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what do the different parties stand for. and which party will come out on top. d w your expert on germany's bundestag election two thousand and seven to. take germany decides german bundestag election two thousand and seventeen on d w. this is d w news live from berlin a powerful earthquake strikes mexico the second in as many weeks the death toll from the seven point one magnitude tremor has been rising fast and now stands at
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more than two hundred including many children at a primary school in mexico city. also coming up another natural disaster this one in the caribbean hurricane maria has made landfall on puerto rico it is one of the strongest hurricanes ever to hit the u.s. territory. plus history in the making at the united nations a ceremony marking the first ever global treaty aimed at banning nuclear weapons happening right now in new york we ask if it has a chance of ever being implemented. and going to take a soccer rising shellcode face their toughest test yet the season where they took on mighty by an. i'm sorry so much come a good to have you with us we begin in a mexico where a powerful seven point one magnitude earthquake has killed more. and two hundred
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people the quake sent thousands of people running into the streets we have video of the moment when an eyewitness filmed the been building collapsing in mexico city and then a look into the dust and rubble from a balcony in the city center dozens of buildings have collapsed in mexico's capital people ran from falling debris as they sought safety emergency crews and civilians are now searching for survivors who may be trapped including in the debris of a collapsed primary school. a long night in search of survivors part of this three story primary school collapsed after the quake. crews try to reinforce the building and find those still trapped inside. it was scales i arrived just after the quake my kids go to school in the next street and with us all the school i panicked and iran to get my children spend
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afternoon here watching the rescue. someone had written silence on this wall so searches could hear any calls for help keeping hope alive and confirmed reports two girls have standup what's up messages from under the rubble. some relatives were asked to identify bodies rescuers recovered more than twenty most of them children. also at the site the country's president offered words of comfort. this earthquake is a hard test and a painful one for our country. mexicans have had were very difficult experiences with quakes in the past and we have learned how to respond to these incidents with a spirit of solidarity the state of poor bush has also been hard hit located at
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a quite happy center many buildings crumbled dozens from the region perished beneath the debris. residence described their harrowing experience. people are very scared and some crying and screaming i've seen people you know know the street having what looked like nervous breakdown. man. we don't know what will happen next if there will be an aftershock so it's best for us to leave because in two three days things will be more stable. she stays earthquake struck less than two weeks after another powerful quake in the south at least ninety people died in that tremor it also fell on the anniversary of the one nine hundred eighty five quake that killed about ten thousand more than three decades ago. well
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a dramatic images on social media showed just how dangerous the aftermath of the earthquake is there have been fires and gas explosions as a result of damaged buildings and infrastructure and we're about to see here what's the presumed to be a factory or commercial building in a crowded part of the city and emergency crews and residents of mexico city are helping out with a rescue efforts are clearing debris and looking for survivors and there are hope so google's person finder database will help those in mexico the open a public platform allows users to search for a missing loved ones and offer information about people others might be looking for . let's speak to journalist veronique or call their own she's in mexico city and joins us on the line they don't where were you when the quake struck and what did you feel. well it was about one p.m. i was walking down the street and there were literally started trading like and i
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mean there were before. i almost felt. very kind rockne. and i started to see i'm likely to lead hundreds of people in the streets that came down buildings businesses restaurants. compulsion confucian and. in the very first that works it must been a very scary experience but only after the quake what are some of the other dangers that people are facing at this point we understand there have been no fires and buildings are still at risk of falling down. yes there's many mexicans that caps spend the night. not at their homes because. you had the buildings have suffered damage. and also we're expecting the aftershocks so. for for caution it's better to to not
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to try to being this kind of buildings. the authorities are next per se it's ok to come back we saw in our report that very tragic story of some twenty children killed when a primary school collapsed what is the latest you can tell us on the rescue operation there. bill. bryson to you to carry seven that. the huge tray or two yard children. there were thirty children missing last night so your must be at least. and the kids we don't know anything get bad mostly on the rubble. well we're waiting right now there's going to kids in the hospital. and. world.
