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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  September 25, 2017 8:00pm-9:01pm CEST

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the state every news coming to wire from berlin on the america begins the tough task of building a government she's ready to talk to former partners of social democrats but they've already ruled out a return to government that could mean marijuana end up working with two parties
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who have very little in common and then how is she going to deal with this is to deny it i'm sorry him but our view is we need new policies one million foreign people have been brought into this country and they are taking the president this country away from us this would be a if he does not want this you have been elected to address these policies head on . the far right answer the immigrant and you have to use their first news conference to promise a shake up and join politics. also coming up on the program a historic day for the kurdish people and the walk they've been voting in a referendum that could pave the way for talks on an independent kurdistan as the counting begins people are celebrating the spike warnings this vote might ignite regional conflict.
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welcome to the program my name sarah harmon it's good to have you with. america has begun the search for new coalition partners after securing a fourth term as chancellor but seeing her support drop significantly she's most likely to seek a deal with two unlikely bedfellows the pro-business free democrats and the greens but all the reeling and dealing with taking place with an elephant in the room the far right party is about to enter germany's parliament for the first time in decades. nothing in the german parliament will stay as it was behind the scenes power plays and party leaders sounding each other out the first bombshell came from the f.t. as one of the leaders of the far right party walked out of its news conference. i have decided not to be part of the f t's parliamentary group but to sit as an individual member of parliament. just to be. frank
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a petrie is unlikely to be the last in the f.t. to distance themselves from the extreme right elements within their own party but chancellor i'm going to merkel is facing bigger problems after the social democrats ruled out for me a grand coalition with her conservatives a three way partnership with the business friendly liberal democrats and the environmentalist greens seems the only possibility even if it's all smiles in public their political outlooks remain worlds apart they are likely to demand a heavy price for making any compromises meanwhile the bavarian christian socialists the c.d.u. sister party are also threatening to quit their alliance with merkel's conservatives unless their demands are met. minus the in my view it's absolutely essential that we set out a clear commitment to stemming the influx of refugees in other words a cap on numbers. that's what we've promised people. the f.t.p.
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and the greens are unlikely to go along with any cap on refugees it almost seems as if the chancellor is already missing her old coalition partners in the s.p.d. . where they're not really thought of clint's we will begin having exploratory talks with the f.t.p. and the greens. but i would like to add also with the s.p.d. because it is important that germany form a strong stable government. after the hammering at the poles the social democrats are looking to reinvent themselves the last thing most members want is a rerun of the last government with. the she wants to call me she can i think that since the so-called elephant round of talks yesterday she has better things to do with her time thinking all others. the new parliamentary groups will come together for the first time on tuesday the powerplays just getting underway.
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dude obvious chief political correspondent linda crane is with me in the studio for some analysis melinda welcome to the far right after these that take about ninety seats in the bonus saga that's quite a lock how much power will they really wield and how do you think they're going to use it that absolutely remains to be seen even in fact whether they will be one bloc at least one important party leader has said she's not sure she wants to belong to the parliamentary group she may go her own way and that reflects some very big internal party divisions including over what kind of policy stances they want to take this is a party that started out as a euro skeptic party and evolved over time into a much further right nationalist party that is entirely focused on anti immigration and many many people who voted for this party and probably also some party
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politicians essentially see the parties will as protest in other words they're not really looking to get into the concrete mechanisms of legislation what they're really looking to do is send a message to germany's political mainstream parties saying we want less immigration we want a cap on the number of refugees allowed to be here and we want to see many of those who are here deported so very very unclear exactly how they will be dealing with this newfound power that they have and how they're going to put it to use you know they took a million votes off of anglo-american as conservatives this time around miracle meanwhile is trying to build a coalition and right now the most likely candidates are the pro-business f.d.p. and the environmentalists party the greens how is that going to work well the those are actually quite an easy bedfellows there are a number of areas where they absolutely do not agree on policy the way that it works is that the parties get together and essentially compare the. programs that
