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tv   The Young Turks With Cenk Uygur  Current  January 29, 2013 4:00pm-4:14pm PST

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intelligence you might want to work on your homophones. why would you first tweet whatever. first you got it right and then you got it wrong. how is that possible. brown quickly deleted his tweet but the damage was done. lance armstrong admitted to doping but when he admitted to b b. at least he wasn't like anthony wiener who tweeted photos of himself. i.i'm done talking now. >> jennifer: your tweets are a tough act to follow, and the numbers bear me out on that. someone is always in the war
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room. check us out online. you can check out our twitter feet, our facebook page and exclusive web extras, and thank you to you all for joining us here in "the war room." have a great night, and we'll see you back here tomorrow. [ ♪ music ♪ ] >> cenk: welcome to the "the young turks." we have an interesting show for you tonight. we have madness in the middle east. i know you're used to that but we have massacres in syria and riots in egypt. we'll one of the top experts in the country on that. >> i have decided to declare a state of emergency in in the provinces. [ yelling ] >> cenk: and then the great grandson of elron hubbard comes
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back on the show. i want to ask him what does scientology have in store for some of the celebrities like katie holmes and what is it like to live in a family so scared by scientology. >> it was a subject we never talked about at the kids table of the family reunion, but he was my great grandfather. l. ron hubbard. >> cenk: an then did you know that the nfl is a non-profit? wait until you find out how much they're paying their current ceo and past ceo when they're not paying any taxes. great story, great show. go time. [ ♪ theme music ♪ ]
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>> cenk: all right, welcome to "the young turks." so now we've got a lot of trouble in the middle east. for example in syria we have yet normas kerr. this one in alepo. at least 65 bodies found by a riverbed up to as many as 80 now people are reporting. they were brought to that school that you're seeing now and people are picking through to see who was massacred there. their hands were tied behind their backs, and they were shot in the head. now, one more story about syria iran has jumped in the mix here, in aid to the ayatollah said syria plays a very key role in supporting or god forbid destabilizing the resistance front. for this reasons an attack on syria is considered an attack on iran and iran's allies. the reason why that is devastating is if there is any
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action taken in syria here we go. it's a much larger war. these are not good times in the middle east, and it is significant trouble but also in egypt we have trouble there. we had a curfew imposed in three different cities by their leader mohammed morsi. here is more on that story. >> violence on the anniversary of one of the bloodiest days of the egyptian revolution. the tear gas was so intense it covered downtown cairo with plume of smoke. protesters are still angry with a police force that still has not changed it's ways and has not pulled back, and pulled a journalist hostage until activists were able to take him to hospital. the mean opposition blocked the president's invite. >> cenk: so we've had riots, 52 people killed. we had 178 arrested recently. those are protesters.
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now the curfew, and the basically marshal law affects three provinces in egypt. it is a nightly curfew and allows for military arrests of civilians. these are exactly the civil rights that they fought for. there was an attack for three state hours and no security showed up. that is fascinating. they sent out tweets saying sos if anyone knows anyone in military or police or government please send help. january 28th, egypt but no such help was sent for over three hours. in fact, they were eventually rescued by protesters. isn't that interesting? people that are unknown assailants go in, fire in the air, loot the hotel. as they do that en masse protesters come in and help the tourists in the hotel, help the people in the hotel to get them to safety.
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so, in fact, here is a news report on that saying, anti-government demonstrators secured the besieged hotel and helped hotel guests flee until they were safely in taxis to the airport, as the police and army failed to come to their aid. the protesters also helped the security forces in arresting 12 people who were attempting to loot the downtown cairo hotel. now, that's really relevant because obvious times you'll hear the morsi government say the protesterrers are causing trouble and violence. but in reality here they were stopping the violence and helping when authorities wouldn't. now one final sense of forboding and doom here in egypt the defense minister says failure to resolve the situation could lead to grave repercussions if the political forces do not act.
