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tv   Full Court Press  Current  January 30, 2013 3:00am-6:00am PST

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>>that unit is so small. there is no room to have somebody in this unit that we cannot take to the war with us. so even though he may be in his learning phases, i would have no question whatsoever to go in a room with this man and be able to take care of my life just like i would take care of his. he is without exception probably one of the best guys that ever came out of the law swat school and that's why he's in this unit now. >>are you sure you made the right choice? >>absolutely, i know i've made the right choice. to have the camaraderie, the teamwork, the ability to work out and train on a regular basis, and just have that trust in your fellow man. i know i've made the right choice joining this band of brothers. (vo)the rookie is soon back under pressure. he's been asked by stadium officials to throw a t-shirt into the crowd. let's hope he does a better job than with his flash-bang.
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[ music ] entrails hey, good morning >> hey good morning, everybody. off we go with the "full-court press" on current tv coming to you live across this great land of ours on our studio in
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washington, d.c., and what about this? here is some good news you won't hear anywhere else. the market is red hot. yes, the dow closed yesterday at 13,954, almost 14,000. >> that's a level we haven't seen since october, 2007. and, of course, the republicans are always quick to blame president obama when the market goes down. do you think they are going to give president obama credit? do you think they are going to thank him when the market goes up, up, up? of course not. we will tell you why. we will talk about that and awhole lot more, with the latest, today's current news update in los angeles, here is lisa ferguson. good morning, lisa. >> hey bill. good morning, everyone. here is what's on the president's schedule today. first up, he is having lunch with hillary clinton in the private dining room at the whitehouse at 12:30. yesterday, the senate confirmed senator john kerry to replace
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clinton as secretary of state in an overwhelming vote of 94 to 3. clinton was having an interactive online interview. as she heads out the door, she is leading -- leaving a legacy the most traveled secretary of state in history. more 950,000 miles, visited 112 countries and held 1700 meetings with world leaders. next up for the president today. he is talking immigration reform at 3:55 and 4:15. yesterday, obama unveiled his new immigration proposal for the country and urged congress to act quickly on immigration reforming the nation's laws. the president said his biggest failure in his first term was not accomplishing comprehensive immigration reform. this will term, he wants to see a quick path to citizenship for many of the country's 11 million
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illegal immigrants. lawmakers will have the senate's plan to consider which a bi-partisan group released on monday. in many aspects, they were similar. the senate's would call for tougher border control before granting citizenship to immigrants already in the country. more bill press is up after the break. stay with us. iq will go way up. (vo) current tv gets the converstion started weekdays at 9am eastern. >> i'm a slutty bob hope. >> you are. >> the troops love me. (vo) tv and radio talk show host stephanie miller rounds out current's morning news block. >> you're welcome current tv audience for the visual candy. just be grateful current tv does not come in smellivision. the sweatshirt is nice and all but i could use a golden lasso. (vo) only on current tv.
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[ music ] >> broadcasting across the nation, on your radio, and on current tv this is "the bill press show." >> bill: president obama challenges the congress: if you don't act on immigration reform and do it fast i am going to send my own plan up to capitol hill. what do you say? hello, everybody.
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the battle is joined, getting red hot here on immigration reform here in our nation's capitol. great to see you today. thanks for getting up early. thanks for joining us here on the "full-court press." we are coming to you live all the way across this great land of ours, coast to coast, from sea to shining sea, from our studio on capitol hill, in washington, d.c., right here our big united states capitol. not too busy these days because the senate's in session, but the house, for some reason has taken the week off. i don't know why. i guess maybe to recover from the inauguration or whatever. we have it covered here in the nation's capitol around the globe, giving you a chance to sound off and let us know what's happening, what it means to you and to your family. you can do so, of course by giving us a call. we remind you of that every morning, the old fashion way to
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reach us 866-55 press. more and more of you though do so, follow us and send us your comments on dewitter every day at bp show however you do it, join the fun. join the conversation. keep the town hall alive here every morning with team press, peter ogburn and dan henning leading it up. >> hey, hey, hey. >> good morning >> bill: middle of the week. >> peter: hump day. >> cyprian boulding has a hang over. big birthday yesterday. you know. right. >> he looks a little rough this morning. >> bill: you are only 45 once in your life.
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right? >> appear quadruple amputee from iraq, brandon morocco, doing great with four art limbs. i saw the video of him. the doctors yesterday performed the very first transplant. when i heard he got two new arms, i thought two new pieces of metal. >> that's amazing what they can do with those. no. no. no. no. these are two actually human arms donated by a donor that they not -- not just one. both of them sixteen-hour surgery, and they attached both and this happened in december. so, like six weeks ago yesterday, he appeared in front of the cameras at johns hopkins. >> appeared and was moving his arms. >> scratching his nose. >> it's like we are living in
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the future. they put human arms on somebody. >> bill: absolutely. >> incredible. >> bill: he does say, you know, he still doesn't have like movement in his fingers yet, but it's coming. >> currently, i don't really have feeling or movement in the hands yet. but we will get there. >> bill: we'll get there. and they kept asking him, what's it feel like? the guy, you could understand just at a loss of words. >> it feels amazing. it's something that i was waiting for, for a long time. >> bill: yeah. and the spirit of this kid, you know. i call him a kid. he looks like -- i don't know how would? 19 or 20? he is just determined and it's his spirit matched with the spirit and determination of those doctors up there that's just an incredible incredible story. it's going to take him almost two years, they said, to get full movement because just, by the way, think about that surgery. right? it's not just putting, like,
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flesh to flesh. you've got the bone to connect. >> yeah. >> the muscles. >> you have the muscles. >> muscles nerves. >> you've got the nerves and you've got the blood vessels. all of that has to be, you know doctor individually connected >> bill: each one, right. >> wow. >> i heard the doctors say it takes the in terms, like they grow an inch a month. >> no kidding >> bill: the nerves will gradually come back. you have to get from all the way up here, right? all the way down here. >> twenty-four inches or so >> bill: unbelievable. yeah. that was one of those great feel-good stories yesterday. is. eliot spitzer will join us as he does every wednesday and dan stone from the national geographic, what's happening with all of these unbelievable temperature changes we are seeing all across the country including tornados in winter and cindy borin from the "washington post" talking about some of the
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big stories in sports. alex rodriguez back again, accused of taking illegal substances. did he, or didn't he? what about the president's comments on football? but first. >> this is the full court press. >> on this wednesday, other head likes lines making news, a new investigation into steroid use in baseball has linked three of the biggest says alex rodriguez, gio and nelson cruz have a connection to a clinic in south florida where a doctor is under investigation for providing peds for players. gonzalez said he never met that the doctor nor had any connection with that clinic whatsoever >> bill: i refuse to believe anybody from the washington nationals was involved. now, a-rod. >> entirely possible. i hope -- i hope that he is
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right because the nationals are a pretty squeaky-clean organization >> bill: it's the last thing the nationals want. >> a new caucus the congressional peanut caucus. >> write that down. >> >>dran democrat sanford -- >> jimmy carter. >> sanford bishop of florida and republican martha robly chair the caucus that represents 17 peanut producing states. they will ensure peanut interests have a voice on the hill, especially in all for agricultural litigation. >> there is something fitting about a peanut caucus. they could name the entire house the peanut caucus. >> cats are killers >> bill: i refuse to believe it. >> a study in nature communications find cats are killing billions of birds and
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other an nails in woo -- woo -- animals, 15% of the total bird population. >> no. >> if this trend continues t could have greater ecological effects. the easiest solution: keep your cats inside. >> do we have a problem where there aren't enough birds? >> if it were to blow up year after year, it could become a problem >> bill: cats have been eating birds for a long time. >> that's what i am saying >> bill: a long time. >> now they are finding out just how many they are doing. 15% of the bird population is a lot. >> that's a lot>> peter: >> it's called the natural psyche em. i don't understand why this is cause for alarm. >> bill: the bad thing about it i love cats. oh, man, here we go. all right. i don't know whether we want to go down this slope or not. but i do love cats. >> me, too.
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>> i take care of one right now. it's not ours. it's the neighbor's cat, but i am the best friend. >> you break into your neighbor's house to take care of the hat. >> he follows me home. but they do, they do kill birds and that's the bad thing about them but they kill myself and rats. yeah, and gophers. not so many gophers. >> if tough gophers. >> right. so, you know. >> i am team cat >> bill: i am too. >> i am team cat >> bill: i am going to stay on team cat. if you bell your cat they are not going to get the bird. >> i never heard that. >> that's good. >> bill: we used to do that in california. a bell on he will owe eloise. she is a killer. >> cats, the silent killer. >> bill: yes, speaking about violence uh-huh president obama stepped in a little bit here i love to give your take on
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this. he did so, stirred up a whole lot of controversy. he has stirred up a whole lot of con controversy. i am not talking about immigration reform and i am not talking about his latest proposals on gun violence or i am not talking about his latest comments on, we have to include same-sex couples in the immigration reform either. no president obama stirred up a little dust up here with what he said about football. he gave an interview the other day to the new republic. the new republic by the way is under new ownership, ironed franklin forr back and they got a one on one interview with president obama, actually, it was two on one, two of their guys with president obama in the oval office and among other things, they asked him about the nfl and the violence in professional football and
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college football, and was he concerned about that. you know, the president is a huge sports fan. he is a huge football fan and he told the new republic, quote, i am a big football fan, but i have to tell you, if i had a son, i would have to think long and hard before i let him plays football. he continued, and i think those of us who love the sport are going to have to wrestle with the fact that it will probably change gradually to reduce some of the violence. well, if i had a son, he said i would have to think long and hard about letting him play football. that stirred up a lot of reaction in the game. ed reed, the safety for the ravens on the super bowl said, hey, damn straight. >> the president obviously has a bunch of feelings about it. i mean i am sure he is a sports man, he watch sports, you know, and honestly, i agree with him.
