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tv   The Day - News in Review  Deutsche Welle  September 21, 2017 6:03am-6:31am CEST

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the right answer but anything else with regard to north korea i think is wrong and that is why we clearly disagree with the us president and with. kenya's supreme court has delivered its full judgement on last month's an old presidential election the court criticized the country's election board for failing to verify the official results before and once in them but judges stopped short of saying the vote was definitely rigged kenyan police fired tear gas at opposition and ruling party supporters demonstrating outside the court as the ruling was issued. just there on the americal speaks out on trump in a d.w.i. exclusive she called trump's rus north korea absolutely inappropriate i'm sara herman in berlin and this is the day.
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even though this conflict is far away from germany is also affects us all that is why i am prepared to asses the foreign minister to assume responsibility. but we took parson negotiating the around agreement which i think is good and better than having no agreement to toll. it took many years as in the end it did limit iran's possibilities for nuclear armament and that's because i think we must take the same path or a similar one with russia with china together with the us also in the case of north korea. the united states has great strength and patience but if it is forced to defend itself or its allies we will have no choice but to totally destroy north korea than i am against threats of this kind and speaking for myself and the government i must say that we consider any talk of military solution to be
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absolutely inappropriate and we are counting on diplomatic efforts which must be vigorously implemented on the ball and in my opinion sanctions and in forcing those sanctions are the rise on sir. but anything else with regard to north korea i think is wrong and that is why we care you disagree with the u.s. president. also coming up on the day how slow him down can lead to more happiness a buddhist monk joins me in the studio to reveal his secrets to a better life that's coming up in twenty minutes. but first germany's chancellor speaks out on north korea crisis just days ahead of germany's general election on the americal said she disagrees with trump's military ultimatum to north korea as part of a d w exclusive interview merkel offered germany's help and negotiating a diplomatic solution yesterday trump told the un that the u.s.
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would destroy a north korea and inappropriate response as miracle take a listen. i promise you is the only way to solve the north korea conflict according to the german chancellor in an exclusive interview with g w hunger merkel spoke out in favor of multilateral negotiations involving international partners such as china russia and the united states even if this conflict is far away from germany it's one that also affects us that's why i'm prepared to assist the foreign minister to assume responsibility here. we took part in negotiating the iran agreement which i think is good and better than having no agreement at all. it took many years but in the end it did limit iran's possibilities for nuclear armament. addressing the u.s. president's threats to destroy north korea angela merkel had
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a special message for donald trump. we consider any type of military solution to be absolutely inappropriate and we're counting on diplomatic efforts this must be vigorously implemented in my opinion sanctions and enforcing these sanctions are the right answer but anything else with regard to north korea i think is wrong and that's why we clearly disagree with the u.s. president. with holes in her favor until america can feel confident that she'll be reelected as chancellor of the a if he is likely to win seats in parliament for the first time machall ruled out ever cooperating with the far right party and she promised to take the concerns of those who feel disadvantaged seriously. my you know and my answer is clear to solve people's problems the worries they have having their own jobs as well as decent schools and doctors to really take care of these issues but on the other hand to signal
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a clear stop to hatred and violence. the interview with chancellor merkel was the last in a series of seven that included all top candidates of germany's major parties if recent surveys are correct on sunday younger americans conservative c.d.u. c.s.u. will become the strongest political power and she could become one of the longest serving chancellors in german history. of the more i'm joined by the woman who conducted that interview our editor in chief has pull in is great to have you in the studio today we heard merkel making this offer to mediate with north korea do you think that's a real offer or is this more of a political campaign thing well four days before the election everything is kind of complaining right but i think she makes a point that first of all she is from the east of germany and we all know germany was divided as korea's and i both in south korea and then there was the korean war
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when then peace and germany really bonded with russia and they had really close ties to north korea so that there is a historical bond between germans and north koreans but i think it's really most and mainly her experience as a young woman being brought up in eastern germany that she really wants to help to bring also this country together again ok so you see this as a very genuine offer how do you think it's going to go down with voters here in germany i think would voters here really do appreciate is her harsh critique against donald from donald trump it's just not like in germany i mean first of all we really have to remember how much president barack obama was loved you know he was such a different personality type of personality compares to bush and he brought so much hope and youth and and you united states to to europe and to germany and
