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tv   Euromaxx - Special Edition Democracy  Deutsche Welle  September 24, 2017 8:30am-9:01am CEST

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right now the mind. can bring. in turn. an exclusive journey to the song. you saw me. starting october fifteenth d. w. and. hello welcome to year max i'm louise houghton and i'm here to take you through this special edition focusing on democracy. strike
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a pose the art of election campaign. remember the day i'm back is the cradle of german democracy. and behind the scenes i read look into the halls of power at the price tag. the elections have been the talk of the town this month then but in the real race is between current chancellor angela merkel from the conservative christian democrats and her main challenger martin shows these candidate for the social democrats have been television debates press articles and lots of talk on social media like in any campaign and the image the candidates project is we met up with a political photographer who knows the faces behind the camera. this september germany streets are lined with election posters big colorful
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attention grabbers many of them portraits of candidates especially of the ones running for chancellor. angela merkel for the christian democrats challenger martin shoots for the social democrats someone takes those pictures someone like mark darkie press photographer for thirty three years his beat is government quarter. his most frequent subject politicians from every party. because it's always something different because i get to see lots of things i wouldn't see otherwise. you know i get my nose into places normally off limits. admittance here is restricted only accredited reporters and photographers are allowed in to see chancellor angela merkel in the federal press conference building
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. docking or is a regular here in the from rose ideally the relationship between politicians and photographers is close but not too close one needs good photos the other needs publicity. a politician needs the feedback from the political public and the broader public to. face the public and to use all the channels available to achieve it. has been a press photographer in germany since nine hundred eighty four first in bonn germany then in berlin off to reunification. the scene politicians arrive rise and depart again taking pictures the whole time private photos are rare and politicians give their public appearances the desired spin. i jump right into the camera. indirectly to the more
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to the future. politicians news right after been down to vary the angle a little. his take on this year's crop of election posters for the top candidates. this is a show that i really quite like because the chance to trust the photographer who took it. says that he's a likable guy and probably somebody who's a bit of fun now and then. no matter which party is the winners of the national election on september the twenty fourth. the photograph and any others he gets in
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front of his lens. chancellor angela merkel and her christian democrat party a looking to stay in office for what many people outside of germany may not know is that the chancellor comes from very humble beginnings she was raised in the eastern region of. times she received her doctorate in physics before entering politics in one thousand nine hundred ninety during the german reunification her name is still very much associated with so we went to talk to the people and get an idea of what they and the region are like. the ok mark region is just an hour and a half drive from. far away from the political circus in berlin fields lakes. forests provide an otherworldly peace and quiet. is something german chancellor
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angela merkel enjoys very much when she has the time to spare. populated so there's a lot of room a laugh a night chant of plants and animals we even find such whereas species as the european. which is extremely rare these days. being photographed here as well and every once in a while an al crosses the street who. knows the open market well nature reserves take up more than sixty percent of the region as a ranger he takes visitors both locals and tourists through the surrounding landscape which got its characteristic kills in the last ice age that is there is reactions are often the same. breast even amazed people from the very often say it's so hilly here i never would have full that i assumed it would be completely flat on. america's native region is one of the most sparsely
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populated in germany. villages dot the landscape between hills and fields. mike reaching his family live in the tiny town of pages hold. he knows it's not easy to win over and the local mouth will most often used to say that if you move to the u.k. and you want to become a local you should be prepared to wait twelve years. yes people do cast a critical eye on newcomers from the city and they always find something to grumble about. visitors from the city may be subject to scrutiny but they also get to experience the extraordinary hospitality. for it used to be the highly acclaimed chef at a large hotel in the region. he still cooks a first class fare but now he sticks to the unassuming local dishes visitors enjoy like a mark trout. and they become our age and we have water. we have fields
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to fish is very typical we also have everything from rabbit while sheep red deer everything. to the wheel in the local fields that's going to be the bread the baker takes out of the oven tomorrow all that is typical of a fair. templin is one of the largest towns in the area dating back to the middle ages it's home to more than sixteen thousand people. but anywhere outside the immediate city center there is a sense of peace and tranquility. but. every square kilometer. reason why everyone is so relaxed he. was born in hamburg but grew up and went to school here in tempe. the chancellor still has family here and a small holiday home in the country. with davis is michael is definitely
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you know good. template she's calm she doesn't take orders but you know maybe she's a little bit reserved as well. even since becoming chancellor angela merkel still visits the region on officially. people don't make a fuss about it that's not the ok mark way everyone here respect one another's privacy. but how do ok mark residents see themselves. they have a difficult character. stubborn i'd say lone wolf types who look after their own very open affectionate and direct. left its mark on. a venue here that mrs merkel comes from that ok mark even though she was born in hamburg you hear it more here. of course it comes out of it you know. i won't say any more. she stands
