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tv   Doc Film - Gustav Stresemann and the Weimar Republic  Deutsche Welle  September 23, 2017 9:15pm-10:01pm CEST

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the new parliament i'm going to kill is tipped to win a fourth time as chancellor of the populist alternative for germany party is expected to enter the bundestag for the first time. that's your news drop this hour we'll be back at the top of the hour in the meantime do log onto our web site for more that's d.w. dot com and you can also follow us on social media we are at the news thank you for watching. everyone mind it was made by you better known as millie and i hosted our used towards you tube channel. we have it easy for events we have all the stories met new day tournaments and then go on to oh it's good to see you tell me about who you should better check it out yourself and you.
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dozens killed him on a kiss to try to rescue democracy. a peace that was nothing of the kind. was. the first german democracy was on the edge of bankruptcy and of civil war. he had to assert himself against the enemies of democracy and above all against one of them i don't know we're talking about the right chancellor. strays in my. last. november nine hundred twenty three the leader of the
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national socialists tried to topple the government in berlin. you know she was just so you know stuff. that very same night chancellor strays a man called a crisis meeting yeah that's not happening so i get to shoot it off and has pushed it to. the president as to how. do you think you would make this as a. last. night as a nation this is perceived. it was. the president and the chancellor hébert and strays and had to act. on the night of the eighth and ninth of november nineteen twenty three the future
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of the jim. and republic was at stake and he of all people had to come to its rescue staff strays among. a man who jure in the world war had been an aggressive nationalist who wanted a worldwide german empire who believed in the monarchy and lamented its collapse. and now he had composed an appeal for the republic and against hitler. in this hour as just any of the german people we exhort all friends of the fatherland to commit to the preservation of the unity of the right and to german freedom is it as bad as that. yes. we don't know what the next day will bring. but i will not give in.
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he knew that hitler wanted him out his wife feared for his life kate and gustav strays and had been married for twenty years and once before his turbulent career had nearly come to an end. its had gotten off to a dream start at twenty eight strays a man was the youngest member of the rush tug the german parliament like the kaiser he dreamed of a world wide german empire. when war broke out in one nine hundred fourteen he demanded conquests in east and west when it was clear that the war was lost he too wanted to restrict the power of the kaiser but he didn't welcome the republic that was proclaimed on the ninth of november one thousand nine hundred eighteen. one one.
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that. was a prism and found himself marginalized it seems as with the end of the imperial regime a man's whole world collapsed. for him personally the end of the war brought a hiatus in his career. and february nine hundred nineteen the freely elected german national assembly met environment the city made famous by good turner and schiller strays a man was the chairman of the newly formed german peoples party which wanted a constitutional monarchy but now it was the social democrats like friedrich hébert who had to say. that. i thought. i'd get there but. i gave a right hand. here and.
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in the national assembly the advocates of a republic had a two thirds majority based on the social democrats the left liberals and the catholic center party staff strays a man and his german people's party mourns the passing of the old days as a result many saw him as yesterday's man. who didn't feel stuck or anything from god is going on this to understand. for the first time women could also vote and stand for election i think it's coming. and communicate. with. them and had gone to weimar with mixed feelings to his wife he wrote today was the solemn opening of the german national assembly or rather should have been in my heart when i live in
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the old days and it hurts to see how everything has changed and that. these feelings were not shared by most. of the deputies in the next six months they created the legal basis for the new state the constitution of the weimar republic the government was no longer responsible to the kaiser but to parliament for the first time in german history sovereignty lay with the people. the new constitution aimed to take up where the failed revolution of eight hundred forty eight had left off reviving the ideals of the national assembly that had met in the polls kisha in frankfurt the colors black red gold stood for the tradition
