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tv   Shift - Living in the Digital Age  Deutsche Welle  September 27, 2017 11:45am-12:00pm CEST

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it's all about the moments that. it's all about the story because in some ways. it's all about your chance to discover the world from different perspectives. join us and inspired by distinctive instagram or use that d w stories new topics each week on instagram. for a. shift living in the digital age. coming up videos to make your skin tangle visual illusions on instagram and a bird's eye view of the clouds but first vehicles of the future will likely be
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driverless but they won't go into volume production for a while city traffic remains a challenge for developers and not everyone is keen to give up control of the wheel . the future of autumn ability seems dreamy driverless cars that take people from a to b. while they work convert us all sleep that they see is frankfurt international matches show auto manufacturers showcased concept cars with self driving capabilities but some risks remain technology is available we are capable to do it but we haven't fixed now they'd better put it today we don't have safety standards we don't have cell growth and we don't have so interconnection in between so many participants in the traffic that it's in principle the vater have autonomy driving in cities autonomous driving on the motorway is already technologically possible laser scanners radar senses can. rose ultrasonic sensors and g.p.s.
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technology allow self driving cars to monitor their surroundings. but city traffic poses a much greater challenge drivers have to react to a wide variety of situations like cyclists cutting into a lane or pedestrians suddenly stepping onto the road. that's what swiss artificial intelligence expert matches us man is working to solve. rosen our algorithms are able to detect objects and differentiate between a vehicle and a pedestrian. but that alone doesn't guarantee traffic safety. it's also important for the technology to recognize what pedestrians or vehicles intend to do. for example if a pedestrian stops at the curb and autonomous vehicle i need to be able to react differently than if that person wants to cross the street.
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so far this technology is still in the testing phase and come makers have agreed that only one hundred percent fully autonomous vehicles should be allowed on city streets that remains to be seen if drivers even one that. i might be interested what. you know i have a hard time with that i wouldn't trust the computer and. many computer the computer technology is advanced enough why not it would be interesting something new. when driverless cars take to the roads it will also impact also science it won't just change the lives of car owners new concepts will be needed for both mobility and living so this research and flick is working on developing them. we're going from a situation in which everybody owns their own car which is also often a status symbol and might have collectors value to one in which we've just used
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vehicles without giving them too much thought. over that could be the motto for mobility of the future people could share vehicles the number of privately owned cars would drop and as a result. fewer cars were on the road there to suddenly be a lot more free space. if you were parking spots and garages would be needed would win back more room. than urban planners could think about what to do with all that extra space fly there in the park flick. and so this new efficient autonomous mobility with fewer cars and more open space could very well. change the way we live the technology's certainly ready to go road safety and connectivity issues a set to be resolved by twenty thirty and then we could be entering a new era of mobility. shift says let's get rolling.
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time now for the shift ranking this time the world's most popular instant messaging apps. in fifth place skype statistics platform rank the most popular messaging services. and the first of its kind is still high on the list this video of a nun cleaning up after hurricane hit florida went viral she use skype to thank everyone for watching skype's got three hundred million users worldwide thanks in forth q.q. this chinese that is really sweet and it keeps eight hundred sixty one million users connected around the globe every month. everybody dance now. in third we chat this app lets users both communicate and pay for thanks nine hundred thirty eight million people use the app to book holidays. or just to
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order takeout at home bon appetit the runner up facebook messenger a whopping one point two billion people use this messaging service each month and now they can spice things up by adding all kinds of fun filters. and at the top of the list what's app the world's number one messaging service was acquired by facebook in two thousand and fourteen developers are working on a new feature that lets users delete messages they regret having sent one point three billion users are breathing a sigh of relief. thanks that was this week's ranking and now. a s.m.r. videos millions of people are into online clips featuring whispering and other soft sounds fans say they have a curiously soothing effect it's a phenomenon scientists don't yet fully understand.
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a whispering voice crinkly and soothing sounds. clips of hands needing colorful good videos like these are proving a hit on platforms like instagram and. they trigger what's known as an autonomous sensory meridian response or a.s.m. offer short the audio visual stimuli have a curiously relaxing effect on many people. some are acts as a trigger that causes a sense of relaxation. it works for many but not all people. it creates an extreme sense of well being and of being one with one's surroundings . but. it's a feeling some compared to getting a haircut having one's head gently caressed and hearing soft familiar sounds.
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so. you tube is full of videos roleplay videos are a particular favorite like this simulated haircut it's had over eight hundred thousand hits. michel reached has been making a s.m.r. videos since twenty thirteen he's even got equipment that makes his recording sound spectacular through headphones just once when it is in the courtroom this is one of the microphones used for a s.m. art videos routes wise and cool it has to silicone ears that you can touch or massage a little. it gives the listener the feeling that their own ears are actually being touched. but what's nice for some might be nice pleasant for others. videos like this one of a cucumber in a grinder give some people the willies still look it has had over four million
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views and. it presumably triggers an emotional reaction and hormonal response. clinton it's possible that oxytocin plays a role. it's known as the cuddle hormone. some see it as a kind of social via. enthusiastic say they experience something like a brain but so far scientists have been unable to explain the phenomenon thanks. schiff says strange sensations. penhallow short and sweet shift snapshots. by fuisz instagram pages full of surprises the indonesian artist who's based in new york loves creating visual illusions tricking viewers and playing with perspectives.
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for that to work every single shot has to be perfect no matter what this bird won't the worm. is friday's instagram account has over three hundred fifty thousand followers they can enjoy all kinds of beautiful artwork like this animated card for his wife. or this ballet dancer whirling across paper. and it is rounded on happy with one of his creations no bother. he loves to experiment with new tech gadgets and use snap chat spectacles to make a short side by clips may the force be with you. that was the app shot. once you get more stories from the digital age than visit our facebook page new digital there you can find the latest digital news and trends as well as recommended apps tech gadgets and helpful tutorials and of course our
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shift reports. follow us comment and tell us what you think visit d.w. digital on facebook. as always we leave shift through the exit our internet find the week. this time paragliding through this guy's. gliding through the skies high above the dolemite it's this video was shot by canadian paraglider. it gives viewers an amazing bird's eye view of the italian alps. these images were recorded during the fifteenth world paragliding championship.
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and next time on shift. children all over the world are subjected to cyber bullying often victims of such abuse don't know where to turn. now websites and special apps are providing support to help kids and parents alike. cyberbullying next week on shift. the return of a legend. a very special citoyen the civil has just hit the road. an iconic car now recreated as a sustainable and well come out. and we went along for a spin.
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your romance in thirty minutes on d w. one family. from a journey of somebody were. to pass on the word an international brand. a shared passion. f c byron munich to truly understand all news these three words. to me as some young. was sung at me at some yeah i don't see kind of you can't touch us with violence and by an. exclusive journey a sign of my own munich. yes i mean it's a kind of culture to our we are we are not suppose for what we are we're a family unbelievable. to me a sonny
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a phenomenon starting october fifteenth on d w. playing.
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this is state of the news coming to you live from berlin five years in jail but the will thailand's former prime minister actually serve the sentence the supreme court finds young look should a lot of guilty of negligence bought she's already fled the country and has given no sign of planning to return home.


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