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now we have to trump was flip flopping who is giving these speeches full of hate and totally concentrated on his own country this is. mary come first is not coming down very well in germany than a lot of people have said medical is now the leader of the free world when you spoke with her today as did you feel that she had a sense of that responsibility weighing down on her shoulders she talked about that actually you know i exactly are asked her you know how do you feel feeling this burden the whole world to so many expectations towards you. and she's she feels it and she is you know she's she knows that many many people expect many things of but she's a decent person she's just she's not a because she's just very serious very down to earth and she trusts just tries to solve problems that's her main take that's what she wants to do for another four years ok she's widely expected to be given another four years but it is you're a really interesting position because you've now interviewed seven i believe of the
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leading party candidates all of them that's not something a lot of people can say how is sitting down with these high ranking politicians and getting to ask whatever you want how is that shaped your view of what issues are really driving this election i have to say we have many many great politicians in germany and i covered the u.s. elections for dutch as i remember in the united states and you know when i compare have very bad discussions that debates it was while i was a little contant religion and here many many politicians have vote thought through ideas great programs so we are debating a big debate you know in a very high level not when it comes to the if do you this is all a far right wing party but excludes the this party i have to say we had many great discussions here in this very studio with these politicians from these various partners so i have to say germany is a pretty good spot compared to other countries germany is in a pretty good spot things are about to change on sunday we'll be watching that very
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closely you know thank you so much for being with us in the studio today. and of course you can find the entire interview that are did with chose our medical on our web site that's d.w. dot com along with all of our election coverage that's on d.w. dot com and our facebook page and we would really love to hear what you think about germany's election so go ahead and share your thoughts with us on twitter and use the hash tag internally decides so you can be part of artist gosh. well as germany's election inches closer many people are wondering how secure is the voting process after all recent presidential elections in the u.s. and in france where dogged by allegations of russian interference so could germany be the next target our reporter went to find out. what's the likelihood that sunday's election will be a true reflection of voters' wishes that the electorate will decide who gets in
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instead of hackers are there any security gaps two weeks back one how could decided to find out he succeeded in hacking the software that transfers the election results and managed to manipulate its data. yes i was you'd have to i know the way it looks a fifteen year old could have done the same with talent and a bit of creativity software all. could one. bloke a marxist make a doll believes that german authorities are still not concerned enough about digital data security if that morning at night it departed for months we've been discussing the potential for attacks on our electoral infrastructure so it's shocking to find that the central election software is clearly full of security loopholes and hide software often so he follows the heights looking is. when exactly does the election process become
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vulnerable to attack germany still votes with pen and paper each voter placing a cross on a voting slip and dropping it in a ballot box the votes are also counted by hand collating the final results on paper takes days but computers come into play to ensure the preliminary results for the election night itself vote tallies are entered into a program which transfers them to a central point for collation this week point is where there is potential for hackers to strike. in berlin the software is installed centrally our statistics office accesses the data to prepare and publish the results. everything is centrally stored in a secure computing center. so we have no security concerns. as he. hits boston is responsible for ensuring that the votes of some two point
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five million berliners a properly evaluated on sunday but has the program been tested to confirm it could withstand a hacking attempt the suburbs here and we haven't done that yet we have to think about it. the first known hack into government systems was in twenty fifteen it drove the entire parliamentary network offline and created a huge scandal if hackers manipulated this week's election results it could prove the last straw for many citizens online being to nuts who quoting online sounds like a dream and it smacks of innovation in the future triggering hopes of an automatic increase in voter turnout. but anyone who knows anything about security warns against it the results could not be guaranteed. and in so we should be thankful we still have paper voting in germany. that means the
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results can be physically verified down to the very last vote and in a time when hackers threaten the very foundations of democracy that's a security measure worth holding on to. all foreign joined now by dr and chi and she's a researcher on information security at the hostile planner institute thanks for being with us dr kayyem we just heard germany votes mostly on paper but the final vote tally is done on a computer how vulnerable is the country to hacking. song there are for us every other country but there are measures to protect against this attacks and also if you look at things like what has happened on social media for example in cut in tantra snake the you is an in friends we see there germany has learned a lot from the mistakes that the u.s. and france for example have made and so i have i feel positive that there are good