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yeah, i agree. i agree with president obama until they fix the system. intel two coaches, brothers, brothers har harbaugh on sunday, jim and john disagree with the president. first, jim from the 49ers. >> a 4 month old soon to be 5-month old, jack harbaugh and it president obama feels that way, it will be a little less competition for jack harbaugh when he gets older. >> a funny way of putting it and his brother, zon, of course coach for the ravens says yeah. brother is right on the this one. >> i don't agree with that but i like jim's comments, you know jim said little jack is going to be playing football. right? one less kid to compete against. i like that comment. ball is a great game. and anybody that's played the game knows what a great game is and what it provides for young
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people, what it provided for people like me, you know an opportunity to grow as a person. >> tell us john, how great is ball really? >> basically, you know, you have an opportunity to make your first tackle or make your first block or do something in football because it's such a tough thing. it's a little bit of a manhood test and when you get done you can say i am a football player. that makes me special a little bit. i think it's a huge part of our educational system in this country, and it's going to be around for a long time. >> guess what. i was on the debate team in high school. makes me special. let's not go. >> a little over the top. >> what do you think? is the president right in the 866-55-press. you have to admit. ball is a violent game. no doubt about it. particular like watching ball. i would never pay to go to a football game. once in a while action i watch part of the super bowl on
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television. i love soccer. played soccer. but football is a violent game. i mean the n.f.l. players' union just said they are going to spend $100 million figuring out how they can make the game safer for players. so you have two kids, peter, two boys. are you going to have them play football? >> i have two boys and we have actually entered the conversation >> bill: you played football. >> i did and i am not the kind of dad that pushes my kids to go play sports. if they want to play sports, fine. my dad was the type of days -- >> push. >> you have to play football. i was a bigger kid. you've got to go play football. i am not like that. but my oldest son is -- he tried soccer, wasn't very good at soccer. tried basketball. tried baseball. he was okay at baseball but football, he is okay at. we have thrown the football around. he likes watching football. i have no problem letting him
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play football. you know, if he wants to go out -- >> what about all of these injuries, head injuries. he is no the playing in the nfl. >> sure, but look. it's safer now to play football than it has ever been to play football. you are padded from head to tow. they are playing in, you know pee-wee and then maybe high school. wherever it goes from there. but i agrees that football is a violent sport if the this turns into a rear choice. i hope the nfl takes care of the players and they have agreed and they understand there is a problem problem, they need to address it. i mean, you are going to get hurt playing any sport. if you are the type of person that worries so much. >> excuse me. particularly football. you could get hurt playing baseball but it's not a contact sport, neither is soccer the way football is. >> soccer can be very violent. >> next to boxing next to boxing, i think football is the most violent sport.
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i don't know. i have two songs neither of them. i have two sons but when they were growing up, neither one of them played football. played soccer a little baseball. >> i would never say, i don't think that's the right thing for you to do it. if they want to play it >> bill: i think the president is on to something 866-55-press, i agree with ed reed. 866-55-77. how about you? let your kids play football? [ music ] i think the number one thing that viewers like about the young turks is that we're honest. they can question whether i'm right, but i think that the audience gets that this guy, to the best of his ability, is trying to look out for us.
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you know who is coming on to me now? you know the kind of guys that do reverse mortgage
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commercials? those types are coming on to me all the time now. (vo) she gets the comedians laughing and the thinkers thinking. >>ok, so there's wiggle room in the ten commandments, that's what you're saying. you would rather deal with ahmadinejad than me. >>absolutely. >> and so would mitt romney. (vo) she's joy behar. >>and the best part is that current will let me say anything. what the hell were they thinking? [ music ] >> this is "the bill press show." >> bill: 26 minutes after the
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hour, ""full-court press"," the full line-up here this morning, president obama stirring it up saying he is not sure he would let his sons play football. what's going on in the social word, peter? >> we are on twitter houscal flash says the coaches need to address this. how can they letask their sons to do something. both harbaugh coaches said they would let their kids play. kay spencer said we shut fit the football players with the helmets nascar drivers where. and there are more violent sports, rugby, hockey thinks like that can, would you outlaw your kids? >> >> bill: i would disagree. >> hockey. >> rugby but you see the fights on hockey, but every play is not banging into each other.
3:29 am
>> that's one of the arguments, home players have less padding. i don't know what the rate is of injurieses injurieses. >> jim call from gary indiana. >> as a hern who played high school fool and loves his bears, i think the president is right on this. there is too much violence in this society and how else, if we keep letting our most violent and strongest boys go, you know play football, how are we going to continue to spread war throughout the middle east and africa. >> bill: i would have to say there may be some other dangers to kids in high school. cross fight or gang fight or something. you raised an interesting point though, having played football in high school. what is the extent on serious
3:30 am
injuries to high school football players. i can't believe it's limited to the nfl. we will google it will and take more calls about the president's comments about football. a violent sport? >> this is "the bill press show." [ music ] show, to be able to come away armed with the facts, and the arguments to feel confident in their positions. i want them to have the data and i want them to have the passion. but it's also about telling them, you're put on this planet for something more. i want this show to have an impact beyond just informing. an impact that gets people to take action themselves. as a human being, that's really important. this is not just a spectator sport.
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[ music ] >> chatting with you live at this is "the bill press show" live on your radio and current tv. >> bill: hey, how about it? thirty-three minutes after the hour on the "full-court press," on a big wednesday, january 30th, president obama stirring up a lot of
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conversation not a little bit of controversy when he said he is not sure if he had sons evenhe would even let them play football. a lot of coverage from players and coaches and sports fans around the country. 866-55-press. back to your calls in just a second in our conversation. just a little reminder here of something. i encourage you to look into because i have often wondered about my family. it's been kind of an obsession of my trying to figure out because our grandfather would never tell us what our family roots really were, and thanks to, i have been able to trace my own family roots from delaware city delaware to sallem new jersey, and all the way across the pond to rega in latvia. it's easier because is up to 11 billion historical
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documents and 41 million family trees online. they will give you two weeks to search through all of that material to find out what you can about your family before you have to sign up. so ezin courage you to share -- i edge courage you to share my -- i encourage you to try start your journey today by visiting they break it down, marriage records, death records, manifest of ships coming into the united states. try it out again at tryancestry, we talked about high school football. i checked. here is the story out of channel 5 in phoenix, arizona recent story, starts out by saying that they looked into this. the injury rates for high school ball are higher than those for college and nfl football
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according to -- this is according to the arizona athletic organization. so that's pretty scary. >> people talking about this online @bpshow, g cawley says the president stated how he felt. he isn't coming for your footballs. don't freak out. >> bill: not going door to door. >> era now that is kids die every year from playing football. >> of course obama doesn't waynt his kids to play football. he wants a high school basketball champion. >> the girls are going to be. you know that. tim down in palm springs, florida. hey, tim. >> hi. >> what do you think? >> i was thinking that i would like the discussion to go on even further. >> uh-huh. >> i went through this back in the '90s with one of my sons as a real tall guy, very heavy,
3:38 am
musculature, great coordination and so forth. and the high school really wanted him to go out for ball and they even managed to talk him in to going for the summer program. >> uh-huh. >> which is terrible. he came home. he was just -- >> beat up? >> just beat up as hell, yeah. and, i had to talk to the coach. the coach said if you get your son into our program, he can make millions of dollars. and i am thinking, this guy wants to grind up my kid into some kind of machinery or mechanism. >> bill: so what did your son finally, do? >> i forbid him to do it. and so then, they came back on him through the cheer club or whatever it was, they started a little side war on him, put can stuff in his locker and making comments about him being a chicken. >> they bullied him.
3:39 am
>> for not playing football. >> for not playing football. it was the most unfair thing. he never told me about it until about a year ago. and now, i would like to find that coach and meet him with baseball bat in a quite place where we could operate together. >> ball is too violent. >> talk about non-violence right. >> that's interesting the pressure on kids. there is a lot of peer pressure to play. you must have seen that in south carolina and you are a wimp probably if you don't go out for football. >> i went to high school at somerville high school. the coach there that coached football who still coaches, a guy named john mc k-i-s-s ick. he won more football games than any coach in history. the winningest football coach whoever lived. football is taken very very seriously where i went to school.
3:40 am
it was expected because even as a kid, i was taller and bigger and stockier than most of the other kids that i would play football. there is a difference of kids who play to learn to work with the team and get the exercise versus what our caller was point utting out that grind you into a monster in high school and it's win, win win win win and you sacrifice your body. i mean that's not healthy. >> yeah. to get people to focus on the game in ways of reducing the risk. larry in new britain, connecticut. >> good morning, bill >> bill: good. >> caller: basically if you paid attention, you can see football players have been getting bigger and faster. >> bill: yes. >> caller: i have a nephew who
3:41 am
is a 240-pound punter, and i can attest to that although i am glad he is a punter and not a linebacker. >> bill: right. >> caller: we need to focus on the helmets. if we could design technology for better smartphones and send people into space, i am sure we could come up with a helmet that can presently these -- prevent these concussions >> bill: we really are talking about mainly head injuries. >> yeah. >> bill: correct? in terms of the danger? >> i think that's the biggest debate right now yeah >> bill: not like broken legs or arms or dislocated shoulders. gary, good point. thank you so much down in saint peter's birth florida. stewart good to talk to you what's up? >> good morning, i probably
3:42 am
change my opinion from what people were saying. the biggest issue is the helmets. you go back in the day when football first was coming up they won leather caps there wasn't that much injuries until the passing game. you talk about rugby. it is a violent sport but guess what? they do not have the head injuries as the nfl players do. it all comes down to the designing of the helmet: how do you stop the quarterback from throwing the football and a player jumping down and landing on his head, near his head, you know, neck injuries and all of this comes about because of the way we play the game. >> i thought most of the injuries were from the contact on the offensive and defensive line. no? i understand when the passing, too. >> there is a lot of that. i think the caller makes a big point. i think the bigger issue is the fact that today's athletes
3:43 am
today's football players are bigger and stronger and more aggressive than. >> there is that story. >> than 55 years ago. >> helmets are the main thing. you have two solid objects hitting each other, you know, it's going to cause problems. soccer for children, you talk to any neurologist, they will tell you it's the worst sport for them to play because of the balls bouncing off their head >> bill: their head? >> in soccer. it is the worst game for children to play growing up. >> i don't know who said that. i have a real problem with that. i have been to so many freaking soccer games, i can't believe it. for those little kids to head a ball, it might happen once a
3:44 am
year. whatever. >> let's say it happened five times a game. it's not the same as get can hit with a football helmet. >> bill: no. not the same as getting run over by a 250-pound thug. right? when you see those kids running up and down the field. >> that's good exercise. john out in kansas city missouri. john, good morning >> caller: good morning. how are you >> bill: football scare you? >> caller: well, yeah, it does. i had a son that played and was speared in the back and because of that injury ended up having a lower back injury and it was actually broke. >> was that high school college? >> no it was high school. still in high school. he will never be able to play football again because of it. ug, these coaches going around telling these kids there is a
3:45 am
chance you will go in the nfl or about something big, you know, they don't tell these kids there is one % chance you will go into the n.f.l. i understand about playing the game but to go out there and like you are in the nfl is totally ridiculous. are we paying enough attention to the safety of these kids? he is not talking about his son joining the nfl. he is talking about his son in high school. the president didn't say he would forbid it. he said he would have to think long and hard about it. 866-55-press.
