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tv   Full Court Press  Current  January 16, 2013 3:00am-6:00am PST

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[ music ] >> bill: hey, good morning, everybody. what do you say? it is wednesday, january 16th. great to see you today. welcome to you from "full-court press" all across this great land of ours on thendzwednesday morning. it is now the law of the land in new york state under the leadership of governor and drew cuomo, new york state has become first state to act with tough new gun control laws covering a ban on assault weapons, a ban on those high-capacity magazine
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clips and a requirement that every purchase of every gun include a criminal background check. new york state has shown the lead. president obama will announce his plan with vice president biden today. is congress ready to follow the lead of new york state? boy, that and a whole lot more here this morning on the "full-court press." but first, we get the latest. today's current news update, was a ferguson's got it out in los angeles. lisa, good morning. >> hey, bill. good morning, everyone. that's right. we will here from president obama today, what his new proposals on gun control will be. he invites president beside -- he and vice president biden are making that from the white house before noon eastern. no package will be a call to congress to reinstate the assault weapons ban and to strength be federal background checks. obama has previously endorsed each of these proposals, but
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they would need congressional approve to be instated. jay carney, not giving any daschle details as to what else the president might unveil today, but we do know this will be a comprehensive gun control package. we will have to wait to hear from the president later this morning. ahead of the announcement, the nra is releasing a new ad with a personal attack against obama. it preemptively criticizes him for not supporting armed guards in schools and it calls him this. >> mr. obama demands the wealthy pay their fair share of taxes, but he is just another elitist hypocrite when it comes to a fair share of security. >> president obama has secret service protection for his daughters, sasha and malia. asking if the president's kids are more important than yours. oh, my goodness, secret service protection, pretty customary for the president and his family. more bill next.
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[ music ] broadcasting across the nation on your radio and on current tv. this is "the bill press show." >> the vice president's completed the work on his task force. we will get the full recommendations this morning. hey, what do you say, everybody? great to see you today. here we go middle of the week january 16th, jim lowe today here in our nation's capitol. >> that's where you will find us coming to you live from our studio on capitol hill in washington, d.c., our nation's capitol. we are just down the street from
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the united states capitol building. the house is back in session, and the white house, if you will of activity these days. the senate is still out, but everybody gearing up for the big announcement at the whitehouse today on the president's efforts to reduce gun violence coming out of the joe biden task force. great to see you today. we've got lots and lots. >> that's not the only thing we have to talk about. we will bring you up to everything happening in our nation's country and give you a chance to sound off. you know, you get up. you find out what's going on, it pisses you off or makes you happy or whatever. tell us what it means to you and your family. give us a call at 866-55-press. >> that's our toe-free number. you can follow us on twitter. we invite you to at bp show and on facebook. everybody is on facebook these days including us press show. here we go. us, that means the whole team
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and me plus peter ogburn and dan henning. hello, hello, hello. >> good morning. >> what's up? happy wednesday? >> god. when is this going to stop raining? >> it was ugly yesterday. it's january. supposed to be cold, wet and dreary. >> no. cold and snowy not raining. >> not in washington. >> let's have the a winter this year. >> no snow? >> we jut shouldn't expect a lot of it. this is par for the course, this rain. >> turn his microphone off. phil bachus has the phones. stop it. stop it. i don't want to hear it. phil bachus has the phones and cyprian boulding is on video cam. there we go. man. i don't know. i don't know what will rock did
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he crawl out from under. man, i've got to tell you. the ires preparable the irreppressableible bill clinton talking about don't worry about hillary. she had a little health problem here but she has bounced back. he said she is one strong mama. >> she has always been very very healthy and she has very low blood pressure, standing heart beat. i tell her she has time to have three more husbands after me. >> great. this sounds like it will be a little family joke as she fires back at him, too. >> whenever i am stubborn about something in my constant quest for self improvement, she refers to me as her first husband. >> so funny. >> my first husband.
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>> she is now, i mean, you know we've always thought of bill clinton as a rock star and he is, but she is getting up close to maybe even surpassed him. at the gold even globes the other night, when he was there, the two hosts, amy poehler and tina fey said, do you know who that was? that was hillary clinton's husband. >> that was his husband, called him bill rodham clinton. >> i think she may have surpassed him. you know, i think what he is indicating there is we haven't seen the last of public service on the part of mrs. clinton. who knows where that's going. ten minutes after the how now. yes, indeed, we've got coming up eliot spitzer, going to be joining us as he does every wednesday morning just a little bit later. we are going to talk to geoff moore from buzz feed about lance
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armstrong's pseudo confession yesterday. and congresswoman january schikowski one of our favorite liberals in the congress here in studio with us. president obama and vice president poised to annoyance recommendations to the nation at 11:55 this center. a preview of what's coming up. but first: this is the full court press. >> on this wednesday, other headlines making news president obama is getting new license plates for all of his cars. the white house announcing yesterday he is having the dc taxation without representation license plates put on the official presidential limousine to stand in solidarity with dc residents who pay taxes but don't get representation in congress. he did not have the plates on his cars in his first term. george bush, the president did not have them during any of his eight years, but president bill clinton did. >> as a dc resident, i have a few things to say to president obama. number 1, thank you for recognizing that basically
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people live in the nation's capitol real col onnists who pay taxes and don't get representation. no. 2, mr. president, what the hell took you so long? you have been there four years. >> there is no better "screw you" that washington inplate in d.c. i love it says that. >> that's the way people here live. >> the content of zero dark 30 has been a hot topic on capitol hill with several senators investigating certain partiess of the movie. now we have a comment from the man in charge of the cia, leon panetta. the outgoing defense secretary was asked about the movie but said, you know what? i lived it. >> did he see the movie? >> that's all he said. >> he had to see it. i hope he saw. >> i hope they had a special screening for him. a quick answer here i saw it
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yesterday. peter has already seen it. i liked it a lot. i did. i don't know how authentic it was. parts of it remember very authentic, and some were not. the guy who made it said make sure everybody understood it was a movie. i think it does give the false impression that they learned more about -- from waterboarding about where bid laden was or the al-qaeda connection than they actually did, we have been told. but otherwise, it's a good flick. it's exciting. i think argo is a much better movie? >> i enjoyed argueo much more. o much more. i think it's a better made movie. i think captain bigalo should have -- catherine bigalow should have been nominated. >> it's a powerful story. go see it. go see it. >> and a big list of celebrities are coming to washington this
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weekend. the hill reporting the entertain entertainers performing around town include katie perry, brad pace lee. stevie wonder, usher, the cast of glee russell simmons john legend and beyonce, kelly clarkson singing at the ceremony on monday. >> i saw two inaugural balls, one for military families and it's about like there will be about 2,000 people and the president and first lady will go to both of these. the other 40,000 people. >> that's huge. >> can you imagine? who would want to go to an inaugural ball with 40,000 people. >> at the convention center. right? >> yeah. >> like being in times square when the terrorist is let out. it's hardly an intimate experience. >> who wants to go to a party with that many people. >> imagine getting a drink. right? >> bring your own. %
