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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  September 26, 2017 4:00pm-5:01pm CEST

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it's not creating an unfair competition because. of our predecessors. could any. vote measures that are not sustainable today. but if we adopt the british tax nobody can say that this. law allows unfair competition. this is actually a quite. easy solution but anyway i am going to work towards this tax. you cannot possibly have understood already that the third. foreign policy in a partnership with africa and our development policy that is going out to create a huge project of crisis investment in education health and our jane if
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you does not seize that opportunity others are going to do it and if nobody does it then europe alone is going to suffer the consequences of the fourth key of our sovereignty is to be able. to respond to the biggest transformation of our world the. environmentalists transition every year and for many years it was a huge revolution of our ways of the way we produce most and consume and live. with europe is between two places that we have a simple decision to life do we want to continue to produce like yesterday and to defend our competitive or to. do we want to accelerate and become leaders of among our production model that is not an economic model but that is a society model and civilization model that is also going to enable us to redress
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inequalities in a society where the governments have to pay the price for oil. in their qualities and most vulnerable are the first victims. i deeply believe the left. has to be a trailblazer for also not fair. to call a g. we have to transform transport industry we have to invest and. enhance this transformation. we have to. you have a car going with a fair prize enough to help finance the transition that's going to be a fight they are going to need to resistance and lobbying to get. but who are going to tell us it's a good idea but only some uro's that if we don't do that and now if we don't have
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and some significant carbon price in order to finance our necessary transformations then everything will have been for nothing under twenty euros a tonne that's not going to be reasonable this is where we have to go and we have to organize today and order to be able to carry those through. we need real common your prize we need a real transition towards a transformation of our economies and a company with the sectors we need to help accompanied territories who are victims of those transformations and be close to them and also it. would be but it could not help the territories that where the models of yesterday were strongest. well this also means that we need a european energy market that is working. and we need
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to create more interconnections. long time this was not the case because it was not in all corporatist interests spain or portugal and in neighbors we develop those interconnections. because. we have to i will. help the rest of europe benefit from renewable energies when there are produced in other countries. we have a european energy market that works better if we develop and accelerate those interconnections and we also need to make sure that our industrial as well is not far from globalization to get help. we have to work with competitors from other regions of the world who. we
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have to protect them against. unfair competition from countries where the us. where the standards are much lower. interconnection. transitioning contract territorial contracts horrid attacks carbon tax those are the fillers of the energy edition for europe and it's not going to be possible from one day to the next i know that but if we don't talk about it and if we don't progress that's never going to happen so we have to have a final goal five years ten years and build transitions. today and let's progress to doing. we were up has to be the trailblazer for energy
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transition in a unified market to build this problem model ben. and this ambition should not only be defensive this is why i am also going to create a european industrial programme. for. the development of common infrastructure in order to be able to cross your without causing any damage this is a big project the discounting to reconcile our industrial ambition. you know what kyung. guarantee is our version our sustainability is also in europe of security and food sovereignty and security and this is why i am placing his ambition here.
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but we should ask ourselves the right questions with know what. is our common agricultural policy good protection for our farmers and consumers you're. looking at the last years and i am not convinced. and we have arrived at that sort of paradox where the common agricultural policy is a french taboo while the farmers keep complaining about the way it functions every culture a policy should not be a policy. that is over managed and all european territories and in all sectors. and it should not only be policy and financial support sometimes.