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of freedom in germany and now they were the colors of the weimar republic. but a shadow lay over the new beginning. in the spring of one thousand nine hundred nineteen the victorious powers of the first world war met in verse signed the germans hoped for a soft peace now that the kaiser had abdicated in vain. unlike america and britain france wanted to weaken germany decisively for its own security . the hall of mirrors in the palace of sign. it was here that the german empire was proclaimed after the victory over france in eight hundred seventy one it was here that bismarck declared a united germany. half a century later france had its revenge in the same hole now the germans were the defeated party. the representatives of the weimar republic had no choice they were
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forced to acknowledge germany's sole guilt for the war and accept harsh peace terms . the new republic was forced to take on the legacy of the old empire. here to stray them and oppose the government. because in we may be lost if we do not sign the peace treaty of using such will certainly be lost if we don't. stray ziman was unwilling to accept the consequences of a war he had welcomed under the terms of the verse i treaty french belgian and british troops occupied the german rhineland as a guarantee of security germany was forced to pay reparations and lost one seventh of its territory in the west alsace and lorraine was ceded to france in the east posen west prussia and part of up asylum easier to the newly constituted poland
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that really got us of course there were a whole lot of stipulations in this treaty one might criticize but these problems could have been overcome with the patients and skillful diplomacy among t.v. however that was difficult in view of the nationalist undercurrent disease and that's you know just to. germany was shaken by attempted coup d'etat the extreme right blame the representatives of democracy for losing the war. foreign minister volatile rotten i was assassinated as was the former finance minister mark ts ants bagga. the accusation was that the victorious troops had been stabbed in the back by democrats and socialists. fake news. the difference between environment and day lies in the political culture in those
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days and it was usual in many circles to create fundamentally opposing positions and to resort to violence relatively quickly. the nationalists propaganda had an effect in the first elections to the new rush tag in june one nine hundred twenty the parties supporting the republic social democrats left liberals and center lost their majority the opponents on the fringes gained votes including strays a man's german people's party who share went up from four to fourteen percent making it a force to be reckoned with and the potential coalition partner but for whom it strays him and sense that extremism whether from left or right would drive the state over the edge he realised the republic was a compromise but one worth defending for the sake of internal peace and that rejection was no solution. treason mondeo and submitted to meet
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him at the end of the war in one thousand nine hundred eighteen it looked as if there is a man was finished but in one thousand nine hundred twenty he was back and there i stuck with this party and straight away they helped the key to the weimar republic because the actual supporters of the republican social democrats left liberals and catholic center no longer had a majority yet. they were dependent on one of the parties that had originally opposed there's a public option just like strays a man's people's party. but the crunch didn't come until nine hundred twenty three a year of crisis for the young republic. so far only the rhineland had been occupied but in january nine hundred twenty three french and belgian troops marched into the room officially they only wanted to secure
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a guarantee for the payment of unpaid reparations lynn urged passive resistance two million workers in the ruhr came out on strike. the states paid their wages it didn't actually have the money so it simply printed it which sent the value of the market tumbling. the resistance was welcomed across party lines the rule was germany's industrial heartland. whoever controlled the roar control germany's economy the french were well aware of this and fear of their neighbor might become too strong once more. but now the machines were standing idle. in february nine hundred twenty three strays and went to dortmund to firm up support for passive resistance in the occupied territory poppy. the prominent politician had to reckon on being
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arrested so he travelled on false documents. long. day and come. to this in a show. and spoke a lot. of like a friend of his he holds. only. the situation in the rule was coming to a head because of the customs posts food was scarce the french military set up soup kitchens to gain support but these two were boycotted. and. i know from a friend or partner of the project that. our children got kind of a i'm life i should thank god i thank. the mood was explosive there were acts of sabotage clashes deaths.
