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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  October 2, 2017 9:00am-9:30am CEST

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this is news coming to you live from berlin an active shooting situation in las vegas authorities say two people have been killed and dozens injured at a country music concert at the mandalay bay can see no.
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i'm sorry martin thanks for joining us. we start with some breaking news coming in medical authorities in las vegas say two people have been killed and dozens injured in a shooting attack reports say a gunman opened fire at a concert at the mandalay bay casino will ransom garcia is a host for the radio station one hundred two point seven los vegas and joins us now ransom what's the situation on the ground there right now. so the latest situation i'm hearing is two people dead and at least twenty one people injured i have been keeping a close eye on local news here in las vegas think you can a close eye on the las vegas metropolitan twitter page as well and it looks like one of the suspects has been downed so they are thinking that there could be multiple suspects i was talking to my morning show host who was actually at the
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festival during the shooting he said that during the jason out scene portion of the nights it sounded like fireworks were going off and then immediately became apparent that it was rapid fire sounding like a machine gun like an awfully automatic weapon he said that the shooting lasted for well over two or three minutes it seemed like an eternity people were panicking people running people running each other over and of course i mean you don't expect this to happen at a music festival people go to a music festival have a good time they go to these festivals to escape the stressfulness of life and i was actually there early were there all weekend long broadcasting live and talking to these artists it's just not the can't believe this is going on in my city right now set the scene for us exactly what kind of concert was it how many people were there is didn't outside venue. yes it is the outdoor country music concert it's one of the larger country music concerts on the west coast called the
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root ninety one harvest festival all weekend we had artists like jason aldean who was actually on stage during the shooting jayco and performed earlier tonight as well that's actually when i left i left halfway through jake owen because i had to come back here to the radio station to do some work on the music director so i came back to schedule some music and then of sort of my phone's blown up people asked me if i'm ok and i'm like what are you talking about turn on the news and of course i see what's going on first thing i do is i called my guys to make sure that they're ok but but you know i'm hearing from a couple of friends that they actually saw people getting shot and it's. again you don't you don't think about the stuff happening in the city it's it's not. to tell us ransom is what do we know about anything about the shooter or has the shooter been apprehended. one of the suspects has been down which means they have taken him down. soon that they that they killed the shooter
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a mocking towards our news station right now do we know anything more about what's going on with. so they're saying that the active shooter one suspect down according to metro to state holidays they think that it could be multiple shooters they think that the shooter was shooting from on top of the mandalay bay which if you view a group will search las vegas strip photos you'll know that the top of the mandalay bay is where a lot of those photos go out because there's actually a restaurant up there that has one of the most beautiful views of the of the city so i don't know if they were at on that balcony or if they're on top of the casino but what i do you know based on the other videos that i haven't seen on the news is that they just sounded like they were shooting a gun for a good two three minutes nonstop what about the people the victims of this attack you mentioned there are already two fatalities are confirmed and we have a number of injured those being those who are injured have they been taken to
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hospital are they being treated or our emergency services on the ground yes of course according to metro's twitter page it looks like at least twenty one people have been escorted to hospital so a lot of these victims are on a route or already at the hospitals one of the people that i see who has was shot was metro i think you can up with the metropolitan police departments twitter page they are doing a wonderful job at letting people know exactly what's going on this is this is not something like it's so chaotic right now that a huge stretch of our freeway it's just completely shut down they completely shut it down just so that way they can make sure that they can clear out the areas and and do their job it looks like almost every single police officer in las vegas is at the festival grounds right now and let's see right here. all in and out flights for mccarran airport artists it's not happening right now they're stopping all
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flights right now. do we know anything is there any speculation about the identity of the shooter or shooters her and and what their motivation may have been. well as of right now we do not know the identity of the shooter or shooters of course we are keeping a close eye on this as i'm sure that you guys are as well i'm looking right now on our one of our local television stations fox five that they're actually talking to a sergeant right now and he is you know he's pretty much being as vegas he can be right now without saying too much but he is saying that that they have not identified the shooter as of yet and if they if they have they're not releasing that information yet. how well are police in las vegas prepared to deal with a situation like this. i mean they they jumped on this immediately