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things are so complex that we cannot explain them to the citizens their european agricultural policy should. only put to give our farmers the means to live in dignity and have. provided the citizens with food that's responsibly grown and farmers. but for much every country should accompany the transition according to its own ambitions and preferences and there's no common agricultural policy should not be there to know you're a credit and throw it should be an instrument when you. first form of a kind of owning transition will hold in a globalized context and revitalize like they are rural territories superhit we. wish. we could pretty quiet
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openly have a good job to create and that we've. never had that is protected against volatile markets that could jeopardize our food security and company the agricultural transition in europe with more flexibility in the countries to organize a life in the territories with less your across but and. more flexibility in the sector for decisions that are sometimes territorial decisions ought to be on. your reporting and trust the food and products that they use on a daily basis and this food security that i just mentioned is a part of racing. and we also see how important europe is there
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last summer we lived through good as called now the crisis and we saw that when in one country or if you are in our integrated market something goes wrong the report we cautioned this can we put our food security in doubt in the rest of the european union here. and we need to be able to trace them and see the truth in real time and don't get it ok we also need a government control against fraud actually with darren u.-t. food security. and a too much quality standards and the whole of europe that must also be our ambition . and concerning this why don't you i support the president. once too and double standards in the whole of europe and not guarantee this
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illegitimate conduct general. european citizens need to trust in the experts. and the job. and then in the end and aquinas much of. the. result also showed that we need you more transparent more independent of any need to research that you can identify with and offer alternatives to this. key and political today of. politics try to take the place for scientific research. science or research you have to be independent and transparent and you're going to show. that. you don't get out of turn at. this.
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and should not accept if you. don't believe lobbyists and industrial and it was this would be the decisions. thank you believe in an age of the first ski of our sovereignty is that. this is also a challenge transformation of our societies and even of our imagination. it is not secular af actor. and it is not just an anecdote. europe has a lot to lose and to gain in. only a need to balance between literati security and independence is an important point
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and when you're in a minute. by one digital transformation the sacredness of it and yet this one all evolution needs a radical innovation in america we need to have digital chairman islands and with industry and research money this is what i can also like to apply and friend. it was because our economies cannot continue to build themselves as if they were protected and in any cut from the rest of the world every new that's the way it is and the digital revolution is a revolution of talents you have to attract more of. and this is also the sense of our action no. prime minister and arm of minister of innovation in. and education and are fighting this fight in the government.
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also needs this kind of a. i don't want to enter and do this only revolution and to create a national coming to twenty european. united states. and for that. with a human you know little of opportunity to. benefit from no. divisional intelligent and other top need to be treated by this agency in order to create and innovate to europe that is not a phony. welcome back you've been listening to speak the french president has been delivering his vision for the future of the european union he's been speaking at the sorbonne
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university in paris it's been a sweeping speech and will continue to listen to his words but his message so far has been a we have to make europe stronger and carry it through historic challenges the four may change but the idea must remain team coverage of the speech here in our studio with us we have done from the german council on foreign relations and we also have our two correspondents crain our chief political correspondent with us here from berlin and catherine martin has been following the speech there for us in paris welcome to you all thanks for joining us on the program daniel i'll start with you the points that you heard so far what stood out to you from what i had to say i think he found a very good way to speak about sovereignty and regaining sorrentino through europe and at the same time underlining very clearly that europe needs to transform but also that the nation states needs to transform the economies needs to be transformed and presented europe as a tour. to achieve this and not as
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a threat so if you pick the example of innovation or digitalisation that you mentioned agriculture climate change he actually argued in every single policy area very clearly how he sees europe possibly taking a leadership role on helping transform and helping adapt to the challenges that we are facing i think that was a very smart way and the other remarkable thing i think is that he outlined the historical dimension he gave aliments of what might happen if europe wasn't there you spoke about peace you spoke about prosperity and i think that's you know although it may sound historical and big but this is the idea of the project so he combined a very big political narrative with extremely concrete examples and he started out his speech i think that's also worth mentioning with the security issue so he spoke about protecting citizens he spoke about the fight against terrorism he spoke about