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they have come up with prior to the election programs that are intended as a guide to their voters about what it is they're going to do if they get into office and they look for possible areas of overlap i can tell you where they're definitely going to find possible areas of divergence policy on the e.u. they're the put the business friendly free democrats are much more unwilling to see increased integration within the eurozone they essentially want a lot of power to be retained in national governments where is the greens they would like to see a great deal more integration policy toward russia another area where they probably are going to have a hard time finding common ground where they might agree a little bit at least is getting germany ready for the future in terms of more focus on investment on digitalisation those are possible areas of agreement but this could be a long and thorny process the chancellor said it could last a christmas outlasts talk listen as well and is it possible that no deal would be reached and if so what happens that's absolutely possible the free democrats this
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business friendly party they are coming into parliament again after four years in the wilderness they aren't necessarily that eager to hold power yet they have very few people on their bench who actually have any political experience any governmental experience so they're even this to rush into a coalition is going to be limited and they've made it clear they plan to be hard bargaining partners the same goes for the greens as i say it could be tough if they can't get to agreement and if the chancellor can persuade the s.p.d. to take back its statement that it wants to be in opposition the next step would be as it is in all parliamentary systems to call for new elections the problem there that is something no one wants because it is very unclear if mainstream parties look like they can't even get their act together to govern together that may send even more voters off to the protest party the far right a.f.d. and that's something that all of the established parties surely want to avoid
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sounds like a lot of stake here and we're going to be hearing from you much more in the coming days as these coalition talks get started thanks for walking us through some of that. well the a.f.p. did surprisingly well thirteen percent of the vote we sent our correspondent vandermark to the eastern city of dresden or the empty house a lot of support and good evening thanks for joining us we understand there is some kind of rally underway where you are in saxony tell us a bit more about what's going on there. yes that's true i'm here right at the marketplace where the movement is meeting this movement against the so-called islam is ation of europe as they call themselves and when you look behind me here you can see people with german flags but there are also clearly right wing extremists among them there are people and groups that are observed by german services racists right wing extremists but when the speaker here came to the stage
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he welcomed everyone as we are the resistance and this is the capital of the resistance and they clearly support the a.f.p. when they was when they spoke about the a.f.p. result the end tires square behind me scream a f d a f t these are just about four to five thousand people but they clearly support the far right a.f.d. and the speakers here on the stage they said since yesterday those people their voices would have an arm in the parliament with the f.t. i found and you've been out in dresden talking to voters what are people telling you why did they vote for the award today. when you speak to people who have different voices some are quite moderate and some would say well we're just worried. that germany could cope with this amount of refugees that came into the country others say we just wanted to make
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a sign of protest and mix up the political scene a little bit but then you also hear people that are clearly race. cleary let's say we don't want foreigners they speak a lot about being the victims they are victims of victims of the press the foreigners would take away the money from them would take away the rent from them that's the general mood here among these people that support a.f.p. and go to the picky demonstrations so that's the general mood what specific policies do they want to see their parliamentary faction and act now that they have some representation in the on the side. well first of all they want to bring it to a court that's one of the major things that. he has planned that also these people behind me want to see they are they believe that america has broken the law
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by letting in the refugees to the country they also want to close the borders of germany they want to send people back to the countries where they come from this is really the major topic that everyone is having in mind here all right that's our reporter fabienne found on march there ready to get a rally in dresden family and thanks for sharing that with us. well just how the new german government shapes up is being keenly watched in rossell for limerence hugely influential in the european union but some of the shills there are concerned about the influence the f.d.a. could have going forward no one in the european parliament is exhaling just yet although chancellor merkel will likely remain in office her position is weakened lawmakers in brussels are deeply concerned about the strong showing of the far right in germany's election the psych experience has shown that such a right wing radical party can really poison the discourse as that's what we've
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seen with you keep the u.k.'s pro breaks it policy it had no members in parliament but still managed to turn the debate toxic. if you discuss issues in france you have marine le pen weighing in and it will be the same with the f.t. in germany unfortunately. it was the same story in the netherlands when far right populous to strong support in that country's recent parliamentary elections dutch lawmakers say german voters sent a similar signal the signal that i saw from the german elections is really that no one is immune to change and there is more fragmentation in germany while the center is still strong. i think we have to be mindful of what the far right is going to do the german green party's foreign affairs spokesman says this is a wake up call on the future of the e.u. . with this three pronged alliance between brussels paris and berlin we have a window of opportunity to take the initiative to bring the e.u.
