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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  September 26, 2017 7:03am-7:16am CEST

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and of breck's it talks in brussels three days after prime minister to reserve may try to revive the process in a keynote speech but the frustrations are store apparent the e.u. is chief negotiator michel barnier said brussels would not discuss may's call for a two year transition deal until progress is made on citizens' rights arland in a financial settlement british breck said minister david davis urged him to stop stalling talks on future trade relations if you want london to settle its bill. it's business time the euro is down as investors uncertainty germany's national election will see a change in the makeup of government and as of now the parties are distracted by coalition talks we'll tell you what this could mean for business also coming up
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there will be no wholesale takeover of the firm's supervisory board has instead chosen the competitors it wants to woo we'll tell you who and an unlikely place to find something to smarten up your parents we'll tell you why recycled pieces are all the rage you can. i'm daniel winter and this is your business update from ballin angela merkel's conservatives will stay in on the social democrats say they're now out the leader of europe's biggest economy has to make new friends in parliament to form a governing coalition businesses in germany are hoping for a quick resolution but that's not the only thing worrying business leaders here in germany. shocking that's what volkswagen c.e.o. mathias miller called the far right parties entry into the bonus time thanks.
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to the test he and other business leaders are calling for the rapid formation of a new government. and what's important for us irrespective of party politics is that it doesn't take too long to conclude coalition talks the very difficult negotiations but they have to agree on a forward looking program so that business is aware which conditions will apply in the future will be crucial to. the federation of german industry is the b.t.i. wants to avoid damage to germany as a business location it's calling on the government to provide a three hundred million euro investment package saying companies need clear signals germany's chambers of commerce and industry are making similar demands. and the business community is sending its own kind of coalition agreement or investments with three focal points investment in education in a modern infrastructure and in spaces for entrepreneurial activity.
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our country lives off ideas and the work of businesses and their employees. those are resources. another important focus is continuity and that's just what chancellor angela merkel is providing with a fourth term in office according to dortch a bank bank executive say her experience and rational approach to governing could help germany and the european union move forward in the coming years. i asked the president of the european school of management and technology here in berlin. if he shares the worry that coalition talks will impact businesses. obviously it will take time therefore part is it has to come to a conclusion on where to go at the same time the economy is doing well all the parties have a rather stable view on what needs to be done the differences are also by
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international standards not too big so therefore i think there's no reason to worry i reckon stocks slid downwards in monday trading that's with diplomatic tension increasing between the u.s. and north korea u.s. president donald trump said the country's leader kim jong un would be around much longer north korea replying that it has the right to take countermeasures and claiming the u.s. has been directly declared war on the country. so if he is on wall street force so if the comments from north korea have made some investors cautious yeah well even if my saying now that he didn't declare war on north korea it is not him to decide how he is going to take this comment but it is on north korea and if they heard war they will act accordingly and this is exactly what investors are war three our worries about right now so it was on the white house press secretary this monday to claim that the u.s. has not declared war on north korea even adding frankly this suggests that is very
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so investors still look at this with quite some discomfort and you could indeed see this in the stock prices today on monday at the same time the common bio safe haven acid so far favored by investors in times of crisis the price for example is rising and so did the yen versus looking for safety that the big story here in germany as we've heard all day is of course the election results here what has been the reaction on your side of the atlantic. well investors care about two things on certainty and instability and the results of the german election showed exactly this uncertainty and instability at the results or in the german population is so now investors are asking themselves what is this right wing movement going to change regarding germany's role on the international stage and also if the phrase democrat party is going to be a part of the coalition this might mean some instability for the eurozone economy
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let me quote heath economists who say ok well anyone who might have thought that the european political with this period will have a rude awakening and on top of that some investors think that this result might even change the e.c.b. it plans to end their money so it seems like a big mess for investors on wall street right now so fishman's to new york thank you very much. supervisory board has given the go ahead to further acquisition talks today the bankrupt airline is meeting with lufthansa and easy jet the discussions are giving hope to eight thousand employees whose livelihoods are on the line a deal for the future of air berlin is taking form the bankrupt airline stated after a board meeting on monday negotiations with the photons a n d c jet are being held until october twelfth if you miss not going to comedy and. considering the
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difficult situation i'm relieved to say that after our negotiations we're on the way to achieving good job prospects for around eighty percent of our colleagues are terrible then with our betters in the. so finn's and technical details will be thrashed out in the coming weeks and any final deal will need to be approved by european regulators at stake of the carriers one hundred forty least aircraft coveted landing and takeoff slots at german airports some prime berlin real estate and the livelihoods of thousands of employees easy jet is only interested in parts of the passenger airline while the town's a spade includes austrian airline nikki as well for sale she generates some three hundred fifty million euros two hundred million of which will come from lufthansa that's good news for the german taxpayer because the one hundred fifty million euros in bridging modes provided by the german government can be paid back in full
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. it was say oh says the firm is willing to change in order to regain its operating license in london the authorities that welcoming talks with the right hand in for. the new c.e.o. of goober dare a closer shot he apologized for hoover's past mistakes on monday in a public attempt to show london authorities that the company is willing to change to retain its right to operate in the city because rasha acknowledged that the company got things wrong during its global expansion london's mayor said he con appreciate it khosrowshahi is apology. i welcome the humility shown by the c.e.o. of global who but today he's apologized to london as for the white uber have behaved i wish the u.k. would have the same humility and but hooper officials in london insist that they've complied with all of london's laws it just to be very clear to the has always
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followed every quarter excuse t.f. l. has undertaken of all processes no fourteen since we finished it not because the ha ha ha we've come to feel that never previously said about talking to hamas just to do anything different so that's why it's a surprise not to be wrong to lie she's still transport for london said it wouldn't three new hoovers license when it expires september thirtieth but whoever can continue operating while it pursues an appeal. now if you ask me staying beautiful is harder than it looks helping your customers to stay beautiful even hada just ask when the one juror who's week business just outside of nairobi is making a tidy profit she goes to great lengths to stay a cut above the rest. and also it seems is a growing business here in the chic center of nairobi just one wig can set you back up to five hundred dollars the current trend for wigs and hair extensions has
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created a million dollar market just outside the kenyan capital dan dura is one of africa's biggest trash heaps but what's a cast off for some is a treasure for others thousands of kenyans make their livelihoods from trash like winnie one jira she specializes in hair both synthetic and real. there are many different types of hair if you're lucky you might find underside human hair someone may have bought it but not liked it and chucked it away the boys from the dump sell them to me for the equivalent of two u.s. dollars and i then sell them to a salon for around five u.s. dollars. not a bad profit margin for the thirty one year old but competition is tough at the dump she's not the only one keen to make money with her here at the market in one of nairobi's poorer areas the headpieces assorted and cleaned oiled and
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combed like many other hair stylists mary one g.q. buys the hair from the rubbish dump and then prepares it for her customers they pay a fraction of what they would in topsail ohms. also prefer these pieces because they're cheap and come from nearby instead of those from the central business district that are expensive and far away by the time they arrive the customer has left north or. this woman doesn't mind the ten you adornment one slayer on the trash pile as long as it's properly restored looks good and the price is right she's just one of many benefiting from this form of recycling. business for this program thank you very much for watching.
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