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bring a flask. >> a lot of activity on two different fronts. on the gun control issue today, first of all, new york state, we told you yesterday, the state senate had passed that legislation 43 to 18. the asem bi was poised to act. it did, governor cuomo was poised and did, signed the comprehensive bill, a sweeping piece of legislation into law. the governor was crowing yesterday, and rightfully so, that we moved fast and we got the job done. >> we saw, we learned, we responded, and we acted, and we doing something about it. we are not victims. >> quotecuomo comes across, man, i think really good in this whole thing. it's showing a lot of leadership and pulling that republican-led state senate into acting. first state in the nation to do so after the newertown tragedy and andrew cuomo says, this
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isn't wild stuff. this isn't crazy stuff. this is just stuff everybody can accept and believe in. >> this is a gun control bill if you will that actually exercises common sense. >> common sense. >> the first point is, people who are mentally ill should not have access to guns. >> start from there. you know he's good. he's good. >> this is such a critical time because we have had the conversation. it's time for action. we are going to see, and leaders are starting to emerge on the gun control debate and the gun safety debate and he is one of the loudest voices and he is smart on it. >> i think the most effective voices are those who can speak in terms that everybody can understand. >> exactly. >> and not instil a lot of fear you know, we are going to take over your guns and that kind of stuffl a lot of fear, you know, we are going to take over your guns and that kind of stuff. you listen to cuomo, you have to say, yeah, he makes sense, and he pointed out that one of the things they just don't look at the guns. they look at the ammo. >> and seven bullets in the gun. why? because the high-capacity
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magazines that give you the capacity to kill a large number of human beings in a very short period of time is non-sensical. >> what i think to me makes this debate different from the other gun control debates like the assault weapons ban didn't say anything about the high-capacity clips which have been used in aurora, colorado and used in newtown, connecticut, and other mass shootings. and this is one people have focused on and include that in the ban on assault weapons. that will be part and parcel of what the president recommends today. let's move to that. >> that's the second front. jay carney announcing at our briefing yesterday that this morning, at 11:55 a.m. -- strange time -- in the south court audit arm, just across that little street dividing the
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white house from the old executive office buildingorium, just across that little street dividing the white house from the old executive office building. we go there forrents in the president in the old executive office buildings. the president and the vice president will appear today they will report to the nation the steps that the administration is determined to either take by executive action or to ask the congress to act, a whole panoply of actions to reduce gun violence in this country, and they are going to present those recommendations surrounded by children who wrote letters to the president after the newtown tragedy begging him and asking him to act and asking him to lead on this topic. it should be a very powerful ceremony. of course, i will be there a little bit later this morning. we have been told overnight,
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various reporters were informed by the white house leaked to them some of the things the president -- we haven't seen the entire list yet, but it's again a pretty comprehensive package. it will include, we are told definitely al background check a criminal background check on every purchase of every gun. so, no more one on one sales without a background check. no more gun show sales without a background check. no more online sales without a background check. we have heard from the brady campaign here on the show that that is their number 1 priority. it will include what the president is going to recommend, the renewing the ban on the assault weapons ban. jay carney was asked yesterday, even harry reid and all of these other people are saying it's going to be impossible to get that through the house. carney's response was, we are not looking at whether or not it's politically feasible or not. we are looking at whether it's the right thing to do for it.
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we are going to push for it. we are going to fight for it even if we don't get it done which i think that's what the american people want. the president's package will also include a ban. we are not sure whether it's 10 bullet did or seven or whatever on the high capacity magazines. it will include some crackdown. this probably by executive order on gun traffic trafficking in guns increasing the penalties on that. maybe it's a combination. we haven't all of the recommendations. there are certain things the justice department can do in terms of more aggressive enforcement. we are also told that the president's list of recommendations will include 19 things that he can and will do by executive order including more research into gun violence more training, more funds available for training of school counselors action for training
3:22 am
of mental health advisors, and so it's across the board and that looks not only at how to prevent mass killings such as aurora, colorado and newtown connecticut, but also just the day-to-day gun violence we see in the cities across this country by which -- or which have -- lit me put it that way have claimed some 900 lives, people have never heard of and probablyl never will hear of 900 lives in the last month since newtown, connecticut. all of that's coming up today. what do you think? are we finally, on the track to seeing the first time in our generation some real new tough, important, necessary but common sense restrictions on gun violence and on access to guns and will the congress have the
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courage to stand up to the gun manufacturers and press them 866-55-press. are you hopeful this is the time we might see some action? >> this is the full course pretty "the bill press show" live on your radio and on current tv. [ music ] inauguration this monday morning at 10 eastern only on current tv. presents special coverage of the presidential inauguration. the circumstance & the inside analysis. the presidential inauguration this monday morning at 10 eastern only on current tv.
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alright, in 15 minutes we're going to do the young turks. i think the number one thing that viewers like about the young turks is that we're honest. they know that i'm not bs'ing them with some hidden agenda, actually supporting one
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party or the other. when the democrats are wrong, they know that i'm going to be the first one to call them out. they can question whether i'm right, but i think that the audience gets that this guy, to the best of his ability, is trying to look out for us. [ music ] >> this is "the bill press show" >> bill: 26 minutes after the hour on a wednesday morning, the "new york times," we are talking about the president's coming out with his proposals on gun violence today including a
3:27 am
tightening up the loophole so that every gun purchase will require a criminal background check. "new york times" reporting on the study today of prisoners incarcerated for crimes involving firearms. right? 80% of them obtained their guns through private transfer. no criminal background check. peter, what's up? >> tweeting. >> on social media. >> bp show bill w says kudos to the new york legislature. unless tough gun laws are mandated by feds for all states to follow, then it means nothing. so we are going to have to all sort of coordinate here and make sure. >> cud 0 did to the states for acting and not waiting for congress to get around to it. you wait for congress you will never get anywhere. ron out in elgin, illinois. ron, what do you say? good morning. >> good morning, bill. i absolute commend new york and hope congress follows suit but the "new york times" also this morning points out a concern
3:28 am
about the mental health provisions in terms of who fooirnlingz determines if a person is mentally fit or unfit to own a gun and if they already own a gun, who is the final authority that has to go out and pick up the gun. so there are still some mental health concerns in the new york bill that the times brings out in the editorial this morning. >> yeah, you know, we talked about that a little while yesterday on the show. the way it is now, today, you almost have to have been deemed unfit, deemed by a judge that you are unfit to live in society and should be committed before you are added to the list of those not able to purchase a gun. >> that's certainly much, much much too loose. all of those questions, we will have to see what the president's recommendations conclude. but you have to have a mental health element.