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closer together but berlin has to be willing to play along. which being avoided with the far right is growing support in europe it may compel the e.u. to pay closer attention to the concerns of all europeans. there from germany well it's got the view from brussels our bureau chief max hoffman joins us now backs another four years for markel how's that going down in brussels. we talked to you commission presidential include your group who seem to quite satisfied with the result here of course you have to point out that younger himself is a member of the european people's party so conservative party on the european level that's the same party as i'm going to medical herself but was important for him to say that after being in power for twelve years he thought it was quite an achievement to be able to have this and i think he said relative victory with another four years and by this large of a margin to the next party he did point out though that he was very worried about the development with the if the the right wing populists coming well into the
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parliament at least in germany but of course that's something he's seen in many countries in the european union he's seen a strong point us in other in france for example and we have to remember in some countries in the e.u. the right wing populists already are the government for example take hungrier poland ok interesting out merkel is expected to seek a coalition with the greens and the liberal free democrats who've criticized french president and i'm home across ideas for europe what can we expect to happen there. yes you know there's this tale about the money call supposedly having said behind closed doors that if the f.t.p. really is part of the german government then i'm done maybe this is a classic case of not as bad as it seems although it's probably going to be confrontational for the eurozone budget topic that's something that money we might call once you once a euro zone budget the f.t.p. has says no go for them but we've talked to
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a lot of liberals here in brussels from the f.t.p. who are part of the european parliament who might even be ministers in the next government and they said hang on a second let's keep in mind that the f.t.p. really is a pro european party they are for the e.u. they are for developing the new institutions trying to make this whole thing work even better and they all said to us don't worry about that this will not be a problem if there really is a coalition there will be other problems. i thousand x. hofman joining us a little earlier from brussels all the german elections have been big news around the world we're going to take a look now at how people in other countries and their leaders have been reacting to the results. european news stands carry the mixed results of a diminished merkel and the results rightwing in germany on the streets of paris and london relief mixes with on saturday. and i think she's amazing i think this is the only person in the world. i think the breakthrough
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of the far right is damaging to all the people of europe. really feels right now ok so history might be repeating itself not everyone is anxious francis far right of the alternative for germany party marine le pen among them. their presence is beneficial and we will continue to work on boating the europe we want a europe of nations liberties and not a europe blocked by european union demands. french president. is at the center of the european project he said he had phoned to congratulate merkel and look forward to further cooperation and israel the e.f.t. sudden arrival in the brandished act forced the government to speak out i can say that i hold that the german people fully the history of germany. and
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the holocaust and. i will say reason that led to this tragedy in the story along the corridors of power in moscow leading politicians told d.w. news they were hopeful the result would bring a rapprochement between the countries. i want to point out and the results of the german election shows that german society has entrusted in restoring normal relations with russia i hope that the signal will be heard by the federal government including by the new foreign minister. the minister and the uk authorities. would organise. just who that will be and whether an easing of sanctions against russia will follow as to be the subject of intense coalition negotiations that may last months. well the german elections are being followed closely around the world including in west africa and here to talk with me about the region and its relations with germany i'm pleased to welcome missy
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a pioneer she's a correspondent at channel c.v. in nigeria welcome he received and i'm also joined by editor and news anchor are about coombs and she's with joy news in ghana welcome hour but just to be here you are both here covering the german election for your news organizations and are about to tell us a little bit about what your experience has been like here in berlin so far well it's been interesting of course the difference is in the process the electoral process differences change the german electoral process and the guinea and electoral process for example in ghana after voting many voters wait at the polling stations until the votes are counted wow exactly so i guess because the german crosses you build confidence in the process over a long time and people are confident teaches vote and go home and wait for the outcome of the election but so those are something interesting for me i really so interesting are people waiting because they don't trust the votes to be counted actually that's exactly what it's all ok there's always the. suspicion that
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the vote will be raked and so people decide to stay at the polling stations to ensure that the vote is not rick that's a real dedication to the democratic process you're describing and you were telling me you were actually at the c.d.u. party headquarters last night when the result was announced what was it like to get this amazing i mean it was momentous occasion and actually seen a glimmer give her victory speech was was well and testing obviously there was a lot of excitement a lot of supporters a lot of press and you know it was it was an astounding moment and what is the view of anglo-american all in nigeria how much do your viewers know about her care about her well let me just say that the relationship between nigeria and germany is a very strong one and president. president mohamed two bihari actually tweeted congratulations to her yesterday and said her victory was well deserved and he looks president trump to it. well i'm not sure of the timing but he's very very
