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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  September 23, 2017 1:03am-1:16am CEST

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by spanish authorities they were arrested for their role in organizing an independence referendum deemed illegal by the country's constitutional court hundreds of pro independence supporters gathered outside the courthouse in the regional capital both alone to demand their release tensions between madrid in catalonia are increasing as the vote planned for the first group is near madrid has said it will deploy more police in the region to maintain order and to act if the band referendum takes place. on. the. ride sharing app could lose its license and one of its most important markets to transport for london argues it's for security reasons and users are outraged. also coming up president
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i'm annoyed because controversial labor remarket reform in france is signed the workers aren't letting it happen without a fight trade unions say the law will take the country back to the nineteenth century. and to steal dion's well merge and thousands of workers in germany are worried we'll take you to the core of the german mining industry. it's time for business on the w m o yet again thank you for joining us transport authorities in london have decided not to renew operating license that means drivers might not be able to continue offering their services within a few weeks transport for london says is not fit and proper and public safety and security but not for the reasons you might think. the loss of its license is more than a small road bump for labor but the right ailing service says it's planning to power through by preparing an appeal it accuses london's transport regulator of unfairly favoring the city's traditional black cab drivers disgruntled at market share grab
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. and transport for london has paved industry impression in the small number of individuals and groups that want to restrict choice to consumers and competition within the impact of that decision if it stands with over forty thousand licensed drivers also would the transport authorities took issue with hoover's approach to reporting serious criminal offenses background checks on drivers and its use of grey ball a software that looks like to passengers from using cars like investigators or regulators for example but while hooper has run into regulatory trouble in many cities in addition to london the service has been quite popular here goober cars make up a third of all privately hired vehicles. the loss of the license is just the latest in a spate of problems which forced out the company's c.e.o. but whether new management will be able to push past this latest rope block will be
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an important test for the company's ability to stay on track. of course you can use you are on your i phone on apple's latest model of it has hit the shelves today the i phone aid boasts a new display in wireless charging on the other features excitement is high but some apple fans do have to outs about the new release. people have come out in the hundreds to buy the i phone in front of apple's flagship store on fifth avenue in manhattan considering the crowds that used to come back for days ahead of new apple product releases this is a modest showing but hard core apple fans are undeterred by their dwindling numbers . you know if you buy one when you know it's really expensive you have to want one but it's convenient if their whole family. they were locked in. the i phone eight has a faster processor of rational age to screen and wireless charging
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a plus version offers more features but reception has been lukewarm as competing products already come with bigger screens and wireless charging for less than the i phone eight hefty seven hundred dollars price tag and then there are those who are skipping the i phone a still hold out for the i phone tag and the features that come with it like facial recognition. but that's not till november and as a thousand dollars a pop it's set to attract an even more commission user base to ask our financial correspondent in new york at the new york stock exchange so fishermans key watching the apple stock for us and also see all that we just saw as sounds like good news for apple but that's not how investors see it right exactly that was a bad week for the f.l. stock at least for the week chairs of apple are down close to six percent so far
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their worst performing week ever prior to an i phone or apple was launched so the company sells more than fifty billion dollars from its market value since it launched the new products according to fact data investors are disappointed because as you mentioned i phone a demand is lower than i phone six or seven demand at this point in the cycle and one reason might just be the i phone ten i don't think anyone is planning on buying both the eight and ten so i guess a lot of people are just waiting for november third now apple fans in the u.s. can buy their i phones through their mobile service provider and it seems like we're seeing some changes there too. yes so first of all these are reports that haven't been commented on validated yet by any of the two involved companies but according to her apart from wife team all the u.s. is about to close the deal too much with friends people familiar with the matter said on friday and this would indeed change the american market
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a lot for telecom and communication so for some ascii at the new york stock exchange thank you very much and have a good weekend and this week we saw germany's biggest steel company to cope announce a merger of its european operations with its indian competitor tata steel the move could cost thousands of jobs in germany's area which is known as the heart of the german industry. they're striking the bell and alarm they are steel workers in boom as they took to the streets on friday their plant is threatened once to sink open tata steel works the european business four thousand jobs are about to be cut according to management workers fear this might only be the beginning with deeper cuts to come industry experts agree that for the two steel companies a joint venture makes sense they have to compete against cheap chinese imports and
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not desperate to cut costs but for people in the region companies shedding jobs has become far too normal they worry about their livelihood. we are upset we are afraid to lose our jobs obviously they're closing one plant after another apparently all is good until twenty twenty but after that they might kick us to the curb cuts on. the job school away the whole city dies we already have huge youth unemployment we can't go on like this. indeed unemployment in the area of germany's industrial heartland is way over ten percent more than double the german average four years everything from technological advances to the current energy transition has led to a far reaching structural change in the area and with no other industry settling here to make up for the jobs lost workers want to make sure that the steel business
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is not entirely leaving germany. france's president i'm annoyed my call has signed a series of controversial labor market reforms into law tens of thousands of people took to the streets to protest the change in measures make it easier for companies to hire and fire workers and also allow small companies to negotiate directly with their staff instead of recurring to trade unions mccall was elected on the hopes that these reforms would help reduce france's unemployment rate which is currently at nine and a half percent now some say the reforms are urgently needed others say they will hurt francis society and economy but let's see what they mean on a practical level what will actually change lewis took on the pros and cons of presidents mccall flexion reform. money that ran for a german had always dreamed of moving to paris eight months ago she opened
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a cafe here but life as a small business owner in france is harder than she expected especially when she hires staff that need an extended period of training as it has been one of the problem is that france has strict rules against dismissals. and one of my pastry chefs was still very slow two months on so i had to let her go if i kept her on a longer she would have had a permanent contract then even if she didn't improve i'd have been forced to keep or. even under the proposed reforms dismissals will still be strictly regulated but the new rules would make it easier to offer short term job contracts also giving employers more time to see if staff are a good fit the proposal would also cap compensation awarded by courts in dismissal cases every for small business owners like sashimi lol. yes collude.
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with always had this sword of damocles honey over our head if we had to let anyone go it could be so expensive we'd go bankrupt. employers may welcome the change but many trade union activists are dismayed. this turns back the clock to labor conditions at the start of the twentieth century employers will be able to calculate exactly how much a dismissal will cost them so take advantage of that to fire experienced and more expensive workers and replace them with young workers who don't pop off with low wages. the hard line c.d.t. union isn't ready planning massive protests so far few if any other unions have committed to joining them many economists say that's no surprise because the planned reforms are moderate overall they'd like to see even more changes.
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in your flock we really need our tax cuts to provide incentives for investors. the government also needs to slash incidental wage costs and improve training and continuing education. that's the only way our businesses will become competitive again. we told you to the. mother of a grandfather also hopes that this first round will be followed by additional reforms. so i understand two employees i'd like three but contra fortas the incidental wage costs are too high more reforms are in the works to lower wage labor costs on relaxed rules against dismissal but it's unlikely french unions would waive that true with vice. that's all for the double business thank you very much for watching see you next time good bye.
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my first boss i was sewing machine. where i come from women are bound by the social rules and then something as simple as learning how to write them by side isn't. going.


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