3:29 am
>> that's part of it. >> this is "the bill press show." [ music ] converstion started weekdays at 9am eastern. >> i'm a slutty bob hope. >> you are. >> the troops love me. (vo) tv and radio talk show host stephanie miller rounds out current's morning news block. >> you're welcome current tv audience for the visual candy. just be grateful current tv does not come in smellivision. the sweatshirt is nice and all but i could use a golden lasso. (vo) only on current tv.
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>> heard around the country and seen on current tv this is "the bill press show." >> 303 minutes after the hour here on wednesday morning, january 16th. good to see you today. thank you for joining us here on the "full-court press" coming to you live from the nation's capitol capitol, taking a peek at what we will here later this morning from the president and the vice president surrounded by children from across america when they put forth their proposals how to reduce gun violence in this country. in fact, your calls on that topic at 866-55-press, you think finally, this is a time we are going to see action.
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866-55-7-377. first just a word about the shocking thing that happened to a man by the name of bradford broyles who lives up in men deny, vermont, which is a small little town in vermont population about 1100 people. he woke up one morningvermont, which is a small little town in vermont, population about 1100 people. he woke up one morning and discovered he had moved to the bronx. he had not physically done so but the new york police called him and found out somebody who had all of his identity his social security number, applications for loans, real estate information, with all of that identity had relocated him to the bronx and was using that id to make purchases in his name and run up credit card charges up identity theft. here it is again. you have to be protected. en encourage you to seek the
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same protection. the most come prehensive id theft protection ever. call and mention press 60 for 60 risk-free days. if you are not happy call lifelock again. cancel within 60 days of enrolling and they will send you a full refund. see for details and give them a call. 1-800-356-5967. 1-800-356-5967. whatever the united states does of course, we will -- some people will say -- probably i am one of them -- that it is not tough enough. we'll never go so far as australia. we've talked about this before, but back in 1996, after a mass shooting in australia, they banned the sale. banned nationwide, the entire country, banned the sale importation and possession of any semi automatic rifle, and
3:36 am
they removed 700,000 of those guns from circulation. in the 18 years before those new gun laws in australia 18 years before 1996, there had been 13 mass killings in australia. since then not one. >> man. >> yeah. all of the evidence i need. >> there is so much evidence about how america is so far behind on the gun issue. >> bill: and exaggerates the importance of the second amendment. >> yeah >> bill: to mean that you can use any gun that can kill any number of people in any amount of time and that that is something our founding fathers had in mind, which is absolutely bs. >> america right now right now is heaven to gun owners and
3:37 am
to -- and -- >> bill: gun manufacturers. >> and gun manufacturers making a lot of money on it. people thinking they need to have a bigger more powerful more destructive gun, this is the place to be. i think it's time that's the going to change. >> bill: stewart calling from saint petersburg, florida. what do you say? >> caller: good morning. the high-capacity rounds i think, and assault weapons i have not a problem with. i also agree that we should have some way of doing mental checks. but under our current laws and with doctors, how can a doctor report somebody with a mental issue with the hipaa laws that we already have in place. if a doctor reports something, would he not be in violation, or are we just going to say no, we don't care about patients? >> bill: that's a good point. there are certain privacy protection that we value as well
3:38 am
as americans. fourth amendment, if you will rights. but at the same time, you know, it's just like with the sex offender. if you know somebody who is a sex offender, you have to report it. so i think in this way, there is away around those hipaa requirements or policies. again, we haven't seen the fine print , stewart but i am sure they can work that out. >> caller: i hope so. but what about with like somebody who just has depression, which is a mental issue. >> bill: yeah. no. i agree. >> that's a gethat i have. i mean the thing about mental health is it's not always so obvious. right? >> caller: right. >> bill: it's not always you see some people and you say boy, they should be committed. right? they are not well enough to be out in society leading a normal life, but i think some of the more severe cases of -- believe me this is not my field of
3:39 am
expertise but some of the more serious cases of mental health, people you have no idea of the problems that they are fighting with and the demons that possess them until something like this something like this happens. so it's got to be part of the conversation. but it is certainly a plic indicated issue, and that's why we need the good input of mental health professionals in this, which -- and the vice president talked to a lot of them and we will see what their recommendations in this area consist of. hey, stewart, thanks. good to hear from you. debbie out in mesa arizona. debby, what do you say? >> hi, bill. good morning to you, too. i have -- i take issue with this whole subject of mental health. for one thing, i am diagnosed with a very serious mental illness, and i mean not because i want a gun.
3:40 am
i don't. i do not own a gun and i never have owned a gun and i wouldn't own a gun. in fact, i think we ought to go the way of australia, but because i worked for a time as a -- what do you call it? a prison guard, prison officer, and i did not have to carry a gun on the job but i had to qualified qualify for one, with one as during training. >> bill: yeah. >> caller: now i mean i just find this whole thing offensive because, i mean, first of all, section offenders commit crimes. i have not committed a crime. i don't commit crimes. and i am certainly not violent. and i have a very serious mental illness, and i think i just wonder. i wonder: have these men who have committed these crimes mass shootings and such and such are they -- have they been determined to have a diagnosed
3:41 am
mental illness? obviously they had something wrong with them. >> bill: some of them have. the -- i believe the -- what was jared lockner. looking here in "the new york times," out in tucson arizona the one who shot gabby giffords had been -- had been diagnosed and had been recommended for i believe, for being hospitalized. but nothing -- nothing had ever happened. so, debbie, i don't think it's a broad brush for anybody who has any level of mental illness at all, which is certainly al very broad field, but it's those who have a serious mental illness and could be a danger to their fellow citizens, that they should not be -- certainly you would agree they thud not be able to walk into a gun store. >> anybody should be able to go into a store and buy an assault weapon >> bill: cine?anyone? caller: it's ait belongs in a war
3:42 am
zone. >> bill: you think no one. you said just the opposite debbie. i wanted to be sure we understand each other. you said you and i agree but you said just the opposite there for just a second. so, debbie i appreciate hearing from you, and again, for this mental health thing is one of the most important aspects of it, but also one of the most complicated to deal with because the right to privacy issues and mental health is an area that we still don't totally understand and haven't done enough near enough to deal with pay attention to. it's not until really obamacare that we have some serious provisions about mental health in our national health policy but it has to be part of the gun control issue. we will see what the president and vice president recommend a little bit later today. shayna is in richmond, virginia. what's or take on this >> caller: hi, bill. thank you for your show.
