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things. the way to the twenty seventy nobel prizes. who will follow in the footsteps of the greatest minds of our time. the nobel prize is twenty seventeen. this week on t.w. news. this is the news live from berlin america briefs the terrible loss of life in las vegas vigils call for prayer and calls for gun control after the worst mass shooting in recent u.s. history it's left fifty nine people dead they were gunned down at
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a country music festival look at the latest also coming up a day of destruction in catalonia a separatist strike march and block roads to protest police violence during sunday's independence referendum of cattle on leaders call on international mediators to resolve their worsening dispute with madrid. one of the most recognizable voices in rock sings its last tom petty of the heartbreakers and traveling wilburys dies after a heart attack at the age of sixty six. i'm sumi so much on the thank you for joining us gunned down while enjoying their favorite music fifty nine people are dead and hundreds injured in a horrific attack on a country music festival in las vegas the man who murdered them opened fire from
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inside the high rise mandalay bay hotel spraying hundreds of bullets into the crowd of concert goers on the other side of the las vegas strip then he took his own life the shooting has renewed the debate over gun control in the u.s. in las vegas locals and survivors are rallying together to comfort each other. the grief and horror of a city in shock a quiet candlelight vigil replacing the customer glitz of the last vegas strip tales of heroic bravery emerging from the worst mass shooting in modern u.s. history. or they were dead or alive as many people as a possible. baby to introspect were just trying to repeat the one store. but you have been cleared of anybody who's alive. stayed with the police department for their church some comfort in coming together for young people caught up in the
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tragedy. to get down my teammates by my side and this year do we express the gratitude that you feel for people being was interesting was taking me to and if you have a look at together for you. this is the killer sixty four year old stephen paddick a wealthy high stakes gambler he often got free rooms and meals from las vegas casinos in return for his big spending at patrick's home in the nevada town of miskito police recovered nineteen guns in addition to the twenty three found at the las vegas hotel where the fatal shots were fired oh well you're concerned as anybody would be and we were that somebody close to home would. do something like that but. today the seems to be happening all over the place and so you just don't know who your neighbor really is certainly never expected to see. it like this happen in our small community where everybody is just friendly loving police
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say it's still too early to speculate on patrick's motive i know that you are all very eager to find out exactly what his motive was or what was going through his head or what he was doing up to two weeks ago i promise you the sheriff will provide. that information when we have confirmed it it doesn't make sense for us to put out information that is not accurate and isn't timely and reliable. with the investigation into the massacre in las vegas still in its early stages the debate on gun control which has divided america for decades can only intensify. well let's talk more about the debate with peter squires he's a professor of criminology and public policy at the university of brighton and an expert on gun legislation and is flying to las vegas on the way to a conference on gun control in the u.s. this of course thank you for joining us you know a gun control laws in nevada they are among the most permissive in the country is
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this more of a state issue as opposed to a federal. i think it's a central issue that there is there is big issue about different states as there are regulations generally the west south. relaxed gun. policies that obviously. are ops are trafficked across state lines and. the deeds to be some federal grip on this obama try these attempts to fill some of the gaps in the it's to chip background check system that you get already at the straits policy change is now the u.k. where you are tightened its gun legislation after two major massacres in the one nine hundred ninety s. one were sixteen children were gunned down in the scottish town of dunblane why do you think that there hasn't been this turning point in the u.s. . i think it goes back to the american
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constitution the culture the idea the america has has a right to go puts through the second amendment but brought up today that's that's to do with the powerful four billion strong national rifle association which is a very tight grip on the republican party in particular that along side got it district attorney got a district marketing and i think that the whole hollywood cowboy culture has crew created a particular kind of bites that grips a particular demographic of the american masculinity and they are worried that if they give up their guns the in the last this is all to the urgency they will be at risk you mentioned some republican lawmakers are being influenced by those sentiments some of them are actually pushing to loosen restrictions on gun
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ownership with further legislation could we really see that happen i think we've seen it happen we saw it happen up there obama the idea that people take firearms it to national parks the idea that an abbreviated this campus's that it hit the to be gun free zones would be considered to to be restored to allow students to carry guns on this campus as texas so that and other real pressure is it a number of states people to be allowed to carry their guns openly about solty states licensed other citizens to carry concealed weapon selves let's take that up or of a number of hard line. rational owners want the right to be able to carry their guns openly in public to go to go shopping with us all over the shoulder. all right
