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tv   Made in Germany - Farming  Deutsche Welle  September 26, 2017 11:30pm-12:01am CEST

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dana. and we went along the first being. your romance in sixty minutes on d w. what does a football loving country need to reach its goals. we'll tell you how german soccer made it back to the top. in our web special w dot com. football made in germany. digitisation was meant to be one of chancellor angela merkel's campaign platforms
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she won the election and is busy building a coalition but digitalization hardly made a paper cybersecurity experts say germany's not even prepared for what's coming just one of the topics on made in germany and beneficial and a work mate of mine called me fancy pants i can't wait to show this next line of fashion clothing is going digital three d. printed clothes that connect to the internet and even communicate with the washing machine is cloudy and muggy on the router with the next part in our series digital germany. address that lights up my limited wanted one she described the design in detail back in one thousand nine hundred fifty eight but it's taken this hmong for technology to catch up. on fashion label electro couture has created the dress and
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decked out with modern l.e.d. . incorporating digital technology into clothing is still just a nice in the fashion world. founder liza long shows me how to send a text message to the dress telling the l e d's to change color you know. give it a try first type hash tag. what's your favorite color it looks like you've chosen white is that right. the dress basically responds like a cell phone you send a text that bounces up to a satellite and back down again by some of its old data it doesn't matter if my guess is communicating with the internet a microwave or a car or if my clothes communicate with each other i just can even tell the washing machine which setting to use. as a technically it's all possible it's just
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a question of getting people to accept it things that was r t n. these tech fashion dresses need batteries and cables but they're still fully washable. prices for these outfits however are high up in the five digit range. that's not for mrs for me fashion is a kind of user interface design i can build up an emotional connection with someone and take away their fear in the process a lot of people are afraid of technology especially since the unable to control it the human fear of turning into a robot is somehow hidden in the word technology and that's where fashion can help us because on the concepts novels they're good has. some elements of the garments are made in a three d. printer and there's plenty of other high tech involved fashion designers of the future they will have to be computer programmers as well.
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that's mean or at least it's my avatar i'm viewing mixed reality emerging of real and virtual worlds i'm watching myself interact with a new environment and it's all in three d. . you have to imagine that a specialist is in germany and his colleagues in china have a problem with a colleague in germany can put on these mixed reality glasses and view a digital representation of the facility in china. you know and the colleagues in china can also put on glasses and view an avatar of a specialist in germany. that means they can follow him and see exactly what he's doing from a variety of perspectives. that means i could potentially run machines on the other side of the world with just these classes and a couple of gestures and a bit of practice of course. the technology is certainly impressive and it could
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make our lives a lot easier. maybe the next generation will ask why people had to fly around the well to get things done. here in the town of lindau. late constance in southern germany the car industry is doing research cars are learning to drive themselves ideally in the future human drivers will never have to intervene at school it's a complicated task and autonomous driving is still in its infancy and. when you try to teach a computer to do things that you can do without effort in everyday life then you notice how much processing power humans are capable of on a daily basis. the first step is getting caught to see and to recognize what it sees that small complex than i had ever imagined
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here we see a short range radar sensor it recognizes anything metallic cars crash barriers large and small vehicles what about children. it recognizes them too but not nearly as well it's especially good for metal with. step two accurately in type putting the data and using it to recognize complex traffic situations will the child jump out onto the street or not i can't imagine how a machine could handle that one no matter how many examples of fed into it software . on the other hand humans are responsible for an awful lot of accidents it would be better to let those dr who make fewer mistakes whether humans will machines the verdict on that is still out. that. bowling is a real highlight here even though the bowling balls are virtual that doesn't seem
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to bother the nursing home residents computer games are a welcome new addition here. many of the seniors in the home suffer from alzheimer's dementia or parkinson's these games were developed especially for them they're designed to stimulate the brain encourage movement and distract patients from their suffering. as well as what's wrong with it makes me laugh it's funny and it gets me moving that does me a lot of good and i like to ride motorcycles. you can see there are lots of games to choose from we try to cover every type of movement. this force guys meet in the city and the hamburg start up came up with the idea to start using computer games in nursing homes the games are all controlled by movement alone doctors and psychologists help develop them yes. yes.