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measures to protect against her. and then one deeds to think about what the goal of hacking is is it to prevent people from voting or is it to falsify the elections if the goal is to prevent people from voting then we see that social media can also be used to prevent such things from happening for example you see that in the arab spring or praising so and elsewhere in the world with social media has played a greater all through the data thirty generate from protecting against fraud or impositions of course meant on democratic in general i think same time a lot of people are concerned about so-called fake news being spread through sites like facebook do you think that's a risk that fake news could be influencing voters here in germany i also said before learning from what happened in the usa what has happened in friends in
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canada for example where around the word for example in africa i think germany's in a really good position to have learned from the mistakes of all of these countries so yes fake news is a problem bird and there are ways of identifying and used and because the public is sensitized to this they know about this so we are in there is information we end the age of data there is no running away from the data is going to be generated which means a human pain so generating. this data and the real way to protect against things like fake news is to educate the public all right well here's hoping that germany's election runs smoothly with no hacking that's dr and kai am at the hostel planner institute thanks for joining us on the day. when the death toll in mexico's earthquake has reached more than two hundred the
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powerful seven point one magnitude quake sent thousands of people lining into the streets one witness recorded this building collapsing in mexico city some onlookers ran as a university hall disintegrated there along with dozens of other buildings in mexico's capital chunks of falling debris create a hazard in the quake's aftermath emergency crews are now searching for people who've been trapped in the rubble and one of the most desperate rescue efforts is now under way at a primary school volunteers have found another survival dozens of children are still missing. it has become the focal point of the latest natural disaster to hit mexico rescue workers and emergency crews have flocks to this primary school in the desperate search for survivors they're exhausted after working through the night while there's hope they'll keep on going. is believe
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it's possible there are survivors because we confirmed this with a thermal camera which detects human heat the conditions aren't optimal but we're doing the best we can all these people are. both of you know to think. of all the buildings to have collapsed the school story is pops the most harrowing many children have already lost their lives under the rubble here and many more are still missing. some panic stricken parents have reportedly received text messages from their children trapped inside. in a cruel twist of irony the seven point one magnitude quake struck just after many in the city had carried out an earthquake drill like every year that drill was shed jeweled on the anniversary of a nine hundred eighty five earthquake that killed more than ten thousand people. this latest adversity has united the city in both grief and determination people from all walks of life are formed human chains to help rubble.
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because you want to help out but you can't do anything you want to do everything quickly it's like a human survival instinct but you can't do anything. but the sheer number of people involved is also complicating efforts. rescuers regularly call for silence and he sounds misty's a possible life lost. as the search for survivors continues many in the city have taken refuge on the streets the second quake to hit the country in just two weeks has left them with nowhere else to go. mexico's president enrique pena nieto says mexico is facing a new national emergency he's declared three days of national mourning to honor the victims. i have joined now by mark handy he seismologist at berlin's free university thanks for being with us in the studio today
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a seven point one magnitude quake absolutely devastating for the people in mexico how much advance notice was there that this was going to happen when did seismologists like yourself know this coming well had they known i'm sure they would have said something had they been sure the trouble is that it's very difficult based on. seismic events that are small to predict exactly when the big ones going to happen so that's why they probably remain silent it's very it's not like the weather then is that you can't say ok we're expecting a massive earthquake here in two days and that makes it all the more tricky to warn people do you think though that people in this region can look forward to more seismic activity in the coming days well certainly after a big event it's usual to have aftershocks so that people will become very nervous i'm sure they will feel quakes coming. when the and then these quakes thing die off with time so the frequency will decrease but there will be quakes in the next few days and this wasn't the first major earthquake in this part of mexico are there
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particular areas that are more prone to earthquakes yes there are. i mean mexico city's been hit before nine hundred eighty five is a very big one that killed almost ten thousand people so it's not exactly unexpected the trouble is that we can't say exactly when it's going to happen within three or four days the time that it would take to evacuees city it's just not possible so we can't really about where in advance of an earthquake what can we do if you feel an earthquake should you i've heard different things should you get in a door frame go into the table go outside what's your professional advice well it depends where you are in the building it depends how severe the shaking is instinctively i would say you disappear under something heavy something so that if the roof falls down then it doesn't fall on your head or at least the fall is broken so there are steps you can take the can anything be done on a larger scale to prevent the kind of death and destruction that we're seeing right now in mexico city well in mexico city in fact is already under take a number of steps they've they have a fairly good advanced warning system that is to say monitors they monitor the
