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the feeling within the team is good you can see that the team trusts its abilities playing well and working well as a team all of that's important to win a game. that's our news wrap join us again the top of the hour in the meantime you can check out our website follow us on twitter thanks for watching. my first boss i was a sawing machine. where i come from women are bound by this notion for. something as simple as learning how to write a bicycle isn't. since i was
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a little girl i want to buy cycle of my home but it took me years to when i. finally gave up on mental buying young guys like that but returned with the sewing machine sewing i suppose was more appropriate for girls than riding a bike and now i want to meet those women back home who are bound by them and social rules and inform them about the basic rights my name is the about of people and i work into. the. german steel giant to send cope and india have struck a preliminary deal to merge their european operations creating a fifty fifty joint venture if the merger goes ahead up to four thousand jobs could
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be lost i have a combined work force of forty eight times and to some coal plant in germany on friday thousands of steel workers took to the streets in protest some fear these cuts are only the beginning. we are all very upset and worried about our jobs as you'd expect one plant after another is closing down they say our jobs are secure until twenty twenty but after that we'll be out on the streets. you know you are someone who listens when young people need a future that's what's important without jobs the city will die. the problem is that the workers have to shoulder the burden of the merger with definitely opposed to us and if we can't stop the merger at least we'll try to get as much. the concessions to workers it's impossible. to phones all those horrible stores and. tristen crap c.e.o. is defending the move when we have a line of fire to get young man if we continue on our own risk to jobs would have
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been far greater and the restructuring would be even more extensive than under the joint venture understrength mentions the fusion will help the two companies compete against cheap steel imports from china and the european markets and while to some club tata won't break the top ten of global steel producers they'll be better positioned in europe with a clear shot at second place bested only by luxembourg's arcelor mittal. markets responded well to the merger news with shares for both companies rising on the prospect of six hundred million euros in cost savings in the two companies compliment each other well tata is strong in industrial steel to some clip in steel for auto manufacturing. ryan air europe's largest airline by passenger numbers has announced it will cancel thousands of flights through the end of october that's around forty to fifty
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flights a day with no guarantee that there won't be more cancellations the airline c.e.o. said this was due to errors made in the scheduling of pilot holidays hundreds of thousands of travelers are already affected the budget airline is preparing for up to twenty million euros in compensation claims at the annual meeting and dublin some shareholders gave vent to their criticisms of the bad relationship in him and pilots in general and that's where the pilots are coming back to him and not meeting him halfway cancellations are very unfortunate disappointing i have flights booked with minor i now know that they're going. to perform on monday the c.e.o. denied that ryan air had an overall shortage of pilots. that doesn't mean the from the time we don't make missiles and we do we'll this is clearly a mess up i take responsibility but it is my mess up and therefore i have to clean
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it up. oh larry has said that he can force pilots to delay a week of leave in exchange for financial compensation but many ryan air pilots have rejected o'leary's offer of disloyalty bonus instead many have signed their names to a letter demanding better pay and full employment contracts. rumors are rife about what's going to happen to air berlin germany second largest airline is bankrupt and looking for a buyer an announcement is due monday right now i love tom that easy jet and thomas cook's contour are the front runners so are layoffs around the corner the trade unions are calling for action. the situation for air berlin staff has grown very precarious we don't know it's a moment which jobs are really secure in the long term we've been aware for quite a while that jobs for administrative and technical staff don't seem to have any
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future kind of. that's why both unions and the airline are demanding the german government set up a temporary employment agency to act as a safety net for air berlin employees left jobless after the dust settles they'd receive financial aid and job training during the transition period another sign that the airline expects it won't find an investor to take it on lock stock and barrel. it's bad news for london on friday the city's transportation authority said it will not renew the operating license effective october first. the regulators said it concerns about customer security and safety and said the u.s. started demonstrates a lack of corporate responsibility the right hilling service says it will try to overturn the decision with some forty thousand drivers london is biggest market in britain. taiwan's h t c has announced the partial sale of its smartphone business