3:43 am
>> bill: thanks >> caller: a little bit different aspect. i am hoping part of the recommendations would include the requirement that gun owners carry liability insurance. i think that would be an incentive for them to make sure that, for example, their mentally ill child who is not subject to a background check for them to have a gun, any damage that is done will be -- there is a financial consequence to that. and some people, that's really all they care. >> that's the only thing that will influence their behavior. >> bill: you know, that's a good idea. i think though with some of these people like if you look at the young man up in newtown, connecticut, i mean i think some of them go into these situations realizing they are not going to walk out. right? they are going to take their own life. so i am not sure the financial liability would deter them from carrying out these acts.
3:44 am
again, who knows? they are not -- they are not -- they are out of their minds anyhow. i would like to see people have to license their guns. i come back to it just like a car. you have to have a license for it. we have to know who is got it. who owns it and where it is. >> quick breaking news story because this is coming across from the denver post. interior secretary ken salazar is leaving the obama administration by the end of march, heading back to colorado. i wanted to get that out there. >> that's another cabinet secretary leaving. the second term of the obama white house >> bill: i saw janet nap alitan alitaon is staying. ray lahood is not sure whether he is staying or not. >> this is "the bill press show." [ music ] show, to be able to come away armed with the facts, and the
3:45 am
arguments to feel confident in their positions. i want them to have the data and i want them to have the passion. but it's also about telling them, you're put on this planet for something more. i want this show to have an impact beyond just informing. an impact that gets people to take action themselves. as a human being, that's really important. this is not just a spectator sport.
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this monday morning current tv presents special coverage of the presidential inauguration. the circumstance & the inside analysis. the presidential inauguration this monday morning at 10 eastern only on current tv.
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>> on your radioed and on current tv this is "the bill press show". >> twelve minutes before the top of the hour on a wednesday morning, there is pride and joy in the big apple this morning. pride in new york state becoming the first state since the newtown tragedy to really act on gun violence and joy in the fact that the house of representatives finally, approving $507,000,000,000 in emergency aid for the victims of hurricane sandy. our good friend, former governor of new york, he willeliot spitzer joins us this morning. elliott? good to talk to you as allegation. >> thank you. it's a little snowy and bleak out here. i think you captured the emotions just right. >> so peter king and steve israel both working together on this. it's too bad the congress didn't do it, speaking about the sandy relief. >> right. >> but finally, got up to close
3:49 am
to what the president was asking as well as governor cuomo and governor christy were asking for. right? >> at the end of the day the number is pretty close and i think now the question really is using it wisely the rebuilding always takes longer than people want you to think it might. he specially with some of these tough infrastructure projects. the funds are there. the capitol is there. >> i don't know whether you saw last week's new yorker magazine had an article about climate change and what cities have to do around the world to protect themselves against future flooding and rising of the sea level and everything. there have been proposals, long-range proposals, extremely expensive proceed proceedsals to protect lower manhattan. is there any serious talk about that? >> there actually is. it isn't as though people are putting pen to paper but concept annually, again, the way the arkansas of these conversations goes is it begins this sort of a
3:50 am
conversation that h.g. wells and science fiction, you realize a few years later, that's what we are doing. you began at the right point about climate change now is integral to every conversation about urban design especially when you are situated on the ocean or a river rising, you say, we've got to do this now there is no question. i see there is a new report coming out if the from the federal government that says there is no question that these climate event did are triggered by climate change. we have to deal with it. we have to think in dramatically different ways. >> it's good to know people have that vision and see the need there. on the gun issue, elliott, i think andrew cuomo comes across as a real mensch and a real leader. do you agree. >> i think it's a good moment for new york state government. i think the next hard question will be when people parse the statute: what does it get done?
3:51 am
does it do enough? i think it just is with the president's executive orders, acting is good because it shows the political will, the desire the sort of coming together on an agreement about what we need to do. i think the question is how much impact will these bills have. it's a fair question we are going to have to wait to see. >> there is a moment nobody knows better than you politically you can get things done and a moment when you can't. >> right. >> this does seem to be the moment that people feel, i guess across the nation. right? that now is the time when we have to act. >> you have it right. the question is: what is that tipping point. on gun issues right now. seems to be the moment. on same sex marriage because it didn't seem -- there was no precise trigger other than joe biden going on a national t.v. show. so many things began to accelerate. there is a tipping point that makes it harder to oppose some of these proposals that i think
3:52 am
you and i have been supporting for a long time but suddenly the opposition finds itself in a very awkward position and things begin to happen. >> follow eliot spitzer on the twitter@elliottspitzer. i was at the news conference on monday where the president said basically his message was: we are the united states of america. we are not a deadbeat nation. we have to pay our bills. is he winning this debt ceiling battle? i know you have written about this on slate. >> i think he is winning intel correct annually and emotional and probably politically with the public but it remains to be seen what congress is going to do. we haven't seen a lot of engagement with congress yet. the debt ceiling somewhere between february 15th and the end of february, early march. we don't know quite exactly where it will be. we don't know whether john boehner and the republican house will look him in the eye and say we are not doing anything.
3:53 am
it's a mystery right now. >> in fact, politico reported this week over housealf of house republicans say they are willing to shut the government down if they don't get the spending cuts that they are demanding as a price for raising the debt ceiling. >> that is what they are saying. it's still far enough out so that it could all be posturing. even if i accept it -- and i do -- that half of the house members actually believe that as we get closer, as the pressure builds, corporate executives will start calling the republican leadership and saying you can't really do this. there will be some who waiver. there has been one republican senator who has wavered and you will begin to see fissures and something will happen inside the negotiation. i hate to see we have seen this play over and over. you and i are of the view we shouldn't have gotten into this because the debt ceiling should be part of the prior deals. >> as it was in every previous administration.
3:54 am
>> right. >> as we know. eliot, good to visit with you this morning. talk to you again soon. >> have a good one >> bill: eliott spitzer, former governor of new york. former co- -- or host here on current tv. good friend, political commentate commentate, writes for slight, follow on twitter @eliotspitzer. [ music ] destined to take them over. ♪ ♪ the sirius xm satellite radio in the 2013 ram 1500. engineered to move heaven and earth. guts. glory. ram. the new ram 1500. motor trend's 2013 truck of the year.
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with the explosive yet reflective, jerry springer and we'll find out which one of these camera guys is a secret baby daddy. >> only on current tv. [ music ] >> this is "the bill press show." >> all right. in the next hour, evan mcmorrison turo from talking points memo in studio as a friend of bill and we'll be joined by congress woman january shakowski from illinois, talking
4:55 am
about the government shutdown and, also, of course talking about the big event of the day on the president's calendar. he's got two events today, he and the vice president will receive their -- the daily briefing briefing at 10:00 o'clock this morning, and then just short of noon, the two of them will be joined by children from across the country who wrote to the president in the wake of the newtown, connecticut mass murder, asking him to take leadership on doing something about gun violence in this country. those children will join the president and the vice president to unveil a package of proposals to reduce gun violence in the south court auditorium of the old executive office building on the white house grounds this morning. i will be there. and we will talk tomorrow about all of the president's recommendations. >> this is "the bill press show."