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defense and he put ideas on the table not only what europe should do but how france will counter concretely contribute so he takes a lead that's what it takes as a leader to not only say what should happen but actually engage and make promises that he will be able to respect catherine let's come to you in paris now where were many well known call is still speaking we heard what daniela said their france are taking the lead for a more integrated europe how do you think that is going to go down with the french people. well the french people half first of all really to learn. from this very fresh and very new attitude here from the from the french capital because it was not in the french tradition i would cite support here in the very heart of the french country europe on the very first level and give such a stage to the european story to continue the story so the french
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people i would say first of all they are still concerned and worried about what's going on in terms of home and interior reforms but of course i think they are following this debate. for your city. i think that the french the french will learn that europe even for them is important for thought they can't overcome even in turn problems melinda let's come to you know our chief political correspondent here in berlin and that's something that angle america the chancellor here has been saying for many years a true german voters you know if france is leading this a vision for further european integration i will americal does he have her support . so far from what we heard in this speech there probably isn't a lot that she couldn't support but i think that we've probably not yet heard the
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crucial issues that will be of great interest here in germany and may arouse some skepticism or even outright opposition and you know we were told. before the speech began that mr mccall had perhaps time to his speech in order to be able to influence the political discourse here in germany at this crucial moment after the election before a coalition has been formed and before a coalition agreement has been hammered out because once that's hammered out it's much more difficult to to influence it essentially it lays out the policy for the coalition so interestingly enough the different points that he addressed the way that he structured his speech starting out with defense talking about security talking about immigration these are all very vital issues on which even some very different parts of the political spectrum here in germany mostly can agree he's got
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some things in there that would appeal to to hardcore conservatives he's got some things in there that would appeal to the green party one of the potential coalition partners the chancellor will be speaking to when he talks about climate when he talks about immigration so there's a lot in there that clearly is targeted also at the listeners here in germany particularly in the political parties and and perhaps that is the outright intention of why he has built it in this way he's coming to the sensitive stuff later on i think and that means whether there will be a common budget a common finance minister for europe those are issues that he has floated before those are issues that could be a problem both for the chancellor and her potential coalition partners especially one potential coalition partner melinda the free democrats you know they have been very critical about the possible proposal of a european budget how big of an issue is that going to be. well you know it's interesting in their programme that they had before the election on which they
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campaigned they were very very skeptical about any further integration in europe and particularly coming budget or common finance minister they in fact have said we're not going to go along with that yesterday they left the door open to perhaps a more moderate stance on integration and we heard the head of the free democratic party saying he wishes france well it's so important for germany and france to work together and we heard nearly the same thing from the green party another potential coalition partner they have been seen until now as probably being very difficult bedfellows when it comes to european integration but i think their statements yesterday indicated they want to leave the door open for the moment so right now it's hard to say where those two parties would come out all right our chief political correspondent linda crane catherine martens for us in paris and daniela shots of from the german council on foreign relations i want to thank you all very much for your insights. well let's now turn to the fall out from the german
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election i'm facing a tough task as we've heard they're forming a new coalition she is most likely to link with the pro-business f.t.p. and the environmentalist greens as melinda said these are two parties that are far apart on central issues in germany it's called the jamaica coalition and let's take a look at this report not to find out how jamaica or the colors in its flag fit into german politics. they know how to stay cool in jamaica black yellow and green are the colors of the flag in germany these colors represent the most likely incoming coalition conservative c.d.u. the greens in the pro market f.t.p. people here aren't quite as cool as in the caribbean. but germany can be colorful to a floral bouquet for the chancellor despite the hammering the voters gave her cd you are going to merkel is still in charge and it's down to her to form a new coalition. her first call is on the greens and the free
