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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  September 20, 2017 11:00am-11:16am CEST

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front runners in germany's upcoming parliamentary elections. and now we're looking forward to introduce johnson the man. has to germany to decide. the candidates september twenty first on. this is t w news coming to you live from berlin a powerful earthquake strikes mexico the second one in his many weeks the death toll from the seven point one magnitude tremor has been rising fast it now stands of more than two hundred clued in many children at
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a primary school in mexico city. also in this program churning its way through the caribbean hurricane maria is now barreling toward trying to rico which has yet to recover from hurricane earl and just two weeks ago. plus some business leaders soccer or high flying shaka faced their stern is test yet this season when they took on mighty lion. hello i'm terry martian good to have you with us we begin in mexico where a powerful seven point one magnitude earthquake has killed more than two hundred people the quake sent thousands of people running into the streets. with there was eyewitnesses filmed a building collapsing in mexico city here we're looking at. some of the dust and
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rubble from a balcony in the city center dozens of buildings have collapsed in mexico's capital people ran from falling debris as they saw safety. emergency crews and civilians are now searching for survivors trapped under the rubble more than twenty children were found dead in the debris of a collapsed primary school this follows another major quake earlier this month which killed almost one hundred people. in mexico city immediately after the quake first responders and volunteers swarm to collapsed buildings throughout the vast city and many areas lost electrical power the city's airport shut down preventing president enrique pena nieto from returning to the capital. many are returning but we have to land at another airport because mexico city airport has stopped operating. for the time being we cannot land there we're going to mexico city to see exactly what has happened. on the ground rescuers frantically searched for the
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five is trapped under the rubble search efforts have been slowed because of the fragility of many structures authorities say many more buildings in the densely populated city are still at risk of collapse many locals are in shock trying to process what they've seen. where the ground started moving it was very strong the windows started to break people started to leave their homes this building in front collapsed eyesore emergency workers rescue one person they were in the middle of the building. the earthquake struck on the anniversary of a previous earthquake in one thousand nine hundred five that trembler killed thousands of people tuesday as quake struck just as many people took part in drills designed to prepare citizens for exactly a disaster like this. the federal government has declared a state of disaster in mexico city and as an act. that emergency plan which deploys
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the armed forces in coordination with local authorities and as night falls tragedy confirmed at this collapsed elementary school authorities say at least twenty children died here. but the search is still on for dozens more children and adults still missing emergency crews ask onlookers to remain silent for a chance to hear those who may have survived. for the latest on the aftermath of the earthquake let's cross straight over to mexico city where veronica calderon is standing by for us veronica tell us how you experienced the quake where you were when it struck well. i was standing us about. i was walking on the street. going back for launch many. mexico city how we tend to every single day when the earth as many witnesses
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say started to actually shake almost well. for me. it was in a matter of seconds that. later hundred people were in this trait so it was a murder. and toll shock. this is by far the worst earthquake i can remember what is happening in mexico city right now because we've heard from the mayor that dozens of buildings have collapsed we saw in our report that the airport is closed. tell us what sort of dangers people in mexico city are facing. well we have been told by their authority is to stay away from them most of them it's. only. if you point here as a citizen that's a very welcome. invitation for example there was
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a huge cast like that like literally you know and being that on my watch which was in mexico city's downtown. they told us to. avoid those areas you know what about the. story i just want to thank you very you know no problem we just have a bit of a delay in the line i want to ask you about the rescue operations that are underway there that must be very difficult under these conditions yes kurz because also it's it's rainy season here in mexico as you know there's many hurricanes happening and that strikes even though they are far away because it can drain during the night there's a lot of the breeze and it's a very difficult job for those. are the first responders at this scene this make
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this earthquake struck on the anniversary of another that killed thousands in one thousand nine hundred five other was another earthquake just a couple of weeks ago how is this affecting the mood of people in mexico while we're pretty scared then trust me in this is this usual or are because we were used to hurricanes and there quakes in. to the east to have to happen so very often and it happened on this date it's a special thing thought because. it's very painful date for us to remember. so i guess we're still in shock and expecting that will happen tomorrow because we are very. right on through the night veronica thank you so much stay safe around a calderon journalist joining us from mexico city thank you.
