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but i'm not hopeful you'll still get along ok let me get to that up to the minute news and opinions the background to political developments. d.w. we bring you more i don't know if. this is deja vu news live from berlin the right livelihood award announces this year's winner it's known as the alternative nobel prize honoring people working on global problems state of you speaks with one of those being honored calling comes all this is an indian human rights lawyer working to protect refugees from
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deportation we'll go live to delhi also coming up. on a macro begins her quest to form a new german government she's ready to talk to her former partners the social democrats but they say they're going into the opposition i could mean machall working with two parties that have little in common also coming out. kurdish celebrations after a referendum on independence from iraq the problem practically all the regions big players bitterly opposed the vote and have been pushing back. i'm brian thomas welcome to the show while it's known as the alternative nobel prize each year the right livelihood award authors those who. defends human rights
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and the environment and we have some breaking news here right now the names of those twenty seventeen laureates have been announced this year's honorary award goes to the u.s. law lawyer robert billet who takes on the big chemical companies on behalf of the victims of pollution well the prize money totalling three hundred thousand euros and all will be shared by three people also the journalist khadija ishmael over john who has courageously written about elite corruption in her country undeterred by a prison cell intended to muzzle her and ethiope is. now using the group has been honored for her work on behalf of the disabled also being honored as column is saugus an indian human rights lawyer who champions the poor now what he's done among other things is he's filed a petition defending a group of revenge or refugees against deportation by the indian government in
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a moment he'll be joining us here on the program first our india correspondent sunny a following car as this report prepping for an important case called in confront this is about to hit india's supreme court he's pushing for an independent investigation into the lynchings of about thirty people by him that we did learn to groups they were murdered in recent years for allegedly transporting cows or eating beef their rage against. against other communities and other religions is so extreme today. india is really on the brink of a precipice so that's a very important case that the supreme court is taking up today apart from handling politically sensitive cases gonzales is known as a defender of india's most vulnerable citizens he spent more than three decades campaigning and litigating to secure their basic rights. he's far from alone
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gonzales books with a team of young dedicated lawyers some have even given up lucrative corporate jobs his human rights law network provides free legal services to bonded laborers religious minorities refugees women and others go to the supreme court his petitions have led to some landmark rulings notably one the directed india states to implement several food security schemes that means millions of poor children now get free school lunches the supreme court of india and the high courts of the states already future for people like us and our clients it's a place we can go to it's a place where. they can get relief from persecution. and it's a very quick remedy the indian remedy of public interest litigation is unique. his organization operates from this office in delhi. in all two hundred seventy lawyers
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social activists and academics work for gonzales across the country. their job is to defend people in a system that is often stacked against them. people like these farmers who have crumbled more than one thousand kilometers to seek legal help. mission they've mundell says the government illegally took over his farm land in the state of charge for an infrastructure project. he's still waiting for compensation. after meeting the lawyers here i am very confident that i will get justice for what has happened the truth will come out and came back with a policy that says condit has had a long day and it's not over yet he kicks up a workshop on the legal framework of hiv and aids in india we didn't know any is hardly an issue the act of the slow hasn't tackled in his drive to hold the government to account. it's his mission and his passion you fight injustice big lot
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of joy out of giving the government a tough time discrimination inequality violence we get a lot of satisfaction is a david and goliath kind of situation but there's no stopping this crusading lawyer in this tireless fight to improve the lives of millions of fellow indians. and we're joined now by laura kong and solve a skull and congratulations first off and thanks so much for being with us this morning you know we just heard you say your passion is giving the government a hard time why did you start doing that why did you begin your career giving the government a hard time. well restarted a very long time ago almost thirty years ago but now we have become pretty effective in dealing with situations very very powerful forces exploiting poor and
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vulnerable people and so we've learnt how to use the legal system which is unique in the world it's a it's a legal system which allows that david to battle against the goal at that sometimes when and we've learnt to use that system effectively on be of very poor sections of the indian population not only the indian population but you're also representing a six thousand raw hinge or refugees can you tell us more about that place that's right we have something like forty thousand rohingya refugees in india they've come across from my maher and bank and they are really in a very difficult situation. and the indian government suddenly announced that they were here for six seven or eight years. basically absolutely peacefully it suddenly announced that they intended to push back the growing get refugees and so he went to the supreme court along without that. and viewed asking in the supreme court
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that the history of the government be this train from sending them across the border because were they to be sent across the border as surely the might be murder they've been might be relieved and terrible consequence of the fall and then we're very optimistic that the supreme court will intervene and not allow the government to do such an excessive act or deprecation ok now you've also been working on some major social and economic cases can you fill us in a bit on that. i think it your reporter earlier it was mentioned that the right to food case was one of our landmark case and that was an incredible case because a single organization. people's union for civil liberties with the human rights law as it's four years for tickets on behalf of four hundred fifty million people. and be brought subsidized green to court order to center large section of the indian