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democrats. but what about the f.t.p. in jamaica judging by the colors of their ties the party chiefs may be open to the idea but they won't join forces with merkel without a revamp of education and business policies and the digital drive. to redirect politics reaching turning point and if that's not possible then place is in the opposition. opposites you. can make a won't happen without the greens they scored better in the election than they did for years and going into coalition talks they know what they want. it's not about power for power sake we want a clear signal concerning climate protection we need to see a turnaround in this direction germany has set a clear goal to reduce c o two emissions. jamaica in germany the cd years be
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variances to party the c s you will need to be on board they might be hard to persuade says research analyst nicko siegel but it's not impossible that we ought of course it depends on how the c.s.u. is included in the package could become a problem there's also the question of how many concessions the f.t.p. is willing to make a lot as far as the voters are concerned there are no hurdles that can't be overcome. so jamaica after all it's very likely but first the need to be so serious talks held with german thoroughness and that will probably take at least a few weeks. particle corresponds i'm young is at the bundestag where the newly elected parliament or groups have been meeting today as we heard this is going to be difficult for the chancellor putting together the next government what are you are the biggest stumbling block that you can see. the key thing is that this is a completely new idea for german politics at least at the national level this
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three way coalition between conservatives free democrats and greens and some ways of looking at it it's a four way coalition because of course angela merkel's conservative party consists of her c.d.u. christian democrats and also the varian conservative christian social union now we don't talk about them too much here on d.w. but they are relevant here because they have taken a course that is far to the right markedly to the right of angela merkel's conservatives particularly on the issue of immigration and that is going to be a problem. hughley when it comes to finding common ground with the greens the greens much more supportive of the open door policy that of course merkel introduced a couple of years ago and has rowed back from somewhat since then and the
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c.s.u. very much calling for a cap on immigration so there is going to be a really difficult negotiation or part of the negotiations the other thing of course will be the finding common ground between the greens and the free democrats free democrats often described as the party closest to business on the german political scene they're pushing for big tax cuts for business and they're also opposing any idea of sort of common budgets. for the european union and the euro zone those are things that the greens will find it very difficult to sign up to so you know if this coalition is going to come about then all parties involved are really going to have to dig deep and ask themselves if they really want to do this and people here are saying you know it's unlikely this this government could come together before the end of this year so i mean you mentioned the c. yes s. you has position itself far to the right of angle americal further to the right is
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the far right a.f.d. the alternative for germany and they have they are now the third biggest party in the country after the elections and they've seen some turmoil today franco petry the leader of the party stepping down saying the party has moved too far to the right there how much does this hurt the f.t. . well it will hurt them inevitably because fuck a paper tree was one of the most recognizable figures in the f.t. the alternative for germany this party that's really come to prominence over the last few years and particularly riding on that wave of uncertainty around germany about immigration patriot has consistently made it clear at least in recent months that she opposes that strongly nationalist and anti immigrant and anti muslim tone that many in the f.t. have been promoting of course leaving the party was pretty well
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a lot to call consequence of the announcement that she made yesterday that she wasn't going to join the parliamentary group of the a.f.d. this part of it's been elected here to parliament for the first time people were saying well you know there's no way she can really stay in the party so she has she had to leave and that will hurt them all right are you simon young reporting from the bundestag press thank you simon. and we'll continue talking about the rise of germany's right wing coming up after a one minute break. election victory number four. until america remains germany's chancellor. her political career began in one thousand nine hundred ninety when the berlin wall fell and unforeseen rise to power far. from physicists to the most powerful woman
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in the world until america a portrait. close up forty five. freedom of expression. a value that always has to be defended and new. all over the world. of freedom freedom of art. a multimedia project about artists and their right to express their views freely. to freedom. doing all the stadium was sold out it was a really special event all our members all my life everybody have a dream. and. your dreams. things are going well but we can still win it
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that's good enough i always believed we could turn into an international brand. i'm a. family. international brand. an exclusive journey into the soul of bar in munich. the new sun media phenomenon starting october fifteenth on d w and on line. welcome back you're watching news our top stories french president a man on mccall has issued a rallying cry for more european unity and a long awaited speech on his vision for the e.u. mccall said the block is too weak to slow and too inefficient to propose
