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tv   Pop Xport - Pop Xport Special Gentleman  Deutsche Welle  September 30, 2017 6:30pm-7:01pm CEST

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when official information as a journalist i have worked all of the strength of many can trust and their problems are all the same forward to social inequality a lack of the freedom of the press. corruption who can afford to stay silent when it comes to the fans of the humans and senior white voters who have decided to put their trust in us. my name is jenny paris and i work a day w. . welcome to this special edition of pop export this time around we take an in-depth look at german reggae star gentleman. we'll be following the evolution of his
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career his life credentials. and meeting some of his famous friends. a gentleman is germany's biggest reggae before he's shifted over a million records to date and has even made a name for himself in the birthplace of reggae jamaica. like. the one. in the german has been honing his sound and vocals for over twenty. years so diverse that i can find a song for every atmosphere so i never tire of it and that's the biggest misunderstanding about reggae that it always sounds the same if you listen to the jamaican radio station you notice how varied the music is and the and shouted and.
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commitment has been rewarded with a string of hits singles and albums the second album journey to john and to disc and a german record industry award for best newcomer. the two thousand full follow up confidence shot to the top of the german charts and sold a quarter of a million copies. and the hits kept on coming two thousand and seven s. and other intensity delivered what the title promised. i think i've helped records development in germany but if i hadn't someone else would have. it's just a joy in rock music that has to be discovered sooner or later and. ten auto whose father was a dickhead discovered the sound of reggae as a teenager in his brother's record collection. he eventually dropped out of high school to pursue a career in music. in the late nine hundred
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ninety s. he started building up or following for himself of various festivals across europe . meanwhile jamaica became a second time low. it's kind or there's no other place where i can feel music like in jamaica. he was seventeen when he first visit to the island and its music scene was apparently so polite that some locals nicknamed him gentleman he kept returning learning to make impact and recording a series of songs he's one of the few european rickett musicians to introspect in jamaica. this. line was ignored in front in jamaica it was my music is now accepted in jamaica i don't need time for a long time people knew the songs but didn't know who some it is. but now i've
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become part of the music here when it started when you type people know me they talk to me on the street and i get a lot of love and respect. with all due respect so. i. respect also from jamaican musicians such as barrington levy and the rings to pick from don kahn told us down. jamaica is also often the backdrop for gentlemen's videos the big. gentleman has been commuting between cologne and kingston for over twenty years now . and twenty twelve he recorded some of his six studio album new day join in jamaica it's been called his most intimate amateur record.
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that jamaica is the jamaica remains my main place of inspiration and there's nowhere else where i'm so focused on making music without destruction up killing bin for the most is nothing. but it doesn't always have to be jamaica. the video for the single that you remember was shot over the rooftops of new york city that's next thing with. you in the end a is a song with a message about returning to the essentials in order to look ahead with my new determination objectivist. gentleman is positive about the future. has.
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come closer to my goal of expressing myself musically i don't know if i'll ever remember getting there completely but this feeling of being on the right path gets me in a harmony. determine the journey to continue. to. play. the. gentleman's third album confidence comprised a whopping nine hundred tracks it debuted at number one in germany on its. released in two thousand and four here's one of the hits it produced a love song intoxication.
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i must give. you a sense of. everything and. i. think. you know you've got to give it to you every time. you know that. right down to. you and.
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you. you everything. you. you. think you know how great it can be like a piano is that you take in. and. i would. say. you know it's a. new news. for you but. every time.
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in twenty four gentleman was granted a stint on the high profile m.t.v. unplugged show he was joined on stage by an array of all the big name artists here's a look behind the scenes of the life recording in cologne. and . m.t.v. unplugged was a superior opportunity for a gentleman and one he clearly rattled and. he's played over a thousand concerts in the last twenty years but this was a very special gig. it's a few there are so many good m.t.v. unplugged albums it's an absolute gift to be able to do this in such a venue venue with. the concerts was recorded at colognes renowned garden in august
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twenty fourth teen the two dozen musicians involved hurst for two weeks before the big day. let's have a fantastic reggae. fire. a look at. a crucial element of the unplugged concept is to perform with friends so gentlemen invited jamaican superstar shaggy to cologne. german folk pop duo milky chance were also invited. and i was always. a little bit taken to say yes. to that if.
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you. would like. that. since jamaica is gentleman second home he knows a lot of reggae stars personally including christopher martin. that. make it. was interrupting himself in reggae music in such a way that if you didn't know he was german you would have thought he was just making. stuff from slavery. or you might. have no bed to make and one of the high points of the show was a cover of bob marley's redemption song gentlemen performed with marley son kimani
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as well as camp you know from german punk rock veterans tito to homes and the old punk bands always used to play with the way about and the clash got all dr good to know so it will be a record found under the sun almost a pleasure to be. you just. don't . get. the m.t.v. unplugged concert was one big party and joining the family of friends for the occasion was gentlemens wife and regular backing. singer tommy ko seen here on the left. the resulting album subsequently made it into the german top ten. a few years before appearing in that light performance christopher monckton collaborated with gentleman on the single to the top the two men evidently had
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plenty of fun shooting the video in morocco.