3:46 am
eliot spitzer, we will get the rundown for him. did you see what the dow did yesterday? wow. >> this is "the bill press show." . [ music ] the sweatshirt is nice and all but i could use a golden lasso. (vo) only on current tv. iq will go way up. (vo) current tv gets the converstion started weekdays at 9am eastern. >> i'm a slutty bob hope. >> you are. >> the troops love me. (vo) tv and radio talk show host stephanie miller rounds out current's morning news block. >> you're welcome current tv audience for the visual candy. just be grateful current tv does not come in smellivision. the sweatshirt is nice and all but i could use a golden lasso. (vo) only on current tv. desmond tutu said a quote that
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is one of my favorite quotes. "we are tied together in a web of humanity. i am a person only through you. i can only be a person only through you." that really resonates me and drives my work. the world is becoming an incredibly connected place. mobile phones are really driving that connection. at kiva, we run an internet marketplace. people can lend to other people for the purpose of starting a small business, going to school or a variety of other good causes. you can go to and you can see pictures and profiles of people from over sixty countries all across the world. you can lend them as little as $25. if they are successful, they will pay you back. dear rixi, you're a honduran immagrant. you're coming to the us, you have an idea to start, you know, a women's cosmetics store or a clothing store. you're going to need a lot of things, ya know, to pay the rent, permits inventory,
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advertising, marketing so that adds up quite a bit. you're going to need tens of thousands of dollars to start a small busines. there is ten million-plus people completely left out of the formal finical system. banks don't lend to people like that at all. there is a lot of opportunity to decrease unemployment, provide employment, provide economic opportunity and raise our standard of living by investing in small business. our hearts are an incredibly powerful thing. good technology can help amplify this power and create an incredibly powerful force that can spread to every country in the world. i think the number one thing that viewers like about the young turks is that we're honest. they can question whether i'm right, but i think that the audience gets that this guy, to the best of his ability, is trying to look
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out for us. [ music ] >> this is "the bill press show." >> bill: twelve minutes before the top of the hour here on the full court press coming to you live from our nation's capitol, the house is out this week but the senate has been pretty busy confirming join kerry as the new secretary of state yesterday as a vote of 94 to 3. can you imagine? >> is that buddy guy music
3:50 am
election? >> tunes for you. >> bill: all right. i was mentioning john kerry was confirmed yesterday. >> sorry >> bill: today, the senate judiciary committee a big hearing on the issue of gun violence. a lot going on across the board. we wanted to check in with our good friend, the former governor of new york and the former host here on current tv, and just an all-around good guy, eliot spitzer. >> thank you for the kind words. good morning >> bill: i have to ask you: my 401(k) this morning has a big smile on its face, 13,954, the dow ending yesterday. what's going on and why are we hearing -- why aren't you hearing more about this? >> crisis is a better headline than good news and when the financial markets were in tur turmoil turmoil, that's all. it's an amazing thing under president obama the dow had
3:51 am
doubled, it's come back from its abyss after the bush policies gave us. i don't want to be partisan but i will be, solid comic thinking pushing back against the crazed austerity screams from the right. paul krugman said no austerity will kill us. we are hurting. i don't want to sound polyanna-ish. the middle class is being killed. the capital markets are back. that means your 401(k) is back. the housing markets are beginning to come back, which means the two biggest assets people have, houses and retirement plans will begin to move back up. so people will begin to feel a little wealthier. >> that's good news >> bill: corporate profits up? >> that's the amazing thing. this president has put in place comic policies and the national rebound from the cycle has returned corporate profits as a percentage of gdp to their highest in the history. >> that's why the capital
3:52 am
markets which trade based upon the profitability of the companies and that profitability, again, no longer being just domestic. apple obviously a global company sells stuff and makes it a lot derived from overseas activity. they are doing well. >> bill: here is what i don't understand. given -- these numbers are late january, but we saw corporate profits a year ago that were at all-time record high and wall street, banks are back thanks to t.a.r.p. and george bush continued -- policy continue by barack anthills. >> right >> bill: in this last election cycle, wall street went overwhelmingly for mitt romney and against obama. why? >> there is no answer to that. bill, i think you need -- >> bill: you know a lot of these guys. >> and that doesn't mean i understand them. don't criticize me for knowing them and expect me. you are being mean to me. >> bill: you got meet.
3:53 am
it is one. mysteries of the last political cycle. you say to corporate leadership. look what worked. look what is being good for you. i used to have this conversation. i used to say, i don't want to be ideological for a minute. look at the data. what are you complain being? there was no good answer. >> bill: we saw secretary of state. she still is, hillary clinton n front of the senate really talk about violence against women. right? by the republicans. within a week, she will be the former secretary of state. how would you assess her tenure there in that post? >> she was the perfect em isary to a world that was in termurmoil where it is hard to see a precise, arkansas i can ulable
3:54 am
ulable -- articulable plan. it is a matter of dealing with a series of crises trying to move the ball forward, play by play super ball metaphors, a thing of the week, she did it extraordinarily well and she has, i think, regained the respect of every american. she came into that position beloved by democrats. republicans hesitant. she has been non-partisan. she has done and handled the job perfectly. the benghazi kerfuffle at the end was a prelude to 2016 and both sides putting lines in the sand. she did a superb job. thes she is the next democratic nominee if that's what she wants. >> i wasn't going to ask you the 2016 question because i didn't want to put you on the spot. >> i don't think there is any question about it. >> yeah. >> joe biden is wonderful. he also is having a great moment in the sun. but certainly, those are the two
3:55 am
candidates that have, at this moment, the national network, super p.a.c. already jumping out of nowhere to push hillary. you speak to anybody right now. they say, yes, we want her to be the nominee. >> bill: you have to say, too, she has excelled a lot everything she has done, first lady of arkansas first lady of the united states new york, what is. >> what is not to say on the resume that wouldn't make her personal suited for the position and she knows capitol hill. she knows how to both get along alongooned fight when she needs to. >> that's when that -- what that benghazi pushback was about. i can be feisty when i need to. >> bill: talk to some buddies. not that you are bud dirks necessarily. say, hey, come on, guys. give credit where credit is due. right? anyhow. maybe. maybe. >> i wish i could. >> bill: eliot spitzer, always great to visit with you. >> my pleasure, bill.
3:56 am
>> bill: have a good one. thanks. >> this is "the bill press show." [ music ]
3:57 am
3:58 am
(vo) she gets the comedians laughing and the thinkers thinking. >>ok, so there's wiggle room in the ten commandments, that's what you're saying. (vo) she's joy behar. >>current will let me say anything.
3:59 am
[ music ] >> this is "the bill press show." >> bill: football injuries points out bill, it's the head -- is it the head bouncing around inside the helmet, or is the brain bouncing around inside the skull? even if a head and helmet is worn, ag brain is crashing into the skull. george reeves he is a guy that e-mails me every day and disagrees with everything i say but today, he says disagrees
4:00 am
with me. >> what? >> bill: sorry, while i think here, i am afraid. he points out, george points out, it doesn't matter what kind of helmet you wear. the helmet protects the skull but cannot protect the brain from sudden stops associated with concussions. there you go this is "the bill press show".
4:01 am
>>. >> good morning, fellow americans. welcome to the "full-court press" coming to you live here on current tv this wednesday morning, january 30th great to see you today. a lot going on here. lots going on here in our
4:02 am
nation's capitol and around the country and around the globe. we will tell you all about it and give you a chance to sound off on the issues of the day by giving us a call at 866-55-press and here is some good news you won't hear anywhere else. market is red hot. yes, indeed, the dow closing yesterday at 13,954. as close to 14,000 almost as you can get. we haven't seen it that high since october, 2007. republicans are ready to blame president obama when the market goes down. are they now going to say, thank you, president obama? when the market goes up? don't hold your breath. we will tell you about that and a whole lot more including the latest on global warming here at the top of the hour. but first, we get today's current news update from lisa ferguson out in los angeles. hi, lisa. good morning. >> hey, bill. good morning, everyone. the senate judiciary committee is holding its first hearing on
4:03 am
gun violence today. nra ceo wayne lapiere and mark kelly and giffords herself could make a surprise appearance. the couple launched their gun control advocacy group americans for responsible solutions earlier this morningnth and visited newtown connecticut following the mass shooting. today's hearing is expected to be highly incendiary. some of the most staunchly divided lawmakers. and ted cruz and john cornyn of supporters of second amendment rights. a new bill is gaining contraction on the hill. a bi-partisan group of senators including tom co burning, mark kirk joe shoechumer are working on a proposal to strengthen the enforcement of background checks.
4:04 am
this does have a potential to break some of the gridlock. coburn said need to keep guns out of the hands of those who pose a danger to themselves and others. and to draft a bill gun rights supporters can get behind. more bill press is up after the break. stay with us. [ music ] these talking points, that the right have, about the "heavy hand of government" ... i want to have that conversation. let's talk about it. really? you're going to lay people off because now the government is going to help you fund your healthcare. really? i want to have those conversations, not to be confrontational, but to understand what the other side is saying, and i'd like to arm our viewers with the ability to argue with their conservative uncle joe over the dinner table.
4:05 am
4:06 am
4:07 am
>> broadcasting across the nation on your radio and on current tv this is "the bill press show". >> president obama tells congress hey we need to get busy and pass that yougration bill fast or i will send you my plan and make you vote on that. the battle's begun.