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peter schweizer professor of criminology and public policy at the university of brighton thank you very much for joining us on the program moving on to some other news now and after the violence surrounding sunday's independence referendum in catalonia people in the spanish region are holding a day of protest marches roadblocks and demonstrations are underway in barcelona and across the province as part of strike action against heavy handed police tactics catalan authorities say twenty four different protests are blocking several roads and thruways backing up traffic for several kilometers public transport is also suspended for most of the day. and d.-w. is funny for char is in barcelona covering the story for us he joins us on the line hi funny what is happening at the moment or with the strikes. at the moment you can definitely see this is right you have only to come but it's like you got in mandarin. thousands and thousands of people here in our guards alone are
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a lot of three are close more schools are close as well talk us knows the cause the transportation is minute it's a minimum and you see a lot of people very few taking to the streets sorry a motion of very upset about what happened on sunday they say the firelands that happened on sunday the crackdown on the referendum is something that was good for then too many of them resembles a dictatorship now too of course of course into context even though as you see pictures of thousands and thousands of people protesting against the violence and calling for independence catalonia itself the police over the class of independence to force the turnout wasn't to think and most people did not vote for independence or he doesn't actually call and vote at all so it's a very mixed climate and a very emotional right now as you can probably hear very very loud as well and more
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and more people are coming here to this region first alone or the demonstration has just started yesterday we've been looking at pictures of the demonstration as you've been speaking just briefly if you can the protesters you spoken to do they say they're standing firm behind their regions push for independence. do you asked a lot of young people young students who are already learned who are important catalonia identity is a lot of young people that you see here say they want independence and want their boat to be heard while others are saying that he completely disagrees with the fact that violence erupted on sunday they do not want independence but they disagree in the way this entire thing played out on sunday next towards the date of these funny for char reporting us from barcelona as those protests take place funny thank you very much. and spanish football giants barcelona have thrown their white weight behind the general strike in catalonia on tuesday it was called by labor unions and protest at police violence and has confirmed that it will cease
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all commercial activities and solidarity the club is synonymous with catalan identity and a president just of money about them i also wanted to make its indignation known for the world to see us kind of. the club would like to express its solidarity with all citizens who want sunday defended democracy most cherished possession and also we express our support to the eight hundred ninety three people who were victims of aggression we wish them a quick recovery and long live bars and long lives cut alone you know these are the views. now they use brags that negotiator michelle bunnies says not enough progress has been made in talks with britain to unlock the next phase of negotiations the e.u. says the talks have so far failed to resolve key issues like citizens rights and the u.k.'s financial obligations to the block well the european parliament is
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voting on a resolution today that would put the brakes on any plans to push ahead with the next round of negotiations. you're watching d.w. coming up one of rocky roads most successful recording artist dies from a heart attack. but having six lives will discuss his enduring legacy. and us a car maker general motors is shelving showing off its vision of the future god and it says is that future is all electric soon with zero emissions zero crashes and zero congestion g.m. has given a sneak peek of its plans in detroit in the next year and a half it's releasing two electric cars based on its existing chevy bolts those
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will be followed by another twenty electric or hydrogen fuel cell powered cars by the end of twenty twenty three it's an ambitious roadmap for g.m. whose most profitable models are gasoline powered s.u.v.s and for many people that we're actually hoping to get our hands on an electric car much sooner than that there could be a bit of a wait because there's a problem at tesla nearly half a million customers have preordered the new tesla model three but now the company says it built only two hundred sixty of them in the second quarter far short of the one thousand five hundred it had forecast tesla says it's trying to fix part production bottlenecks but it says sales of its existing cars are up and expects to sell around one hundred thousand of his its s. and x. models this year that's a third more than last year. are from new technology to very old one india is one of the few places in the world where typewriters are still in use in many
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businesses but the ribbon may finally be running out earlier this year colleges in the financial capital moment by announced they will be phasing out manual typewriter in courses but many people remain fiercely passionate about their typewriters india correspondence on a family car sent us this report from the capital dili. the sound of a long forgotten outside a local court in delhi street typists still earn a living from a machine that's obsolete in most parts of the world. has been working at this exact spot. punching out. rent agreements and other legal documents on a secondhand machine. she makes about five to six dollars a day just enough to make ends meet. manual typewriters