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in berlin to the situation was tense in august nine hundred twenty three. the government stepped down because of the rule crisis. president friedrich hébert had to nominate a new chancellor it was a tough decision only a broad coalition taking in both the people's party and the social democrats seem to have any prospects but for that he needed strays a man on side a vote hesitated. money is divine the fansite because of never. having me suspect is my i'm getting. feeding extremists i keep pointing to says explore. on the thirteenth of august
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nine hundred twenty three hébert appointed strays among chancellor astri's among vice consul of wednesday as a man became chancellor it was a political suicide mission the weisz was in its most serious crisis since the end of the war the rua struggle have been going on for seven months the economy of the ruin and the rhineland was at a standstill hyperinflation was raging and no one knew what would become of germany wednesday's man said his acceptance of office was political suicide he didn't just mean it metaphorically we mustn't forget that and now and as bill politicians were being murdered in those days and not a lot of. money was being printed all the time to finance the rule of crisis the currency lost any value it once had the influence you he's on him inflation became an elemental german trauma. that. people had the experience that everything they
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had saved including the war loans they had made to the state of was simply lost. when this had serious effects on people. confidence in the state and in. schools for the. strays a man had to act to end the inflation he stopped the passive resistance policy in the rules. but he also had to answer to parliament. the law is just the only thing we have left in the collapse we have the experience. to preserve it now is the juice we have to fulfil. it was a brave speech the right accused him of treason and surrendering to the french once again they said the republican brought the nation to defeat but he had no choice. to beat. he was answered with shouts of coward one deputy said it
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would cost him his head let's hope so shouted another. others thought he was abandoning the people of the rule. as for the ending of passive resistance the courage to take this step is perhaps more nationalist than all the slogans directed against it time and i know that i'm putting my political future maybe even my life on the line but what do the german people lack. only lack the courage to take responsibility. strays means ending passive resistance was the moment when he took responsibility for a most unpopular act. and in that sense it was the high point or high point
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because it showed statesman like qualities knowing that he would be accused of signing a second versailles. there were rebellions all over the country in cold blinds there were attempts to set up a separate rhineland republic in saxony entering year there was an alliance between communists and social democrats a red revolution threatened strays a man sent in the army but the main threat came from the right in the south of the republic. in munich the bavarian government mobilized against berlin taking control of the troops based there he joined forces with the so-called fatherland associations extreme right wing bodies including hitler's national socialist german workers' party they intended to march on berlin.
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the chancellor was well aware of this he could deploy the army against the communists in saxony entering year but would it put down a right wing coup counter. on secrecy. but i think. that you know. enough transits are saying that in any thoughts. thank you. general hans von seek to was the country's top soldier was the army prepared to defend the republic against attacks from the right . the situation of the various explosive last saw and hitler may strike at any moment the army must be ready. and mr chancellor we cannot fight on demand like you need to if you know you do not have the confidence of the troops that. she felt like so you
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refused to follow my oldest. ok with us and we'll leave it at that for the most. very well. a disobedient general why didn't strays him and fire him. so he's a monster and it helps in zero two nine hundred twenty three when that r.h. seemed to be going up in flames strays a man was under enormous pressure at that moment he couldn't enter into open conflict with the high command so he played for time the next to my left side. in munich the opponents of the weimar republic were mobilizing.
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on the eighth of november of aryan states commissioner gustaf own car held a rally in the borgo broke a b. a hole. in his speech he sought to whip up opposition to berlin he spoke of shameful treaties. but one man there was tired of words he wanted action hitler saw his chance to strike he demanded that the hesitant bavarian government should join him the host and all those present were taken off guard. but his words were lost in the hubbub witnesses later reported they regarded the whole thing as a pantomime. the nazionale evidence showed just. yes i was trying to buy sex and that should be other muslim men on visits.
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and it was. but the hot head from the national socialist german workers party was serious it was. business and the stuff i did not i don't get inside them comes. it was such a scandalous to me the feeling that showed. such a high stakes. you know you. shortly before midnight the news reached berlin strays him and immediately called a crisis meeting president a but was present both were aware that if it came to the crunch only one man could suppress the coup. get out. what would be the attitude of the army if hitler marched on berlin up ahead of the battery in troops
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. the army is behind me. and i fancy mine isn't it oh oh yes it was so what should we do know without the army we have no chance. it was still totally uncertain who was really behind the coup. in munich the authorities hesitated to join hitler there was confusion in the whole. show is that it's had happened often in such a. headline now revealed his trump card the retired general at a lewd and off. during the war he had been head of the high command and was still very popular now he was prepared to be the figurehead of hitler's insurrection
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thank. you very strong national standard defense is each one of them that's only france. off to berlin roared the crowd. the general's appearance clinched the matter one car in the offices present joined the coup attempt. it which is now mine i think you almost often see the state arse you know i wouldn't offer other hitler in a life on muscle. general von last so an enemy of von secrets was supposed to become the defense minister in the new government. this is all this is our chance they don't like these last two and hitler he won't take orders from the loss of. his rival laso was to be his boss.