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yes. now it's my turn. about that wolf that's all. ok you have invited me down. here you guys is the history of insulin. that run from me asked to call me that so it's the combination of motor activity with neural psychological cognitive and memory functions that creates an optimal mix for therapy and prevention and creating that mix has only become possible recently the technology needed to run multiple processes such as canning the room and mapping each person's frame in order to analyze movement has been available for several years but not long ago it was much more expensive and complicated. the company founders have been passionate gamers
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since childhood they want people who play their computer games to enjoy life again technology is helping to make that possible. what about life in the year twenty fifty the world's population could hit ten billion will that be enough to wait bud scale industrial farms are already the trend but they've been driving many traditional families out of business it's no wonder when you look at how low growth rate prices are in germany. why farms lost their charm. today german farms are agriculture factories with milking sheds that are almost completely automated. and satellite guided harvesters that cost half a million euros. many farmers have tossed in the towel in the last ten years more than eight hundred farms have shut down each month the result fewer small
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farms and larger farms requiring government subsidies and twenty sixteen german farmers receive subsidies totaling nearly six and a half billion euros in the e.u. farm subsidies came to around fifty five billion euros forty percent of the entire budget most countries worldwide subsidize their agricultural industries and this sector is very productive it feeds eighty two million people in germany seven hundred forty million in europe and it could supply nearly seven and a half billion people worldwide more than ever before. no where in europe are groceries as affordable as in germany at discount grocery stores a kilo of pork costs about two euro's as much as a couple of shoelaces a leader of milk goes for forty two year old cents a kilo of potatoes a sixty nine cents an egg just eight cents. let's stay with eggs for a moment they're produced by hens roosters are not profitable they have less fat
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than their female counterparts so the male chicks are separated at birth gassed and shredded it's efficient but damaging to the farmers image in germany agri business is coming under increasingly strong criticism that it treats animals like a mere commodity. the farm is moving towards mass production the margins are still pretty dismal and they're also up against the public backlash that's why some it's heading to social media to get across that point including the owners of a dairy farm in olden not from germany's famous port city of. i don't know that's beneath me i need thoughts and i'd move on with the. bomb to the camera and need to look cason is on a mission to improve the image of farmers. she's
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fed up with farming's bad reputation. let me tell my sister what bothers me the most is the way that farmers are just categorically vilified people think all we farmers do is pollute the environment and torture animals. and me to shoot videos on her dairy farm and uploads them to the internet platform my coochie she wants people to see the animals a contented. seventy five there i'm a needle from the oldenburg a minstrel and today i'm going to show you the milking process. you must like the cows are a bit jumpy because of all the flies that might be. her husband michael takes over the work on the farm while she makes her videos. well the problem is i'd say the problem is that we're a dying breed a lot of farms are closing down and because there are fewer farms and german
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villages the general public is becoming increasingly distanced from the farming industry so among consumers there is less awareness of the issues facing farmers. i need to grew up on a dairy farm she's been running her own farm together with her husband for over ten years now they have three hundred twenty cows and one hundred five hectares of land much of it is least the land cost the newcastle's forty thousand euros a year. the cows are kept in a shed all year long and given special concentrated feed to many this is intensive livestock farming. is in love with you on land leases are expensive in this region we do intensive farming and produce around eleven thousand liters of milk a year to put that in context in germany the average dairy farm produces eighty five hundred liters a year we wouldn't be able to afford the land of our yield we're lower to the
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limits lie still. animal rights activists want to see more free grazing life stuck in the farming industry only a few of anita's cows are allowed to graze freely the grass here isn't sufficiently lush the high yield cals but they look asons don't see themselves as the farming industry they're a family business they have one employee and one trainee milk prices have occasionally fallen to less than thirty cents police or how are they supposed to turn a profit animal welfare and environmental protection are expensive and sometimes the look asons make barely two thousand euros a month. would have been here today i was visiting the camps and i'll show you how they feed from the nipple bucket. here's a camp who is eagerly drinking. the videos show there's nothing very
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romantic about breeding life stock. and it is cows are also officially inseminated. she buys the genetic material of twenty five bulls and carefully matches it to each cow. the farmer every time i yield cows. besides producing a lot of milk they don't have horns animal rights groups consider this an ethical. but any to think impurely practical terms phones can be dangerous. if you get butted in the chest with a sharp morn you'll end up with a bruise at the very least if not an injury that could swell up and become fatal. some of the need to pass and videos have attracted over one million views it goes
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to show that people obviously are interested in knowing whether food comes from. the challenges facing families with band hard core school general secretary of the german farmers federation it's a lovely group in your members i believe range from huge agribusinesses to small organic market garden as how do you represent such a varied member base when they have such a very demands actually we are we are representing almost a million family members in the rural areas in germany and this is this is quite a challenge and there's many differences between the farms to address in different markets and to have different needs but in the political. work there's a lot of things these farms have in common how do you explain eight cents an egg is that german efficiency or or is it a sad state of affairs for these families that are just getting by german market