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a joint defense budget and a joint military intervention force and here it's more unity on immigration policing and border security and here in germany chancellor angela merkel is beginning talks today to cobble together a new government that's after sunday's general election left her conservatives the biggest party in parliament but politically weakened after record losses. germany's far right a.f.d. already has two seats in the european parliament where it sits alongside other far right groups like france's phone us or not they were established political players years before the f.t. rose to prominence. the breakthrough for germany's far right the its triumph a signal for the continent rightwing populism is a life and well in europe. this is end of the if you don't support this is a warning shot for german politics the people want something different. you mean
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they do not accept merkel's migration policy in the way that she wants it to dr. indeed since more than two decades the right wing populist parties are on the rise in the european union boosted by a serious of economic crises they have entered the paula months of twenty member states. the anti immigration anti slam anti europe all across the continent populists are harnessing fears and anger of discontented voters. earlier this year a third of french voters want to tie her pen leader of the far right for to be their new president and with less than one month until the elections austria's the nationalist freedom party is currently polling at twenty five percent and shoots him out and said she's does in fact what is our goal to stay in the soul of our country god there's hope for our formula for. the populist
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insurgency has also placed their anti e.u. anti immigration voices at the forefront of european politics. whoever now things is that in europe or in germany the moment has come to follow what the extreme right are saying is fundamentally wrong and endangers europe most of the phone. yet the us talk promises the if the the biggest platform it has ever had in the continent's most powerful country challenge for the new german government and for your. all right a populist insurgency here in europe let's talk to journalist james kirchick he's an expert on right wing extremism is the author of the book the end of europe dictators demagogues and becoming dark ages james thanks for joining us that sounds very ominous what do you make of the results here in germany. i think it's
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a major development in that this is really the first time in sixty years since the immediate post-war period that a far right nationalist party has entered the bundestag and not just entered the bundestag but come in with thirteen percent of the vote and it's the third largest party and i think the other major story here is the decline of the people's parties the social democrats and the christian democrats which in the nineteen seventies could earn about ninety percent of the vote combined and now they can barely scrape together half of it. so we've seen the decline of the center and the rise of the extremes how do you explain that rise of the extremes here in europe. well there are multiple causes i think the immediate one in terms of the of these supporters obviously the migrant crisis in the associated affects of that questions about national identity terrorism the ability to integrate muslim minorities are
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all very serious issues and i think chancellor merkel had moved her party so much to the center on this that she left her right flank open as horsey offer of the christian social union set and that basically provided the opportunity for a party like this to to emerge and then there's a much broader issue on the left with the decline of social democratic parties across the continent not just in germany but in france the socialist party got six percent of the vote in a presidential election in holland you've seen similar results and this really has to do i think with the the changing nature of the economy the decline of factory work of urban proletariats that really were the base of. social democratic socialist parties in europe for the past you know really seventy years as the economy has changed and we've seen the declines of this constituency de message in the in the sort of raise on d'être
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a social democratic party has been harder to define and they have lost a lot of their supporters to the f.t. it's not just conservative origin of christian democrat voters who went to the f.t. a lot of so former social democratic voters went to the of d.n.a. also went to the link on the on the far left as well. right a journalist and author james kirchick for us there in washington i thank you very much for your analysis today. now police in israel say palestinian gunman has killed three israelis and wounded a fourth at a jewish settlement outside jerusalem the settlement straddles the occupied west bank and israel proper it is reported that the attacker and to the area with a group of palestinian laborers and opened fire on paramilitary israeli police cars police said the gunman was shot dead at the scene now it's a known as the alternative nobel prize each year the right livelihood award honors
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those who defend human rights and the environment the names of the two thousand and seventeen laureates were announced earlier today this year the prize money totaling some three hundred thousand euros will be shared by three people. is my all over as a leading investigative journalist as she is from azerbaijan then there's ethiopia's. she's on her for her work fighting discrimination against the disabled and cullen gonzales who's an indian human rights lawyer who championed the poor he also filed a petition defending a group of refugees against deportation by the indian government we'll speak to him in a moment but first our india correspondent sonia phonic or has this report. prepping for an important case called in gonzales is about to head to india's supreme court he's pushing for an independent investigation into the lynchings of about thirty people by him than we did on to groups they were murdered in recent years for allegedly transporting calls or eating beef the rage against.