4:08 am
great do see you today. it is wednesday, january 30th this is the "full-court press" coming to you on your talk radio station and, of course on current tv. good to see you today. thank you for joining the conversation. here, our morning town hall to bring you up to date on the news of the day from our nation's capitol where the senate judiciary committee has a hearing starting at 10:00 o'clock this morning, on both sides, on the issue of gun violence horrendous assign in syria with some 60 young men found with their hands tied behind their back and executed and around the country, unbelievable swings in weather temperatures which raises, again, the question of what the hell is going on with our weather and can anybody deny global warning? we will get into those topics and take your calls. join us at -- join the
4:09 am
conversation by phone at 866-55-press, by twitter @bpshow and on facebook at press show. as long as we are on currents t.v., the current t.v. chat room will continue. if you go to, click on the chat room. join your fellow "full-court press"ers across the land in talking about the issues of the day the global warm something where we start at the top of the hour. we couldn't do that without the help of our good friend dan stone, from the national geographic. hello, daniel. >> nice to know i am integral to global warming. is >> bill: quite a distinction. not just that. many issues. >> thank you, bill. >> i think your first visit for 2013. >> it is. absolutely >> bill: we have a rule around here we can say happy new year as long as long in the year or we did say until the end of january? >> i say two weeks.
4:10 am
january. >> january 4th. >> dan says four days a little extreme you say what if he we didn't see dan until, you know, august. would you still say happy new year in august? >> i would probably say merry christmas. >> happy holidays. >> we have a war on christmas going on. remember? the senate took a big vote yesterday, senator joe mancien from west virginia was chairing the senate. he announced the tally. >> 94, the nays are 3 and one responded present. the nomination of john forbes kerry to be our new secretary of state is confirmed. >> there it is. kind of a squeaker of a vote. right? everybody wants to know, who are the three idiots or a-holes who voted against him? james inhofe. >> you could probably guessed that one >> bill: john cornyn and ted cruz, the new senator from texas. what's he got against john kerry
4:11 am
and who is his candidate? ted cruz, he is already -- what's he been there? a month? he's already made his mark as one of the biggest jerks in the senate. >> republicans like to say he is one to watch. i agree. i think we should watch ted cruz because he is weeks away from a big screw-up. >> he ought to take a lesson from hillary clinton, you get in the senate as a freshman and just lay low. right? you don't stand up and pretend you are a know-it-all. ted cruz, it's going to happen. >> a little bit of breaking news, john kerry will deliver his farewell address to the senate today. >> we are not sure when he is going to resign. de deval patrick is waiting to be the interim senator. barnie frank? are you ready? i think it will be barnie. who voted present? >> that's a good question. was it -- i will stick with texas. kay bailey hutchinson?
4:12 am
>> bill: john kerry. >> i have been out of politics too long. >> bill: great modesty which he is known. >> why wouldn't you vote for yourself >> bill: because he is a senator. >> what it would have been a tie? >> he knew it won't be a tie. >> when i ran for office i voted for myself. i am not that humble. dan stone is here for the national geographic. cindy borein? right? sports blogger joining us in the next hour to talk about how dangerous is football really and about super ball coming up. meredith scheiner is a friend of roll call. but first. >> other headlines making news on this wednesday, big on-air changes over at cnn. several contributors no longer with the network including james carville and mary madeline who say the decision was the network's, not theirs red steak
4:13 am
blogger, eric erickson has a new job at fox news. no surprise there. the morning program is getting revamped, cnn's new president, geoff zucker hired chris queue mo to be part of it. soledad's role is unclear as they move forward. >> geoff zucker has to shake it up. a clear sign i think. a hewn talent. no where to go but up. more power to them. >> there are no little fixes. >> no. if he had come in and said we have a great product. we are going to stick with it the way it is. i wonder if after what we saw with ann curry on nbc if we will see him bring her to cnn as well. >> interesting. as the baltimore ravens and 49ers get set to faceoff in the super bowl, the senators from maryland have offered a wager.
4:14 am
a meal of crab cakes, maryland beer. >> no. >> they are waiting to hear from barbara boxer and dianne feinstein from california as to what they will offer. the hill reports that senator mckulsky will throw in a can of hair spray in ode. >> i think that's a tragedy. >> if you ever wanted today travel to north korea and couldn't get into the country -- >> say no more. >> you now know. >> not even on my bucket list. >> now, you are going to know how to get around. google yesterday added details of the secluded nation onto google maps, roads, businesses trains. before that, it was just a giant white spot with no details. google said it created the map with the help of citizen
4:15 am
cartographers cartographers, an log maps and secret sources within the country to get it done. it is now on google maps. >> where do you want to go kids? disney world? grand canyon? north korea. >> the sad part is the people of north korea won't be able to access it. >> this is the slow creep of the internet into that country. it's undeniable and they can't keep it out in a major way. >> you need to request your next assignment to get there, to north korea. >> the last time we talked you were on this boondoggle junket through california under the guise of in0 vails. you remembered us when you were at the st. louis luisbo. how many guests to we have that bring us gifts. >> not many. >> california made.
4:16 am
nothing better. we don't wait until the evening to eat chocolate. >> no. no. >> you can open it. yesterday, it's 65 degrees a power walk down the mall. today going to be sick 3 in chicago. they will be out, you know walking all along the lake inshorts and tee shirts. tomorrow, it's projected ton 18 greers degrees. what's going on? >> this patter of extreme weather that we have seen for a couple of years. it's beendrant attic this year. last year, the winter was hardly a windter at all. i don't think anyone with kay it's climate change rearing its head but we can say this is
4:17 am
strange. >> when you look at last year record fires hurricane sandy, you know, is there any denying that, you know, the planet trying to tell us something? >> the climate is changing. >> extremes. extremes. >> we have seen warming parts per million of carbon that we need to rein in. finally, for the first time, the put during his inaugural address issued the -- talked about the issue of global warm >> bill: he spent more time talking about it than any other single issue which wasn't 15
4:18 am
minutes. gu you have these science den ires led by james inhofe who seem to block any effort and the tea partyers block any effort to do anything about claimant change. it's true the president can't come in, pass a carbon tax, pass a cap and trade system something ambitious and tackle this issue but there are a lot of things he could do by executive order. using the epa to crack down even harder with some regulations on pollution, on existing power plants. right? the creation of new ones. some of the biggest sources of carbon come from these really
4:19 am
old carbon -- i'm sorry cole-powered power plants. would help a lot. >> we have one here in the district that heats the congress. you see that spewing out every day. >> things like that, the congressional power plant, start greening. the government more. solar powers on the white house. big deal. right? it would send a message. don't worry about the flashy stuff. myelogram standards in 2010, 56 miles a gallon all of our cars will get in the year 2025. >> a big deal. >> a huge deal.
4:20 am
that was one of the biggest environmental accomplishments of his first term. he could protect parts of the ocean and george w. bush did some of that as president too. how does that affect get to global warming? what's the connection? >> it addresses the urgency to protect something about the climate. it affects shipping groups in the arctic if you rope off huge areas around alaska. you can't drill for new oil like shell, the oil company has done or wanted to do. you can't ship these massive ships through that area which produces carbon in the area, also. does it affect does it address all of the world's climate? no. it doesn't. it does show a president willing to address some sort of environmental urgency. >> what you hear you saying is, a, the problem is real. b, we've got to act. and, c, there is a lot the president can do on his own
4:21 am
without requiring an act of congress. >> sure. >> not that we want to let congress off of the hook. the most importantly and the most ambitious things will have to come from congress. coal will have to be ledgelated. a carbon tax, i don't think he can or want to do that on his own because it's so relatively toxic to an economy. if everyone gets behind it, democrats and republicans, it could be helpful. the big issue coming up now is keystone. we have talked a lot about the keystone popipeline. >> that's that's up for review. keystone, alone. one pipeline. it's not going to, you know, make or break the world's climate, but it does put a stop to the u.s. importing of, you know dirty energy gotten from
4:22 am
tar sands up in calendar. it's one of those moves that would send a clear message. >> one more decision we are going to continue down the fossil fuel road. >> uh-huh. >> rather than move to a new economy. daniel stone is a reporter for the national gee xwrafk. he is more than that. he sort of embodies the national gee gravelling spirit here on the full court press. this is one of the biggest challenges facing this country, facing the planet. no doubt about it. 866-55-press. let's talk about it on the bill press show. >> this is "the bill press
4:23 am
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4:26 am
alright, in 15 minutes we're going to do the young turks. i think the number one thing that viewers like about the young turks is that we're honest. they know that i'm not bs'ing them with some hidden agenda, actually supporting one party or the other. when the democrats are wrong, they know that i'm going to be the first one to call them out. they can question whether i'm right, but i think that the audience gets that this guy, to the best of his ability, is trying to look out for us.
4:27 am
>> this is "the bill press show." >> twenty five minutes after the hour. >> eating chocolate >> bill: i swallowed just before we started. twenty-five minutes after the hour now, we are enjoying the company of daniel stone from national geographic. how to become a guest on the "full-court press." >> i bought those from the rocky mountain chocolate company which i realized is not in california. the rocky mountains are not. >> correct. >> that trip paid off to california i don't know how much it cost but he learned the rocky mountains are not in california. we are talking about the more serious subject of global warning. >> you talked about the president, in his inaugural
4:28 am
speech, contrast that with what mitt romney said, literally making jokes about climate change and the whole arena he was talking to laughing sort of shows you what we could have gotten on twitter@become p show. >> when will they notice that their shore lines are in danger? >> mike calling about the impact of global warming. anchorage, alaska. >> how is it going bill? you know i have been studying environmental issues for 30 years. i studied to be a geologist. most people don't understand thehit of the planet and they don't understand we can continue to dumptons of carbon in the atmosphere. i suggest we not approve the keystone pipeline and make serious inroads to going to
4:29 am
alternative energy like solar and stopping the world's population growth. if you look at solar energyany germany is working out fine >> bill: mike, excellent point. i wanted to ask you that question. are other kuntz trees ahead of us in recognizing the problem with global warming and taking action? >> absolutely. i mean mike mentioned germany. they are huge in renewable injury, solar, wid. other countries are smaller. you see eye land nations around the world that they want nothing more than to confront global warming very dramatically but the u.s. and powers like china and india are the ones with the influence. until those three get serious, i don't think we will see, you know, real dramatic change. >> bill: you know, maybe you can understand china and india not being there but there is no excuse for the united states. we are consuming more resources. we are pumping more into the
4:30 am
air. >> sure. we know. >> we know what's going on. we should. shame on us for not taking more action. so, up to people like you to continue to get the message out there and to goad us. dan daniel stone with national geographic. >> thank you, bill. >> this is "the bill press show." to me now? you know the kind of guys that do reverse mortgage commercials? those types are coming on to me all the time now. (vo) she gets the comedians laughing and the thinkers thinking. >>ok, so there's wiggle room in the ten commandments, that's what you're saying. you would rather deal with ahmadinejad than me. >>absolutely. >> and so would mitt romney. (vo) she's joy behar. >>and the best part is that current will let me say anything. what the hell were they thinking?