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so i mean looking at the just enormous number of police officer vehicles on the strip right now watching this news footage. i mean if you can never really fully prepare for something like this but it looks like they are doing a wonderful job of handling this situation i do have some friends in metro who were just out enjoying their night and they were called in immediately and they had to drop whatever they were doing to to go and help out again you can you can't fully you know prepare for something like this this is just something you know these these these people who do this and they're mad people you know they there's no reason to do this but from what i've been seeing it looks like metro has been doing as good a job as they can given the situation ok we just for some our viewers or may not know what metro means i presume you're referring to the metropolitan police department there ransom's that is that is correct that is correct you mentioned that flights in and out have been canceled and that the that the strip the biggest
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strip there has been closed down which is a very unusual step to be taken in that city in particular. what other measures are police doing to assure that no one else is going to be hurt in this incident well i do know that my station was actually supposed to be doing a live broadcast from that foundation room we've been doing after parties every single night from the foundation room and when my midday guy's name is called night when he showed up to the casino they completely evacuated the casino immediately heeding the couldn't even step inside the door like as he was walking in the shooting must have already happened so evacuations are being taken are being called upon. again the entire strip between there's like a two or three mile strip stretch of the las vegas boulevard that is just completely shut down as they are investigating the situation the freeway is shut
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down so it looks like they're doing as much as they can to make sure that they you know are doing their jobs correctly the you mentioned that again number of people have been taken to hospital you mentioned twenty one are presumably due to all of those people have gunshot wounds i would assume so i mean i would assume that the majority of them probably do have some sort of a gunshot wound but you got to remember i mean this is a this is a music festival with thousands upon thousands of people outdoors you look at some of the photos from from this from the stuff so if you go on twitter and you just do a hash tag of ninety one you look at some of these crowds it's incredible the amount of of people that are at a festival like this so you've got you got to think that with a panic in the situation. i mean i'm assuming that the majority of these people are in the hospital for gunshot wounds but there's got to be some people that are in
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hospital for trampling and other other injuries as well. because i assume that you see the video. and it just looks like chaos you know we've got some of the video footage we're still trying to get ahold of of what we can use to show our viewers what has transpired there but it's really wonderful getting from you your views on what's happening there someone who is understands the city just one more question about the the festival is there any idea about why this particular festival might have been targeted. i don't know it doesn't make any sense to me and you know it the country music is just the most patriotic and maybe i don't know i just don't get it i don't i absolutely do not now right now c.b.s. news is reporting that twenty four wounded twelve are critically wounded and at least two people are dead so that is the latest breaking news that i can see right
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now ok ransom we'll leave it that thank you so much for now that was ransom garcia talking to us from los vegas he's music director with the station one a two point seven again thank you for talking with us ransom thank you very much thanks for having well of course we're following all the developments there in los vegas as best we can here from berlin our course. right now mike my colleague here has been following what's been happening on social media a lot of responses i understand what can you tell us about what you're seeing there on social media well there's two different things there's lots of videos of concert goers of course online and what you hear on some of them is actually quite disturbing this is what our colleague in las vegas has been describing earlier sustained gunfire you can hear from automatic weapons. different types of weapons that could have been either two shooters or more than one shooter could also be
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police and security other security services responding to that fire that apparently has come from mandalay bay casino which is huge complex have actually been there. this year and also on social media and this is actually quite dangerous i think is that people have claimed unverified of course that they've identified the shooter that it could have been again this is unverified but people claim that there was a that the possible shooter was a white supremacist and not what people would usually think who this could be again this is what's going on on social media we have to be very careful with what we hear there is just sort interrupt you again i just want to tell our viewers that we now are getting some live pictures coming in from the scene of that shooting in los vegas if you're just joining now we're following an ongoing situation in the