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it could lead to a collapse of the state and threaten future generations. that is not good news. let's bring in one of the top experts from michigan. he's the author of "engaging the muslim world," so, let's start with egypt. now, this is a complicated situation. you have mohammed morsi who did win the election. on the other hand we seem to be here in the united states helping morsi selling military equipment to him as we speak. what do we make of morsi? >> well, morsi is the first democratically elected president that egypt has ever had. he did not win by a large
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margin but did he win. instead of trying to governor in a consensus fashion recognizing that he did not win by a large margin recognizing that there still isn't a parliament, there are going to be elections later this spring, instead of trying to put together a national unity government, having opposition forces in his cabinet and so for the, he has governed as a muslim brother. he has the religious right in all the key positions and he has alienated people this way. >> cenk: it's really interesting because on the other hand israel seems to be fairly happy with him, so are we. we send in more aid and military weapons to help him. that's something you might not necessarily expect. he's deep muslim brotherhood in domestic policies of egypt, but externally seems to be saying the right things. >> externally he has not rocked the boat. i think washington and tel aviv want him not to rock the boat,
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so they're treating him with kid gloves in a way. but i i think he did put enormous pressure on benjamin netanyahu not to send troops into gaza. he is an ambiguous figure with regard to washington and israel. they're suspicious of him. they're caution, cautious, but he's all they got the only legitimate force in egypt. now he's undermining his legitimacy with these emergency decrees and so forth. >> cenk: then we go to an organization called black block which is not much of an organization because they have no chain of command. let me have "time" magazine describe it a little bit for you. they boast that they're willing to use force against islamists
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who have attacked the protesters in the past or against police who crackdown on demonstrations. the youths with faces hidden under black masks have fought against police. we have the muslim brotherhood. then this black block, oh boy and they were just labeled today as terrorists. what do we make of black block and what implications could that have on egyptian. >> it's really a recent development on all sides. that is to say when there were protests in the way morsi pushed through a new constitution, there were peaceful demonstrators outside of the presidential palace. they were attacked by muslim brothers who formed an informal militia for this purpose. there are elements in the opposition that attack
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government buildings that have set fire to headquarters of the muslim brotherhood in cairo and in the provinces. so you had kind of vigilante action but the brotherhood is very well organized. it's cadre, they've been at this for a long time. they know each other. apparently some of the leftest youth have declared that they'll set up this anarchist protection unit for the secular demonstrators against muslim of brotherhood thugs. >> if you're black mask it makes it so easy for the government sending in people also in black mask claiming to be on your side but instigating so they can clamp down on you. it seems like a tinderbox in so many different ways. syria, on the other hand, has already exploded. we have 60,000 people killed
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since the up rising began in syria. nobody is doing anything about it. they were recently talking about what if it was israel. then you see people might not come to help. oh come on, everybody knows if it was israel we would have been there years ago. but what are we supposed to do about syria given what a mess it is? >> there is nothing that anybody can do about syria. it's just a train wreck that will go unfolding this way. russia and china are blocking u.n. security council solution. there is no legal framework for use of force. anybody way, nobody wants to put their hands in this hornet's nest. what is really happening in syria is that the rebel fighters are close to taking the entirety of the north of the country. there is one major air base they're trying to take, and they could well succeed. they take these bases and then
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loot them for arms. once the bases are gone, then they have no way of sending help up there and they'll lose the north. then we'll cut off the rest of the country. so if they succeed in doing that, then regime can't be resupplied and it will crumble. this is a logistical battle going on and that's why it's so vicious into. >> cenk: there is now a wildcard in syria where do they fall in the middle of this conflict. >> there are about 2 million kurd in a population of 22 million. i don't think they're a big consideration for syria. some of them have been neutral in this war. others have joined in the opposition against the regime. a lot of them were stripped of
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their syrian citizenship by the regime. but for turkey they're nervous-making it's feared by turkey that they'll become radicalized by the civil war in syria, and they might give safe haven to