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without a doubt one of the saddest stories of the day indeed that i need you have been out in the streets and looking at some of the rescue operations that are going on how are people who are still trapped in buildings how are they signaling to emergency crews. there was really incredible story about. there's. signalled that risk yours ask for silence. just to be sure there's people screaming on the rubble. or even we knocks or. well in whatever way they can. so. i was i was just saying for example that people shrouds see then zero which means highlands in spanish. if they hear some kind of answer under the rubble they
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shout that maybe call maybe go which means a doctor. ok so rescue out there saying they're still trying to find people there in the rubble very dramatic situation a journalist that only got color on the line with us from mexico city thank you very much for that update. thank you so much now to another natural disaster hurricane maria wreaking havoc across the eastern caribbean these are images here were taken from a nasa satellite now the eye of maria has now made landfall in the u.s. territory of puerto rico after weakening to a category four storm officials on the island have been warning it could be one of the strongest or the strongest storm on record to hit the island and the storm has already battered the u.s. virgin islands and the french territory of guadalupe after a direct hit on domenico where the prime minister said it caused mind boggling destruction now it is puerto rico's turn. these were the first signs of maria
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bearing down on puerto rico winds rain and surf pounding the coastline as the storm made its presence felt the message from the authorities was clear evacuate we are going to die. we have not experienced an event of this magnitude in our modern history my administration has done everything within our power to prepare for this event and to protect the lives of everyone in the including establishing over five hundred shelters. or the like and the other thirty spent the last days going from house to house warning people residents that homes as best they could but what chance will nails and ropes really have against the force of maria. and despite the government's efforts many people were reluctant to leave.
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the shelters a people's best chance of riding the storm out when it's a rico was largely spared by hurricane emma two weeks ago many people fled here to escape that storm now they are taking maria full. this is the first category four storm to hit rico for eighty five years as it made landfall near. wind gusts topped one hundred ninety kilometers per hour. and this is what's maria has left behind the island of dominica strewn with debris . for hours after the hurricane hit all communications were down days of the first images to reach the outside world and the first reports from on the ground speak of total destruction and aid to the dominican prime minister said most housing was significantly damaged or destroyed power and water gone he made
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a desperate appeal for help. just how many people have been killed may not be clear for some time. now to some other stories making headlines around the world the regional leader of catalonia has accused spain of totalitarianism after spanish police raided several regional government offices and arrested twelve official spain wants to stop catalonia from holding an independence referendum it considers unconstitutional thousands of people gathered outside the catalan government offices to protest the police operation. kenya's supreme court has been delivering its reasons why it nullified last month's presidential election result judges said the country's electoral commission had made a number of procedural errors president who can yet that was declared the winner of the vote before it was an adult a rerun of the election will be held in october. and
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syrian government forces have launched dozens of airstrikes on the rebel held region of after insurgents launched a large offensive against pro-government forces activists say four medical facilities were damaged and at least two civilians killed syria's military denies those reports. you're watching d.w. solar come on the program in mid week bundesliga action byron's reserve goalkeeper was looking nervous in their outing and shocker stay tuned to see if it cost the champions. now a news of a merger between two steel giants on the cards and monica has that story exactly so me so if it goes ahead it would be one of the biggest mergers in the steel industry german steel company to cope and indian rival tata have agreed to consolidate their european operations he goes the asians are expected to conclude at the start of twenty eighteen and if approved by regulatory authorities both companies which tie up to become to some corp tata steel with both sides owning fifty percent of the
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new company headquarters will be located in the netherlands where the move will likely lead to job losses which will be shared between twosome corp and tata the new synergies should say for the company's six hundred million euros per year the steelworkers union announced a protest march for friday european steel makers have been under pressure for years from china and the cheap steel it produces for the world market. and for more on that a mega merger in the steel industry i am joined now by the chief financial officer of his in club good to cacophony he joins us from the quarters in s. and good to have you with us so what are we to make of this a merger does it mean that to some cope is now turning its back on the steel industry. no that is clearly not the case i mean take a look at the history of towson krup as the name already to some trouble as