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i'm now more fascinating insights into the world of gentlemen and extras like.
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intend to travel to ethiopia with. the base project their campaigns for clean water world why. he went to the village of soda with this water pump installation has improved life political consideration. i moved by this there's a very different intensity when you go to a place. i also visited a school that receives funds from the german charity. never ever i doubt i never thought it. was still in ethiopia he wrote a song about his impressions today. but . gentleman shot to fame in nine hundred
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ninety s. when he performed on top with german hip hop group for his cause. at the time he still went by the name mr gentleman the track reached number thirteen in the german charts. in two thousand and five gentlemen teamed up with turkish musician most of us on the record which means rebels. the song stayed in the german charts for twenty four weeks and peaked at number six. and gentleman worked with a german hip hop band beginner on. the single reached number one in the german charts and sold four hundred thousand copies making a gentleman smart successful release of a. two
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thousand and fourteen so the release of a documentary called journey to john for seven years two filmmakers accompanied gentleman and italian reggae singer all below sea in jamaica with the film says how the two have made the caribbean island nation their spiritual home and how they've been most themselves into american culture and. everything from the vibrant world of pop music on facebook at music story stars and the latest from the music scene. join us in the universe of pop on facebook send us a message we love hearing from. new dawn from twenty thirteen was the first gentleman album with all tracks penned by the artist himself. including the single you remember which recalls the days when
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people used to write letters to each other. that good things out many of us know everything changi everybody was to see them out that everybody was a rebel without. a lowdown so they put out the love no. doubt this guy i know which i get to our. windows would love. to listen to it hello you never look at each. end user. i don't know that you. can stick to that.
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such. as. in twenty sixteen a dream came true for gentleman he got to record an entire album with one of the sons of his greatest title. the resulting work written and performed with kimani mommy it's called conversations. gemini's biggest red. based on kimani money on a joint journey back in time as they sing their version of bob marley's similar down to just one of them many conversations. now you are reaching. you know it was
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a noise teamwork and it happened very natural and what i like about this project is it's very very surprised i like he was what you can look to for you know really music is always the first love for the last love but you know so the story is a kind of the framing kind of put it in a sort of. the second set. of prising her role as backing singer from the original recording jamaican reggae stahmann griffith. the grandmaster griffin is the only guest on the album yes and it's such a she she really made it and she came to join us on the video. i don't think it was even born at that time when simmered owner was recorded and i was one of the persons who embraced the song that bob did his dad and. i had no return at that time that i would be here. you know doing
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a remake of the song with. my son keep me i make a stage i'm playing the team and the first man has a festival and in twenty fourteen they performed together at gentleman's m.t.v. unplugged show in cologne says a mutual respect and their work together and then why in the last year with. the world he has been a fan of gentlemen so you can learn from the way he writes means. he learned from the articulated this. from the sounds of i've learned a lot in this process is so much joy to work with every day appreciate. the tracks were recorded in miami and not just plastic covers but also
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a ritual material such as mama. told. the female energy is what keeps us alive you know it's matter it's not for you know it's mostly. you know it women you know and and their words with you kind of keep everything together. you know. like them sound can protect. the child so we can remember this when it came to style they allowed themselves plenty of freedom playing roots reggae as well as ballads they see that collaboration as much more than work and there was a blast i believe that nothing in life is coincidence nothing really changes happen
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there's no such thing as not some things it's written and so therefore this album was just a manifestation of that it was a part of our story different. conversations was a top ten hit in some a twenty sixteen gentleman in kimani money went on to wow the crowds at major festivals across. the muslim. and to round pick sports special here's a very. different places it's message. and wherever you hail from think. and enjoy life.
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vaccinations. them our whole people say that to make seems like dangerous that they can harm you and even cool you. can be dangerous.
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which facts on this. is the controversy justified. thirty minutes. yeah. and i think one day this war will be considered a cruel and unjust war about it and certainly all citizens of ukraine every man woman and child that she not only from their own land of the enemy invades. no one wants russia here in the midst and which is that of. rebel against the mighty global news that matters. d. w. made for mines. it's all about the moments that night. it's all about the stories in some life. it's all about george chance to discover the world from different perspectives.
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join us and inspired by distinctive instagram others at g.w. stories new topics each week on instagram. but on when it. is you know i mean in your monotonous he. goes on i don't seem to go mia. us all up without it but i'm. going to get. it on what it. is you know i mean when you're not in a scene. in a moment and i mean. what i'm focused on in the scene of what i'm with why didn't work and i said i know what it's a time of. this you know i mean in your mind not a single when you are getting in when you cry you don't want. me nobody and unanimous. the show could go because i see variety as it said. i should not use
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when i've only said that i thought when i'm with her being funded. by mackenzie it gets as if so yes it. this is d.w. news live from berlin confrontation in catalonia on the eve of the independence referendum rallies take place in both madrid and barcelona to oppose sunday's disputed vote of the catalonian government.


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