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against other communities and other religions is so extreme today. india is really on the brink of a precipice so that's a very important case that the supreme court is taking up today apart from handling politically sensitive cases gonzales is known as a defender of india's most vulnerable citizens he spent more than three decades campaigning and litigating to secure their basic rights. he's far from alone gonzales books with a team of young dedicated lawyers some have even given up lucrative corporate jobs his human rights law network provides free legal services to bonded laborers religious minorities refugees women and others go to the supreme court his petitions have led to some landmark rulings notably one of the directed india states to implement several food security schemes that means millions of poor
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children now get free school lunches the supreme court of india and the high courts of the states already future for people like us and our clients it's a place we can go to it's a place where. they can get relief from persecution. and it's a very quick remedy the indian remedy of public interest litigation is unique to his organization operates from this office in delhi in all two hundred seventy lawyers social activists and academics work for gonzales across the country their job is to defend people in a system that is often stacked against them. people like these farmers who have crumbled more than one thousand kilometers to seek legal help. mission they've mundell says the government illegally took over his farm land in the state of charge for an infrastructure project he's still waiting for compensation.
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after meeting the lawyers here i am very confident that i will get justice for what has happened the truth will come out and they came back with a policy that says condit has had a long day and it's not over yet he kicks up a workshop on the legal framework of hiv and aids in india we didn't know any of this hardly an issue the act of the slow hasn't tackled in his drive to hold the government to account. its mission and his passion to fight injustice big lot of joy out of giving the government a tough time discrimination inequality violence we get a lot of satisfaction is a david and goliath kind of situation but there's no stopping this crusading lawyer in this tireless fight to improve the lives of millions of fellow indians. now iraq's kurdish minority has voted in an independence referendum despite regional
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and international pressure to cancel the poll the outcome is likely to be yes when the official results are revealed and there are concerns that will fuel kurdish nationalism in iraq and in neighboring countries with large kurdish minority. iraq's kurds celebrate the holding of their independence referendum. we're here to celebrate the creation of a kurdish state. we can live with iraq anymore so that's why we're here. we want to express that. we are came out. the other we have our decision. we don't. we decide our future. but iraq central government said it would never accept the breakup of the
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country and move to calm u.s. fears that the kurds push for independence would distract from the fight against islamic state and this to the had been unfortunately this referendum is unconstitutional it will not prevent our armed forces continuing our priorities the elimination of islamic state and the return of displaced people to their homes and now. over the border in turkey many ethnic kurds have been boiled by the referendum but it was four minutes opposition. still a lot of younger version that our attitude on this issue is very clear you know regardless of the results with a clear this referendum and voyage will go to the total of that. it is not in conformity with the current law in iraq. we declare it
4:43 pm
illegitimate. you're going to make sure that you. turkish tanks on its border with iraqi kurdistan put an illustration of one stands . for more on the story let's speak to trista said ag she's an anchor for the state broadcaster kurdistan twenty four television in arable and a supporter of the yes campaign thank you very much for joining us on our program now if the yes vote wins here in this referendum what do you think will change for iraq's kurds. well this are friends of purpose changing many hundred years after sykes the kurds showed their disagreements to get you know course that hundred years before without asking them. to iraq by force and our is not them is not a mother comes right it's created by water and by so clearly we know
4:44 pm
international community what's the doing that these are for and then shows that. you said that in your report also you claimed that wouldn't be. contrary and in any way you do not want to remain in this country but i think it is that going challenge is also for good after the past successful b. there are. great challenges and indeed. aren't you worried you know this region where you are now all of the kurdish region of iraq has been peaceful mainly compared to the rest of the country aren't you concerned that creating a separate state would lead to more destabilization. just let me. clear something big that is not a democratic country and do not accept the result of their view which is a million times and under the illusion we are iran iraq is our own take a look now and the regional one hundred forty article and always and no more than
4:45 pm
everything courts in iran is rejected is rejected and tell them out but. we don't return back any by any way to be for twenty five september and may be may be turkey and iran maybe close borders didn't do it but maybe they do it but this is a question there is the sanctions on iran and turkey has economy crisis are the root need to do due to these are used you and your know that you and i mean you as any other countries and you can say we are all poles that are from don't like a democratic process it really didn't cut it courses and. the sound from them shows that they said maybe they did negatively on i excised war but could additionally especially president barzani said referendum will not big negatively on i.s.i.