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a really heavy they can get damaged we don't have to worry about electricity radius we don't need a printer or cables all we need is a machine and a table that's it. typing is the only work she's ever trained for and she's not giving it up anytime soon. i love this type writer like my own it's my only source of income i continue typing very and. but the end has a right for this iconic machine and typing has also become a dying skill as india pushes to modernize and digitize its economy there ever fewer takers for the antiquated technology. upside down as a result shops like roger us on the decline his family has been selling typewriters since the one nine hundred thirty s. in delhi faced with stiff competition from computers has been forced to reinvent its business restoring and typewriters like these quite some time i was feeling
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depressed losing the end of the grid. but most of the. and somehow he remained because i'm a patient and that is making some business. has embraced new technology in order to preserve the euro and he routinely checks out websites to get information about the battle at this price precious how you open it his refurbished portable typewriters. of one hundred fifty dollars punter also has a place. of over one hundred ray machines some more than eighty years. the typewriter. in the hands of skilled pre-payment. giving the old machines a much needed to know perhaps destined for a collector shell. or as an expert in a museum. and that's all from a civil right thank you karen we're turning on now to that story we brought you
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a bit earlier the european parliament voting on a resolution today that would put the brakes on any plans to push ahead with the next round of negotiations because not enough progress has been made well they don't use max hoffman a standing by at the european parliament in strasbourg where that vote is taking place hi max how damaging is this for braggs the talks going forward. well they just passed that resolution with overwhelming majority so this is it more reflects the state of play at the moment that it shows you that the way it's been going up until now cannot continue if you want some kind of deal at the end because the european parliament is important in this they will get to say yea or nay to a possible deal at the end to show their dissatisfaction in such a strong way just so as you well basically what a mess this whole negotiation process is at the moment why is it such a mess max that what are the differences that are getting in the way and why have a negotiator has been able to resolve that. well of course you'll get
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a different perspective from the u.k. itself that here on the continent everybody is pretty clear that the u.k. has not been clear in its goals it has not been clear in what how it's supposed to address those three important points for the e.u. meaning the border with northern ireland and ireland the braggs of bill and also the rights of e.u. citizens in the u.k. and all that needs to be resolved before moving on to the next phase which would define the future relationship between the u.k. and the e.u. . hoffman standing by for us in strasbourg where the european parliament has voted today max thank you very much now the twenty seventh anniversary of german reunification is being celebrated in cities across the country today the city of might as host of this year's made event and germany's president don meyer and chance wrong americal among senior politicians in attendance at the famous
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together we are germany this year's day of german unity comes just after a general election that revealed the differences that continue to split the east and the west of the country. and our chief political correspondent linda crane is out those celebrations and minds to choices for more high melinda so how together is the germany a twenty seven years after unification. well economically and materially east and west are closer than they have been at any point since unification on many indicators like unemployment the two are pretty much at the same level though productivity and g.d.p. do lag behind in the east but the perhaps biggest barriers are not visible ones not material ones but the barriers that are in people's minds as a recent survey puts it it shows that a large majority of germans in both east and west feel there's still a kind of
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a berlin wall in people's minds and certainly that was evident in the recent election results as you remember the far right a f d a party the alternative for germany took twelve point six percent of the vote nationally overall but it took over twenty seven percent in some parts of the east and came in first before the mainstream parties so there clearly is a sense in many parts of the east that people are dropping behind that they simply can't catch up no matter what they do that feeds frustration that feeds discontent and that feeds this protest vote for a right wing party. americal is attending a ceremony today in the building behind you are these divisions that still exist going to be a topic there. absolutely they are the german president is speaking at the moment he's talking about the fact that division and polarization threaten democracy itself and he's been talking about his travels through the country where
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he hears from people in with the west and in the east that they sometimes don't recognize their country anymore that they don't feel at home anymore and he said that is not only about immigration it's about a sense that after twenty five years of constant change that is absolutely what people in the east have seen of shops and workplaces and churches shutting down of young people moving away that many people have a sense that somehow they don't recognize their own lives that they don't feel secure that they don't feel that they can trust the future and all of that he says breeds this kind of division and so he's calling on people to do a much greater job at understanding at each other and at fighting mistrust both of the others and and of the government and mainstream parties are due to these chief political correspondent and a crane at the celebrations in mind for germany's reunification melinda thank you
