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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  September 21, 2017 9:00pm-9:15pm CEST

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our services. be our guest at frankfurt airport city managed by for. you're watching beat every news coming to you live from berlin germany's foreign minister all first a rebuke to donald trump's america first policy speaking at the united nations in new york's ignore ground world tells delegates that a stronger u.n. and more international cooperation is needed to confront challenges such as the north korean nuclear crisis want some one analysis coming up in just a moment plus
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a race against time in mexico as efforts to rescue survivors in the rubble of choosing a powerful earthquake continue. and thousands of supporters of cattle on independence rally in barcelona to protest against a crackdown by spanish police as the national government tries to prevent catalonia from killing in an authorized independence vote. i'm sara harman welcome to the show it's good to have you with us charlie is vice chancellors ignore gabrial has addressed the un general assembly in new york this speech offered something of a rebuke to u.s. president donald trump. the world needed to work together more rather than less stressed the importance of countries making compromises and working out lasting solutions together he said in the long term no country could win by going it alone
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something he said germany have learned directly from its nazi past. we know from our own experience we know that germany first did not make our country strong and prosperous. it was only european and international responsibility that gave germany peace and prosperity. no one loses an international cooperation. instead we all gain a new kind of sovereignty that we wouldn't have had his nation states on our own in today's world. well that was germany's vice chancellor mark gabrielle addressing the u.n. just a few minutes ago in new york and for some analysis i'm joined by our chief political correspondent melinda crane right out the gate what is you make of gabriele speech well definitely there was a rebuke there and it was nearly explicit he started out by saying national ego
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ism is worthless as an ordering principle for the twenty first century which clearly is intended to say to president trump the whole idea that one country can go it alone and be successful at that simply doesn't work today and he cited germany's experience saying that when germany took that approach and of course that's exactly what it did during the second world war that it did not obtain peace and security but the reverse and he said it was when we learned to work together with other countries within the international framework of laws and institutions that we truly achieved peace so i think that example is in essence a way of putting out something that's positive rather than simply bashing the u.s. president that would be an unusual move although certainly the president himself used some pretty unusual language in his own speech to the general assembly but nonetheless clearly sigma gabriele aiming to send
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a very direct message here to washington a very direct message to washington yesterday we heard miracle in our exclusive interview suggest that germany could play sort of a peacemaking role between the u.s. and north korea to pick up a lot of all well he talked about the fact that germany is absolutely determined to bear its share of responsibility within the international system and he coupled that with a renewed pally that germany be given a seat on the united nations security council that's something germany has wanted and work toward for quite a long time so not really something new. to there but the idea of a mediating role this has been broached a number of times in the last couple of months and it has essentially two foundations one is the german role in the talks with iran that produced the iran agreement and this is one of the reasons why the germans are pushing very hard including just now in this speech to say look we can't jettison that agreement that
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that agreement was arrived at by very tough negotiations and it is serving its purpose and most international diplomats do agree with the german foreign minister on that point so that's one thing the german role in getting that agreement the second one is the fact that germany is one of the few countries in the west that actually has diplomatic relations with north korea on the basis of the former communist part of the country which had an embassy in pyongyang and the north koreans had one here in berlin and that has been maintained even in united germany so there is a sense that germany could have a real value added in international negotiations though here too the german foreign minister was very clear to say we're not going to try to do this alone we're talking about doing this together with other members of the international community and the chancellor had the same had the same message we all have to work together unified message coming from germany a state of his chief political correspondent linda crane thanks for being with us in the studio. all chancellor angela merkel and
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a number of other german politicians have received threatening letters written in arabic sent to their private homes this just three days before germany holds national elections here you can see one of the letters sent to the green politician hans christian she drove posted it on twitter. please bear with us we're having a technical. breakdown here we go we've got catcher riedel joining us now she's an investigative journalist with the german broadcaster air she first reported the story thanks so much for joining us this evening tell us a little bit more about these letters who received them and what exactly was in the envelopes hello good evening what we know now if there are a lot of high ranking put into sions from germany the most prominent ones were just
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out and about moving. and. also the prime minister of. hamas so you will far receive the letters and also politicians from left wing parties and from the green party and inside of a razor blades and some wide powder and a rebel. wouldn't in revery row you bet already glenn which. which was saying a lot bought and. some threatening votes ok do you think sent these letters i think it's much too early to say anything about the postman's or a group who could have sent. what we know now is that that were sent from a region in north rhine-westphalia in western germany. from