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and by day will be more strong over them and will be more chords you need with the iraqi forces and international coalition to fight more with i.s.i. triscuit supporter of the yes there for iraq's kurds the thank you very much for joining us. now the u.s. is ramping up its response to the humanitarian crisis in puerto rico five days after the caribbean island was struck by hurricane maria authorities are struggling to restore basic infrastructure services transporting communications networks have been knocked out food fuel and medicine all in short supply puerto rico is a self-governing territory just home to three point four million u.s. citizens. well help may be on its way now but president donald trump took a full five days to respond to the plight of those affected in puerto rico as comments on twitter have come under fire and why did it take him so long our social media editor was not house right and see me has been following this for us i was
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like why can you tell us hi sue me well donald trump did address the devastations in a series of tweets but a lot of people have called his tweets insensitive and not that they were not ok with them here is as you can see donald trump is the tweed one of the three where he addresses this issue and he acknowledged that much of the island had been destroyed but he went on to say that puerto rico's electrical grid was in terrible shape before the storm hit and the island owed billions of dollars to wall street and the banks and i quote he said which must be dealt with as you can see in his last tweet now sumi here's the twist there are over three point four million puerto ricans living on this island and all of them of course are american american citizens was that you said that people have been angry at what they say is an insensitivity on behalf of the president how have they been reacting. well what
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we're seeing online is a lot of frustration over how they have dealt with the crisis how the american government has dealt with the crises and politicians like former presidential candidate hillary clinton have called directly on the government to do more and to do it quicker she tweeted president trump secretary mabus and department of defense should send the navy including the u.s. navy seals comfort to perth to recruit now these are american citizens she stresses and a lot of international stars are also using social media to raise awareness about the recovery in puerto rico and one of them is actress and a pop star jennifer lopez she posted this video on instagram where she talks about how she herself was not able to reach family members living on the island and she has donated a whopping one million dollars and she also urges people to donate and support the
4:49 pm
cause marc anthony jennifer lopez former husband who she has two children with also took to social media to express his support and also reminding that the citizens are american citizens now it seems like celebrities and politicians are really throwing their weight behind this woman and terri in crises but there's also a crowdfunding campaign initiated by u.s. students across the u.s. with one hundred thousand dollars goal for those affected you can see they're really close to it and they also have a prominent donor and comedian jimmy fallon that was too quick let me show you the image again. who has donated twenty thousand dollars and he left this comment on their go fund me page and this is much needed as a puerto rican star still left without adequate food water and fuel right hoping for a speedy recovery there was that house right now as he me for us in our social media
4:50 pm
desk thank you. and her. two years. being monarch. scenes from the new film from a british director stephen frears victoria and abdul been rolling out in theaters since the weekend our culture editor karen have thought is here to tell us more about it hi karen victoria and i'm not victoria and albert exactly this is this is the story of the very unlikely and much frowned upon friendship between queen victoria and a young indian servant of hers in the one nine hundred centuries so we've got on the one hand judi dench as you saw the one and only who's acting royalty herself and getting into yet another round of queen victoria and very obviously having a blast not opposite her is the indian actor. who plays the servant of do with becomes her trusted friend much to the horror of the royal entourage very obviously
4:51 pm
so it's a sumptuous job by by british director stephen frears with lots of let's take a quick look to travel. to the house. what do you do you must not look at how much. victorian abdul tells the true story of the remarkable friendship between an indian servant and a british monarch on an indian actor. plays the real i figure. i think one of the most attractive things was that there isn't much about that getting you know some stuff that has trickled down from meeting hundreds and you hear about and there's a mention here and there but. so i had to bring
4:52 pm
a lot of it alive and. that's good for an actor. british director stephen frears is no stranger to historical dramas and he's teamed up once again with judi dench the oscar winning actress think she knows how the unlikely friendship might have unfolded. she had it ready for somebody good looking which he is fair. so it was easy to imagine she you know. kind of tired poor tired person suddenly this wonderful young good looking and thought oh how lovely somebody lost to travel beautiful to look at and the film is certainly beautiful to look at if somewhat on the eve and it also has another star performance from the indomitable judi dench. perhaps. attached to.