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population living below the poverty line the medieval need in all the schools was started after the supreme god intervened it made a series of borders the right to food statute and the right to work structuring kate in india because of the work in the supreme court in the orders of the supreme court so it's quite a remarkable thing that you could have a court making an order in a single case on behalf of such a large section of people we've also fight cases on that that victims that this is a big big men who wanted to act with acid by men who had been rejected as to go so to speak and that a large number is the country which are currently going on and you also find again it was say. treat hundred thousand farmers have committed suicide in the country you do lack of resources i like to wish you the most success with all of your
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efforts and once again congratulations it certainly has a much deserved award call and can solve if you don't if you don't mind to see one more day ok people of germany maybe have thought that they have contributed to our success because the people of germany support red for that word that means here or who have been our steadfast partners for a long long time thank you for the people of germany ok well thank you for that message as well calling us office for us joining us from go i thank you very much for joining us this morning. and we're turning now to the fallout from the german election a weakened chancellor machall has started the process of piecing together a new governing coalition she said to talk with the pro-business free democrats in the green party party's very far apart on the political spectrum now adding to the pressure on the back of the immigration alternative for germany is now the nation's
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third strongest political party and is preparing to enter the bundestag saying sorry about to change around here behind the scenes of the german parliament power play some party leaders sounding each other out the first bombshell came from the f.t. it's one of the leaders of the far right party walked out of its news conference. he had decided not to be part of the f.t.'s parliamentary group but to see it independently in parliament for the time being. he is unlikely to be the last in the f.t. to distance herself from the extreme right elements within the party but chancellor merkel is facing even bigger problems after the social democrats ruled out forming a grand coalition with her conservatives a three way partnership with the business friendly liberal democrats and the environmentalists greens seems the only possibility. even if it's all smiles in
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public their political outlooks remain worlds apart and they're likely to demand a high price for making any compromises. meanwhile the cd used the very insistent party that c s u is digging in its heels the conservative party sees its tough stance on immigration has been dictated after the success of the f.t. . in my view it's absolutely essential that we set out a clear commitment to stemming the influx of refugees in other words a cap on number. that's what we've promised people. the f.t.p. and the greens are unlikely to go along with any cap on refugees it almost seems as if the chancellor is already missing her old coalition partners in the s.p.d. given to the thoughts of clean sweep really in having exploratory talks with the f.t.p. and the greens. but i would like to add also with the s.p.d. because it is important that germany form a strong stable government you know
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a new. after they're hammering out the polls the social democrats are looking to reinvent themselves the last thing most s.p.d. members want is a rerun of the last government. she wants to call me she can i think that since the so-called elephant round of talks yesterday she has better things to do with it on . the new parliamentary groups will come together for the first time today the power play is just getting underway. and who will be sharing the political power very much up in the air this morning i'm joined by hans brant good morning hans will be able to put together a coalition with the free democrats and the greens they are so far apart on just about everything well it's not the first time to go see a thing with partners in the go see asians that are far apart she's an experienced negotiator she's obviously got some interest in doing this together and so do the
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other people involved they are also to a large extent interested in joining this coalition that goes especially for the greens who base their whole campaign on the premise that they want to reenter government the freedom across a little cagey about it but in the end it will be a long process if we get a new government by christmas will be doing well in other words it's going to take months but there is a there is a chance that anglo-american can succeed at putting this together ok now now adding to all of this pressure which is already considerable is her own varian allies the c.s.u. they want to cap on on my good migrants and immigration and will they get that well they're actually in a very difficult position they have lost significantly in bavaria they really on the ropes you might almost say and they are expecting regional elections in about a year's time so they're really desperate to reestablish their position at home in bavaria and the captors something that they have pushed for quite
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a lot in recent months it's something that seems to be full for them as a single issue that is particularly important but that single issue is something that the other parties completely reject so on that issue there will be a lot of a lot of dispute and what about the if he could this far right party actually split we have some indications that it it that could be the case well effectively in a sense it has split because it's one of its leaders the party president of the patriot has just said that it is not going to join the party in its group in parliament she's going to enter parliament on her. effectively that says that she will be thrown out of the party sooner or later and she will try to form an alternative grouping in parliament with some of her allies so that party is slipping not unusual for a new party but still it will be improvements to be seen exactly how that party establishes itself in parliament thanks so much for that this morning here.
