephanie: absolutely. >> all of the politicians who supported the iraq war should be paying more. >> stephanie: there you go. and by the way -- >> i am not one of your fans! >> stephanie: sexy liberal hal
8:54 am
sparks and spongebob square pants on the big show tomorrow. we'll see you then on the "stephanie miller show." ♪
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