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meanwhile another natural disaster is shaping up in the caribbean a category five hurricane maria has reached the eastern end of the u.s. territory of puerto rico officials there are warning it could be the strongest storm on record to hit the island in maria's wake a trail of destruction the storm has battered the french territory of guadalupe and the u.s. virgin islands after a direct hit on dominic where the prime minister said it had caused mind boggling destruction now puerto rico is bracing for the worst. the first signs of what was to come strong winds and heavy rain lashed puerto rico as maria made its presence felt the message from the authorities has been clear evacuate or you're going to die. we have not experienced an event of this magnitude in our modern history my administration has
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done everything within our power to prepare for this event and to protect the lives of everyone in the island including establishing over five hundred shelters. the earth or it is have been going from house to house warning people. and residents have readied their homes as best they can but what chance will nails and ropes really have against the force of maria and despite the government's efforts many people have been reluctant to leave. was the show to us a people's best chance of writing this storm i wrote what's a rico was largely spared by hurricane wilma two weeks ago many people fled he had to escape that storm now that taking maria full on money the keeping up their spirits as best they can.
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maria is taking largely the same path as. pictures have a much from the first islands it hits guadalupe martinique they were further from the storm center on suffolk relatively little but there's great concern over the fate of one island which was less lucky dominica took maria's full force. the island's prime minister tweeted to remain calm interest reporting widespread devastation then communications with dominica went down the prime minister's last words we will need help my friends we will need help of all kinds. stake a look now at some of the other stories making headlines around the world today british counterterrorism officers have arrested three people in wales in connection with last week's attack on a london commuter train that brings to five the total number of arrests two others
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were detained on saturday a day after a homemade bomb wounded thirty people. protesters have gathered outside cats alone is economy ministry after a spanish police officer arrested a junior minister in early morning raids on the regional governments offices this as spain continues its crackdown ahead of catalonia as planned independence referendum on october first the government in madrid has called the vote illegal. well it could be one of the biggest mergers in the steel industry the german steel company and its indian rival tata have announced plans to consolidate their european production if the deal wins regulatory approval each company will own pippi percent of the new company the headquarters will be located in the netherlands just in cook and tata both project that four thousand of the total forty eight thousand jobs in administration and production will be lost the new
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synergies should save the company's six hundred million euros a year the steelworkers union called for a protest demonstration european steel makers have been under pressure for years from china and the cheap steel it produces for the world market. earlier we spoke to just include chief financial officer guido kirchhoff and asked him about the close about the close to four thousand job cuts that this merger would bring i think this number giving more than forty five thousand employees that we have in these assets current b. and that we want to realize it over a timeframe of the first year is clearly indicates that there will be redundancies but the that the volume of the redundancies is a lot less than many people expected and on top of that one clearly has to say if both parties continue standalone i think the redundancies to cope with the challenges of our industry would be higher.
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in beautifully a soccer action shocker off to a roaring start to the season under new coach dominik code tedesco winning three out of four games but tuesday brought their sternest tests yet by and munich except the bavarians were missing injured goalkeeper manuel neuer so did that give an edge to the royal blues take a look. all eyes were on savannah on tuesday off the model and though it was yet ending injury he was one of six new players this college teammate wholesale changes up to the weekend when of a minds the new look by made the strongest stunt with sebastian hooty testing it out of famine early on. the visitors kept up the pressure and it paid off in the twenty fifth minute rodriguez bust into the box and hit now though from close range the bit video referee correctly deemed it to be a handful and gave a penalty and the boy robert levin dusky steps out to open the
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story was the big four minutes later shall go at their own undoing they lost possession in the seven by in their second goal on a platter the bahamas with his first goal in his first win this latest os. the big shocker didn't let their heads drop up the pitch had a bit of a wobble team is saved his goalkeepers blushes above. both sides had decent chances in the second half but it was by who found the back of the nets again it was involved this time setting up to review for the third and final go above.
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so i kept a clean sheet as by when that second game in a row while shot show united front as a sub for that home defeat of the season. and just forgo a reminder of the top story we're following for you here today on day to be news a powerful seven point one magnitude earthquake in central mexico has killed more than two hundred people. dozens of buildings have collapsed in the capital including a primary school where more than twenty children are confirmed dead that's mexico's second big quake in as many weeks. so you news for now sumi will be with you with another full bulletin at the top of the next hour thanks for watching. everyone my name is made by you then as nearly as i was deja vu steve forbes you tube channel you have only the four seasons we have all the stories now moves day tournaments that you just go.


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