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a result of mergers coming from the past it was to us and it was crap it was first it was run style and we've seen over the past that mergers happened to address all the issues of over capacities in the steel industry in the past this now for us is the next step of a merger addressing the issue of over capacities the stable to a bit we could amanda in europe so we think together with tata who is more or less the same cultural values as we have in our company that this merger will allow us to address the challenges in these markets a lot better than do it standalone seventy there is a looks inclined to create this number two in europe ok so it is a kind of survival strategy and as you say you hope to create number two in europe i know that the c.e.o. of tata chandrasekaran has called this merger just a few moments ago a momentous occasion tata steel is of course a major rival also of to some corp what exactly are those synergies that you're
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looking for you know we're looking to four hundred to six hundred million of synergies and you lead to achieve in the merger and the phase one we definitely see synergies in general administration but in the production side as we do it as well we definitely think on r. and d. on procurement but on bad a capacity utilization as well across our assets that we will then commonly share we can have a better position and realize synergies we couldn't realize each of us standalone and therefore we think with that this will have less impact on the employment than we would have if we were to can continue both standalone get a cash chief financial officer to some cope thank you so much for joining us here in the. now the manager is also a major talking point in germany's financial hub frankfurt our markets
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correspondent daniel cope tells us about some reactions from the trading floor that when investors are very much appreciating this news to some corpus one of the biggest winners here today at the blue chip index stocks their shares were up at some time already with three per cent and they're saying that this joint venture is a very good idea because you know european steel companies are having a very difficult time with all this steel coming with dumping prices from china we are hearing though that politicians here in germany are concerned about this joint venture just a little bit earlier german labor minister. was saying that she is not really in favor of this that she also think that this is not a good idea to move the new headquarter to amsterdam and that also no jobs should be a victim off this joint venture all right daniel of course financial markets including european markets are looking to the u.s. today investors away the conclusion of the u.s.
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federal reserve meeting for clues as to whether a third interest rate hike is on the cards for this year. economists say the federal reserve is unlikely to announce a rate hike today it could instead begin to unwind its massive four point five trillion dollars bond portfolio those assets were purchased by the fed during the financial crisis as a stimulus solid job growth in a stronger economy have recently pushed the board in the opposite direction it has already raised interest rates twice this year we conflation remains a concern the fed is expected to raise rates again in december global investors are also awaiting the news out of washington the booming u.s. market in the weaker yen or positive signs for japanese exporters in particular japan's nikkei exchange finished tuesday on a two year high the nikkei was quieter wednesday as well markets across asia traders are acting with caution before the fed announcement. all right let's go back to don your quote in frankfurt how big an issue is the fed rate decision for
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european stocks well the press conference off the head of the fed is going to be held after markets are actually already closed here in europe but investors are keeping a very close eye on this when you talk about the blue chip index stocks today. and exacts cannot really decide for a direction you can feel that investors are a little bit nervous about what she is going to say even though we are not really expecting big surprises most likely we just heard it in your report as well there are not going to be higher interest rates but investors will be mostly keeping an eye on the wind off the four point five four point five trillion born port for you it's something you know that they have been asking off of the european central bank here and frankfurt to do but also because of the inflation rate that is not really meeting the gold off the e.c.b. this hasn't been here the case so far i don't you know cope in frankfurt thank you
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so much for that. the trump administration is preparing to make it easier for american gun makers to sell small arms including assault rifles and ammunition to foreign buyers reuters news agency reports the changes can be implemented without congressional approval president trump wants to shift oversight of international nonmilitary firearm sales from the state department to the commerce department the new rules will cut government red tape and regulatory costs boosting u.s. exports of small arms creating jobs in the u.s. . the historical deal to secure peace in the world is in the making sumi has that news thank you monica u.n. secretary general antonio terrace is presiding over the signing ceremony for the first ever global treaty aimed at banning nuclear weapons more than one hundred twenty countries approved the treaty back at the start of july some forty boycotted it including every country with nuclear capabilities many of those countries argue
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that scrapping nuclear weapons may be a nice aim but impossible to realize in practice they aren't expected to change their mind soon but the treaty supporters still call it an important step towards a nuclear free world and the ten page agreement is open for signatures today needs to be signed by more than fifty to be signed in international law here's what those signing up are agreeing to the treaty includes a comprehensive set of prohibitions on the participating in any nuclear weapon activities these include undertakings not to develop a test produce acquire possess stockpile use or threaten to use nuclear weapons whether this treaty will have any impact is yet to be seen. let's put that question to go karma cuts and over she is the director for the international organizations and nonproliferation program at the center for nonproliferation studies that thank you very much for joining us on our program now as we said around forty nuclear