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a certain post office there so not very much information to help put this in context for us how common is it the german politicians would be getting letters like. well it happens from time to time. what brought us to publish the story rolls that there was so many high ranking petitions and just three days. before germany elections and also that there was sent to their private addresses. for security kept secret and somebody must have collected them some while he was well informed ok so what kind of safety measures are currently in place in germany to make sure that politicians don't come into contact with letters like these in the case of chancellor angela merkel she's not opening how many books by herself or even daedalus. some body does that for her and the case of the members of
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parliament if they send to the parliament and they come to a certain office where there and after what's brought to the offices. capture riedel she's an investigative journalist who helped break this story thanks very much for joining us on g.w. news. more than two hundred thirty people are now confirmed dead following tuesday's earthquake in mexico rescue workers are still searching for survivors amongst the rubble of collapsed buildings and one of the most desperate efforts continues to center on a primary school in mexico city. as a country holds its breath these rescuers are working round the clock scouring for any sign of life the mix of colors shows the sheer scale of it soldiers police firefighters civilian volunteers they're all here the scene at what's left of this primary school is being played out nonstop on t.v. parents agony and relief shared with the nation. states that you know my children
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went to school here for six years from preschool to fourth grade thank god i took them out of the school and they were saved. and. the ills. the constant flow of work is arduous and incredibly delicate finding survivors is one thing getting them out safely quite another that you can see. partial collapses like this one captured life by the cameras pose a constant risk. that we can structures have complicated efforts to tunnel through to survivors with steel tubes specialist rescuers called moles have also been brought in to help by squeezing into narry spaces. you know you give me as they do it they're a very small holes and they asked if i could get inside as far as i could to see if i could hear something. obviously. everyone here is well aware that the longer
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this operation goes on the more it becomes one of recovery rather than rescue. but still there are glimmers of hope. both or he say they pulled more than fifty people alive from thirty nine collapsed buildings across the city but while people have rallied together in adversity tuesday's earthquake has raised an uncomfortable question. how could these buildings suffer so much damage standards were supposed to have improved after the devastating one nine hundred eighty five quake that killed ten thousand people. many now are too scared to return to their homes fearing further collapse is thousands of camping out in shelters but unlike some in the city they can be thankful they're safe and well. carlos crossman of mexico city where due to be correspondent hurley mission lloyd is on a story for us she joins us now on the line carolina how are the rescue efforts
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there progressing well i'm a fear if you're very tense not everyone is under pressure there are. people on the wings are able to survive after seven hours after the earthquake that would please they and the earthquake very well and they call it so it is one of the i don't i can try and i would like to underline the saudis are you guys that i can year people are helping and they are coming from everywhere from from there how do you make them cameras and also restaurants offering you for every one. child you want to call jointly so everyone can hear it but it's really a very very interesting to see that if that's how you are even calling him a job to help chrysler and i'm pentathlon to you here in mexico city hi carolyn isha more reporting for us on the earthquake and the recovery efforts in mexico
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city thanks very much to spain our supporters of catalonia independence are continuing their protest after the arrest of kind of on officials and raids on the wrong forces this ahead of how long as twenty to hold an unauthorized independence vote on october the first now during spans for direct scares me decades of dictatorship the catalan language was suppressed but since the return of democracies now been recognized as an official language catalonia is home to more than seven million people it accounts for a fifth of spain's economy. anger is growing in the catalonian capital alone and across the autonomous region of the spanish government efforts to prevent. for a second day pro independence supporters gather in front of his highest court they want the spanish government to release catalan officials detained in connection with the referendum. if they send tanks then
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we won't be able to vote but the images will be all over europe and everyone will know what's happening here. they've raided their offices and arrested our elected representatives we can't allow that to happen. there hating us if spain is a dictatorship they're violating our fundamental rights. the situation escalation on wednesday evening with the national police shooting rubber bullets and clashing with protesters. spanish authorities have confiscated some ten million ballot papers and arrested more than a dozen cattle and politicians and officials the spanish government says it had a right to do this because the constitutional court ten declared the referendum illegal. because we have the necessary instruments to stop the referendum if you think those who don't want to play by democratic rules won't get away with
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it. from now the two sides look like being on a collision course with nine down willing to back down. well it's going to do for us here on day w. news before we go here's a reminder of our headline this hour germany's vice chancellors ignore gabrial has warned against nationalism and address to the united nations wanting a counterpoint to the u.s. policy of america first kaberle said a stronger u.n. and more international cooperation is needed. as did every news thanks for watching . the whole g w o m one. for in focus global insights.


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