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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  October 3, 2017 1:00pm-1:16pm CEST

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michael the invisible visible. violence against children disappear. this is d.w. news live from berlin america grieves the terrible loss of life in las vegas vigils calls for prayer and calls for gun control after the worst mass shooting in recent u.s. history it's left fifty nine people dead they were gunned down at a country music festival look at the very latest also coming up
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a day of disruption in catalonia as separatists strike march and block roads to protest police violence during sunday's independence referendum that's catalan leaders call on the international mediators to resolve their worsening dispute with madrid. i'm sumi so much kind of thank you for joining us gunned down while enjoying their favorite music fifty nine people are dead and hundreds injured in a horrific attack on a country music festival in las vegas the man who murdered them opened fire from inside the high rise mandalay bay hotel spring hundreds of bullets into the crowd of concert goers on the other side of the las vegas strip then he took his own life the shooting has renewed the debate over gun control in the u.s. in las vegas locals and survivors are rallying together to comfort each other.
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the grief and horror of a city in shock a quiet candlelight vigil replacing the customer a neon glitz of the last vegas strip tales of heroic bravery emerging from the worst mass shooting in modern u.s. history. although they were dead or alive as many because of possible. maybe you should expect us to try to repeat them one still. when you have been cleared of anybody who's alive. stayed with the police department for. some comfort in coming together for young people caught up in the tragedy. get down my teammates my side and just you know do we express the gratitude that you feel for people being was interesting was taking me to these to be able to come together for people. like this is the killer sixty four year old steven paddock a wealthy high stakes gambler he often got free rooms and meals from las vegas
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casinos in return for his big spending at patrick's home in the nevada town of miskito police recovered nineteen guns in addition to the twenty three found at the las vegas hotel where the fatal shots were fired but well you're concerned as anybody would be and we were that somebody close to home would. do something like that but. today this seems to be happening all over the place and so you just don't know who your neighbor is they certainly never expected to see. it like this happen in our small community where everybody is just friendly loving police say it's still too early to speculate on patrick's motive i know that you are all very eager to find out exactly what his motive was or what was going through his head or what he was doing up to two weeks ago i promise you the sheriff will provide. information when we have confirmed it it doesn't make sense for us to put out
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information that is not accurate and isn't timely and reliable. with the investigation into the massacre in las vegas still in its early stages the debate on gun control which has divided america for decades can only intensify. let's talk more about the debate with peter squires he's a professor of criminology and public policy at the university of brighton and an expert on gun legislation and is flying to las vegas on the way to a conference on gun control in the u.s. this of course thank you for joining us you know a gun control laws in nevada they are among the most permissive in the country is this more of a state issue as opposed to a federal one. i think it's a central issue that there is there is big issue about different states as there are regulations generally the west and the south have relaxed gun.
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policies that obviously. arabs are trafficked across state lines and. the deeds to be some federal grip on this open all the tribes with these attempts to fill some of the gaps in the it's to chip background check system that you get already at the straits policy change is now the u.k. where you are tightening this gun legislation after two major massacres in the one nine hundred ninety s. one were sixteen children were gunned down in the scottish town of dunblane why do you think that there hasn't been this turning point in the u.s. . i think it goes back to the american constitution the culture the idea that america has has a right to go puts through the second amendment but brought up today that's that's to do with the powerful zero billion strong national rifle association which is
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a very tight grip on the republican party in particular that along side got it district attorney got a district marketing and i think that the whole hollywood cowboy culture has crew created a particular kind of bites that grips a particular demographic of the american masculinity and they are worried that if they give up their guns the it's the last this is all to the urgency they will be at risk you mention some republican lawmakers are being influenced by those sentiments some of them are actually pushing to loosen restrictions on gun ownership with further legislation could we really see that happen i think we've seen it happen we saw it happen up there obama the idea that people take firearms it to national parks the idea that up review to this campuses that it hit the to be gun free zones would be considered to to be restored to allow
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students to carry guns on this campus is texas so that and other real pressure is it a number of states people to be allowed to to carry their guns openly about solty states licensed other citizens to. carry concealed weapons so. the developer of hardline. russian and the right to be able to carry they've got to leave public to get to go shopping with all of the children all right peter squires a professor of criminology and public policy at the university of brighton thank you very much for joining us on a program now after the violence surrounding sunday's independence referendum in catalonia people in the spanish region are holding a day of protest marches roadblocks and demonstrations are underway in barcelona
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and across the province as part of strike action against a heavy handed police tactics catalan authorities say twenty four different protests are blocking several roads and thruways backing up traffic for several kilometers public transport is also suspended for most of the day and d.-w. is funny for char is in barcelona covering the story for us he joins us on the line hi funny or what is happening at the moment or with the strikes. at the moment you can definitely see this is right you have only to come but it's like you got a demand. thousands and thousands of people here in our guards alone are a lot of three little more schools are closed as well so close to cause a transportation is minute it's a minimum and you see a lot of people basically taking to the streets area motional very upset about what happened on sunday they say the firelands that happened on sunday the crackdown on the referendum is something old. for them too many of them resembles