4:53 pm
this. is my friend. so karen as we heard there based on a true story so how close is this movie to the actual events carol the movie does sort of maintain the caviar mostly based on real events a bit of artistic license of course but it the story did really happen and it's based on a book that was written by the historian and journalist bonnie basu who uncovered the story back in two thousand and three if you take a look at a few historical pictures of queen victoria with abdul karim who she called her beloved one she which is a beloved teacher they were very close for over a decade and abdullah was her closest confidant in that time he taught her and had enormous privileges but the relationship was deemed. scandalous by victoria's family that after her death in one thousand one they ordered all of the letters between the two to be burned and he was the evicted from his home and actually
4:54 pm
deported back to india so definitely not a happy ending. but they certainly tried to do a very thorough job getting rid of everything about luckily a few things were overlooked otherwise the story might never have surfaced possibly being received pretty mixed reactions actually which is surprising of course because judi dench and steve. fares make an amazing team and not only are they are they good together in what they do with the both no strangers to royalty in the movies i mean in fact for real movie buffs this particular film might seem like a rewarming of one nine hundred ninety seven film mrs brown and victoria's other scandalous relationship there she played the grieving queen after albert's death who rediscovers her life her taste for life through her friendship with a scottish servant. stephen frears for his part made the queen starring helen mirren who did get the oscar for that role judi dench we have a nomination for her is that he still waiting for that accolade but he seems to have certainly great fun looking at the human side of some of the world's most
4:55 pm
invincible women it's pretty impressive absolutely i mean i don't think this film is up to the standard of the previous two that we just showed there is a very big debate as to how it's kind of depicting colonial times and the relationship between the two is obviously very imbalanced but if judi dench were to be nominated for the oscar for this one she would certainly join a very small club of actors who are nominated for the twice for the same role which is which is certainly interesting that nearly eighty three her birthday is in december how does she do it i think you know she she is incredibly strict with herself and she still at this age and with this prowess she's able to to say i'm i'm really just had a fight with my performance you know and it's so much better in the theater because when you go into the theater and do a bad job you can do a better job the next night but you can't do that with cinema and she does suffer from macular degeneration in her eyes but bashes on regardless so shop or to her all right victoria and abdul in the theaters right now colonel said thank you very
4:56 pm
much. and just briefly a reminder of our top story a french president has issued a rallying cry for more european unity and a long awaited speech on his vision for the e.u. mccall said the block is too weak to slow and too inefficient he called for a joint budget for the euro zone a shared military intervention force for the whole of the e.u. and the rich more unity on immigration policing and a border security. bill gale will have an update on that top story for you coming up in just a few minutes. election
4:57 pm
victory number four. on girl american remains germany's chancellor. her political career began in one thousand nine hundred nine when the berlin wall fell
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a difference shaping the news. and the continent. w.'s new multimedia series for africa. d.w. dot com africa on the move. the state of the news live from berlin french president emmanuel mccraw issues are rallying cry for european unity and the president said he was too slow to weaken to any fish and he called for a joint military intervention force more unity on immigration and border security on for a common use.


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