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tv   Doc Film - Death in the Philippines  Deutsche Welle  September 22, 2017 11:15am-12:01pm CEST

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no illusions of the tough task ahead especially during october fest and this obvious will was once we know what's in store for us that it's a great experience for them to play at home at festival time and be able to prolong the evening feeling that's a cone and if eleven dollars he can reproduce the red hot form of two years ago for schmidt and his team could be a long night indeed. you're watching d.w. news coming to you from berlin we have another full bulletin coming up for you at the top of the next hour i'm richard will be with you then thanks for watching. stories that people of the world over information they provide opinions they want to express d.w.
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on facebook and twitter up to date and in touch follow us. you know if anybody my son was struck in the chest and he stumbled backwards. and then he was shot with. four times. five shots in the floor in the back and one in the head. one of them my son didn't survive yes yes .
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one night edness about his son didn't come home. at santa with. but it was early in the morning before i went to the market. and i knocked on his door wasn't there i went to the market but when i came back i heard that there had been a shooting in these. body you know and i wasn't worried about his service i'm not the real target was his friend. his host was just a bystander you know he was shot because he shouted at the killers. did use drugs but he didn't sell them and get.
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drug users are being hunted down on the streets of manila with. the patrols get their orders on what to do when they find a suspect. in the back i wake. up i don't know. that the thought that this guy may. do you know my. i get up or. when the police go and talk to people they give us here in san jose a test that says if someone has used drugs. that on. my case most wasn't the target his mistake was that he stood up. that's why he was shot there was only one shot and i don't want to say who shot him i'm. on your mind those who don't deal drugs should be left in peace and should only shoot the right targets the people that have actually done something. don't
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kill those who weren't involved. in. my. thank you. you mean you're going to come on over there when the officer will accompany you only. what. i can to sample to the car. it may officer will confirm the result. to be negative on making.
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the film crew would like to know what you think about the government's anti-drug campaign. oh my goodness. it's good that drug abuse is being tackled. would you like to say anything else about the war on drugs. but. this project should stop the sale and use of drugs. it's a real social epidemic looks wonderful. so you support the campaign yes my. mom is a liberal it was a very good thank you president revery go to tara table for starting this project. and for fighting crime. lists the one that i know.
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zomba is one of the activities that we offer here at the police station. we have three kinds of anti drug campaigns against illegal drugs. the fast is full scale legitimate police operations the second is the arrest of known uses. the third is voluntary surrender. i love. my appeal to those who've been avoiding the police stop using drugs before it is too late though. i was going to. lose. my name is daria. i'm fifty one years old. yeah i started using methamphetamines
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when my wife left me in two thousand and ten you want to. thank the ten zero zero for. people who don't want to stop using drugs end up getting killed. my who didn't you know they shouldn't be killed. they should be detained instead. then they can change their lives. but if they're killed that's bad. it's wrong to violate human rights but we can't do anything about it. or at least i can't say. i know where my body. so i like to exercise when i was a user and i ran out of drugs i could only sleep. now i feel i'm alive without
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drugs. i like to sweat. now my sweat smells good. before it used to smell bad on the bed but. now i feel good. at this rehabilitation center drug users who have turned themselves into the authorities must complete a six month program. that
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. slowly. for. you. thank. you habitation process actually takes three faces the first one would be detoxification and with all which is their removal of the broth drugs from the body and helping them by the adjusted options of the drugs. with a shovel or methamphetamine also known as crystal ice the detoxification process can be difficult depending on the symptoms of the patient's blood pressure skin increase heart rates can increase they can become. violent a small percentage to our day can have hundreds in nations and delusions.