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mr president that gentleman we have to act the coup must be suppressed. gentlemen i propose to give general funds aked extensive emergency powers. or so man does a heartless nauseam says everything he always wanted he has power. as he will ever give it up. he's a soldier to the bone. he won't try to topple the government. and that's how people write.
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off times i develop as on the one hand he's giving funds eked so much power was a risk and on the other hand it put the ball in his court he could no longer avoid doing watch today's man wanted in that sense it was a climbing. munich on the morning of the ninth of november that first confusion reigned in the city but gradually word got around that girl stuff own car and general phone law so had distanced themselves from hitler they claimed they'd been blindsided. but hitler unload and off didn't give up with a march through downtown munich they hoped to win popular backing. at about midday they arrived with some two thousand armed supporters at the felde head and hala where they found their way blocked by the bavarian police who had been ordered to stop the march by every means possible.
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that's a start accidents can do no. harm i. just. it was never established who fired the first shot. one village only narrowly missed hitler the man next to him was killed as were fifteen other marches and four policemen. luden doff was on injured but was arrested on the spot.
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hitler escaped but was apprehended four days later. after hitler came to power on the attempted coup which had been an abject failure was imbued with a heroic status every year on the ninth of november the dead were commemorated as martyrs it was above all leniency on the part of the courts that allowed hitler's career to continue luden dog was acquitted and hitler released after thirteen months. after the events in munich things quieten down just a week after the be a whole putsch strays him and took another decisive step the now worthless mark was replaced by a new currency the renton mock the trillion old paper mugs could be exchanged for one renton mark ending hyperinflation at a stroke. strays
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a man had steered the republic through its toughest crisis but he came under renewed pressure in the reichstag and the e.c. team the social democrats withdrew their support because he'd sent the army into red saxony entering. the german national party wanted him out because he'd ended the passive resistance to france strays him and called for the vote of confidence. the result of the vote is as follows for the strays among government one hundred fifty six members no confidence in the government two hundred thirty one members thank. strays a man had been chancellor for just one hundred days president hébert who had been. it is side during the crisis criticized his own party the social democrats that's always fun lost income. tax but in fact guess. i don't write.
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these month's bills tradesman was perhaps the only man to emerge from the weimar republic as a hero of the currency was stabilized by the ruthless but necessary introduction of the lantern mom. put in put down. he put by weimar standards those were huge successes. but in politics ingratitude is the root not the exception. that first straight women thought of retiring from politics completely and of course acting because much thoughts from at least from coming in from certain side. strays a man was suffering from graves' disease a thyroid dysfunction that damages the heart and can lead to a stroke. and could set written history as a man's on. the mission of your man
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a good. man and of leaders leaving out. the holding. and charging on. in and thus you need to. limit its increase but. i talk of it in acts against. that even if i know. like sometimes i think to myself. to the station the end. strays a man was given the post of foreign minister in the new government. hank. of the republic was on the road to recovery people began to talk of the golden twenties the quieter political situation the new currency and u.s.
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loans allowed the economy to grow quickly cultural life food as well the foreign minister's official residence became a center of social life kate's tradesmen came to be seen as the first lady of the weimar republic chancellors came and went but the foreign minister remained in his post. he even had a suit named after him the strays among stripes trousers grey waistcoat dark coats a trademark the minister set the tone and once he even appeared on the silver screen one of the first to try out the new talkies that's a speed to much the roaring twenty's three hundred fifty and a half thank you i mean i'm writing you need to go back by not being on the right and i need to bring in let me know i did not i mean i'm never going to happen and i can't even. have a lot of but i'm going to get it i got
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a documentary. prism and also sought to leave his mark at the international look conference in switzerland in one thousand nine hundred twenty five and he wanted to improve relations with paris not least by renouncing any claim to alsace and lorraine once and for all. it was a goodwill gesture that went down well with his french counterpart aristide pretty and who also wanted a new beginning in return them and hopes for a speedy end to the occupation of the ruhr in the rhineland. after the rule occupation forces must now be completely removed from the rhineland otherwise there will never be real peace between all peoples and the german people want peace but the best site treaty does not give them really to breed don't go on or you'll make us all crying this. is i admire your boldness. like you must give us time
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because the french public have come nowhere near as far as you of i know i know this but i don't know if i have time as. she is among the hot i know are not in creek and a few years after the war she is a man realized that germany could only be successful in its foreign policy if it also looked at things from the point of view of the other powers and cooperated with the. meeting under the mission pretty much. geneva one nine hundred twenty six germany became a member of the league of nations the previous sesar of the united nations from which it had hitherto been excluded. and in strays a man had cleared the way eight years after the end of the war the defeated germany had been accepted back into the community of peoples the conciliation policy had gone down well in the wider world together with brianna strays and was awarded the
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nobel peace prize the first german ever to receive the honor. in one nine hundred twenty nine the two foreign ministers succeeded in another breakthrough paris said it was prepared to withdraw all occupation forces if berlin would settle the reparations question once and for all but strays omens opponents saw only the costs not the benefits the far right started a hate campaign. your making a slaves for three generations they said. the campaign was led by alfred hugenberg a reactionary publisher and head of the german national people's party he was supported by france selda the leader of the style helm of veterans organization. this. is a man gets pushed in to make. sure he's alone on guns. and given by the beat up.