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all saying with one of those big election stories we've been talking about the rise of the if the the alternative for germany. christian democrats may have won the election but the populous if he did deal them a blow in the eastern german state of saxony winning that state saxon is a fertile soil for the far right for nearly three years now the islam and immigration to get a movement has been holding demonstrations every monday in the state capital president yesterday evening was no exception traced and is a major tourist destination and the capital of saxony it's also a stronghold of a.f.d. support around here the right wing party did not need to put up many election posters to attract voters alternative for germany has been in the regional parliament for three years and now they're heading for the bonus talk
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not just photos and saxony and send a clear signal that they are unhappy with mrs america as policies and with the green coalition they want change it will be a big challenge for the f.t. to implement what these voters want and change politics in germany. the anti islam to get a movement is a natural ally of the a.f.p. on monday they were demonstrating as they do every week outside trieste and famous church of our lady people here are overjoyed with the a.f.d. result. we're happy that for the first time there will be a real opposition in the pool in the stark what we had before was not opposition. controlled mass immigration should be stopped rejected asylum seekers should be sent home and the chancellor who has broken many laws should be punished and. someone has to take action. nothing changes and nobody is satisfied with mrs merkel and i think it's the. last on opposition in parliament that will oppose the
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government. piccy to cause trace in the capital of resistance to america as one of the speakers at monday's demonstration told the crowd you know have a voice in parliament. ok let's go now live to saxony we're joined by our corresponding involve in on the mark in the city of dresden of fabienne president has become known internationally for its demonstrations the movement and now that the f.d.a. has told very strongly in saxony can you tell us something about the opposition there the opposition to the far right interest. yes of course i mean the opposition always stresses that even if the a.v. got some thirty percent in areas in saxony the majority seven percent seventy percent still voted for other parties and also there are protesters coming to this
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place where i'm standing for example every monday night to protest against the piccy movement against a.f.p. saying that not everyone in the race is like that and also the famous calling could hear behind me organizers demonstrations and discussions but some say this civil protest against the a.f.d. against big is not big enough and that might have to do that people are exhausted after three years of biggie and maybe also some are too lazy to protest against a.f.p. ok now what was behind this the strong poll for the f.t. in dresden and in the state of saxony. of course there's a number of reasons there are economic cultural social explanations but when i spoke to people again and again i heard well we are here in the valley of the clueless and they refer to actually the time of communism thirty years back when in this area particularly people had no connection to the west television for it and
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they didn't get that many information from the rest of the world and this feeling of being a bit remote is still very present even this is a generation back and people in these times also had no experience with people from other cultures from other countries there were and hardly any migrants and still there are not many immigrants here but still people are cinephile be here and are reluctant to help people and to have foreigners in the city among them barbara thanks very much for that from dress. well the rise of the de also figuring a cross the border in politics and france on. certainty in germany is a problem for france because it needs germany support when it comes to that crucial issue of reforming the european union french president and money when mccoy is set to unveil his proposals to reform the you later today it's going to be
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a major speech and he's expected to call for a common budget for years and countries with economic powerhouse germany sharing more of the blocks debt but with a new coalition government in berlin currently in the works michael's vision well it could well be a hard sell he's doing speaking in athens two weeks ago a man when mccall presented his vision for europe against the backdrop of the acropolis and enduring icon for democracy. using a new for the front we need a new europe that socially balanced and financially sustainable. only by overcoming the disparities that exist today can we strengthen european sovereignty . we need a common european budget to achieve this. thank you those in attendance lauded mccall's vision. his plan calls for a new tax to be levied across the one thousand european countries that use the euro
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. it includes billions for a common budget for all euro zone countries that will provide impetus for more investment in the eurozone to deal with issues like youth unemployment in southern europe including france alongside the existing a u. parliament that establishes a new euro zone parliament. that parliamentary body will be headed by a new joint eurozone finance minister. mccall is also calling for euro bonds and a shared debt burden. bonds would no longer be issued by individual countries rather by the eurozone as a whole that it translate into reduced interest payments from france and increased contributions from germany that's a common thread in his plans as europe's strongest economy germany would have to shoulder more of the financial burden and assume more responsibility that's something however that many politicians and economists in germany philately reject