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very very happy about it and is looking forward to continuing her tenure and creating the opportunity to secure more collaboration between nigeria and germany interesting our you're working as a news anchors there when you're in ghana you're doing my job essentially how much do your viewers care about german how important is germany to ghana well i must say that. the election was can be followed mostly by academicians and a kind of mix and but i think that there's a huge can in prisons in germany a lot of kenyans are living in germany and they send money back home and so a lot of people are interested in what is going on in germany and so that's a major reason why people would tune in to listen to is been elected because the policies of any new government would affect their relatives living here one of the big issues in this election has been migration the far right entering parliament for the first time in decades is that something you can relate to or are there
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similar issues going on in your own country as well the issues of migration and the immigration at the same time it's an international debate the global debate i also have experience from the u.k. and you know we've now got to the point of brics that we not have the issue of you tip and so the far right issue is not one that's new i think what's interesting is that all of the parties in the money first including actually had something to say about africa and in that manifesto they talked about the fact that they wanted the german market to be more open to allow for products to come from developing countries which is quite interesting when you go to more products from africa to come to germany which is really interesting it's a bit. of it is it's a different twist on the. issue of immigration we actually interviewed. stork yesterday when she came out of prison stations bowing out that was very
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interesting she actually put to her did she not think that the. approach was causing fear not just among immigrants but also germans germany and you know this whole issue to do with violence and her first thing was you know we're not a violent political party but yes we don't want to real or you know we don't want immigrants here but then if you look at them on the first perspective they're certainly living side of us and yeah yeah our but what about you when you look at the issues here in germany of also great economic inequality people saying well we can't support ourselves and as we were there any issues that resonate with you and you think i see parallels to a guy in ghana well the economic issues obviously i mean a lot of people vote along economic lines because in ghana people are very concerned with how the economy is run and it's based on that that that is a major influence of their vote so i would say that that is. a similarity there
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that yeah that's a similarity similarity before we let you go give me in just a few words maybe you sentence your impression of germany well i this is my second time i've been to germany i've been to berlin and it's just i mean it's very multicultural because of politan and you know the relationship that we have between channels and w. i think symbolizes how powerful that that is we're really far to have you as a partner station it's a pleasure to have you here last impressions final impressions of germany want to share their viewers oh you're just like me she said i mean it's a cosmopolitan city very beautiful and before i came here this is my says visit to germany and i was under the impression that demonstration not very friendly but you know you do that on education exactly but well i've been. proven wrong they're very friendly if you listen to them and understand them if you will you will appreciate where they're coming from so yeah it's been the of the i'm pleased to hear you've
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had a positive experience of the tourism office is going to be very very happy here in a ringing endorsement thanks for being with me i think that in a bank you soon. we're going to return now to the election success of the far right alternative for germany the bombshell dropped by one of the party's leaders from a petri she intends to serve independently of the a.f. these parliamentary group has stunned social media users here in germany for more let's go over to w. social media editor carl mccall you've been tracking reactions to this online it's kind of a unexpected crazy thing one of the party faithful saying about it. yeah crazy unexpected that sounds about right i mean she was one of the faces of the a of the she was also one of just three if the politicians to be direct voted into parliament last night and apparently after she stormed out of parliament during the press conference she logged on to facebook and she got some of her thoughts out in this very long post on her personal profile here here she's saying that she's
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leaving the party and she explains why she made that decision she wrote in part the a.f.d. has wandered from being a goal oriented party to an anarch is party acting as the opposition rather than offering voters a realistic chance to soon take over governing and this announcement really caught many of her supporters off guard one here commenting on that post saying if you'd read if you told us that before the election i would not have chosen you mrs page three others said you know she hadn't been truthful here's one saying that she was elected with a direct mandate but as long planned her departure patriot has deceived her own voters just after page three there were actually more defections they are from the a.f.p. this was today and this time it's in the state assembly of mecklenburg for palm on this is ralph borscht he's writing on facebook today that he and three other state level f.t. politicians will form their own party he says political differences over key issues