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to google the u.s. company will shell out one point one billion dollars to gain access to some h d c smartphone peyton's google will also take over the lion's share of its r. and d. division half of the company's four thousand developers will move to google the two companies had a ready collaborated on the first nexus smartphone. the bitcoin bubble may be about to pop banking regulators in china have ordered local crypto currency exchanges to shut down. j.p. morgan c.e.o. is also not a fan and has called the digital currency of fraud over the past two weeks bitcoin has plunged some forty percent that's still triple of what it was at the start of the year critics say this could be the beginning of the end. the largest u.s. toy store chain filed for bankruptcy protection in the u.s. and canada on monday toys r us has taken
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a beating from competition with online shopping and discount chains the company has had to take on billions of dollars in debt in order to remain open for business. toys r us has some sixty four thousand employees worldwide. these days three d. printing is big news here lasers are printing a gas turbine component it takes just a day to complete the printed version is just a sturdy is the conventional one the found hope for institute in germany develop this technology for the company and diesel in turbo. if i was it. from my perspective i'd say we've reached a milestone. still we're just beginning the series production. there are things we still need to learn and to master process reverse this is a problem with us and process quality control to us there are definitely
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a few things that we still need to do research on. enforcement officer. and they end diesel and turbo plans to use the three d. printed components in a series production. the turbine consists of twelve separate pieces that's a lot less than using a former process and our production is faster and more efficient to. use in the. video we've seen that this technology can reduce costs it allows us to integrate smaller parts into larger assemblies. and we can completely amid assemblies that we don't need anymore so the savings will be able to achieve are quite significant significant and you can. the new components might cost the tents more than conventionally produced parts but thinks the three d. printing the company saves around thirty thousand euros per turbine. beginning in twenty eighteen and they end plans to print the turbine veins as well they're
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investing two and a half million euros in the project even though they only produce five to ten gas turbines a year the new technology should pay for itself in the future the company plans to use three d. printing for other products like compressors and motors the once the only limit might be the size of the component and its weight exploring the technology for smaller and complex components right now that's where three d. printing technology offers many advantages and will continue to build large parts heavy parts conventionally in the future and at the time. when it comes to serious production this new technology is still in its early stages but in the future up to ten percent of m a n components might come from the three d. printer. on canada's west coast environmental activists and first nations people are protesting against fish farming and industrial fish farms raise hundreds of
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thousands of salmon in the region protesters have nice set up a common the middle of this farm and say they've occupied us they want to send out a clear message. were done with us for farm industry they have never had our permission to be in our territories and we've had enough we're not now let them destroy our environment our waters take our salmon away from us worked on these guys need to get out we need to get out now the occupied facility was built by a norwegian company marine harvest the largest salmon farming firm in the world it has sales of a ryan three and a haas billion euros a year company representatives refused requests for an interview the industry is profiting from canada's new trade agreement with the e.u. which has eliminated tariffs and increased exports. but environmental activists say aquaculture is damaging while stocks of the fish when wild salmon migrate upstream
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from the pacific to reproduce they swim right past the fish farms critics say that has spread disease and infection canadian authorities however play down the issue and say the cage salmon pose no threat to their wild cousins when atlantic salmon are actually put out into the ocean they go disease free their recent hatchery is a land base facilities and fresh water and we actually have a large suite of vaccinations that are given to the fish to guarantee that they're entering the water in a clean and healthy way that may be true but why are fisherman in british columbia catching fewer and fewer wild salmon many factors could be playing a role including climate change and pollution but most locals blame the fish farms for their empty lines and nets. going into the season we knew it was going to be more warm and i think it's even worse than what they've been projected the way it has come in
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a. good in all this year not only this area but up in the northern areas has been weak runs through. the first nations activists are planning to continue to protest the industrial aquaculture facilities in their waters and say their rights are being violated even the coast guard is now involved and there's no end to the impasse in feist's the numb to say the only solution is for the fish farm to shut down and that was our week in review. experience the future of mobility at the international motor show in frankfurt. open cockpit design. concept car studies and digital trends the vehicles
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of tomorrow are full of possibilities and even classic cars are going with the times the highlights of the i am. next. piece by. brazil's amazon rain forest dysfunction. the consequences for. what is to be done. in sixty minutes on d w.
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thank . you. hello and welcome to drive with a b w car show coming up an electric runabout would go.


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