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. well let's bring in it frank boston now he's the director of the german french institute in new digs back and good to see you how realistic all president calls plans. first of all i think you should be happy that france is back on the european stage this is certainly good news even for the germans who in fact will be the difficult part of to discuss his proposals realism in politics sometimes starts with a vision of what you want to achieve and then all the negotiations only start so i'm quite confident that there will be serious talks even if today we see two different positions basically that michael one more spending in the euro zone budget and the reluctance of german economists and politicians to say not more money because we don't like money that much indeed it's certainly a. vision we're talking about a supplementary budget which would see german taxpayers having to put their hands
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deeper in their pocket it's a hard sell how will he get the german government on board well here's a young and pushy president and that's again good news he of course tries to convince the germans by reducing his own deficit's by discipline in spending he have did serious cuts in the budget two thousand and seventeen and the budget two thousand and eighteen in france will be quite a serious one so germans maybe one day will get confidence back concerning the french discipline and once this is achieved it will be easier to talk about well intelligent investments but he can't expect much progress in the coming months can he with the new coalition government still being formed here in berlin. of course we have to wait for a new german government which will be a difficult task on the other hand in the background there will be discussions of course the economists in france and germany know each other quite well they know
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their own positions they know where possible compromises may be so i think they will prepare some well possible choices and this will then be more probably in early two thousand and eighteen what about the differing views there because merkel is in favor of a slightly smaller budget isn't. exactly the big question is about where to put the money and where to locate its distribution because you can of course put some more money for the eurozone inside the all over european commission budget which is more the german choice in order to prevent too strong separation between the euro countries in the euro countries and the other idea that comes very much from france is to say an additional budget only for the eurozone with a known minister of finance responsible for the spending and this is of course a very far reaching proposal and it will be difficult for the french to convince the germans that this is the only way to do some more investments but again i think
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the german government will agree on the fact that we need intelligent spending investments for the future it's about us unemployment it's about education we all know this and this will be the common ground they maybe can stand on frank the director of the german french institute in makes the book good to have your insights thank you and with that it is back over to private hell it's off to iraq now where the kurdish minority has voted in a referendum the outcome will likely be yes when official results are revealed later in the week now that despite heavy international pressure the un and the us both opposed that vote. now to some other news right now police in israel say a palestinian gunman has killed three israelis and wounded a fourth at a jewish settlement straddling israel proper and the occupied west bank the gunman who shot dead at the scene. north korea's foreign minister says that u.s.
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president donald trump has declared war on his country after the president tweeted that north korea would be around much longer and the white house says claims it is a war with north korea are quote absurd. a week after mexico's deadliest earthquake in decades hope of finding more survivors fading more than three hundred people died in the disaster which centered on the mexican capital mexico city. let's get your mind now of our top stories this hour the winners of what's known as the alternative nobel prize the right livelihoods award have been announced one of this year's laureates was a lawyer who's fighting the deportation of rohingya muslims from india. and beginning talks today to cobble together a new government that after sunday's general election left her conservatives the biggest party in parliament politically weakened after record losses. i'm
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brian thomas thanks for joining us here at news more news at the top of the hour. just. trash on. the black and yellow since the cold song. needles by
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after a hard smash to point out. one special after the german election journalists. village twenty seven germany has voted. how should we interpret the election results what do they mean for the euro. after the german election international from berlin. quadriga in sixty minutes on d.w. . in chicago the stadium was so loud it was a really special event i remembered all my life everybody have a dream. and you don't need to set up your dreams when you see two or three or no things are going well but we can still know when it's. right and not the man i
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always believed to return fire in munich into an international brand of. international brand. shared passion. an exclusive journey into the sun via. the sun me a phenomenon starting october fifteenth on t.w. and on line. i. asked.


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