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and how to work with parliamentary bodies were made worse by how we communicate with each other on a personal level so clearly some party infighting maybe pay a tree is just the tip of the iceberg now for the if team it's going to be an interesting thing to watch is that karl you know they have to have taken thirteen percent of the vote they're going to take one ninety seats in the board this time quite a lot how are people reacting to their success. yeah i mean if you think nearly thirteen percent of germans they voted for the a.f.p. then of course eighty seven percent of germans did not and that group went to twitter last night and they were discussing the rise of the f.t. with the hash tag eighty seven percent you see one and many voters just hoping to communicate that hey the a.f.d. doesn't really represent the entire country this woman saying that she's proud of the eighty seven percent and happy to be one of them others expressing wishes that the country will be able to move on and just gets a get together around this she says we hope that we will not react to the a of the with fear but with more solidarity and germans this is interesting even getting
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some support from across the atlantic a u.s. pastor here writes as one of the fifty four percent of american voters who didn't vote for trump i see you eighty seven percent and i hear your voice so i guess the fifty four percent and the eighty seven percent having a bit of online group therapy trump voters and non translators non at the voters coming together all right carl thanks so much for sharing the social media reaction to the german election results always great to see you take care. we're going take a short break here on day w. funny more to come after the break. election victory number four. until america remains germany's chancellor. her political career began in one nine hundred eighty nine when the berlin wall
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ideas on facebook twitter and detailing. germany decides the election in germany a historic turning point big losses for the two main parties some. for the far right angle america remains chancellor but forming a government won't be easy. what does the result. for germany german election day in the news on d. w. . welcome back watching t.v. news line from berlin our top story on what america is urging germany's political parties to help or form a stable coalition government conservatives will be seeking talks with the social democrats rolled out
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a coalition will also start talks with the pro-business free democrats and the brain. of the political uncertainty in germany following that election has financial traders on edge daniel has that story people have plenty to think about especially businesses and investors are going to take a closer look at that now the coalition talks run the more uncertainty full business whatever the outcome companies here are hoping for a quick resolution. shocking that's what volkswagen c.e.o. mathias miller called the far right parties entry into the bonus time. fearing it will put germany's political stability to the test he and other business leaders are calling for the rapid formation of a new government guns in china and what's important for us irrespective of party politics is that it doesn't take too long to conclude coalition talks to be very difficult negotiations but they have to agree on a forward looking program so that business is aware which conditions will apply in
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the future that will be crucial. and. the federation of german industry is the b.t.i. wants to avoid damage to germany as a business location it's calling on the government to provide a three hundred million euro investment package saying companies need clear signals germany's chambers of commerce and industry are making similar demands. the business community is sending its own kind of coalition agreement or investments with three focal points investment in education in a modern infrastructure and in spaces for entrepreneurial activity. our country lives off ideas and the work of businesses and their employees. those are resources. another important focus is continuity and that's just what chancellor angela merkel is providing with
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a fourth term in office according to dortch a bank bank executive say her experience and rational approach to governing could help germany and the european union move forward in the coming years. and. joins me now he's president of the european school of management and technology based here in berlin thank you very much for coming in once again very busy. we could be set for long coalition negotiations should businesses be worried about this uncertainty not too much obviously it will take time there are four parties have to come to a conclusion on where to go at the same time the economy is doing well all the parties have a rather stable view on what needs to be done the differences are also by international standards not too big so therefore i think there's no reason to worry ok talking about international foreign countries often deplore germany for not
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spending enough to balance its huge plus in the balance of trade will this constellation of the top of german politics the so-called jamaica coalition that's been suggested will it make this spending investment inside germany any more likely i'm not sure about that so when we talk about the trade surplus for which germany has been criticized by a several international organizations also by its partner countries then we have to take into account that much of what it is due to is beyond the control of the government so for example it has to do with a low exchange rate at this point of time which really makes it much easier for german exports to bring their goods to foreign countries and these are just things the the government can't control so therefore i would say the the impact would rather be marginal but it isn't spending much insight is there's not much investment in infrastructure for example germany's been criticized for that it's spent more within the country it might import more in order to. to build that's
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right but at the same time public investments are just a tiny fraction of all investment so maybe about ten percent so therefore it would have to really increase enormously public investment in order to get there and that may have a little bit of an effect but it will not change the. overall picture ok now anglo-american says that she's willing to follow and manuel macron the president and france's lead when it comes to tighter european economic integration now i'll turn a t.v. for dodged on the f.t. the right wing populists are now going to be in parliament are we going to see an upsetting of the balance in terms of germany's position in europe now overall i still believe that germany will keep its pro european stance all the parties involved the liberals the green and the christian democrats all strongly in favor of europe of european integration but certainly the debates will become stronger with the f.t. being in parliament and probably using this as