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for. nature loving reserved and straightforward standard qualities that come in handy in politics as well. let's head now to the west of germany and take a look at the home of mosques and the social democrats candidate who's challenging in the race for the chancellery hayes from the brian leetch on why people like to party particularly during carnival season we visited ahead of the election to find out what makes a rhino. the rhineland is known not only for its landscape but also for the people who live there one of them is. martin shocks the man now challenging on the american for the job of chancellor
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he grew up here and still lives here in verse eleven a small town near the city of often. cheaper typical rhinelander is cheerful if i only like to party and laugh and don't take things so seriously down to earth i'd say we're honest like. the mentality here is certainly a little different from other parts of germany and so is the dialect some local sayings have become particularly well known. at tests via tests which comes from low german and means it is what it is or another saying goes with . what will be will be right just. ahead no i am or your. it's an attitude of not being negative or pessimistic everything will be ok once again it all turned out well we're optimists. it's a quiet town with plenty of green areas. a devil depicted in the tower with the
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church of sense a bastion left with getting the nickname of duvel start or devil town it's home to thirty eight thousand people many of whom are reasonably well off it used to be a minus town martin shows was made here for eleven years today been freed han is deputy mayor he knows everyone here. this is what makes veselin so great you meet people stop for a little chat i love that about. you meet such nice people like my friend here right. now verse eleven loves its traditions some two hundred fifty clubs and associations up hold all the local customs one of which is carnival there's no getting away from carnival invertible and. new people make friends interact santini and it's a lot of fun and. their account of all meetings most of the year has gone not every
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day here is a carnival in those it is. but people here certainly take their carnival preparation seriously here the bushel to princes as they call themselves are rehearsing for their next performance and the clerk was the period of the day the words of the ok so the only those who have been a carnival prince in verse eleven can sing in this group they have up to fifteen people and the oldest is eighty through the years it was the number does it if you like the town's traditions if you like that people. can help you feel at home it brings people together and i think that's important. to the people of the rhineland are also known to be good neighbors they share a border with belgium and the netherlands in one of the towns neighboring first and then the border between the netherlands and germany passes down the middle of
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a street so what do the dutch think of their minds the neighbors. so really they're good natured people aren't they i think so anyway. as in sport dancing on taney as friendly helpful. know just when i crossed the border. and when it comes to food the rhine and us are also big on tradition putas is nearly always on the menu went for a pulse restaurant invisible its blood sausage with mashed potatoes and apples adding a few key or sour note to savory dishes is typical for i live in one scene many ryan and say they love their home but are still open and interested in office. i guess you might have to go where at the heart of europe if you look at the map the region the rhineland the right at the heart of europe. and you can experience that here come on you're leaving. if you lost the locals it's certainly worth raising
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a beer to the optimism and sociable way of life in their mind and. now how back holes a special place in the history of german democracy located some seventy kilometers from hyderabad at the restored mediæval fortress the site of the. festival where mass protests first expression to the nationalist movement the german unity democracy and freedom but that is not the only reason the costal is a tourist magnet. for more than eight hundred years castle has stood tall above the rhine surrounded by vineyards it's on the german wine route this is where the black red and gold flag was hoisted for the very first time in german history. it was
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carried up to the castle in late may eight hundred thirty two during protests at the famous hama festival the priceless original still exists if somewhat faded. this is our original flight. the first try color flag that featured at the eighteen thirty two humbucker festival it wasn't the german national flag back then germany did not exist as a nation but one of the major demands was for national unity the flag was carried by freedom fighters who campaigned for freedom of speech press freedom democracy and unity it was carried in a huge recession up to the castle and then placed on the tower as a symbol of freedom often. now a permanent exhibition by the humble castle foundation shows the events that took place at the historic combat festival. of the modern exhibition includes many
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interactive features. some ninety thousand people visit the exhibition every year including school groups and tourists from around the world it showcases the roots of democracy and its origins at the homburg festival which some thirty thousand people attended all those years ago. the tiny macao and they came from all ranks of society from the entire german speaking world as well as poland and friends write house porn and . in two thousand and fifteen castle was declared a european heritage site. first built in the twelfth century as a fortress that long served as a bishop seat the building underwent numerous changes over the course of the centuries. clearly see the different building styles juxtaposed
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against one another here for example on the side of masonry from the eleventh and twelfth centuries. in the nineteenth century but very in king maximillian the same. and wanted to transform it into a fairy tale castle but that never happened. for a long time the castle remained a ruin until it opened again in two thousand and eight refurbished by swiss architect. the lights on the ceiling symbolized the view of the open sky before reconstruction took place. from the castle there are great views over the german wine route. the georg nagle a vineyard below the castle has been owned by the same family for seven generations . or.