4:56 am
4:57 am
>> today vice president biden and president obama will unfailveil at the whitehouse a little lawsuiter this morning their recommendations on how to deal with gun violence. they have been one upped by governor quo more signing the
4:58 am
most come prehence i have of gun control meyers in the wake of the newtown tragedy, covering assault weapons, a ban on am ammunition clips and background checks for every purchase of every gun. now, we will see if congress is willing to step up to the plate and do the same. lots to talk about here we will get right to it. but first, we take a little time out to get the latest. today's current news update lisa ferguson has it out in los angeles. hi, lisa. good morning. >> hey, bill. good morning, everyone. just a few hours now until president obama unveils hi new comprehensive gun control package for the nation. but some are dismissing those proposals before they are even released. politico is reporting this morning that the house has little appetite for gun reform. according to interviews with several house republicans, there is some strong indication that any new legislation will not even see a vote on the house floor. pompom's plan today will include a ban on assault weapons,
4:59 am
restrictions on high-capacity clips and enforcement of federal background checks. all three of those proposals have no hope without congressional approval. right now, 60,000 people are gathering at the world's largest gun show in las vegas including a weapons group based out of newtown, connecticut, the very same city of last month's mass shooting. the shooting hunting and outdoor trade show lasts through friday. enthusiasts say they are not worried about new gun restrictions as part of an effort to sell the nation on tighter gun control, president obama will be surrounded by children during today's announcement. all of those children have written him letters on gun violence. today obama will demand congress break its silence, but if lawmakers refuse, we are expecting to hear a few executive orders obama can take on his own. if congress does not cooperate it could all come down to the states, as bill mentioned earlier in new york, setting the first example there.
5:00 am
we will be right back. alright, in 15 minutes we're going to do the young turks. i think the number one thing that viewers like about the young turks is that we're honest. they know that i'm not bs'ing them with some hidden agenda, actually supporting one party or the other. when the democrats are wrong, they know that i'm going to be the first one to call them out. they can question whether i'm right, but i think that the audience gets that this guy, to the best of his ability, is trying to look out for us.
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[ music ] >> broadcasting across the nation, on your radio and on current tv this is "the bill press show". >> president obama and vice president joe biden with children from across the land poised to announce their recommendation for how to deal with the problem of gun violence in this country. he will do so about three hours from now at the whitehouse. good morning, everybody. a day we have been waiting for and the president is expected to announce a comprehensive, far-reaching program. there have been lots of different proposals. some for legislative action.
5:04 am
for legislative action. the full court the full court presscosming to you coast to coast from our studio and booming out to you on your local progressive talk radio show and on current tv. good to see you today. lots to talk about. so thank you for joining us here to start off the day and we will not only tell you what's going on but give you a chance to join the conversation and sound off about the issues of the day either by phone at 866-55-press or on twitter at bb show on facebook. press show to help us through the many events many issues we are going to talk about this morning, evan morris santuro covers the white house for talking points memo joining us this morning in studio as a friends of bill for the whole hour? >> hey. i am a lucky guy. >> nice to see you? >> good to be a friend of bill.
5:05 am
>> thank you. we are the lucky guys. we, the whole team here not only myself but peter ogburn and dan henning. >> good morning. >> yes, yes, phil bachus has the phones and cyprian boulding has the videos covers. the microphones and the phones and the video cams and evan, maybe we can make it through. >> let's see if we cannot screw this up. >> last hour together. so i want you to know every time carol gets mad at me, she always reminds me, remember, you are just first husband. does that happen in every marriage? i am not sure. it turns out it happens in the marriage of former president bill clinton. yesterday, he was in california. he was asked about his wife's health and he wants everybody to know she is not only in good health but she has many years of good health ahead of her. >> she has always been very very healthy and she has very low blood pressure, very low standing heart beat.
5:06 am
she still has time to have three more husbands after me: >> wow. >> she turns around and whenever maybe he gets a little too frisky. i don't know. whatever. say, watch out, guy. remember. >> whenever i am stubborn about something in her constant quest of my self improvement, she refers to me as her first husband. >> you know, i think that phrase, constant quest for my self improvement is pregnant with meaning. >> you heard the audience sort of nervously las. >> it was a little awkward when bill clinton talks about his marriage. it's a little awkward. >> his quest for self improvement. >> at any rate. >> he is a vegan now. >> that's part of self improvement. >> that's one thing he is talking about. >> i don't think itself improvement. i think it's a part of self destruction. i hate the fact he is a veingan.
5:07 am
it used to be cool. he used to look healthy. he doesn't any more. i don't think. i think he looks too drawn and thing. yeah. old. yeah. eat some meat, bill. have a steak. all right. i love him now. i love him. but i think the point i was going to make is hillary clinton certainly in the last four or five years has emerge would as sort of the bigger rock star than bill clinton. >> yeah. >> among the couple. right the. >> at the golden globes when he talked about lincoln amy and tina said do you know who that was? that was hillary clinton's husband. >> called him bill rodham clinton. >> love it. our friend of bills this hour we will be joined very, very excited to welcome congress woman january shikowski from
5:08 am
illinois here in studio. her first visit, been on the show many times. her first visit in studio in your honor. >> that's great. i am a friend of jill's too. january's. >> >>. >> who the hell is jill? >> i don't know. >> big announcement at the whitehouse. we will preview that for you but first. >> this is the full court press. >> checking other headlines, making news on this wednesday president obama is getting new license plates for all of his cars. the white house announcing yesterday he is having the dc taxation without representation listens plates put on his limos to stand in solidarity to the dc residents who pay federal taxes but do not get anything for that. they get no representation in congress. he did not have the plates on his cars in his first term. president bush never had them on his cars but president clinton did. >> right. those of us who live in the district are like members of a colony. we pay taxes and don't get a
5:09 am
vote for it. we don't get anything for it. didn't we once fight a revolution? >> we should have a revolution. >> conservatives say they think the license plates should say i don't want taxes at all. i think that's interesting because that seems to be the ultimately sort of anti-revolutionary idea. right? >> just pigs. they want everything for nothing. >> that's not the way life works. >> it's nice he puts a license plate on it. it would be nicer if he pushed for statehood for the district. >> right. we were just talking about president clinton and how much money would you spend to spend a day with him? leoe leon ardo decaprio first spent a $100,$000 and they joined forces, a combined $400,000 to spend a day with clinton.