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a platform to voice their concerns about what they think is a wrong way to go forward but at the same time nonetheless the coalition if it comes to play will still have a ruling majority to go to go the way that these parties hold well the f.t. of course has been very critical of the government as it was they say that not enough is spent in germany on the poorest people in society they're right and they have a point so certainly the question of inequality needs to be addressed very carefully at the same time when we look at the development in the labor market in germany many more jobs have been created many more people could be employed so therefore we should think very carefully about what other right ways to address questions of inequality in my view it's not about additional transfers but rather about thinking about how to get the economic dynamics in place where we can have plenty of time for them to hash all of that out in the coalition talks thank you very much for coming and talking to us. i got more on breck's it now with sara who's talking
8:37 pm
about things you know britain and you've been back at the negotiating table today and it comes days after british prime minister tourism a gave a keynote speech in a bid to revive the stall bracks at talks but the first ratios are still apparent the chief negotiator michel barnier so the e.u. would not discuss may's call for a two year transition deal until progress is made on issues like money and citizens' rights his british counterpart david davis reiterated the need for those issues to be discussed at the same time. are a lot of stake here barbara vessels in brussels she's been following the negotiations between the u.k. and the e.u. very closely over the last few months barbara good evening great to have you with us david davis was comforting is statement what are his main points on the eve of the fourth round of negotiations. his main points are is a nice of mine and blackmail because as we have just heard what he said is that
8:38 pm
even though to resign may and florence said that the u.k. would honor its obligations that money would only be talked about in the last phase of the negotiations when there is the future that when there is talk about the future of the relationship between the u.k. and the european union and though we haven't reached that stage so what he does really is take the money question off the table and then at the same time he sort of almost turned to me show barn you and just managed not to look at him pointedly and said nobody should know after the speech in florence tend in the way of progress more or less pointing with a finger to the towards the e.u. and saying it's all your fault. this sounds like a huge headache barbara mission by news of the e.u. that was keen an easy kenan eager rather to understand how to resume a speech was going to translate into the negotiations do you think there's still
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too much confusion on key issues even after her speech in florence on friday. is not not confusion really but what are new ones is facts and figures humans concrete proposals and he doesn't want speeches and he has become increasingly irritated about the stance in britain making lofty announcements and talking about things like the arland issue of course we don't want hard borders bought it's upon britain to no make a proposal that will sort of spell out how this could be done and the problem is that barney and david davis at this point in time are just going in circles and they're turning around the same arguments for new says we will not progress through the second phase of negotiations if you don't move so it's a game of chicken and i have the feeling that barney is not going to be the one who blinks first all right interesting that maze government seems quite distracted at home by internal squabbling do you think theresa may has the bandwidth to really
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pay attention to these negotiations. seeing from a brussels you point the answer is a clear no policymakers here still have the feeling that the british government and the cabinet and the tory party are talking to themselves and not paying enough attention to these really vital negotiations in brussels because this is something and that's the main point this is something that cannot be hammered out in one summit night and there is not going to be the german chancellor angela merkel sort of saving britain at the last minute and sort of making a deal about security not after these elections so all these hopes are sort of gone what these new solutions need are at the negotiating table and facts and figures in the files in front of the negotiators and there is a dialect of those. barbara thanks for breaking down some of the brouhaha as always
8:41 pm
we appreciate your analysis well turning to some other news the u.s. says it's not declare war on north korea and describes claims to that effect as absurd this after pyongyang is foreign minister said trump's u.n. speech last week was tantamount to a declaration of war on his country radio yong warned that north korea could take countermeasures including shooting down u.s. strategic bombers even if they're not inside space just days ago the u.s. flew bombers on a mission near north korea in a show of force following north korea's missile tests. all votes are being counted after iraqi kurds went to the polls in a controversial independence referendum which is strongly opposed by the government in baghdad this vote took place in the autonomous kurdistan region as well as some other disputed parts of iraq a yes result of kurdish leaders a mandate to begin talks on breaking away from the rest of the country iraq's immediate neighbors syria turkey and iran all condemned this ballot. the
8:42 pm
kurds celebrate the holding of the independence referendum. today we voted for the independence of kurdistan and it's a session from iraq. we want to change our iraqi identity to kurdish. i say goodbye to iraq and yes to independence. the non-binding vote was how despite pressure from all sides iraq's central government said it would never accept the speeding up of the country internationally the united nations wants the kurds push for independence could ignite more regional conflicts by the u.s. feared it would distract from the fight against so-called islamic state because the fight is partly about acknowledging the contribution of the. in confronting i.a.s.