4:31 am
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>> >>. >> chatting with you live at this is "the bill press show." >> thirty-three minutes after the hour here on the full court press, this wednesday morning, january 30th. coming to you live from our nation's capitol brought to you
4:35 am
today by ulico, incorporated. good men and women under ulico under ed smith proudly serving the union for more than 85 years, with investment products and services. you can find more about their good work at their website, ullico, inc., solutions for the union workplace. the house of representatives for some reason took the week off. they don't do anything while they are here anyhow. they might as well, i guess, take the week off. the senate, very busy this week. they have a big hearing in the senate judiciary committee on gun violence today. yesterday, the senate confirming the no, ma'ammination of john kerry to be secretary our next secretary of state and eight senators, four democrats and four republicans introducing their outline of a bill on comprehensive immigration reform. lots going on.
4:36 am
we wanted to look at all of those issues in the political dimensions of those issues. michael mein is a democratic strategist now with ben squared, formerly with tom dashel and for john kerry. let's start with john kerry. you worked with him. this is sort of -- well, of course, he ran for president. that would have been the peak of his career but this is a great way for john kerry? >> seems like i first met him when i was a junior in college. i have known him for 29 years. i worked on two senate races. i don't think there is a better prepared person to be secretary of state person from the time when he volunteered and served two tours of duty, has a very in his bones about how to protect our men and women overseas. the guy was a diplomat raised
4:37 am
overseas, it's in his blood and in his choice. he chose to be a public serve ant. you i think he will be one of the best prepared secretaries of states we have ever had. >> speaks french. right? >> he does. a little portuguese, too. >> is that right? >> yeah. >> what i wonder about john kerry is -- and i have the same question about hillary clinton, of course, he is not going to be number 1. right? it's chairman of the foreign relations committee, he was number 1. can he ease will you accept that role? >> i think yes is the answer. i don't think i would have said that about him when he was a younger man. when he got to the senate, he was young and ambitious and pretty much had a reputation of just being on his own. >> headstrong? >> which makes a great quality for being a president but a tougher quality for being a senator. in massachusetts, we have had a
4:38 am
long legacy of kennedys in the senate and senator ted kennedy was a senior senator. kerry was able to be more of an investigator. he and john mccain teamed up on the mia/pow issue. he was best prosecuting people from his chair but the less options of running for president in 2004 and with the passing of ted kennedy, he has evolved in this part of his career to be the person to make things happen and be the elder statesman and work cooperatively in the last decade. i have seen a different man since the 2004 campaign. >> he looks like the elder statesman today. he really, really does. >> my favorite part was he wasn't out of the house for seven seconds and he was changing his mind he wouldn't mind being the interim senator. ready to go for the next six
4:39 am
months. >> i think it's also true. >> absolutely is true. >> so much going on in the u.s. senate in the next six months to have a seasoned veteran like him, so i think he would be an excellent choice. governor deval patrick makes that call. >> it would be hard for him to say no to barney? >> you can't really campaign for the job because ultimately -- in public, anyway. it's ultimately -- >> barney has. >> full-throttle. who won't want to be handed the u.s. senate seat without having to raise millions of dollars and do all of campaigning. >> barney also says there is no way, no how that he would run for that seat. could he change his mind about that? >> that was the stipulation that the governor made when he ryehe appointed it. he liz beth warren in the senate
4:40 am
for less than a month will in a couple of days be the senior senator from massachusetts. >> took kerry something like 24 years it took her a couple of days. >> exactly. then you have the woman senator of hawaii, going to be senior senator, too. fritz hollings used to walk around the senate, too and he was i have been junior senator for 35 years. >> like 80 years old. i mentioned some of the issues. it's nice that we had at least a temporary reprieve on the debt ceiling so that it's not fiscal crisis day-in and day-out and we are talking about some other issues that are important. immigration, gun violence. ists to talk about the political dimension of those. come from calf, i have working
4:41 am
on the immigration reform and the border problem for 25 years about it looks leak the time has finally, come for this legislation to happen this year. >> politically, is this the time when it could happen? >> yeah. i think it is the time i also think the structure in washington is difficult for the following reason. 1994, he was at the democratic congressional campaign committee. i got sent to help speaker tom folley in a tough race. he was very sure you his support of the assault weapons ban cost him 9,000 votes from people who would always be for him and across the more splinterred districts in the house places where guns you can't get past this. you can't have a rational conversation with people because it's more like religion.
4:42 am
there are people who can stop whatever big bill you have going because because of this. >> that's my concern. i think you have got. >> is that because the nra is so powerful? >> i think you have seen with the tea party primary processes, they are powerful in the republican primary. >> right. >> you could be taken out for reasonable position. senator bennett from utah a 9 go % conservative voting record, they took him out on a primary on small issues that wouldn't -- if he ever got to a statewide vote, you wouldn't carry the day there. >> if you don't believe senators are afraid of their shadow when it comes to an upcoming primary, look at lindsey graham today. lindsey graham has turned into a screeching tea partyer to the right of ted cruz suddenly. >> that's not who he is.
4:43 am
>> no. >> who he has become because he is afraid of a primary area challenge. >> you don't have to look up the ladder to see you don't get to six years back and they have an out sized voice >> bill: the politics of gun violence, you say continue to tilt against getting anything done. what about immigration reform? >> i actually think that we have a great chance of that. pure political calculus the young republicans understand they will never have the white house if they skip this demographic. right? so every year, we have 2% more hispanics making up a part of the voting population and republicans cannot continue to lose that 71, 72, 73%. so you've got to have some momentum there and young leaders like marco rubio who is willing to come to the table. i don't know if i would agree with everything he put in there, but at least he is willing to have the dialogue and i think that's going to be hard for republicans to stop that kind of momentum. i think theling calculus will put him to the table.
4:44 am
i think they are going to have to go from fence builders to fort worth, texas menders if they want a shot to win the white house in 2020 >> bill: isn't is it ironic after so many people -- and i have been on the margins -- have been pushing for and fighting for some common-sense solutions to this immigration reform that suddenly, this year, 2013, we are going to do it because republicans need it for their -- to save their political back side? >> it's unbelievable. >> they are not doing it because it's the right thing to do? >> no. they want to build a 13 foot fence and give people 14-foot ladders. >> michael meehan here, political dimensions of issues today touched on a lot. join the conversation at any time. invite your calls at 866-55-press or your comments on twitter @bpshow. we will be right back on today's
4:45 am
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>>i believe people are hungry for it. [ music ] >> heard around the country and seen on current tv, this is the bill press show. >> bill: here we are 13 minutes before the top of the hour. in the next hour cindy boren from the washington post, she is a sports blogger talking about the super bowl coming up and about the president's comments on fuel. meredith schener from "roll call" willing here michael meehan head of been squared
4:49 am
communications and a member. broadcasting board of governors. i guess we should treat you with a little more respect here after all. >> senate blocked me for three years. >> do you see how great it is to have you in? >> bill: back to our conversation in just a minute. but folks, i wanted to give you another little hint about something you might do if you are having a problem meeting -- making ends meet at the end of every month and you are looking to earn extra money from home. you ought to consider they are america's leading work from home business doing business in over 80 countries today so they know what they are doing. and they are offering you an opportunity that you can take advantage of no mat you are your age, education our experience you can literally, get -- get this -- earn money on your own computer from your own kitchen table, 24/7, even while you sleep. all you need is a little extra time and the training you will get from the folks at
4:50 am at least check them out if you are sick of living paycheck to paycheck, worried about job security or retirement. if your goal has been to earn extra money from home part-time or full-time, they are giving away a thousand bucks to somebody just for checking them out. that somebody could be you. visit >> that's tell us about -- i want to get back to these issues of the day. i am curious about the broadcasting board of governors. my boss? >> no. no. it's all u.s. international broadcasting, voice of america, middle east broadcasting, radio free asia and the office of cuba broadcasting. in the congress, it's four democrats and four republicans on the board and we run an agency of 4,000 people. if we were a news gathering agency, we would be the largest news gathering agency in the world if we were able to be a commercial 1. we have 4,000 reporters, 100
4:51 am
countries, annual budget of about $750 million. >> whoa? >> we do -- our mission is journalistic, free press, and all of those languages across the board. you know, we've gone from being part of the state department and in the '90s, joe biden wrote the legislation to make it an independent agency. we are part-time private citizens who serve and manage the day-to-day agency. in this commercial world, where journalism is so shrunken internationally, it's amazing to see some of the fearless journalists that we have in places, you know, reporting where they just don't have free press. i went to berma last month to see some of our radio free asia and voice of america streamers met with the head of the ap who has been there 25 years, been addressed a dozen times. her husband, a dozen times and they are like, they were on strike doing reporting around the country.