5:10 am
no word on what they will be doing. >> havingan restaurants, i think. >> a lawsuit. >> i have to tell you, you it will be a busy day because that man stays on the move. he does four or five a day. >> you have to pay $400,000 but if you are like jessica alba, whoever at the golden globes haul them in a room, claire danes, hangs out with them. >> i can't imagine why. >> there is a new girl scout cooky going on sale along with spin minutes mango creams a crispy cookie with mango, coconut and nutrifusion in them. >> what's that. >> they say nutrifusion is super charged nutrients that will pack an extra nutritional punch into the cookie. >> there is no mango in these cookies, nothing real manor.
5:11 am
it's maker flavoring. >> can you imagine how much testing went into a new girl scout cooly? >> i can't imagine it. >> i bet years. don't you think? marketing? >> i would imagine. >> all over new jersey, all of those smoke stacks where they make the flavors, work in over drive. >> i will be in the ground for a long time before any girl scott cookie comes along that can top the tag-along. >> not a thin mint person? >> no. i will do a thin mint. don't get me wrong. i will roll up on a thin mint but a tag-along, the undisputed king of girl scout cookie. >> the big news the latest on the girl scout cookies. enough, enough, enough yesterday. we will be talking in a second hear about what president obama might be proposing today but we did see new york state acting, the first state in the nation in the wake of the newtown tragedy under the leadership of andrew cuomo, the state senate two days
5:12 am
ago, republican state senate passed 43 to 18. the state assembly followed yesterday and the governor was ready to sign it and said we got the job done. >> we saw, we learned, we responded, and we acted, and we are doing something about it. we are not victims. >> boom, boom boom. we came. we saw. we conquered. right? and the governor added, this is not some crazy wild stuff. this is just stuff everybody ought to be able to support. >> this is a gun-control bill if you will, that actually exercises common sense. the first point is: people who are mentally ill should not have access to guns. >> and evan the governor pointed out that includes ban on high-capacity, background check, criminal background check for every purchase of every gun even not just those at gun stores. right?
5:13 am
>> uh-huh. >> will we see some of the same things coming from president obama and the vice president? >> you know, i think we will see some of the same ideas in the package, you know. i am not convinced yet we are going to see the same kind of success for obama as cuomo has had but the president is pushing a big package here you have to be -- >> not going to be one idea. >> no. >> or two? >> you have to be impressed by this. i think if you are a gun control person waiting for years on the sidelines in the political sort of wasteland waiting to be part of the discussion again, not only are you part of the discussion but things that you really want are going to be part of the legislative agenda and pushed by obama. assault weapons ban, obama made it clear he is going to talk about doing that again. magazine clips, high-capacity rounds, high-capacity magazines they have been talking about since tucson when that amped up that's probably going to be part of it. the main focus, which is what gun control groups that i have been speaking with since this became a legislative issue part
5:14 am
of the discussion again, is this universal background check thing. the groups feel like this this is the most important change you can make in law. >> number 1 prior to. >> right. so that looks like that's going to be a key component of the push. that's where lots of these folks think they have momentum in congress. we even heard some republicans, some conservative republicans say that they like the idea of expanding background checks, it sort of makes sense. obviously there is this much talk about poll of nra members back in may that show they supported background checks. the nra, itself, is opposed to expanding background checks thinking they are going to make it hard to have private sales and stuff like that. but i think if you look at cuomo's package of legislation, it may not look that much different from what obama is going to unveil today. it may be different in the end than what obama gets in the end but if you want to talk about
5:15 am
somebody who is putting a lot on the table, obama seems to be doing that. >> i was critical of the president during his first term. there were several issues, one that pops into my mind the don't ask/don't tell or immigration reform where the handguns where the president didn't do anything and the response always was, well we know we don't have the votes in congress. so why push for it? flash forward. today, everybody fromt says the votes are probably not there in the republican house, the white house and jay carney told us the white white house response is and the president said this on monday as well: i don't care whether the votes are there or not. i am going to vote for it. putting political capitol behind this stuff in a way that i think gun control advocates at the
5:16 am
start of this after that speech obama gave at newton it was so surprising to everybody didn't expect him to make a policy speech. those folks would not have expected the amount of push and pressure obama is putting behind this at this point. >> saying this is the right thing to do. we may not get it. we are going to fight for it. we also are told without knowing all of the details right, that it's not going to be just legislation he is asking the congress for but there will be steps that he believes he can take himself. >> right. the earlier thejz interesting about 19 executive actions, you can take a lot of these related to how data is crossed across the government how bad begun violence is tracked and research
5:17 am
is allowed even to things like a new atf director, alcohol tobacco and firearms which we haven't had but there are a lot oftions obama says he can take that sort of will help the government to study gun violence, know more about it. prosecutor criminals. the president said he is do this stuff but that's not enough according to obama and were and what we know of the vice president plans coming out today, they think they should do more. the full scale response from the gun rights community. suggesting obama could be impeached, you know, if he uses executive orders and all sort of other stuff. i think that's the biggest shift in the debate that's happening today. you have obama putting everything out there and kind of the end of the quieter tone about this that the gun rights
5:18 am
people had after newtown. that will seems to be all off of the table and they seem to be going full speed ahead. >> president making that announcement with 11:55 a.m. evan mcmorris santoro. son to be followed by 345er8d and colorado and other states. the president, the vice president, the congress is going to be, is this the finally, the time when we are going to act on gun control legislation for the first time since -- in our generation, maybe since the late is '60s. we will be right back. >> this is "the bill press show." presents special coverage of the presidential inauguration. the circumstance & the inside analysis. the presidential
5:19 am
inauguration this monday morning at 10 eastern only on current tv.
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we have a big big hour and the iq will go way up. (vo) current tv gets the converstion started weekdays at 9am eastern. >> i'm a slutty bob hope. >> you are. >> the troops love me. (vo) tv and radio talk show host stephanie miller rounds out current's morning news block. >> you're welcome current tv audience for the visual candy. just be grateful current tv does not come in smellivision. the sweatshirt is nice and all but i could use a golden lasso. (vo) only on current tv. [ music ]
5:22 am
>> >>. >> heard around the country. seen on currents t.v., this is "the bill press show". >> how about it? 26 minutes after the hour now here on wednesday morning, january 16th. in studio with us as a friend of bill this hour kevin mcmorris santoro from talking points memo, peter ogburn what's going on. >> quick story. we have talked a lot -- >> january shakowski? >> we talk about the white house petitions all the time. this program called we the people. you can set up any petition you want. if you get 25,000 -- >> they have changed it. your petition now must receive 100,000 signatures in 30 days to get an official response. i didn't realize when it originally started, you had to get 5,000 signatures and then
5:23 am
bumped it up to 25,000. >> it's a bad idea. any lame brained idea like a moon colony up there. >> it's not a lame brained idea. >> sorry. >> it was so quiet and so unused for so long, i think that 5,000 was a heavy lift. now, you have to get 100,000. on the nra and on the gun control issue, we have a couple of comments led plant says. there are 100,000 signatures for texas to secede from the union. >> the white house had to come out and say, no, we are not going to allow texas to secede from the union. >> duh. >>. >> duh. >> tweeting at bp show, the nra's partnership makes you less than 1% of the u.s. population. why are we giving them importance and programmer j says i think we should concentrate on metal health and anti-bullying laws and review our begun
5:24 am
louisiana with a common sense way. >> those are two things that the white house is going to be including in their package today. 19 executive orders, bullying and mental health are in there. mental health has been from the begin can. video games and guns are the most interesting legislative battle. mental mental health is a big part of it >> bill: it is but i have lots of questions about that because obviously there are some people should never be allowed to buy a gun. >> a lot of other people you don't know now ill they are until they buy a gun and kill a lot of people. and then you realize this guy was a real nut job. how can you know ahead of time? congresswoman jan shikowski joins us next. >> this is "the bill press show."