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and they had another ally the leader of the failed pooch of nine hundred twenty three. hitler. gave and that's for coffee it's. own a gun didn't get into your minds on the noise of punk and. only the second because . i'm. now hitler had a powerful patron he had reorganized the national socialist party and a party rallies like the one in nuremberg in one nine hundred twenty nine he demonstrated a power which he didn't yet have but sought to grab the top costs the nazis still had few members in the reichstag but that was soon to change. strays a man was aware of the danger. he felt that slogans of
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eternal slavery were more effective than appeals to reconciliation but his strength was fading he was dying. and i guess divine. over the back track from the sign. to me to climb. the windy she wanted to be cleaning. his hair short and he'd have only visited young men are talking about his new veil and. i'm afraid because. it's for the shopping.
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coming under me. me me me me me me me. having missed you stuck his mom getting. me it's all about. busting him towards souffle get. on stage the mood just fine put the guy.
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up. and butch up every shootings easy. in the interim hustle his muse in so how do these misreadings this be genuine from soup kitchens in. the city to the jade exuberance of years you could see it is no feet about middle earth as we get mines i'm thinking. up to this point this with is going to feel no it just wants to talk if you die that's xmas but for some people you should love it best of the gun he. signs he. was easy. to live is tough no slows of an east at stake if he is rich and god slant on the cause.
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in the early morning of the third of october one thousand nine hundred twenty nine strays a man suffered a stroke and died at the age of fifty one. his body lay in state in the rice stack in berlin where he had made many passionate speeches one quote of the time was his death is more than a loss it is a disaster his state funeral was a public event could he have prevented the failure of the republic he certainly would not have surrendered democracy without a fight. for such there is a monster is a man is still of the role model for today that need never thought of giving up
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this is just because some people criticized by friends he literally fought to the end plea to him for those. less than four years after his death strays a man's enemies triumphed over the republic. by the time of the rushed out fire in one thousand nine hundred thirty three democracy had long since been dead when at the end of the war unleashed by hitler's germany the victorious allies stormed the ruins of the building it was both an end and a beginning. but first just one half of germany had a second chance of a democratic new start only with the collapse of the communist dictatorships did those goals become the reality for which strays and had fought. a united germany living in freedom and peace with its neighbors.
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democracy day on d w is a sign of the revolution see inside tunisia. since the revolution he's been working to strengthen the young democracy fighting for the environment jobs for and against
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voter apathy. believes in the palm of his generation. for tunisia's future. global three thousand and thirty nine s. w. . hash tag germany decides. the day before the general election on d w a day dedicated to democracy. from its dramatic beginnings in germany until the present day how is the nation of culture fairing in election year where do the german people see their place in your of the world. democracy day today on d w. tag germany decides what is your take on the whole position regarding not only climate change. what do you want to know about germany's general election. past
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d.w. your questions about germany but if i had a metaphor. write to us on facebook we'll answer your questions. this is the news line from berlin it's a final day of campaigns for an election that could change germany's political landscape chancellor angela merkel has been on the last minute push for votes she has a strong lead in the polls if you are expecting a hard stopping finish but be the main.


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