4:52 am
we have people in the american taxpayers showing them truth in journalism and people listen. we have 20% of the people in berma will headline news to radio free asia voice of america. >> that's where journalists go this day. they are not in for the flashy big contracts on t.v. those are real journalists. >> that's awesome >> bill: look at these people who are in syrism a, for example. >> right. two missing, one is missing every day. to free them you have a deep appreciation for the journalism people putting their lives on the like. >> from the sub lime to the banal back to politics. when i was asking you about massachusetts, i forgot, the question of: what's scott brown going to do? going to run for governor or try to get back in the senate? what do you think? >> as a democratic strategist i would like not to give advice to
4:53 am
republicans to help them be successful but if i were scott brown, i lost by 8 and a half points, raised $32 million and i got pounded. i would think it may be running for the open governor seat in 2014 where massachusetts has a long history of republican governors. >> yes. >> and so the thing is the republican brand in massachusetts, a lot of the things are out of touch with massachusetts voters. no the so much in the state politics. you wouldn't want a race for governor that would come on some of the hot-button issues you see here in washington. >> right. >> if i were scott brown, i would think about running for governor. i would think he would be handed the nomination for sure. he would have a better shot at that: he lost in november. if he lost in june he would be done. two terms, he would be done. and he would have to run for re-election again because kerry's term expires. he would run this june and next november to keep the feed
4:54 am
>> bill: just about a minute while you are in the business of offering advice to republicans. do you think the republican party is in trouble today? and how do they get out of it? >> i think their brand is in big trouble. it is amazing to see how well we did in 2012 in seats that two years out, we had so many vulnerable democrats who had barely won their seats to expand the majority of the united states senate. >> and in the house. not the majority but to pick up eight seats? >> pick up eight seats after in 30 states, they elected republican governors and republican legislate temperatures and redistrict seats to make them. if that did not happen the republicans would not be in charge of the house but the resdrithing that happened in that made those seats safe or the kind of democratic year that we had in 2012 not enough to change the chamber. >> so they've got to do some
4:55 am
rebranding and rethinking. maybe rethinking some of their policies, too. michael, great to visit with you? >> thanks. >> a lot of fun. thap for coming in. you know the political landscape. we appreciate that. we will get you back in soon. >> thanks. >> you can form michael on twitter at michaelpmeehan. see you soon. >> this is "the bill press show," live on your radio and current tv. [ music ]
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4:57 am
4:58 am
i think the number one thing that viewers like about the young turks is that we're honest. they can question whether i'm right, but i think that the audience gets that this guy, to the best of his ability, is trying to look out for us. [ music ] >> this is "the bill press show." >> in the next hour, meredith
4:59 am
shriner here as a friend of bill and cindy borin, a sports blocker to look ahead to the super super bowl and her comments on president obama's comments about not sure if he had sons he would let them play football. on the president's schedule today, not a really busy day. in fact, from his big speech in las vegas yesterday. kicking back a little bit. he and the vice president get their daily briefing at 10:15 this morning. at 12:30, the president and secretary of state hillary clinton have a fairwell lunch at the whitehouse. then the president is giving two interviews this afternoon tolatsino television. he will be interviewed by jose velarte of tele muchltmundo and then envision. press briefing by jay canyon at 12:30. i will be there, and i am sure
5:00 am
there will be a lot of questions about immigration reform and how the president's plan comes pairs. two plans both underway. we will ask meredith scheiner which one she thinks will make it through the senate. another big hour. >> this is "the bill press show." by 2025 we could have 20 million jobs without enough college graduates to fill them. that's why at devry university we're teaming up with companies like cisco to help make sure everyone is ready for a new tomorrow. [ male announcer ] make sure america's ready. make sure you're ready. at ♪ ♪
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[ music ] >> bill: hey, what do you say? good morning, everybody. welcome to the "full-court press" here on current tv. great to see you today. thanks so much for joining the program as we bring you up to date, give you our latest
5:02 am
rundown on what's happening today here in our nation's capitol, around the country and around the globe. and here is some news that you will not hear anywhere else some good news you won't hear anywhere else: the market is red hot. >> yeah >> bill: did you notice? the dow closed inching up to the 14,000 mark. we haven't seen levels that high since october 2007. the obama economy is working. republicans are always quick to blast president obama when the market goes down. do you think they are going to give him credit now that the market is soaring? don't hold your breath. all right. we will get into that and a whole lot more, but first, let's get the latest. standing by with today's current news update from our studios in los angeles, here is lisa ferguson. hi, lisa. take it away. good morning. >> thanks, bill. good morning, everyone. three top republicans are demanding more data from benghazi.
5:03 am
r eps are giving the state department until february 11th to produce all documents surrounding the investigation into those terrorist attacks. outgoing secretary of state hillary clinton gave full testimony to the foreign relations committees last week. now the representatives say the board failed to address some important questions like why a special security force withdrew from benghazi just weeks before the attacks. during last week's hearings clinton said she had no role in security decisions over benghazi and in an interview with abc's night line last night, she took by her testimony. >> i believe in transparency see. put let the chips fall where they want. i don't want that to be politicized. >> clinton said the united states might return to benghazi if security positions improve. the terrorist attacks mark the first time a u.s. ambassador has been assassinated.
5:04 am
clinton said we knew there was danger. we knew there were loose weapons. it's important for the u.s. to be in benghazi because it marks the heart of the revolution. an attack of a syrian border. israel has expressed concerns over an arsenal of chemical weapons. more bill up after the break. stay with us. (vo) current tv gets the converstion started weekdays at 9am eastern. >> i'm a slutty bob hope. >> you are. >> the troops love me. (vo) tv and radio talk show host stephanie miller rounds out current's morning news block. >> you're welcome current tv audience for the visual candy. just be grateful current tv does not come in smellivision. the sweatshirt is nice and all but i could use a golden lasso. (vo) only on current tv.
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>> broadcasting across the nation, on your radio and on current tv this is "the bill press show". >> the president saying to congress yesterday, you get busy and pass immigration reform or i will send you my bill.
5:08 am
the battle is joined. it is wednesday, january 30th. yeah. and senator schumer waiting. thank you for joining us here on the "full-court press" as we come to you live all the way across this great land of ours coast to coast from our studio in capital hill in washington, d.c., invite you to join the conversation at any time. you can give us a call at 866-55-press. you can send us your comments on twitter @bpshow or on facebook press show. we've got a big hour lots to talk about. we need a lot of help getting through this hour. and here she is, meredith schener, congressional reporter for roll call. hi, meredith? >> i am so looking forward to rupert murdoch buying the chicago tribbun so they can
5:09 am
start a war. >> bill: getting into the media wars? >> you know, i love that >> bill: is there anything murdoch doesn't own yet? >> i don't know. >> bill: seriously? >> not me yet. >> maybe cnn is next. >> are you for sale? >> no. >> he owns "the wall street journal." of course, he owns fox. i mean he owes -- >> now he owns the chuck schumer war on beyonce. >> meredith here with team press, peter ogburn and dan henning. hello, guys. >> phil bachus has the phones and cyprian boulding still recovering from yesterday's birthday. things seem shaky this morning. >> out of focus. >> happy belated birthday. >> he came stumbling in this morning, stinking like a tavern and birthday cake, which is how dan usually smells. >> probably should have sent him
5:10 am
home. secretary of state, she is still secretary of state, hillary clinton, having a fair well lunch today with president obama. last night, she gave a fair well interview with nightline. yeah. she gave one also with nbc, but it was on night light that she was asked: what are you going to do your first day off? >> i hope i get to sleep in. you know, i am thinking about that because it will be the first time in many years when i have got no office to go to no schedule to keep, no work to do. that about probably last a few days. and then i will be up and going with my new projects. >> bill: she has too much energy to lie around the house for long. but sleeping in the first day she deserves it. >> i hope she can, but, you know, i don't know that she will be able to when you have to wake up everyarly every day, i don't know you can sleep to noon the first day you have off. but good luck to her. god speed. >> i like how she said new
5:11 am
projects. >> hmm. >> bill: might be. could it be 2016? she doesn't say never. >> sitting here right now that is certainly what i believe, and i am, you know, still the secretary of state. so, i am not in politics. i am going to be focusing on my philanthropy, my charities, my writing and speaking. >> my p.a.c. campaign strategy. no, you know, who knows? >> i don't get the sense she is going to run for whatever reason. i mean if i were her, i would get six figures for every speaking engagement i did. i had write a book encourage chelsea to have grandkids because this is what parents do when kids get to a certain age. i wouldn't want to have to live with bill in the white house every day. i don't know that this is what she wants. it seems exhausting. and i don't know how serious her health issues really were but it is a very gruelling thing to
5:12 am
travel the world and then run for president again and then be president. if that would be the path that she chooses. it seems like a lot. >> it does seem like an awful lot. >> i think she will do all of those things you mentioned and then run for president. we are not speculating about 2016. we have a rule on this show. we do not speculate. >> i had to throw this in because our friend, igor volsky tweeted about the confirmation of john kerry. he said john kerry will have a lot of travel to do if he wants to catch up to hillary clinton's record. >> ketchup. >> he spelled it ketchup. >> right over my head. that was bad. >> pretty bad. >> eleven minutes -- sorry, igor. >> i thought that was brilliant. >> of course you did. >> bill: 11 -- >> so much dan hating? >> they hate me. >> that's why i am kept in a
5:13 am
box. >> shut up. shut up. >> because you are wearing a giants hat dan. >> bill: chocolate. eleven minutes after the hour. here we go. it is the full court press, meredith shiner from roll call and cindy boren from the washington post talking sports coming up a little bit later. but first. going to let dan do this? >> who cares? >> i am surprised you guys are letting me do my little news report here but there are some other headlines making news nfl players' association has negotiated a deal with the football league to fund a $100 million study at harvard university to lock at football player health head injuries included but also the rest of the body. the proposed study says that players have only ever been looked at after they die never in detail when they are still alive. this 10-year project aims to do that. they will look at 100 unhealthy players, both current and retired and 100 healthy players. >> yeah. so you see, the president was
5:14 am
onto something when he said if he had sons, he would think long and hard about letting them play football. >> at face value, a nickel is worth just $0.05 but one rare nickel that is heading to the auction block soon will fetch just a little bit more than that even though it wasn't worth even $0.05 in the first place baz it was illegally minted. c become s report okay this mint worker in philadelphia that made a few coins when no one was looking back in 1913. it has the statue of liberty's head on it. this is one of five known to still exist. it's expected to go for over $2 million at auction >> bill: a treasury employee minting coins? >> there was a story a few months back about this because the federal government thought it was his property and the family who owned it was trying to sue to keep the coin and rand
5:15 am
paul got involved. he made a nasty gee. google this. it's 100% of your story. i wrote about it months and months ago. i don't know if it's in the same coins but it was another situation in philadelphia decades ago. >> he paid $2 million from a phoney -- for a phoney coin? >> it's worth it apparently. >> cats are killers. a new study in the journalnate communications finds that cats are killing billions of birds and other animals every year 3 billion birds a year on average, they kill. >> that's 15% of the total bird population. if the trend continues to grow, it could have greater ecological effects on the world t easiest solutionss? control the pet population and keep your cats inside. >> tell me some other world breaking news. right -- i hate cats. >> there are big fish that eat little fish. >> what? >> and whales eat krill.