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and beautiful and we're on edge many families are scared by the killings on the streets and again some just pray some want to surrender because of this campaign. but some others have doubts because they're afraid that they'll be killed. people should definitely quit drugs. i support that. my dog will not be nice and put a stack of books papa jack. when the people leave his process they go to their homes are they safe. you know what i'm referring to. are they say that i would not know a smart show they are even safe at home but after discharge share their to wired to report to their butt and i are the community community centers so that the
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community centers are aware that they have undergone rehab and still is in the process of rehabilitation even though their home we hope that gifts them safe and that if they are identified as a drug user hopefully they are not killed. by those that are supposed to be doing some killings in. the communities. in the night. normal. now. do you. think. that we're going to. let you know that. he's
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a bully user that hasn't used drugs for a month and a half. let's take your details. your name. jarred d j a r d y u v. the way. you get away. with it. may be. funny but it's positive but. you have to go to the town home and when did you last used drugs. whether a while ago with the money money money you have a job. right now i take care of
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a child to. see what i like all the time without. so he'll be taken somewhere he will be escorted to the town home. but then i will find out how much he uses drugs oh. my. goodness what i mean is that. it is used as a last you'll be put into rehabilitation or otherwise he'll be given drug counseling i thank you for that but you know my life. he said and done by shall i tell you cameron. the boy's name will be logged on the earth or. register that could have life threatening consequences.
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but i'm not going to. do it. and they need. more. money. but i'm going to do this. when you're not. going to get. in the city of along the authorities have come up with
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a work program for reform drug users. they build coffins for poor people. my name is and plead to a couple. i'm forty four years old. i surrender to the authorities because i want to change. again and i saw the t.v. coverage about the war on drugs and the killings so i decided to stop using drugs in this project we make coffins we get training and jobs and when. you get to know . things that i thought if i don't change i'll end up in one of the coffins i made. i need to show i've changed. i don't know about them but. you know we were
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afraid we didn't believe that the coffins were for the poor we thought they were for us. you know this is the way that the only. hope. when we stop taking drugs the coffins are in fact for the poor this is useful work so my ability. to work with the coffins remind us of where we could have ended up. and. i was you know then i was you know with the three men turned up and i was their faces were covered a lot they position themselves so that there was no escape and i'm one of the masked men came up to my son at the sea being out. with all your markets and i know . we could see his eyes that's all. you know he struck my son in the chest.
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my son stumbled backwards. and then they shot him. four times. some of the winnings from this card game will be donated to pay for funeral costs. just climbing a mountain but he didn't go with the lingo i mean why are people treated so my brutally. shouldn't they be given a chance to change. i can't just shoot them on the spot. can be a person can change after all it is possible for a person to change if someone in a position of authority gives them
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a good scolding. and foul now what would you studied you know better than this is i mean when you know my. feeling that i don't know what it was about but here people are being treated like dogs or pigs the killed just like that. saying no but they didn't mean i wasn't there when my son died i was sleeping but i heard the shots in the distance but it didn't stop. is that because if i had the chance i would ask the drug police or the president why did they do these things why is it so easy to kill people. but i'm going to be no money no one avoidance our. job. right. away to play. on the police no. people claim that when the police go
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to a recipe point they bring drugs with them and someone is arrested they plant drugs on him we now use you make an arrest and they get a cash bonus. if they don't find drugs on the person they just plant them and my fiance you know what analysts are not what i see that only small modality. in taiwan how could a suspect prove that the drugs came from the police average people like us can't understand that you know what i mean. and. i don't. mean. the manly. i think that's i know you don't know the vigil ends here my son will be buried tomorrow but i'm.
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guessing that because it's so sad my heart breaks every time i look at my son i want him to be buried on sunday like. you're. you're. we want to find out how president to terra his deadly campaign has affected the
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drug trade we arranged to meet a drug dealer in manila. this car has darkened windows we won't reveal the dealer's identity or show his face. i don't want to be somewhere but there's a drugs used to cost the equivalent of sixty five euros you know now it costs two hundred eighty years that's a big increase. in the line and when. i ordered me i don't like was going on right now. you might i don't want to get killed. you know i'm really novice you know. in the end. you won't surrender. and they use that to their own. vantage with you can still come after you that happen near here and i'm a lot of people surrendered gave their information and then they were released
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a couple of weeks later with my old dad. was a pile of bodies on the train tracks it somewhere but i don't know you know us. how long the drug trade will continue as long as the dealers are protected you know when. my boss was a company and he helped me. as long as the police are involved in the drug trade with a one star. and they go in the back and i think. that i'm protected by a police officer i don't want to give his name. because i don't want to be identified. they said where they are. then or. before i started selling drugs my boss at the time
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introduced me to viacom. and i was given a kilo of drugs to south they began i want to know. so i had to find customers. or not been abandoned now and i'm like yeah. i think you know people who voted for him but were frustrated with the failure of a catholic president. former president noynoy aquino. in
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responding to very real problems experienced by the poor or abandoned rural poor and out of frustration they listen to the speeches of this man who says i'm going to get rid of one up officials. i'm going to get rid of the number one problem which is drugs and i will kill the drug addicts i will start using the word i will kill very freely. and. they said. there will be no compromise the only compromise the bill but that the only compromise of sorts of the bill to me if you soren if your continual. you might. not only your points but good light.