8:43 pm
. god gives us this land and we have to protect it with our blood. we made sacrifices for the land and god willing the state will be announced soon and we are ready to sacrifice ourselves for it. iraq's neighbors also have significant populations of ethnic heads need is there were a divide could fuel kurdish nationalism in their countries. our attitude on this issue is very clear. regardless of the results with the clear this referendum and void. it is not in conformity with the current law in iraq. we declare it
8:44 pm
illegitimate. to tighten up security on its border to kurdistan where it's carrying out military exercises. he's also threatened to turn off the pipeline which carries oil from kurdistan through to the outside well and. to japan now where the country's prime minister shinzo has called snap elections meaning they'll go to the polls next month one year ahead of schedule is enjoying rising support amid tensions with north korea and he's expected to order a major economic stimulus package as part of this campaign. some fifty thousand people have been forced to flee their homes in the indonesian resort island of bali amid fears a volcano could erupt soon authorities say the evacuations follow a tremendous increase in seismic activity from mt agong more than a thousand people died when at last erupted in one thousand nine hundred sixty
8:45 pm
three police in dominica said the death toll has risen to twenty seven in the wake of hurricane maria strike on the caribbean island another twenty seven people are still missing maria caused widespread havoc and flooding when the category five hurricane slammed in dominica last week. former u.s. congressman anthony weiner has been sentenced to twenty one months in prison he was convicted of sending sexually explicit material to a fifteen year old girl wiener will also be added to a sex offenders registry. well i've been talking all day with you about the german election about what it means for the world what it means for germany what it means for europe and now i want to find out how the world of culture and arts is reacting car and how much that is here to take us through that car much the way amongst the artistic community well pretty sober. all round as you can possibly imagine and yet as we know you can always count on
8:46 pm
artists to stick their finger right into the room and even sort of exploit that dark side for all of the humor it's worth so cartoonists have been very very active indeed we're going to look at a bunch of court tunes that came out sort of from all over the world immediately after the result of this one needs no caption the a.f.d. here towering over the other higher place finishers on the podium reflecting also a general criticism of the media that they magnify the f.t. issues of course here's an angle americal is the princess on the f.t.p. which is more than just a p.c. and we're coming up here too and there's a really dark one to satirize miracles we can to position obviously as she talks rather well known moustache here by hair. and this one here implies just how threatening this election results must feel to the jewish community and role and the caption there read my alternative is is israel and many of the jews obviously in germany here in berlin and many of them very young so very ominous note there
8:47 pm
with the f.t. definitely garnering most of the attention now we were also out last night at a number of events where people from the cultural community got together to watch the election results come in and one of them where we were was the next i'm going to that's a very very progressive very politically minded theater and where the news certainly caused one group to react in a very unusual way. performers from the talking straight into rock performance to allow discussion of what they saw as a dramatic election results. yes patsy's had his own wake up call this is a kind of wake up call because it has become reality and. i'm surprised shocked and don't really know how to deal with it damn it. the premiere on the main stage at the maxim gokey theater however went ahead by i love the money even though it was a bit expected and was a shock because you hope for
8:48 pm
a different outcome because it's almost now we have our own little trumps but that's ok he's failing as well. all over ballet in the city's creative class followed the results with interest and some concern. who's it's me it's still a horror i feel sick and i'm afraid to topics like by my rules. but perhaps our snow has a special responsibility. as a court would think it is in bad times culture is there to be a home for people who are unhappy and think differently understand your own personal. and where the discussion was over some of the performers and the audience went off to join a spontaneous demonstration. wow that's are quite a gloomy mood i'm i'm searching for a silver lining i mean doesn't art tend to thrive in difficult political climates
8:49 pm
and how bad is this also in practical terms is the a.f.p. going to cut funding for the arts well see this is the thing in saxony of course now the f.t. is the strongest party so the feeling is very menacing there and there's the question of course if they could gain more influence but that is certainly just speculation for now you know at a federal level i don't i don't really think so and despite all the shock there is there are a lot of pragmatic reactions the f.d.a. as you know is just one of six factions and it's the only one that is actually favoring this sort of a return to a door to. in terms of the idea of a cultural identity all of the other parties put the accent on diversity on culture as a means of integration understanding education and culture as a fundamental basis for our democracy interesting so that leaves room to put a new focus on cultural policy well i think it does certainly some people think it
8:50 pm
does for example of the moment is director of the german cultural council now he just decided to speak up and say the time is ripe for culture to actually have its own ministry here in germany it doesn't actually have its. a state secretary level although it must be said that she does have enormous and influence on the other hand there could be a change made there the renowned german feminist at least watson who you know has pointed out that if the voters were for the large part male and so she hears the bell tolling for the hour of women to counter that trend of sort of nationalist fear mongering and what she calls a much wiser of the country a german photographer of a gun ten months who is based in london and berlin and he said that he hopes the german media will only give thirteen percent of its attention to the a.f.p. and not one minute or one malign more so that you know. they artificially. their importance as an artificially sort of extended stand challenge for journalists like