5:16 am
>> we have to do something. >> i would be fine if we eradicated cats from the planet. >> cats kill burls >> bill: cats have always killed birds and there are lots of birds out there. >> and rodents. i guess. >> cats kill myself. >> you guys are chaining my mind, opening my eyes. >> team cat. team cat. >> that's what the full"full-court press" is all about. okay. let's start, meredith with yesterday's big vote. if we want, joe mancien, he has been standing by to announce the vote on john kerry confirmation as secretary of state. >> the eyeayes are 94. the nays are 3 and one responded present. the nomination of john forbes kerry to be our new secretary of sait is confirmed. >> they had to twist some arms there at the end to get that vote. right? >> there was a lot of back slapping and hugs and clapping on the floor after it was over
5:17 am
and john kerry taking a lap. it was a very difficult vote. we were all on pins and needles. >> what's up with ted cruz john cornyn and james inhofe? >> we were talking about this i thought the inhofe statement was hillaryous. he is an interesting character because he derails the existence of climate change and yet he is a very close ally of barbara boxer because he is a ranking member on the transportation committee and they did an entire transportation bill together. his statement after the vote was, john's a friend of mine but we haven't agreed on fortunately policy dating back to the sandanist a. s. if that's what he believes, god bless him, but the texas vote is interesting because this is not the first tile you are going to see john cornyn vote against something he ordinarily wol have because ted cruz is voting against it because john cornyn is up this cycle. he fears a primary challenge.
5:18 am
he saw what happened the last two cycles, head of the nrsc and he knows what's coming. if ted cruz made the decision to vote against john kerry, john cornyn decided he needed to make that decision also. >> the tea party rules again as they do at least in this one case. >> this will be super interesting if they bring an immigration bill for example. >> we will get to that in just a second. but tomorrow is the confirmation hearing on chuck hagle and john brennan. i would imagine, meredith, from your conversations on the hill that it's not going to be as easy sledding for hagle and brennan. >> no. this has been -- this hagel story has been fascinating. i have been covering it for a few weeks now. i wrote this story two weeks ago, i guess it was, three weeks ago, about a stamp sending teams democratic and republican aides alike forwarding anti-hagle
5:19 am
articles before his boss came out one way or the other. he hasn't decided where he was falling on hagel. you see all of these back-channel interests trying to influence the vote but at the end of the day i asked senator durbin whether or not democrats were going to basically vote united for hagle. and he said when he whips the vote last week, he hadn't found a single " no" yet. there were a few people who want to wait to see what he said in committee at the armed services hearing but at the most part, everyone is on board. you have to pick off five republicans. if you take away the two from nebraska, chuck hagel's home stop light, sutake all three. three is not a tough order, but that doesn't mean the hearings aren't going to be ugly, aren't going to be tough questions, that there aren't going to be questions that we have heard before. but honestly at the end of the day, the most interesting thing about this fight to me has been that the most controversial statement that chuck hagle made
5:20 am
was that senators and representatives in washington were beholden to apac and that statement, alone send the apac allies coming after him to say this is a ridiculous statement. the jewish lobby. >> that's the jewish lobby, which bad choice of words, but old people tend to flip up like this all the time. i cover the senate. they say things they don't mean. harry reid took a huge amount of flack for it, for a book if you remember, not a few years ago. so i don't know. i think that chuck hagel nomination will pass just because in a lot of ways you have to pick your spots. democrats aren't going to block the president on this and republicans have bigger fish to fry. >> today, the senate judiciary committee will hold a big hearing, not on a bill but on the general issue of gun violence violence. >> uh-huh. >> and hearing from gun rights advocates as well as gun control advocates. the consensus seems to be that
5:21 am
the assault weapons ban is dead on arrival. >> yes. >> do you agree? >> i think the gun issue right now in terms of a legislative way forward is a mess because harry reid is not going to -- not to say that legislation that harry reid hasn't supported has not come through with other people who shepherd it but i don't think that there is the political will for the assault weapons ban. i think they don't have a plan or strategy. they are leaving it up to leahy, who, by the way, isn't the most gung-ho gun control advocate there is, to hold a series of hearings. he is going to hold a hearing. dianne feinstein was not pleased with the list of witnesses for this hearing that's happening today because they thought there were not enough gun control room advocates the she is having another hearing. they may not markup a bill until the end of next month. i don't know what they are going to mark up.
5:22 am
i tried to talk to dianne feinstein because my sense was she was pretty angry because there is no one -- dick durbin and chuck schumer were at the press conference when she announced the bill. i don't know anyone is fighting talking to members who might be incensed about it. i think that's frustrating. i honestly don't know who is going to be the person because if it's just di-fi, make we get to leahy. who will twist arms on this. durbin and schumer are wrapped up in this immigration with this new gang of 8. >> yeah. >> the longer you get from december the more difficult it will be. mitch mcconnell said i don't know democrats want to do a gun control bill. ask harry reid. harry reid was a little bit squishy. he said leave it to hey he. >> john kerry and chuck hagle and gun violence among the top e, 866-55-press if you have a question or comment.
5:23 am
i want to ask you about i amgration reform when we come back here with meredith shiner here as a friend of bill this entire hour. she covers the congress for roll call. >> heard around the country and seen on current tv this is "the bill press show." [ music ] (vo) she gets the comedians laughing and the thinkers thinking. >>ok, so there's wiggle room in the ten commandments, that's what you're saying. (vo) she's joy behar. >>current will let me say anything.
5:24 am
5:25 am
5:26 am
these talking points, that the right have, about the "heavy hand of government" ... i want to have that conversation. let's talk about it. really? you're going to lay people off because now the government is going to help you fund your healthcare. really? i want to have those conversations, not to be confrontational, but to understand what the other side
5:27 am
is saying, and i'd like to arm our viewers with the ability to argue with their conservative uncle joe over the dinner table. >> harder enforcement -- border enforcement, a pathway to earn citizenship, improvements in the legal immigration system so that we continue to be a magnet for the best and the brightest all around the world. >> this is "the bill press show" >> bill: there he is, president
5:28 am
obama in las vegas yesterday outlining his proposals on immigration reform which really track pretty closely what the gang of 8, so-called for democratic senators and four republican senators announced the day before. so where is all of this going? we have somebody here who has got as good insight as anybody. meredith shiner covers congress for roll call. you were talking about how tough a road it is for legislation okay gun violence. >> uh-huh. >> a little easier for immigration reform? >> maybe. >> maybe? >> i hate to be cynical on this but show me the last bill that a gang of senators has been able to write. like until this group of 8 finds legislative language, in my mind, all they really agree to is to hold a conference about how they would like to find. >> principles.
5:29 am
>> there is some will on the republican party to do this. and i had a source tell me. i don't know if i buy this theory but we will see if it bears fruit but a lot of republicans would like to, to see marco rubio run in 2016 and they feel like getting behind him will help on that effort. whether or not that ends up being true, i don't know. >> if someone like marco rubio wants to talk about immigration is important, what happened in the last election there is political incentive for the republicans to act which is the best reason of any to force a politician to do anything. it didn't happen when ted kennedy was trying to champion the bill. he was one of the best lawmakers there was. when you switch out ted kennedy for the 8 that you have i don't know how that works. and i just i guess, i am a little bit gunshy to say anything will work out after living it through last congress. >> even with all of this political momentum and the white house and the senate you think
5:30 am
it's possible? >> all right there was a lot of momentum in 2007 and george w. bush was on board for it in large part. >> you know what happened. we are going to take a little break until and talk sports with sinned cindy borin and meredith shiner when we come back. [ music ] commercials? those types are coming on to me all the time now. (vo) she gets the comedians laughing and the thinkers thinking. >>ok, so there's wiggle room in the ten commandments, that's what you're saying. you would rather deal with ahmadinejad than me. >>absolutely. >> and so would mitt romney. (vo) she's joy behar. >>and the best part is that current will let me say anything. what the hell were they thinking?
5:31 am
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5:34 am
[ music ] >> chatting at you live at press. this is "the bill press show" live on your radio and current tv. >> bill: all right. 33 minutes after the hour. here we go. it is wednesday, wednesday, january 30th. this is the full court press.
5:35 am
we are live from our nation's capital brought to you by the national association the good men and women under the nea, creating great public schools for every student in america. you bet. you can find out more about their good work at so, last week, it was lance armstrong. this week, it is a-rod. five others in the -- in major league baseball. what's going on? of course, lance admitted it. a-rod. >> i'm sorry. performancence hansing drugs >> bill: joined on the news line by a sports blogger for the washington post, cindy borin. hey, isn't he. good morning? >> good morning >> bill: a-rod has been do down this road before. >> arod arod, if you are the
5:36 am
yankees, maybe this is the way they end up cutting their ties to him on this hideous contract that's been nothing but an albatross to them. it hasn't worked out well. he is recovering from hip surge. he may not be able to play at all. he is a already, you know, 36, 37 years old. it kind of looks like the end of the road for him. anyway the miami new times has reported he was linked to a company called biogenesis in florida and he was obtaining human growth hormone and other peds, performance enhancing drugs through them. now, it was also somewhat troubling on a local note that gonzalez, a star pitcher last year was implicated in this as well. obviously everyone denies this, you know. we will see. it's really in its infancy on this one. >> the nationals have been a pretty squeaky clean organization so far. >> uh-huh. >> they are young, you know, talented team. washington would take a blow if
5:37 am
it turns out that he's got to deal with this shadow of a little. >> you know, they are loaded talentwise and their pitching staff was able to survive without straussburg after the end of last year. i do think that possibly they could -- they could adjust. i don't know they are going to lose gio gonzalez. i don't know he has ever tested positive for anything. >> that's another thing. they test these guys all the time. so... >> with their stipulation in arod's contract that if he had been tested positive again or if it had -- if he had been implicated again that they would be able to contract annually sever the contract in any way. >> i think it's more of a conduct detrimental, a little squishier issue than that. you know what i mean? >> bill: yeah. >> it's not just you juiced we want you out of here. it's never quite that simple. let's also be honest here if he were hitting -- i don't know if
5:38 am
he were hitting 380. >> yeah. >> higher. >> some hate him and blame him at every loss before or during the post-season. >> from one public relations puddle to another. it's a nightmare from shirtless pictures in central park to, you know, the flirting with the ladies in the stands during the playoffs, getting benched in the playoffs. it's not going to fly anywhere let alone new york >> bill: count me a sin i can. i heard what you said but seems every one of these stories they start out. there are the den aisles and it comes back and we found out, oh, guess what. it was true all along. i got it. i have got to move on here because president obama has stirred up a little controversy with a comment he made in an interview with -- to the new republic about football saying if he had a couple of sons, he would have to think long and hard before he would let them
5:39 am
play football is such a violent sport. cindy, whoa? >> it gets your attention when the president says it. doesn't it? >> it does. there has been a lot of reaction. some players agree with him. some disagree with him. >> it's interesting to see particularly on the ravens who have some of the hardest hitters. >> talking about this. unbelievable? >> and he had reed as well. i think pollard raises some good questions. i think a lot of people have feared the possibility of a player actually dying on the field. >> that's just, you know, the ultimate nightmare. as a fan watching, you see these hits. the big ones, they pull them out of the game and look at them. look at junior sayle.