5:25 am
armed with the facts, and the arguments to feel confident in their positions. i want them to have the data and i want them to have the passion. but it's also about telling them, you're put on this planet for something more. i want this show to have an impact beyond just informing. an impact that gets people to take action themselves. as a human being, that's really important. this is not just a spectator sport.
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[ music ] >> this is the bill"the full court press: the bill press show," live on your radio and on current tv >> bill: it's 33 minutes past the hour now. how about it? on a beautiful wednesday morning. well, it's not so beautiful. it's actually rainy and drizzly. this is the full court press brought to you today by the international association of sheet metal, air, rail and transportation workers' union, good men and women theof the sheet metal's union under president nigro, a fair day's work for a fair day's pay. at their wen site smart-union.
5:30 am lots going on here in washington, d.c. we are waiting for the president and the vice president announcing their recommendations on how to deal with begun violence in this nation. that will be a little bit later, about two and a half hours from now here in washington and meanwhile, washington gearing up for the next big armageddon, the next big fiscal cliff battle over what to do about the debt ceiling right in the middle of all of those negotiations, a good friend from chicago making her first visit in studio we are pleased to welcome congress woman january schakowsky. >> great to look in your face. >> not that bad? >> no. it's very good. >> we are joined by evan mcmorris-santoro who is here as a friend of bill from talking points memo. if you see him lurking around the halls of congress trying to
5:31 am
stir up trouble. even before the set of relations today, the nra struck a blow last night. i think a pretty low blow where their recommendation, of course, is that the answer to the newtown tragedy was to give every teacher in america a gun, to arm every teacher in america. >> that's right. >> the president said he wasn't too impressed by that solution. the nra struck back yesterday, calling the president in this ad an elitist hypocrite because he has secret service protection for his daughters and not every american parent does. here is what that ad sounds like: are the president's kids more imports than yours? why is he skeptical about putting armed security in our schools when his kids are protected by armed guards at their schools. mr. obama demands the wealthy pay their fair share of taxes, but he's just another elitist hypocrite when it comes to a fair share of security. protection for their kids and
5:32 am
gun free zones. >> eliteist hypocrites because his daughters have secret service protection. >> astonishing. >> that's why i think the nra in some ways has been an ally of those, the vast majority of americans who actually want something done about gun violence. because they have been so incredibly over the top. i mean, really that the president's children aren't going to get any kind of special attention? maybe the president shouldn't have any cigarette service. maybe that makes him an elitist hypocrite because he is required to have that kind of protection. i think it's so outrageous. i am amazed that it's still on the air. >> you wonder how they think that they could be winning any support. right? among the republican people who
5:33 am
accept the fact that our president and some of our top elected leaders because of the gun violence in this country do deserve special protection. it's certainly their families have always been out of bounds. right? >> absolutely. >> look at the bush twins, the bush daughters. right? >> yeah. i mean i hope that when people hear that dallas many -- that more are offended than think, yeah. >> right: of course, the president's children don't deserve any special protection: it's just so out of -- it's so tone-deaf, i think. and that's been the case with the nra: now when i say say, "nra," i think it's important to distinguish between the executives and the lobbyists and nra members. three-quarters of which think that universal background checks are a good idea who don't think that the second amendment conflicts with having some
5:34 am
stronger gun regulations and keeping the guns out of the hand of people who shouldn't have them, criminals and people who have mental illness. and so the average nra member is actually, you know, along with most other americans, in favor of some of these proposals that the president is going to make today. >> you represent a city which, of course, has one of the highest gun rates, murder rates in the nation. so how important is this not -- to a city like chicago? not just to deal with, you know with the mass shootings that we see which kind of link all of us up but the day-to-day violence on the streets of chicago and new york and other cities. >> i'm sorry to say that there are more deaths from gun violence in chicago than in afghanistan. >> bill: whoa. >> than in afghanistan. so, you know, we talk about war
5:35 am
zones and danger. now, you know, it's not in every community, but it's certainly epidemic in the city of chicago. so it's not just a matter of that's mass shootings, although haven't we had enough of those? i am talking about in 2012, alone, we have had so many. but it is this every day violence. it's the accessibility of guns. you know and i am for a comprehensive package. we are going to hear one today that any package that doesn't include the gun, there is some problem there. there is a problem there. >> right. which the nra would do anything video games and movies? >> right. >> everything but. >> right. >> the gun or the ammunition. >> right. right, these magazine clips may even be more important or magazines, i have been
5:36 am
instructed, you know, how to talk about guns. i want to sound and be informed about guns. magazines. i think really the children at sandy hook school were all killed in less than a minute. in less than a minute. he did not have to reload because he had this magazine capable of killing all of these children and teacher, you know. >> some much them shot as many as 11 times. it's sick, sick, sick. so even -- the president and the vice president, been talking about this at 11:55 today they will release recommendations. yesterday, there was some members of congress saying even some democrats saying, forget about it. we don't have the votes to get all of this stuff done. do do you share that pessimism? >> i don't know which portion of the package we are going to get through. if not all, which things will happen. i am convinced that absolutely we can get some of this done.