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city of los vegas in nevada city famous for its gambling an all night life style there was a country music concert going on near the mandalay bay hotel we are told shooter opened fire there possibly multiple shooters it's not clear yet we sustained gunfire heard for over two minutes and we're just looking. yes some live pictures from the scene we see a number of emergency vehicles we're told that at least twenty people have been taken to hospital and so far two confirmed dead talking to my colleague here go those who was just at mandalay bay hotel and on this last vegas trip earlier this year and is following the developments on social media jeweler yet you still need. to get what what more can you see they're coming through well it is as i said earlier the very disturbing videos that are out there on on social
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media show the crowd actually listening to the concert in a good mood and then suddenly you. you hear this a stain gunfire from automatic weapons. breaking out and the people filmed it not immediately knowing what was going on. thinking that may have been you know pyrotechnics fireworks that part of it as part of the show which is similar to what if i remember correctly people have reported from they didn't in paris where people just didn't know what was going on they just heard these these shots and yeah it could have been part of the stage show so that is very. more and more videos are coming through on social media that actually show what was going on. witnesses have described actually see muzzle fire muzzle flashes from the top of
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the mandalay bay casino and also i think it is distinguishable that you can hear more than one weapon being fired because they the sound is different which actually could be yes either police responding or indicate more than one shooter ok stay with us we do have some footage that we're just looking at on your screens right now we see the mandalay bay hotel there in las vegas where that shooting apparently took place just right next to that it was reported that the shooter was on top of the hotel that hasn't been confirmed yet we have. a clip now from eyewitnesses on the strip who described the scene as a gunman opened fire. well you just heard machine guns and one of the security guards says to just stop that we kept shooting and shooting and shooting and we thought it was on the other side we just thought it was maybe play machine guns but
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it definitely wasn't fire guns. and it sounded like at least thirty rounds or more . and of course was an eyewitness in los vegas following that shooting where we're told at least two people are dead on social media we're hearing lots of reports of the area around the mandalay bay casino being evacuated videos are showing hundreds of people fleeing the scene the sound. here the gunfire. this is pain gunfire right now the sound what appears to be automatic gunfire. and be heard in some of the clips. so that was the scene there where the shooting took place when user posted this video in his written no official word from police with scanner traffic indicates the shooter at mandalay bay casino looks empty from as close as i could get some
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shots from inside the casino some some video there people at the mandalay bakes you know one hotel reported that the casino was being evacuated one user writes i'm on the sixth floor shots reported on four twenty nine now listening to l v p d scanner feed that's the police department their security guard shot on the thirty second floor we haven't got confirmation of that shooting of a security guard yet with several roads in the area were being shut down this is being written police weren't were telling people in the area to barricade inside another video posted this tweet saying police or blocking los vegas boulevard at. tropicana. user chase stevens posted this photo people are working to care for a wounded woman she doesn't appear to be bleeding the los vegas metropolitan police
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department said they're investigating reports of an active shooter near and around the mandalay bay casino asking everyone to please avoid the area just recapping that story at least two people are dead and twenty four others have been wounded after a gunman armed with an automatic weapon opened fire at concert goers on concert goers at the mandalay bay casino in las vegas police are on the scene and have tweeted that one of the shooting suspects is down meaning perhaps there are others it is unclear how many shooters there are a local hospital has said several people are being treated for gunshot wounds. all with me in the studio is my colleague he's following this story together with the rest of our g.w. news team. you've been looking at all of the in input is coming through this is
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a situation where there were many people around when that happened it was a concert a festival atmosphere obviously people enjoying themselves everyone these days of course equipped with a mobile phone and a video camera much of that is being posted online we just looked at some examples we heard for some props from people at the concert venue and around the mandalay casino where where the shooting apparently took place you were there yourself you were saying just earlier this year what's the layout there well it's a huge complex of course with i don't know thirty plus floors and it's the basement is connected the basement is the casino and that is connected to the next hotel to the casino and these thousands and thousands of people in there if it's a busy night and even though i think this concert was going on outside of that. complex but as you said the social media of course is is full of videos of these
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concert goers who are just innocently filming the action on the stage in the in the atmosphere where you could then suddenly hear this there's gunfire breaking out and speaking of social media las vegas police have actually just asked not to tweet any pictures or video that revealed tactical locations all faces were actually working on the case pretty much an ongoing situations where we're getting reports on social media as well of people actually in mental a bad way reporting. that they've heard gunfire as we've we've heard and pretty much on going this whole thing and. american media now reporting that last week ice is. opposed it. a propaganda video on social other social media channels what i believe to be their official so social media channels that feature the clip of las vegas of the strip and of course