5:40 am
it was the buildup of the hits over the years that caused him to have his chronic traumatic encephalopathy led to a suicide. >> this is what i wanted to ask, what he had reed said about junior was striking to me because i think it was symbolic or representative of a deeper culture of sports, this idea that, well, i am a football player. i am putting myself out there to be beaten up like this is what i am signing up for. his quote yesterday was basically that junior sao signed up for it, for these multiple and sustained and led to the brain damage that might have contributed to him committing suicide. when you have current players saying, well, we ask for it or he asked for it, you know i wonder -- >> i sort of separate it from that.
5:41 am
i am not thinking he said he asked for it. we did sign up. we are doing this volume you knowtarily. we could walk away from this at any time. he said like barnard pollard, he doesn't want his kid to play the sport cindy is our guest, you can follow heavy on twitter twitter @cindyboren. we were talking about this earlier this morning and googled high school football, you know, and the stat did show that high school football, at least what we were looking at more dangerous than college or professional football? >> you know, i think that's what another part of what president obama was saying that's been sort of overlooked was that he mentioned it with the ncaa. there isn't a uniform sort of
5:42 am
code for how treat they are treated. it extends to the high school level, too. i know that's something that the nfl is aware of. it's something they are trying to work on, you know raising awareness on lower levels but it's not a union. there isn't the vocal, you know, player voice. there isn't the big player voice here advocating for it. so, i don't know when they talk about changes to the game like the president said all of us hoe we hope see changes. what kind of changes? talking about better helmets alone or more padding? >> zvr. >> no. they are talking about a granular level in the way which people tackle. the old line about when you move in for a tackle make sure you
5:43 am
can see what you are tackling because if you can't you have your head down and that's not the way you are supposed to be doing it. i can't tell you the number of times in any game that you see a player going in with his head first. even when it's not helmet to helmet. just keep your head out of there. i think that the equipment has gotten so good that people forget that. i think he is right about this. how much bigger can these guys get? how much faster can they get? how much stronger can they get? that, to me, is also a big tipping point. >> monsters. >> yeah. >> the smallest guy is a monster. >> and they are fast. look at some of these guys, you know 320 pounds and they are
5:44 am
fast. that will have consequences too. >> those monsters are going to be on the field. >> a dangerous violent sport, let's eat chicken wings and watch it. >> cook up a pot of chili. >> the harbaugh comments were interesting. >> brothers facing off of each other. >> ray lewis moved the conversation away from the murder he may or may not have been involved in. >> the best movement in my memory of "saturday night live," a cartoon after the ravens and it was an apology because they couldn't send him to disney
5:45 am
world. so, it starts with we'd like to apologize for the fact that trent bilford a stronger word than stinks goes forward and shows ray lewis at the scene in every destiny cartoon when someone gets killed and hops back into a lim zee. it's called "ray of light." "you want to call the game here, cindy? >> i am going to go with the ravens. i think it will be a close game. you know, that really isn't -- i don't really see anything terrible negative to point out about the 9ers, kapernick is an exciting quarterback to watch. i think it will come down to a field goal kicker. do you want the game on david acres' toe? i have seen him for many years. >> it's a classic story of high octane offense versus a dominant defense. it's like they say, defense wins
5:46 am
championships. >> the ravens have an aging defense which is you can you know, in its sunset years here there is a question about whether he had reed will be back with them next year. he may end up keeping an eye on new england on that one. meanwhile, the offense is phenomenal. they have great receivers. they've got terrific little running back in re: wright and joe flakow can get them ball. >> we would be disappointed if you didn't pick the ravens. >> there is no hometown bias on this one. i like the 9ers, too. i could see it going either way. i just think the ravens. >> bill: there is a lot of hometown bias here we admit it. great to have you with us this morning. thank you very much for your time. >> thanks. >> she is great. simmed e bornen follow her at
5:47 am >> this is "the bill press show." [ music ] >> the troops love me. (vo) tv and radio talk show host stephanie miller rounds out current's morning news block. >> you're welcome current tv audience for the visual candy. just be grateful current tv does not come in smellivision. the sweatshirt is nice and all but i could use a golden lasso. (vo) only on current tv.
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i think the number one thing that viewers like about the young turks is that we're honest. they can question whether i'm right, but i think that the audience gets that this guy, to the best of his ability, is trying to look out for us.
5:50 am
[ music ] >> this is "the bill press show." >> bill: all right. you got it. eleven minutes before the top of the hour, wednesday edition of the "full-court press" here on january 30th. your log your local progressive talk radio station and on current tv. back to our conversation with meredith shiner about what's happening in the congress this week. but first, that story caught my eye up in new england, a middle school teacher has been sentenced, former now, middle school teacher, sentenced to
5:51 am
five years in prison for using one of her children's social security numbers to obtain credit cards that she and -- and rolling up charges she was unable to pay back. pretty low when you steel your own kids' identity. but another case of identity theft. it is anywhere and everywhere. it seems she should make sure you are protected against it as i am with lifelock ultimate the most comprehensive id theft protection out there. even monitors your bank accounts for takeover fraud. of course life lock can't protect you or your bank account if you are not a member. i i encourage you to call and mention press60 for 60 risk-free days for ultimate lifelock identity protection. if you are not happy, call within another 60 days and cancel. they will give you a full refund. see lifelock for details. 1-800-356-5967 for lifelock
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ultimate, 1-800-356-5967. peter, what's going on? >> quick story wanted to get into here, ray lahood secretary of transportation announced he is leaving the obama administration. it's going to leave his post as secretary of transportation. he is a friend of the show and has done a damn good job. >> and comes to union pub to watch the game. our favorite cabinet member. we actually shamed one of our friends this year because he hadn't been to a game and was trying to be responsible and i'm sorry, ray lahood has been here and you have not. >> i like ray lahood. a good friend. he is a great member of congress. i think he has been a very valuable member of the president's team. taking the lead on first of all driver safety. he has been out in front. >> and on high-speed rail. he has been a champion of it. i hope they find a way for him to remain involved in that issue.
5:53 am
>> they floated a couple of names who could be his successor, l.a. mayor, ntsb chairman debby hirzman on the list but again, like you said whoever they pick, you really hope they get somebody that can sort of carry the torch. >> ray was a republican, offered high-speed rail money like let's start with rick scott of florida, a state that's designed for high-speed rail. created geographically and they turned down the money. so did idiot john kasic in ohio. they raised that money and gave it to other governors who are willing and see, have the vision to see this is the future. it's sad that the people of those states because of their, you know, dirt-brain governors are not going to get that. >> we used to have that clip. i think you asked him a question. he ripped into republicans and said, you know, when i was in the congress we did things
5:54 am
differently. >> meredith, this is unfair, i know, but about a minute left to go. we are talking gun violence. we are talking climate control room. nobody is talking right now about the fiscal cliff or the fiscal crisis but welcome to another -- >> a lovely respite. >> it is. but we are going to come back to another fiscal cliff soon. aren't we? >> so the senate is going to have to vote on the house's no-budget/no-pay bill that included the temporary debt limit extension which democrats are championing as a huge deal because it didn't come with comen surrat cuts. that goes to may. but the treasury secretary says extraordinary measures so we will have another one by this summer when it's nice and warm. so they will have to deal potentially with the sequester, which is on a 2-month delay right now. the bill that is keeping the government funded expires march 26th or 7th. so we have got a lot coming up. they are going to have to tackle them. the republicans claim that they
5:55 am
wanted to move the debt ceiling so they could change the order in which these fights happen. they wanted to have the government shutdown fight first and potentially move on to the larger debt ceiling fight. the big question is: are either of the sides going to be willing to touch entitlements? and reform them? will there be revenues again? or are we just going to see the same show again and again and again. >> back in the soup pretty soon. >> very soon. >> you were there every day tracking these guys down. >> unfortunately times. >> bill: bringing it to us here on "the full court press." thank you. >> always a pleasure. >> back with today's parting shot. >> this is "the full court press: the bill press show," live on your radio and on current tv.
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(vo) current tv gets the converstion started next. >> i'm a slutty bob hope. >> the troops love me. the sweatshirt is nice and all but i could use a golden lasso. (vo) only on current tv. [ music ]
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>> the parting shot with bill press. this is "the bill press show" >> bill: on this wednesday, january 30th, my parting shot for today, here is something you don't hear very often: good news about the economy. yes, indeed, the media is always reporting the bad news. the good news hardly gets mentioned at all. yesterday, the dow industrial average shooting up to 13,954, almost 14,000. we haven't seen that level of activity since october 2007. and, of course that means our economy is definitely on the rebound. no double-dip recession, and it means that the obama economy is working. t.a.r.p. and the stimulus and the auto bail-out and getting rid of the bush tax cuts. now, the big question is: republicans are always willing to dump on president obama


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