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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  September 21, 2017 11:00pm-11:15pm CEST

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crossing due to the news coming to live from berlin germany's foreign minister offers a rebuke to donald trump's america first policy speaking at the united nations in new york is ignore gabriele tells delegates a stronger u.n. and more international cooperation is necessary to confront challenges like north korea have some analysis coming up. also on the show rescue workers in the xico
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are in a race against time and efforts to pull people from the rubble truesdale as powerful quake continue but the work is slow and painstaking and the window for finding survivors and it's closing. plus thousands of supporters of cattle on independence rally in barcelona to protest a crackdown by spanish police as the national government tries to keep catalonia unfolding in an authorized independence vote. i'm sara hammond welcome to the show it's good to have you with us germany's vice chancellors eggnog and wales has addressed the un general assembly in new york a special offer something of a rebuke to u.s. president donald trump gabriele saw that the world needed to work together more.
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even less he stressed the importance of countries making compromises and working out lasting solutions together he said in the long term no country would win by going it alone something he said germany has learned directly from its nazi past. the from our own experience we know that germany first did not make our country strong and prosperous. it was only european and international responsibility that gave germany peace and prosperity. which. no one loses in international cooperation. instead we all gain a new kind of sovereignty that we wouldn't have had as nation states on our own in today's world. ganesh to have us germany's vice chancellors like mark gabrial delivering an address to the united nations general assembly in new york he made the trip in place of chancellor merkel who stayed here in germany to focus on the election now gabrial speech deserves some analysis and we actually have two
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analysts here for you we've got our chief political correspondent melinda crane and i'm also joined now from new york a by alexander fun naaman alexander let's start with you how did gabrielle speech go down there in the assembly what was the reception. well i would say from what i saw pretty well as you know germany is seen here as a very trusted were sea and reliable partner a partner that is perspective by many members of the u.n. general assembly and many of them were quite astonished and happy to see the german foreign minister here only a few days before the german election so the speech went down pretty well and the reason for that might be what you just said that in the he's an address the german foreign minister tried to set a sort of counterpoint to mr trump's message to the you and general assembly saying that putting your country first cannot solve any problems it can only lead to more
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conflicts and less prosperity and stressing that germany had experienced that that germany has learned from its history that it's international and he wrote responsibility first that. helped germany become a world see and respected nations all right so gabrielle in addition to those comments also tried to save the nuclear deal with iran want to let's take a listen to what exactly he had is that this is this year it is more important than that the architecture for arms control does not. exist existing treaties must not be called into question. just goes especially for the nuclear agreement with iran. was it what do you think dick gabriele managed to position himself as a strong leader for europe and the world well i think certainly he has
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a very strong case there and in fact there's pretty much nobody who doesn't see it that way the context to this the reason he says this is so important right now is that that agreement with iran can serve as some kind of model for a possible agreement with north korea and to throw that agreement that iran treaty overboard right now and actually even if the u.s. were to say it is if donald trump were to say in three weeks he's not going to certify compliance that is an action that he takes visa via the u.s. congress he alone cannot simply abrogate this treaty on behalf of all the partners of iran but nonetheless clearly the treaty would be undermined if the u.s. decided for instance to reimpose sanctions at some point gabrielle is saying look why would we do that when this is our only chance to resolve the conflict or the tensions with north korea is to get them to the negotiating table why would we send a signal that an agreement like the iran treaty is not worth the paper it's written
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on and i think pretty much everybody except for maybe japanese leadership is on the same page certainly the european leaders are the other european parties to the treaty with iran and essentially i think there's no country that believes there is a good military solution to these of the either north korea or iraq and yet in so many ways we have seen gabrial position himself against trump alexander i'd love to get your view there from new york what does it mean for german u.s. relations to have taking on such a strong anti trump position there in new york. well himself told us today to those relationships those relationships is this relationship is quite restrained that. it is difficult to cooperate with the united states with the us president donald trump who considers international
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stage that's old that's what real told us but of course we have to add that those countries are pretty much connected in very many different areas so we can assume that they will find a way to cooperate in the future anyway. one of the ways that many countries cooperate is of course through the united nations and real did underline the special role that the united nations play is and he mentioned the importance of germany's peacemaking efforts in particular a second listen to what he had to say. germany is committed to providing political humanitarian and peace building support in many crisis regions around the world. sometimes military engagement under the auspices of the united nations is also necessary. when it comes to peace building we have to make sure that we do not create an imbalance here. and i'm going to have