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you would think that las vegas being one of the key. symbols if you will of the american way of life and. you know sin city and with everything that's that's going on the gambling of course being a big part of that las vegas of course would be a big target and i'm sure that. authorities that would be were very well prepared to deal with that situation and as we've discussed earlier the different types of gunfire that you can clearly hear on these videos indicate that maybe it's actually a shooter and police responding to the shooter we don't know we'll have to find out and again everything that we see on social media has to be treated with caution and a pinch so we never know very often that is. very fired in can
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only serve as an indication of course of what's going on and we're still waiting for more solid news to come through you know we were just in reviewing social media information that we were getting we saw that one person posted a message claiming that a security guard had been shot on in the hotel next to the venue where the concert was taking place again that has not been confirmed but we are here we can tell you what we do know about this so far that there has indeed been a shooting incident at a country music festival that was taking place in los angeles that's the route ninety one harvest festival. at least the police states police have said that one shooting suspect is quote down. they have now confirmed that the one shooting suspect is down there also asking people to stay away from the area let's
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listen in. ok we hope to have that clip for you in just a moment we'll come back to that but just again we have two people dead twenty four others have been wounded the hospital local hospital there in los angeles says that at least twenty four people have been admitted twenty six people now admitted to hospital we have a spokesman from the hospital saying that indeed to have died while twelve are known to be in critical condition. there was automatic automatic weapon was used to open fire on concert goers just outside the mandalay bay casino in las vegas multiple gunshots were heard it sounded as if there was more than one gun being used but it's not clear whether the other guns were from additional shooters who were shooting on the crowd or whether it was
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republished responding police are of course on the scene and have tweeted that one of the shooting suspects is down the identity of the spect suspect is not known there is no such even speculation at this point about who it might be or what the motive of the shooter or shooters may have been so unclear how many people were involved in the incident as a whole the information is still very sketchy at this point a local hospital is said indeed several people are being treated for gunshot wounds . and we have a clip on who's eyewitnesses on the strip describing the situation the chaotic scenes as the gunman opened fire and he just heard machine guns and one of the security guards asked us to just stop that we kept shooting and shooting and
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shooting and we thought it was on the other side we just thought it was maybe play machine guns but it definitely wasn't our fire guns. and it sounded like at least thirty rounds or more. police in los vegas have confirmed just telling you what bring you update that clint firm that one suspect is down in this shooting incident just outside the mandalay casino police are also asking people to stay away from the area here's what there's a. lot of people out here that are coming down wanting to help police steer clear the area we have all the resources from washington much more weeks department as well as our partner agencies coming down to bear up on the situation so please stay away from the area and we have had reports of people coming down trying to help. you got to we have numerous victims right now i don't have enough power for you
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their families and them in your thoughts as we work our way through this problem once i have more information to come back to come back that information this time has now i can confirm as we do have one suspect down. a suspect a spokesman rather for the los vegas police there explaining the situation asking people to stay away from the scene of this incident near the mandalay casino trying to trying to encourage people to stay away while the police respond issuing. issuing an appeal to the people of las vegas. still with us here in the studio and is following information coming in as becomes available what else you say well i'm just looking at the twitter feed of the. vegas police department and it still is an ongoing situation and yes they confirmed that one shooter is down but they say one shooter which indicates that there may be
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a second or even more people in involved and they again they're asking people not to tweet tactical locations offices since it is an ongoing situation they do not want to reveal positions of their offices to potential. attackers that made my be maybe following social media channels as well to gain a tactical advantage forty thousand people have attended this this country country music festival and at some stage many. of the. this is that describe that they have seen muzzle flashes from the top of the mandalay bay casino and you know this is where where we are at the moment thank you so much just to remind our viewers what is happening there in the last vegas police say they brought down a gunman who opened fire at a concert in las vegas after
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