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because of the thought to be only for the law and order them to not use if they get . away with. it we're not. sure yet. but. that's why it hurts it's going to take a long time to recover from my son's death. most of the time with that if he was really bad this is very difficult to think that you
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know. the moment that you think you. know i am that it was up i'm his mother i can't stop grieving i use this i want to hug my son and one last time before that for my. going to handle anything right his dues the shooting victim was accompanied on his last journey by his eight year old son. when i get mine and i know what happened to little son has lived with me since he was a baby he's now in second grade and the boys he has he doing. he said dad is dead and i said there's nothing we can do that's just how many of us. i think father died in one thousand nine hundred ninety one haitian awesomest just four years old. and missed his child got to know him and i think he's eight now and.
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this has really shocked people around here. and i mean. we've been saying that we should stay home after seven pm so that we'd be safe if there was trouble on the streets. and as a little community about. we'll . keep this in my mind's eye my son or old man and his friends died here this is where the police
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found their bodies. in my room and was just an innocent bystander. and a man had lots of dreams because he wanted to take care of my husband who was paralyzed two years ago so much and he wanted his brothers and sisters to go to school. or another man was going to saudi arabia to riyadh and you don't know bin where he'd already had the medical examination. not me the government. and we did do. for under police list of drug use is what you just need to look ill is we're looking for a guy on this he said that they mistook roman for the guy they were after and they
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shot him in my mind. five bullets four in the back and one in the head. that i think my son didn't survive me but. the police cannot take the law into their own hands people's lives are in danger. if i did you see that five year old and t.v. he was also a victim a lot of innocent people have become victims. no
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one is going to take responsibility for this who come with us you can trust the police. they said that maybe roman was not on the list of drug users because he just started using them. so. the police can say what they want. and did not use drugs. perfect and i know my a lot of people can confirm that roman was a good person. police force is losing its credibility very people are not running to the police anymore for protection in fact. about
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a month ago. two men riding in tandem up on a motorcycle killed someone on the roadside and then they rushed people were able to report to the next police force and they were apprehended people fired at them and they got of the motorcycle to exchange fire and then after a while when they were outnumbered they shouted. which means we are one of you are one of you and so when did you moved or ski caps they were policemen. so was this so the human rights community began asking questions are no one's going around wearing a ski mask not just vigilant this but policemen also pretending to be vigilant this. the police
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defacto are part of a national security state we have put becoming a police state where anybody who complains can just be shot dead or arrested and then tortured and then eventually also silenced forever. we did our homework. we inquired about how he runs down bones he was really killing people in the mouth. when you arrive in dubbo he will immediately tell you when you deceived mark from the plane that. that was he thought about smoking about. it up to him that you would really be penalized and then there was a law also about an ordinance passed that blinking in drinking at restaurants
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a bar out outside the big hotels is limit the number but. you tend to brought peace to the city and purge the police of corruption. then there was one time taxi drivers are being held up by hold up arrest have that's being it there they are not only healed up but something they're killed by the hold up as they may or disguise some policeman in plain clothes at night time too but i started iris. of course when you pay they accept your payment but what they're after is to show their presence the degree not element that you might think you might the you might be encountering me and sometimes they mail himself a bank of time drives that that's also in this very critical period so they hold up as a notice that there were some plan for these guys and i've been. holding up to
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see that went down almost that. to begin cracking down on drug abuse when he was mayor of devout city. now he's using the same tactics throughout the philippines. where you. just get a check now this is wretched and he was eighteen years old. and was killed in july seventeenth two thousand and one he. and his bevy this is bobby he was fourteen years old. he was killed on november third two thousand and two that there's a little. bit