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indeed has an issue with the value of food and this is this is quite a problem in the public perception of the value of food. still a lot of work to be done but anyway you have the consumer price and you have to farm gate prices and of course for for the farmers and the farmers families to get price is is is that what counts and there are many countries in europe and also in the rest of the world where we have very high consumer prices and we have the same farm gate prices so there are many stages of processing and marketing in between which take out at value and that's the point you have to look at back to the efficiency of and the changing look of farms how they're operated these factory farms how do we balance efficiency with health. well there's a direct correlation between efficiency and tell if you have efficient farm which
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takes good care of any mill health of food food safety and stuff like this so this also contributes to to to that point but you're talking about factory farms in what is what is effect to refund as little as realisation i guess yeah ok but this is this is a very general statement if we look at the farms in europe or all or in germany to ninety nine percent work at a scale which is. more and to craft an industrial scale so we have a lot of distortion and a lot of war of words in the discussion about agriculture so industry of ization this is. this is more campaigning vocabulary it doesn't describe reality as these farms there do move towards getting bigger and bigger and producing on a mass scale doesn't the possibility of
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a health scare rise exponentially i mean we hear about health scares every day every month. look at the health scares we have seen in germany in the recent fifteen or twenty years most of them did not came from the cut your production but it came from the processing chain. and from the supply chain so you have to address this very carefully and of course it's a nice and fundamental obligation which is not negotiated to produce safe food and health and safety is not related to farm size but is related to the way you organize your production. to produce food with the commitment with the standards we have in europe and in germany and that's the crucial point and of course can thank you very much for coming in today. where of all the insects gone over the past couple decades up to eighty percent of insect populations in germany have disappeared it may save the front windscreen of your car
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a lot of mess but it doesn't bode well for our future. this common brimstone is living in the best possible location the safe leafy garden of butterfly research or muttiah snows out in the fields the likelihood of a premature death would be far higher of the one hundred twenty five species of butterfly documented here in the state of saxony sixteen have disappeared along with many other insects that's very bad news. alice. everything we eat stats a major source of vitamins it depends on insects as pollinators in the story. so without pollinators no food. on the wells there are foods that don't depend on pollination like meat grains and rice but they aren't full of vitamins just.
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in some parts of germany insect populations have declined by up to eighty percent and that means food for many birds and other insectivores has grown scarce. you know if it's soft into farming is becoming very intensive. habitats have disappeared. fertilizers are used that are bad for insects. and then there are the pesticides the aim is to squeeze as much yield as possible out of the soil the head of the regional farmers association tells me agriculture in germany is focused on maximizing efficiency and dismisses concerns over insects . in my opinion it's rubbish the numbers of many species are always going up and down that's true of insects and it's also true of mammals if those variations in populations are used to target certain groups of people in certain professions i see that as shabby treatment. by the pick
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of the ship to find out what scientists think about the issue i went to the hamlet center for environmental research and leipzig to talk to biologist you know as if set up he's on the un's intergovernmental science policy platform on biodiversity and eco system services he confirms that insect populations in germany have declined sharply. it has a lot to do with land usage farming the way we use the land and particularly with the spread of monocultures plus the use of fertilizers and pesticides which are of course important for farming. farmers aren't trying to destroy the land or environment they depend on to the contrary. two thirds of the one hundred most important crops are pollinated by bees butterflies or flies. muttiah snow says that means farmers themselves ought to be in favor of reforming
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farming practices he has a collection of specimens of butterfly species they can no longer be found in the area. this is a process we have to stop with there are very good reasons for germany to have a policy that promotes biodiversity the goal is to stop any more species becoming extinct here by two thousand and twenty and even to reverse the trend but we're further from that goal than ever found and his collection contains specimens of the danube clouded yellow that used to be lots of them in germany and austria but the insects habitats have been destroyed in those countries and now they're all gone. from creepy crawlies to a development moving along at a snail's pace in germany equal rights for women you think a female chancellor could change that along with a medical did introduce a thirty percent quota for seats on non-executive company boards for women but only after her coalition partners championed the idea beyond that little progress
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christina chua set out to dispel some of the myths about women. women are terrible drivers is that for. women all these situations she's driving and money sitting next to her and when she starts driving the car all you hear is. that you have to over. my head by. the car. if you. go take it easy what's a panic. movement are quite comfortable in the driver's seat and secretly go to nose she heads up public transport company the base. she's in charge of the police and bus service. before the bay felgate has never been
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a successful as in the past seven years and for the past seven years i've been the director it's the fourth time for the public with how many women drivers have employed by several hundred driving used to be a man's job and i think some people still have that image in their minds in. we're making a profit every year our passenger numbers exceed the previous record and the image of the bay fogy has changed dramatically. i think that more than proves a woman can do this job. so well it is quick sitting on the passenger seat here is where you belong with your foot on the gas. next time i'm made in germany i see that. the for. the
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for. the for. the for. the for. the for. the for. good thing with. the for.
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