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seismicity and they've also introduced building codes that are much stricter so that the buildings don't topple down quite as easily want to be given happens but in the end he would you vent like that and nothing can really prevent. being destruction a lot of this unfortunately that's markandey he's a seismologist at berlin's free university thanks for sharing your expertise. well death and destruction often dominate the news headlines even here on the day and that can be kind of depressing because at the end of the day we're all trying to balance the need to stay informed with the preservation of our own mental health and at the end of the day the pursuit of our own happiness i think most of us would agree we'd like to be happier well my next guest has some secrets to share about how we can make that happen he's an author and a buddhist monk is newest book the things you can see only when you slow down there is already a global bestseller i'm joined in the studio by heyman soon and thanks for being
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with us today re so pleased to have you thank you for inviting me yeah it's great it's great to have you here in the studio is quite rare that we get a monk on the day as a guests or tell us what is the secret to being happier well one of the secret is slow down you know if we can slow down and actually appreciate it while we do and if we can feel more you know we can feel happier we're living in a very. goal oriented society you know result oriented into process and we forget. we've we had we've become disconnected from the process and actually enjoy what we do so here you're saying slow down at the same time we can't all be buddhist monks we all have jobs we have relationships we have family demands so how concretely can we slow down without becoming unemployed and losing our relationships well if you have
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a ten seconds you know we can smile by smiling i mean it's only our facial muscles it's all the lessons and at the same time our heart rate slows down really yeah it does and also if you have one minute we can take a deep breath. do it together don't have. oh i feel better all right yeah so easing into the very relaxing sensations and letting go of your attentions and if you have let's say twenty minutes then take a walk take a walk yes and walking can actually bring so much you know physical and mental benefits so if you can just give yourself micro moments of you know slowing down and finding some. enjoyable things that you can do this can definitely help you feel better smile take a deep breath take
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a walk these are really good practical tips i'm curious how did you come to write this book what led you down this path well like back in two thousand and eleven you know i first heard about social media and so i thought maybe you know i should try it you know one of the usual for us to do so yeah yeah i wanted to reach out to other people i thought that maybe you can be a good you know haven't you so i as i was doing it i didn't know what to do is so i first tweeted you know what i ate you know who my math you know things like that in the nature then i realized that this is very very. boring you know. so that you know i was a get in touch with morrie you know meditative and reflective writings and then i start posting to posting them and then people really like them so they start asking me questions about you know i have a relationship problem i don't get along with my balls you know i don't know what
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it is that i want to do in my life you know or like i just lost my mother i don't know what to do deep question yes yes and then i try to you know help them so give them. practical advice yeah and then that becomes a book and a book that's really resonated you've sold over three million copies it's been translated into. more than thirty languages hold up let's go look at it and it just came out in german and in english it's called the things you can see only when you slow down briefly you're a monk with over a million twitter followers or how do you handle being a rockstar monk and also finding time yourself to slow down while you're on book tour well. i try to really connect to the people that i see in front of me and i just try to you know enjoy all the opportunity that i you know get to have so net and enjoy that sounds like two words we can leave it on
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great advice for our viewers heyman thank you for being with us on the day it was a pleasure thank you so much. well the day is nearly done but our conversation continues online you'll find us on twitter you can tweet at the news or at me at sarah harman five three and don't forget to use our hash tag the day i'll see you tomorrow thanks for spending part of your day with me by for now. entering the conflict zone fronting the powerful. this recount examines in london the day good result for you night trade you my guest is the union's general secretary len mccluskey to some east conflict activists towards to junk capitalism
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dagoes the trade union leader who simply wants to bring about a fairer and more equal britain what's the truth. next on dealing with. ashtanga germany decides the day before the general election on t.w. the day dedicated to democracy from its dramatically doings in germany on to the present day how is the nation of culture faring election year democracy day september twenty third on d w. this week comfort zone is in london at the headquarters of the unite trade union the biggest and most powerful backa of britain's labor party and its leader jeremy corbyn a my guest is the union's general secretary len mccluskey to some he's read the lead hard left activist who wants to junk capitalism to.


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