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a unique view on this year an american but you're living in germany for a long time do you think the world sees germany as a peacemaker now i think absolutely the world sees germany as a very important player on the international stage you probably remember some of the headlines after donald trump was elected saying america is now the leader of the free world so i think that germany has shown its willing to take more responsibility and certainly that was reiterated here by six and i think a lot of countries are looking for it to do so all right that is melinda crane chief political correspondent and alexander phenomena reporter on the scene in new york thanks to both of you for your thoughts. also at the u.n. general assembly president trump said he had signed an executive order that will allow tough new economic sanctions on north korea he made the announcement ahead of a meeting with the leaders of japan and south korea discuss the nuclear threat posed by pyongyang
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a new executive order will cut off sources of revenue that fund north korea's efforts to develop the deadliest weapons known to human kind the order in hand says the treasury department's authorities to target any individual or entity that conduct significant trade in goods services or technology with north korea. well turning now to some other world news it's now been over two days since a powerful earthquake rocks central mexico and rescue workers are still searching for survivors among the rubble of collapsed buildings but the window for finding people alive is narrowing and one of the most desperate efforts has been centered on a primary school in mexico city. as a country holds its breath these rescuers are working round the clock scouring for any sign of life the mix of colors shows the sheer scale of it soldiers police
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firefighters civilian volunteers they're all here the scene at what's left of this primary school is being played out nonstop on t.v. parents agony and relief shared with the nation. states that you know my children went to school here for six years from preschool to fourth grade thank god i took them out of the school and they were saved. and. the ills. the constant flow of work is arduous and incredibly delicate finding survivors is one thing getting them out safely quite another to see a. partial collapses like this one captured life by the cameras pose a constant risk. that we can structures have complicated efforts to tunnel through to survivors with steel tubes specialist rescuers called moles have also been brought in to help by squeezing into narry spaces. you know you give me as they do it they're a very small holes and they are asked if i could get inside as far as i could to
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see if i could hear something. obviously. everyone here is well aware that the longer this operation goes on the more it becomes one of recovery rather than rescue. but still there are glimmers of hope. all thirty say they pulled more than fifty people alive from thirty nine collapsed buildings across the city but while people have rallied together in adversity tuesday's earthquake has raised an uncomfortable question. how could these buildings suffer so much damage standards were supposed to have improved after the devastating one nine hundred eighty five quake that killed ten thousand people. many now are too scared to return to their homes fearing further collapses thousands are camping out in shelters but unlike some in the city they can be thankful they're safe and well. well in spain supporters of catalonia independence
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are continuing their protest after the arrest of catalan officials and raids on the wrong to says this ahead of catalonia has plans to hold an unauthorized independence vote on october first anger is growing in the capital barcelona and across the autonomous region of the spanish government's efforts to prevent next month's vote. for a second day pro independence supporters gather in front of his highest court they want the spanish government to release catalan officials detained in connection with the referendum. if they send tanks then we won't be able to vote. but the images will be all over europe and everyone will know what's happening here. they've raided their offices and arrested our elected representatives we can't allow that to happen. then we're having us if spain is a dictatorship they're violating our fundamental rights. in
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this situation escalation on wednesday evening with the national police shooting rubber bullets and clashing with protesters only on spanish authorities who confiscated some ten million ballot papers and arrested more than a dozen cattlemen politicians and officials the spanish government says it had a right to do this because the constitutional court ten declared the referendum illegal. because we have the necessary instruments to stop the referendum if you think those who don't want to play by democratic rules won't get away with it. for now the two sides look like being on a collision course with nine willing to back down. tell us calendar is one of the busiest in sports and now there's another tournament that's been added to the circuit a waiver cup is similar to go ryder cup although in this case it pits a european team against a world side you know groban is this friday in progress features
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a star studded lineup. rafael nadal and roger federer are used to facing off for the game's biggest prizes in prague world number one and two will be on the same side as part of team europe. captain bjorn borg believes the competition is going to take off i believe it's going to be one of the greats of the future. to be to be the captain of. the competition sees power grid human old rivalry with john mcenroe the fiery american is the captain of the team world featuring four of his countrymen as well as a canadian under the strain nick kyrgios is itching to do well in a tournament named after his compatriot the legendary rod laver. i was he wanted to be part of it because you know you look at all the great champions that are here. obviously read level we share the same you know we live in the same place so it's pretty special for him as for the darwin federer it will be
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a short lived union between two of the best players in the world the good will and after sunday's final matches. and that's. time for a quick reminder of our headline this hour germany's. spoken out against nationalism and trusting when general. call for a stronger un and more multilateralism to confront global crisis at. harman thanks for watching. your smart t.v. smarter with the d w four smart. what you want when you want. to do extraordinary.


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