8:51 pm
ourselves con helms to all employees us thanks for that pleasure. all right head over to sports now in u.s. president donald trump's criticism of u.s. football players who were kneeling during the national anthem criticism sparked a backlash by even more players around the national football league on sunday about two hundred players either nell sat or raise their fists in defiance during the pregame playing of the anthem a week ago the associated press count of just six players protesting. the president trump had it his way these players would be sacked meaning during the national anthem he says should be a no go a firing offense but his hostile comments and treats that to the scenes more pay as meaning joining arms in solidarity of raising a test. would lead our country is trying to divide us is not
8:52 pm
a good thing. so that we do approaching two today or he said that he would imply that we can exercise our first member rights as players we were upset that he would imply that we should be fired. for exercising those rights. it all started friday at a campaign style rally for the u.s. president. would you love to see one of these other fellows when somebody disrespects our flag to say get that son of the field right out of the strive. although the president's tritter and strew strong condemnation from the player that did not stop him coming courage in france to boycott the n.f.l. if players continue to need. inroads into sports has divided many n.f.l. support us. i'll tell you i'm driving at from charlotte north carolina to come to
8:53 pm
this game if these guys start taking any and that's staying standing up for the flag output coming starting today i will be sitting and watching and see this is resolved seventy percent of n.f.l. black and critics say tom's comments have strong racial undertones. nothing to do with race i've never said anything about racism has nothing to do with race or anything else this is what respect for our country has respect for us. with the president and his supporters taking one side and the n.f.l. itself team owners and the players on the other side race and politics appear primed to be part of a long n.f.l. season. race politics joining me to talk more about president trump first the n.f.l. is chris harrington from our sports desk you got to help us put this in context ok why is it such a big deal what people do during the national anthem and why do you think the n.f.l. players response to trump was so strong when you think about the language he used
8:54 pm
when addressing this group of supporters in alabama he called it f l players s.o.b sons of a b. number one you don't talk about someone's mom especially in the n.f.l. this is a sport where people tend to take their mom after scoring touchdowns and doing other feats you know so forth so this was one idea and then demanding they be fired i don't know if that was a page out of his reality t.v. day show says that was his catchphrase you're either going fired you know but basically he drew a land line in the sand you know forcing the n.f.l. to make a decision us or the president and they are chosen sells i mean i saw that it was a beautiful thing to see the unification and and the team fittingly show this collective support you know for the things the players actually initially neal for in terms of the social injustice in the united states ok but this is kind of awkward because a lot of team owners have given. their players in complete defiance of him was not
8:55 pm
going to work right ok i'll speak about two owners specifically robert kraft two is the c.e.o. and president of the new england patriots they just won the super bowl with their quarterback tom brady both of which are trump supporters or at least reported him during the campaign trail and they both spoke out against trump's comments naturally saying the president should be standing up for rights in the freedom of expression that's what he's in office for to pretty much stand up for those rights and allow his citizens to express you know has they wish and jacksonville jaguars owner con also in london gave a million dollars and he is well showed solidarity with his players so it's nice to see that unified front and transporters naturally think players should do it off the field but all all in. people are typically against trump in this position it sounds like we have not heard the last of it chris harrington from our sports says thanks for breaking the story down for a day here's a quick reminder of our headline this hour on d.w.
8:56 pm
news i'm going to merrill has urged germany's political parties to help or form a stable government marable's conservatives will see talks with the social democrats who ruled out entering a coalition of conservatives will also be seeking talks with the pro-business free democrats and with the green. euro news coming to live from berlin more of the top of the hour for now from new sara harmon and our whole studio crew thanks for watching and have a great day. election
8:57 pm
victory number four. on good american remains germany's chancellor. her political career began in one nine hundred eighty nine when the berlin wall fell
8:58 pm
and unforeseen has to come. from physicists to the most powerful woman in the world on the american fortress. to sell through the middle. germany decides the election in germany a historic turning point big losses for the two main parties. for the far right angle america remains chancellor but forming a government won't be easy. what does the result mean for germany german elections the day after the news on d w. nationalists are on the rise what were required to make your country great again that is their slogan their focus put your nation first i am taking a trip to highlights different shades of nationalism and to find out what that
8:59 pm
nation mean to you. to share your story join the conversation here on to dublin your country itself and the facebook. page take germany decides what is your take on the whole position regarding not only climate change. germany has voted we answered your questions. you put it. past d w your questions about germany but if i had a medical they were a lot of fun to. write to us on facebook we'll answer your questions. frank food. international gateway to the best connection self and road and rail. located in the heart of europe you are connected to the whole world. experience
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outstanding shopping and dining offers and try alice services. biala gassed at frankfurt and. managed by for. this is d w news live from berlin tonight the day after in germany a politically weakened chancellor begins coming to terms with the results of sunday's national election i'm going to marco must now begin the talk task of forming a new government.


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