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very much. and staying here in germany gay and lesbian couples are finally tying the knot after a new marriage equality law came into effect this weekend the law means that married same sex couples will enjoy the same rights as their heterosexual counterparts that includes the right to adopt children has more. it's a very special day for kai and michel their wedding day it's also a big occasion for germany the two men one not only be among the first gay couples to get married don't also be among the first to adopt children. from disappointment these are when i look at this development it's such a great thing. i'm shaking a little. since october first same sex couples have been able to marry and have the same parental rights as heterosexual partners the scope of the
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p.c. i think it's an incredibly big signal to the world and for germany just to say here same sex couples are loving parents wonderful spouses who love each other just like other couples. now and michael can adopt their foster child once he's officially their son the have overcome the final hurdle to marriage equality for gays and lesbians. now it's nobel prize weekend the royal swedish academy of sciences in stockholm has announced the two thousand and seventeen physics laureate. the right swedish academy of sciences has decided to award the two thousand and seventeen nobel prize in physics with one half to write their weiss and the other half jointly to bury seed barish and keep us for all of them members of the light go virgo collaboration and the academy citation
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runs for decisive could should you chanst for the like o. detector and the observation of gravitational waves. well the three researchers were granted the prize for their pirating pioneering efforts that finally made the detection of gravitational waves a reality back in two thousand and fifteen and it was more on that ground breaking work in the coming hour now u.s. musician and songwriter tom petty has died after suffering a heart attack in california he was rushed to the hospital after being found unconscious at his malibu home the sixty six year old is best known as the lead singer of the rock band tom petty and the heartbreakers which recorded a number of hits in the one nine hundred seventy s. then the one nine hundred eighty s. . and we have marcus miller from arts and culture desk here to talk more about this
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high mark what made tom petty so special well he was the master of the power pole code and he used it to punctuate against it pretty pithy lyrics from time to time he could also penned really quite sensitive very catchy pop tunes that had a way of staying in your head for example i went back down one of his biggest hits which i think we have a clip to show you. mark those are not only tunes but also lyrics that stay with you and what with the
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inspiration for his songwriting when he talked a bit about his songwriting and he described it as a magical process he didn't like to tie it down too much or express explain or express exactly how he came to write his songs he described how did sit down with his guitar and it would just emerge and he said it's probably best not to try and tie it down but lyrically as you suggest he took inspiration from the media and what was happening around him he wrote of a song called jam in me with bob dylan and he literally said or wrote down what was coming out of the television and in the newspapers at the time and he also collaborated with other musicians he did indeed i mean sharp our viewers would have noticed in that video that we just played george harrison was there strumming a guitar behind him and there was a ring go start to beatles and his backing band. as well as collaborating with george harrison and jeff lynne and roy orbison in the traveling wilburys he also co-wrote with dave stewart from the arithmetics don't come around here no more
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which was a big hit for him i mean it's a testament of his ability as a great artist really to share and and collaborate and work with others to create the kind of music that he did right celebrating today the legacy of tom petty after he has died at the age of sixty six harry marcus miller from arts and culture desk thank you very much for joining us. and a reminder now of our top story that we're covering for you at this hour plus vegas is mourning the fifty nine victims of a mass shooting yesterday that's after a gunman opened fire in a concert on the city's famous before killing himself it is the deadliest mass shooting in modern u.s. history. thanks for watching dude up here we'll be back at the top of the hour with much more news you can also have to our website www dot com for all the latest news and information around the clock.
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create. all all. all.
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inspiring. lifestyle is your it. your road. next. to go. just. dortmund show the hand with a win an ounce good to see susan. only one point five million under their interim coach sun and can't seem to win not even in berlin. sixteen. where i come from we had to fight for a free press and was born and raised in a military dictatorship with just one t.v. shadow and a few newspapers with official information as
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a journalist i have worked on the streets of many canvassed and their problems are always the same core to social inequality a lack of the freedom of the press and corruption who can afford to stay silent when it comes to the fans of the humans and see them why the poles who have decided to put their trust in us. my name is jenny paris and i work a day w. . while going to a wonderful new week of year mike so i'm louise howes and i will be here bringing
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