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you can grow all kinds of grapes here in the. main. where the largest riesling region worldwide. but we also cultivate. the region produces both white and red wines. are expanding our typical red wines like as well as. but we also have international varieties like cabinets of the new one mellow and someone. one white wine in particular pays homage to the eighteen thirty two hamburg best of all. every year the poll last night region always crowns its own wine queen this year she is
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called anastasio and she knows that the right label plays an important role when it comes to selling wine. many vendors from hamburg use this name i think it's a very nice name because it's steeped in history and that attracts buyers. sensuality pleasure and political history are all closely linked here at home castle on the german one. now american photographer cam it specializes in the real. take place here details we might otherwise insert of the visit or. the business he was given exclusive
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access to balance building where we got a chance to hear through. the german chamber of parliament images familiar to t.v. viewers around the globe. american photographer kermit bird had exclusive access to the bundestag but he was less interested in the politicians than in the halls of power themselves. a conference room. walkway. committee room. hallway. where this vote counting device one manages to be inspired by the trust. and the process. that takes place here but i'm more interested in telling that story by virtue of the architecture and in which the governing takes place could only take pictures when parliament was
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an insertion and even then the plenary chamber was off limits still he had lots of freedom i mean the permissions or. given openly the. as we said this is a wall of voting cards inside these cabinets and they were opened for me. and they showed me. one of the villages that has been acquired through this project is of this exact open on the outside the high star is a new renaissance building with a modern glass dome built by british star architect norman foster inside the rooms are modern and airy since one nine hundred sixty nine the bundestag has been collecting artworks pictures and sculptures grace the walls of the bundestag in the offices of its m.p.'s and ask ken buck x. is the curator. of course we're always looking for works which have some connection
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to parliament and to politics. what special about kermit berg is that in this case the art of visor reboard commissioned him to produce works that show this connection with vessel and that was our hope here to that by employing a variety of perspectives of parliamentary goings on parliamentary architecture the spirit of parliamentarian ism that he make politics come alive this is mostly a political event and this. has already bought ten of burke's pictures he was also fascinated by these loudspeakers in an age where we're constantly bombarded with images he focuses on objects people often overlook if they spend any time with my pictures they will come away with a very in-depth knowledge of part of that environment instead of a blur of that environment where they don't remember anything clearly the haven't
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seen any details properly they haven't seen any shadows they won't remember any shadows all the things that make that room alive have been missed. during his visits berg explores as much as possible he stumbled upon the boy in this toxic. reference library in a place like parliament where the word reign supreme it exudes a special or theory finds all the minutes of parliamentary debates from the days of the german empire through the weimar republic to the present day. it's not called by any means it's very inviting but it's completely aesthetic in its presentation and then i began reading exactly what is on the on the books what they are on the history i'm very interested in german history i come from. a german background. kermit berg was particularly interested in the minutes of the
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east german roundtable talks held just after the fall of the berlin wall. they were dedicated to advancing the process of reform in east germany. was searching for more t.v. discover works by other artists like the installation archive of german members of parliament by french. it's five thousand middle boxes are labeled with names of past m.p.'s. then there's the four rowing boats cristiana movies has suspended from the ceiling of the new young guys a building. seen through the lens of his camera kermit bird provides a new perspective on the german parliamentary building and on german politics. well those images and. democracy thanks for tuning in everyone.
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and now.
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democracy day. whether she is miss practices in swiss banks or irregularities in german government. would never have come to light. whistleblowers three courageous people. and what consequences it
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had for them whistleblower alone against the system in thirty minutes. she's long been a sin. full of hope in syria i try to help people. assad does she stand for change for the false facade of her husband's room with tyra banks but. she believes in what projection that that they are saving syria. the beautiful face of the dictatorship starting october first on d w. crime fighters the new season of radio crime thrillers begins. domestic violence cyber crime and human trafficking for investigative cases that
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will keep you on your toes the crime fighting stories of the base idea ever so every young person needs to listen to crime fighter and share tell a friend tell a friend to fight crime fighters don't miss it. germany decides the german no action but you will have why but special coverage i go have all the numbers as they come in followed by in-depth analysis who will do when is being done to the losers and why is it so important i share germany decides the german election today and fifteen hundred u.t.c. right here on the double. whammy. it's all happening. of it i forgot. your link to news from africa and the world. your link to exceptional stories and discussions in the unwelcome student news after going program tonight from funny to
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me from the news of these each i while website d w dot com slash africa join us on facebook at d w africa. this is the w. news the live from berlin germany begins voting to a lectern a new government will it be four times in a row for angela merkel as chancellor her main challenger martine schultz is hoping to pull off a shock victory but the chances are slim after a lackluster.


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