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of this is to pad he was sixteen years old but they say he was killed on october the twenty two thousand and one of. those and one. but he hadn't done anything wrong but the police killed him. i sent him to rehab because he was using marijuana. even if someone is guilty of a crime they shouldn't be killing. my children and family what happens to them. when i see on t.v. that someone was killed shot in their own home i think of my children who died. all
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of this very sad people's lives are being destroyed the president should put an end to these killings these are people they have a right to live. but. if someone breaks the law they should go to prison. since childhood. he says the president will do exactly what he has promised to do. stories about. some probably believe. but because of this. it becomes. say that. he likes. he doesn't like. drugs. he's just an honest sincere
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person the way he is right now the way he talks you think he's provocative not the same. without walking along the street. where the favorite. get to every. in our last car india out in that is smaller than a small restaurant. the value of frequent precedents now frequents the place so this day here the place that he goes to every time he feels like i want to eat that. kind of beat let's get me in here. maybe we can even not talk
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to the owner of the. home or. mayor for us with under three hundred. really he is very popular. the value of the people here and thus far that's right when you are doing by. the way our city. the ones that the the that the people that's where we are we are peaceful we're all that stuff that's right if we knew what my buddies from you right why don't you we have the peace but not our brave president mayor nutter. yeah well said well said. the young lady.
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but. we've got a tip off about a police operation on the streets of manila. we drive to the scene. when we arrive we see three bodies lying under a bridge in the chinatown district. the police say all three men were drug dealers and they resisted arrest. victim or body. 's bare feet without spit some of them
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wearing slippers most of them have nothing because they're in their shop on the streets there are only very slippers there they are dirt poor their shop sleeping in their shan piece and no chance to fight back and all the stories are we shot them because they fought back and the families who are dead scared are not reporting to media are not reporting to the police because of. if you report your life will be will be on the line sold but most i've spoken to some of them and quite a number of them they said there is no fighting back they were both really helpless when they were shot. we ask whether there were surveillance cameras in the area only the police have access to the video. a worker at the surveillance center says he was asleep during the shooting. police investigators count the cartridge casings
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they say that one of the victims had a thirty eight caliber revolver. they gave them up when you read that police have drugs and weapons but when they get to the crime scene they shoot people and put a weapon in their hands. that you know it's no good. if i get caught on except going to prison. but i don't want to get killed. not too much but i know where i'm going to get them going to. a review of the police reports indicates that the same kind of revolver has been found on many of the shooting victims.
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in cases where the suspect pulls a weapon on police statistics show that officers shoot the suspect dead ninety seven percent of the time. if he eliminates three million drug addicts. he says. the menace has reached three million drug users in the philippines if he eliminates them then there will be peace in the philippines so three million is one of the. the six million that hitler killed during the holocaust is this the filipino hold the office then. we're going to tear to his presidency began on june thirtieth two thousand and sixteen since then there have been over seven thousand drug related killings in the philippines two thousand five hundred were carried out by police and more than four thousand five hundred by death squads that's an average of thirty killings every day.
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coke zero. everyone has that. make up artists have magic and when trying to for. the last.
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ditch of servia casts a spell on. with her astounding body. mass and thirty minutes on t.w. . seventeen beethoven c'est gone from september again to october first. hash tag germany decides. the day before the general election on g w a day dedicated to democracy. from its dramatic beginnings in germany until the
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present day how is the nation of culture fearing an election year. where do the german people see their place in europe and the world. democracy day september twenty third two w. . this is the job it is coming to life probably but any risk your team scrambling to save lives in mexico as a pill to finding more survivors from tuesday's earthquake create a correspondent brings you the latest from the capital of. hope they can find
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