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armed countries will not sign so how effective can this really be is it likely to ever be implemented. hi and thanks for having me well there are only a nine countries in the world that actually have nuclear weapons or are known to have nuclear weapons so they are are quite a small minority if you think about it the rest of the countries that boycotted negotiations are mostly the allies of those nuclear weapon states and as you said the nuclear arms states and a lot of their allies will not be joining the treaty today or in the very near future but those who pushed for the treaty and hugo sheeted it didn't have illusions on that front because the main idea behind this bringing up this treaty was to create a normal to prohibit to really send a message that the international community does not believe nuclear weapons are an acceptable or legitimate instrument or security so there is that as the more the more countries join even if they don't have nuclear weapons the stronger that
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message will be in the greater will be the pressure on those that haven't joined to sign on so this is this is a step in the long term process this is not meant as a kind of a naive project to try to bring about nuclear disarmament tomorrow ok but does a normative prohibition as you called it make sense at this stage when we're seeing threats from a north korea for example the iran deal doesn't make sense to attempt to prohibit nuclear weapons right now. well i actually felt from many countries who supported the prohibition treaty the threats coming out of north korea and indeed out of some other countries that have nuclear weapons only underscore the urgency of negotiating a pact like this and establishing a norm that we use the threat of use and possession of their weapons in an acceptable and illegal and there is nothing in the it on deal that contradicts that and indeed if iran were to join the provision treaty it would mean that it on takes additional legally binding obligations not to pursue nuclear weapons and that that
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many countries view as a positive one the critics are saying that this treaty will jeopardize the treaty of the nonproliferation of nuclear weapons that will replace that. now the truth is not meant to replace the creation treaty and in fact it is meant by those who supported it and go she did it to help implemented one of the articles of the non-christian treaty which commits all our states parties to pursue negotiations towards nuclear disarmament they have core many decades been asking nuclear weapons states to live up to that commitment and begin negotiations on nuclear disarmament but ultimately decided that they have to take ownership of that process because it is a commitment on all states qualities and so this treaty is a step towards implementing the n.p.t. there are possible frictions frictions between the two on the on the political level but there is nothing in the ban treaty that specifically aims to replace or
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contradict any of the provisions of the n.p.t. all right go come a cut and over from the center for nonproliferation studies in vienna thank you very much. to the wonderfully going our shaka had made a strong start to the season under new coach to many go to desk but by need it came to town on tuesday and despite being without goalkeeper manuel neuer the bavarians put on a show. all eyes were on savannah on tuesday off the model in those year ending injury he was one of six new players as he made wholesale changes after the weekend win over minds the new look by made the strongest stunt with sebastian hooty testing it out of famine early on. the visitors kept up the pressure and it paid off in the twenty fifth minute rodriguez bust into the box and hit now though from close range the bit video referee correctly deemed it to be
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a handful and gave a penalty. the both robin eleven dusky steps up to open the story was the big four minutes later shall go at their own undoing they lost possession in the seven by in their second goal on a platter the bahamas with his first goal for in his first win this latest os. the but shocker didn't let their heads drop and marched up the pitch had a bit of a wobble team is saved his goalkeepers blushes above. both sides had decent chances in the second half but it was by him who found the back of the nets again it was involved this time setting up to review for the third and final go above.
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so i kept a clean sheet as by when that second game in a row while shaka show united front as they suffer that home defeat of this season . are mine are not our top story at this hour a powerful seven point one magnitude earthquake in central mexico has killed more than two hundred people dozens of buildings have collapsed in the capital and. looting a primary school where more than twenty children are confirmed dead it's mexico second big biggest quake in as many weeks and remember it is only four days ago to germany decides and we want you to join the discussion on the election follow debuts coverage online at. get your updates on our t.v. news a facebook page or you can follow us on twitter and use the germany decides hashtag our social media team is waiting to hear from you.
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thank you we're back at the top of the hour. it's a huge waste of resources. in tact diesel vehicles and land in the junkyard millions
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of tons of food land in the garden. that's everyday life in a throwaway society. sustainability is more important than ever but how can the massive squandering of resources really be avoided. made in germany next. top model struck their stuff at the october event. these splendid. forces posing in front of the augustine or brewery tent i have jewels of the festival in. after their daily styling and sparked a photo shoot. with fans from all over the world. here on macs in sixty minutes a w. go to visit a african. tour and link to news from africa and the world or link to
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