5:37 am
this pessimism is not reflective of where the american people are at. rand that's what's really important. i think we have seen a congress had a that has been so out of stock, so, as i said before tone-dee to where the american people are. 65% of people who have children of school age worry right now. about some kind of incident at their children's schools. you know, so there is this anxiety that is just present across the country. that we have a responsibility because we can to deal with. the worst strategy would be that we step aside and say, oh we just can't do anything. >> that's what the president said. we may not be able to solve all of the problems. but to do nothing is wrong. >> uh-huh. do you get the sense that republicans, you mentioned the nra membership versus the nra leadership. do you get the sense that
5:38 am
republicans that for a lot of them the nra is a an important part of their funneled raising and publicity. are they going to throw over the executives do support the members? i mean do you get that feeling? that sort of has to happen in congress. right? >> who are they more afraid of? right? the voters who may be in favor of some stronger gun laws or the nra who is the official that's going to raise money, going to raise money from them? you know, we will see. but i think that that story then needs to be told that this is about people who have been bought by an organization that at the top levels represents the gun manufacturers. you know when wayne lapiere said that's exactly what we need. we need to arm teachers. we need to have guns in every school. we need to have guns in every classroom, this is about creating a greater market for, you know, for gun sales. and i know there actually have
5:39 am
been people lining up to get more guns because they fuel this paranoia that if they -- if people don't have those guns first of all that the president is bound and determined to take away the guns, you know, he has been after that second amendment. of course, not true at all. and you know what? the supreme court has made that decision. the district of columbia versus heller made it very clear that the second amendment is intact. >> uh-huh? >> but left the door open, saying that that doesn't preclude sensible stronger gun rec regulations. and, also, that you better watch out because it's very dangerous out there. get yourself those guns. even though 22, your 22 times more likely to be hurt, yourself with a gun that is in your home or your family than to
5:40 am
use against an intervieweder or somebody who is after you. >> i sue one more number this morning, somewhere in "the new york times" i was reading. i think it was in "the new york times," where did they did a survey of prisoners who were in prison for the use, crimes involving the use of a firearm. 80% of them got their firearms through an individual gun sale where there was no criminal background check. so that -- >> and 40% of guns. no background check. >> no background check at all. these are some of the things we will talk about and the president and vice president definitely will put on the table. congress woman january schakowski and evans mcmorris-santoro. how about that government shutdown? we will talk about that when we come back. >> this is "the bill press show."
5:41 am
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current tv, it's been all building up to this. >>bill shares his views, now it's your turn. >>i know you're going to want to weigh in on these issues. >>connect with "full court press with bill press" at and on twitter at bpshow. >>i believe people are hungry for it. [ music ]
5:44 am
>> on your radio and on current tv this is "the bill press show." >> "full-court press" this wednesday morning, twelve minutes before the top of the hour with congress woman dan schakowsky from illinois evans mcmorris-santoro. for bradford broyles a young man who lives up in menden vermont, a small town of 1100 people, he never realized, never had any plans to move to the broifrningz bronx but he somehow ended up there because the police called him and informed him somebody had stolen all of his id applications for loans, real estate information, you name it and relocated him to the bronx and were using his credit card to rack up purchases.
5:45 am
there it is again. raises his ugly head. i am protected. lifelock can protect you or your -- can't protect you and your bank accounts if you are not a member. call now, if you mentioned a press 60, you will get 60 risk-free days of life lock ultimate identify thing theft protection. here is the deal if you are not happy, call them within 60 days and cancel. get a full refund. see life for details and give them a call at 18005967. 356, 5967. that number for life lock ultimate 1800356, 5967. so congresswoman, it looks like we are getting ready for another fiscal cliff battle armageddon, whatever you want to call it over the debt ceiling. republicans say they are not going to vote to increase the debt ceiling even though they did so 19 times with no strings
5:46 am
attached under george w. bush. they won't do so again this year unless they get massive cuts in social security and medicare. why should we be having this fight after all? shouldn't we just pay our bills as the president says? >> you know, i just wonder if these individuals also when their credit card bill arrives say, no. not going to pay it. >> they might. >> i am not going to pay it. we are spending too much money. so i am just not going to pay my bill. really? it's it's like a non-secquitor. these have been racked up by congress. they have proposed those expenditure. now the bills are due. to put any strings attached to it is kind of nuts. >> . >> what's the way out of it? >> there are six numbers of congress including myself today introducing a piece of legislation to just scrap the idea of the debt ceiling which
5:47 am
no other country in the world has. it's an unnecessary encumbrance that the idea, as you -- in the constitution. >> any other country could -- there is unlimited amount -- in other words, if they say they are going to spend the money, they have to pay the bill? is that it? >> exactly. the constructiontution does say that, that the bills will be paid and this would get rid of the road block called the debt ceiling. >> that's not to say that would unleash unlimited spending. that's what americans are being led to believe by the republicans that if you get rid of that, somehow that will encourage more spending. they have already spent the money. now, the bill is due. so, you know, the president said we are not a deadbeat country. we are going to pay the bills. we are suggesting get rid of it. there is no reason to fight every time over this and to create a crisis.
5:48 am
it's a real crisis that they have created. this is totally republican made crisis. this has nothing to do with some fiscal necessity. they made it. so we should get rid of it. >> so there is some people who said just give the president the authority to do it without having the authority. you are saying get rid of it all together. right? >> right. that in a sense would say the president has the has a right to write the checks and pay the bills. >> which congress has authorized? right? >> exactly. >> makes a lot of sense to me. what would be impact, just so people understand? ? >> okay. let me just say what -- here is what the president said. social security checks and veterans benefits will be delayed. we might not be able to pay our troops or honor contracts, with food inspectods, air traffic controllers, et cetera, would not be able to do their jobs.
5:49 am
what happened the last time led to a credit downgrade. we didn't even increased the deficit. >> uh-huh. >> hurt the economy, jobs monthly job growth was cut in half. this is serious. >> yeah. the idea that they would play politics with this debt ceiling is really unconshunable. >> we are seeing the financial sector weigh in now business roundtable chamber of commerce. >> do you know how bad it is? get this. the koch brothers yesterday came out. the koch brothers. >> allies, our allies now. >> yeah. they came out yesterday and said, republicans are making a big mistake to play politics with the debt ceiling. when the koch brothers and jan schakowski are on the same side -- >> that's a headline right there. >> i think it is.
5:50 am
all right. evans mcmorris good to see you? >> sure. >> congresswoman, it was good to see you. >> enjoyed it. >> thanks so much. i will be back with a quick parting shot here. >> this is "the bill press show."
5:51 am
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inauguration this monday morning at 10 eastern only on current tv. [ music ] >> the parting shot with bill press, this is "the bill press show." >> on this wednesday, january 16th, my parting shot for today, okay okay. i finally, saw the movie. finally, had a chance to go see "zero dark 30" yesterday. i am glad i did. i liked it. didn't love it. really libeled it. it's a powerful intriguing account of how they tracked down
5:53 am
osama bin laden and got him. a couple of take a ways. you can't help but admire the cia agents who pursued false lead over false lead over the years until they finally, found the courier that led them to bin laden. secondly, you have to hand it to the navy seals cool under fire who carried out that awesome mission. my beef with the movie is that it gives the impression that vital information about al-qaeda was obtained by waterboarding when, in fact, we have been told from those involved with getting that information that that's not how it happened. so my advice is, yes, go see the movie. you will like it. but remember, it is only a movie. it is not an endorsement for bringing back torture. i will be there with the president and the vice president today when they talk about guns. we will talking talk all about it right here tomorrow. >> this is "the bill press show."
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