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tv   Reporter - Escape from Nigeria To Hell and Back  Deutsche Welle  September 25, 2017 11:15pm-11:31pm CEST

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to the outside well and. and here's a reminder of that top story we're following for you on the american has urged germany's political parties to help or form a stable government levels conservatives will seek talks with the social democrats but they've already ruled out in a ring government with her again she will also start talks with the pro-business free democrats and the green. you're watching news live from berlin bill back at the top of the hour with more news for all of us here in the lead thanks for the cup. when i'm traveling to be comfortable. but i also want to stay up to
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date on the latest news and events. and d.-w. make snap part of traveling easy just because it's available and thousands of hotels resorts cruise ships worldwide. where have you found a domain sign sent us a picture that shows d. w. in your room you could win a great prize go to d.w. dot com travel quiz. camilla from nigeria spent years as a forced prostitute in italy a year ago she was discovered by the police and deported she prefers to remain anonymous during the. binning city is
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a hub of prostitution and human trafficking local women are drawn into the traffickers web with promises of a better life in europe only to find themselves forced into prostitution. back in nigeria camilla wants to start a new life but her feelings of shame are such that she has yet to visit her family . will she find the strength to meet them. camilla still has a list documenting her harrowing experience it's a record of her earnings from working the streets in florence italy. she had to record every single euro which she then had to surrender to her pimp or madam who was also from nigeria. back home she's found support and refuge at
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a women's shelter run by catholic nuns. she spent most of her time in italy imprisoned in a tiny room with no chance of escape she collected my own. i was taught i could not call my parents see my cheeks and mean beats me. that thought that had been mean i don't want to pay her back among. eventually camilla was picked up by the italian place and repatriated to been deemed city. she says she still feels too weak to cope on her own and she's afraid of being seen as a failure since she returned from europe penniless. she's not sure how she'll manage. three months later.
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a few days ago camilla rented a small apartment in benita city. the nuns from the women's shelter helped her furnish it. i don't think i would have this kind of place. twice that because of the way i came . again and. and. i didn't come with anything so. i was frustrated say i never believed that i'm going to have so with a place like this to speak so i'm very i'm very i'm very very happy. got to get these icons. it's what i want i slip. well what call almost good i don't have anybody disturbing me i'm just ok. i'm just so will
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find out. meanwhile camilla has established contact with some old friends via social media. loneliness has been one of the most distressing challenges to deal with but she still dreads the prospect of reuniting with her family. since setting off for italy more than eight years ago contact with her family has been limited to just a few phone calls. she told no one in her family of the things that happened to her in europe and her home village is just a half an hour drive away. no fun i won't go so i don't want to i don't just want to buy some i start thinking or talking about this i'm going to remember something bad both do i want to move back so i don't just want to talk about the past i think i'm alone.
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the lack of jobs and bleak prospects for the future effect many young people in nigeria. camilla to dream of a better life abroad that is exactly what the sex traffickers promise a well paid job in well off europe. they don't smuggle the young women across borders with fake papers often disguising them as refugees experts say there are several thousand such cases every year in big city alone. the next day camilla is making a rare venture out in public that means putting on a wig she feels more comfortable when she doesn't think she'll be recognized. she's off to a school to tell her story and she hopes to prevent more young girls falling prey to sex trafficking gangs that so many things that want to do also want. can really knows that very few
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human traffickers are ever prosecuted not in europe and not in one area. that's why educational efforts are so important. you. can really was invited by the nuns from the women's refuge to give talks to school girls today they're in a suburb of the city more than half the girls in this region know of incidents involving human trafficking from their own families. i feel like if i'm in the shoes of those two for how we'll see you. there on the congo come see the point you to see that experience zero or six teach the people stay with them all this kind and still some of them slow the awful bloody up there is dos and i'm big in this business making morning i'm having fun just on how
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sublime some statistics hold to tell us more of course if you were to say that's. camilla and the nuns are a well practiced team. first a nun tells them about human traffickers and their tricks and false promises. and she tells them that much of what they've been told about life in europe is misleading. i was young voters are here. you have hear of this. i mean you know if you already have brought the census i feel. the assembled girls then get a first hand example of the dangers that potentially await them courtesy of camilla . the story she tells is not sanitizing it's one of beatings and a brutal exploitation. must live with. every night
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live. to save. fifty think it's only. because she tells us how hard it was to begin talking to school girls about her experience. says. the first times were especially difficult things like that old like taking things like that but it's a time goes on when i want to hear them i would like to find the summary of those three four month old us. sister bianna has more than ten years experience working with victims of forced prostitution. she's grateful for women like camilla who has overcome her own fears to help other young women avoid a similar fate. pattern admire her cordons help goodness. and. sorry. but you don't know what's in the world as to who to hold or when to kill. or harm the
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sun juju temple and any new city the seventy six traffickers and their victims to such temples before their departure to see priests supposedly endowed with magical powers finn siders reports that some juju priests fake the young women swear an oath of unconditional obedience the service priest refuses to confirm the allegations while on camera although he does issue a warning about taking valas seriously you feel the gods he says seek revenge on those who break their oaths the so they deny it the person will die they die within seven days by thunder. camilla refuses to be intimidated any more. right now she's preoccupied with
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a different matter she came across her own sister in a women's shelter. she too was exploited by human traffickers recently she was held captive for several months in neighboring ghana before managing to escape camilla and now blames herself for not having warned her sister earlier. she also knows that she can no longer put off meeting with her family. in a few days later camilla goes back to her home village. it's a nerve wracking drive what will her mother say after such a long absence will her family be disappointed to see her returning without any money saved up from europe.
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but her worries prove unfounded. i have it both in my gut i would say you know whether in night i was ready happy but on the run though what is going on. rice with egg and chili sauce the meal that camilla enjoyed as a child. she decides not to tell her family her now about her experiences in europe for now she's just happy that her mother isn't asking questions her mother had warned her about leaving it will be by trouble she didn't want me not to do so she didn't and i went they all did was it's my fault i find myself in such a distance mission so if i shoot and i don't think to be able to like they keep
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likely i'm sure mobi help you but it's so i don't suppose. oh ted i don't just want to just want to get these secrets. the family prays to give thanks for her return. camilla believes her mother may suspect what really happened eighty percent of forest prostitutes in nigeria come from the bend and city area even people in remote regions have heard the rumors. perhaps one day we'll manage to talk to her mother about what really happened during her stay in europe. he's a son of the revolution. see it son i have to measure since the revolution he's been working to strengthen the young democracy. fighting for the environment jobs for
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and against voter out there. believes in the power of his generation. for tunisia's future. three thousand next. not many get these angles on the powers that be. not many can get as close to them as done you'll discover. he's been photographing political figures for years now. his images are works of art and chronicles of contemporary history rolled into one . euro max in sixty minutes on d w. we take it personally. with all the wonderful people and stories that make the game so special. for all true fans dot com i. got more than
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football on line and if. you look at me speak your language does not have a. for content in dari pashto or. specs for returning to our web special few journalists like germany and the prospects for those returning home . join the discussion on d w dot com and on facebook. prospects for returning s d w made for mine. this week global three thousand focuses on democracy democracy.


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