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a dictatorship now too of course. into context even though as you see pictures of thousands and thousands of people protesting against the violence and calling for independence catalonia is helping police over the class of independence to force the turnout wasn't to think and most people it does not vote for independence or does not match the goal posts at all so it's a very mixed climate and a very emotional right now as you can probably hear very very loud as well and more and more people are coming here to this region first alone or the demonstrations just started yesterday we've been looking at pictures of the demonstration as you've been speaking just briefly if you can the protesters you've spoken to do they say they're standing firm behind their regions push for independence. because you asked a lot of young people young students who are already learned who are important catalonian identity is
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a lot of young people that you see here say they want independence you want their boat to be heard while others are saying that he completely disagrees with the fact that violence erupted on sunday i think you now want independence but basically the way this entire thing played out on sunday next for the good of these funny for char reporting us from barcelona is the protest take place funny thank you very much. let's move on to some other stories making news around the world the european parliament is voting on a resolution today that would put the brakes on plans to unlock the next round of bragg's that negotiations the e.u. says the talks have so far failed to result key issues like citizens rights and the u.k.'s financial obligations to the block german president has warned of new walls as the country celebrates twenty seven years since the fall of the berlin wall he was referring to a rise in a rightwing sentiment that's on the far right and to the german parliament last
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month was speaking at a state ceremony in the city of mind to mark a german reunification. and us musician and songwriter tom petty has died after suffering a heart attack in california he was sixty six he is best known as the lead singer of the rock band tom petty in the heartbreakers which reported a number of hits one hundred seventy and eighty. now it is a nobel prize week in the world swedish academy of sciences and stockholm has announced a two thousand and seventeen physics laureates through a swedish she kind of sciences has decided to award the two thousand and seventeen nobel prize in physics with one hand to write her weiss and the other half jointly to bury c bearish and keep for any of the members like universal collaboration and you can't me citation runs for decisive could she do since she
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like a detector and savation of gravitation way. well let's bring in data is a science correspondent eric williams that derek i have to ask you did this come as a surprise no it didn't come as a surprise actually it was pretty much what everybody had guessed was going to happen this is the second time by the way i'm very proud it's the second time that i've gotten it right in ten years in trying to do this but so did most of the other people out there it was pretty much of a shoe and everybody said it was a no brainer but the committee is also unpredictable so anything could have happened and feeling a lot of satisfaction when you did predict it i heard that earlier in the day gravitational waves can you explain these to us. what's important about gravitational waves and why they're so important to astronomers is that they've given us brand new ways of looking at the universe now if you when we look out into the universe now or up until the discovery of gravitational waves we could only see things that were in meeting way the ation light x.
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rays ultraviolet rays so we were only seeing the things that were light but over ninety five percent of the universe is dark how can you how can you find out what's happening much of it matter how can you find out what's happening in those dark parts of the universe gravitational waves allow us to do that to some extent the the picture that i was like there was when i'm in my when i'm in the swimming pool at my club and there are these lights underwater right now the lights would be stars if you were in this particular construction you know they would be stars they would be the things that i could observe imagine one of those exploded so that would create an electromagnetic flash i would be able to see something but at the same time it would also do something to the water it would cause ripples in the water and so within this particular picture that i'm trying to draw for you the water would be space time we can such now we can sense the ripples which we couldn't do before so it's opened up a whole new way of looking at the universe and observing things that we otherwise would have been able to observe so this is a pretty incredible discovery so you're saying there was a team behind it so why would be these three physicists chosen. i think it's
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important to note that the committee said that it was for decisive contributions the bike over go team is is indeed there was over it there were more than a thousand international researchers involved in this project this is the kind of project that actually nowadays is more it is more common than not and in the future it was i was kind of surprised that was the one surprising thing about this that actually they didn't give it to the entire lego team but of course that would been breaking with tradition up until now the the the nobel prizes have always gone to individuals or the nobel prizes in science at least and i thought that they might break with tradition in this particular point and at some point the future i think they're going to have to because this is where the discoveries are coming from from large groups of international researchers working together well for now congratulations to those the three researchers honored in the u.s. with the nobel prize for physics our science correspondent eric williams thank you very much.
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you're watching g.w. still to come there was a huge economic gulf between east and west germany when the country reunited in one thousand nine hundred so what is the situation almost three decades later. that story and much more coming right up with your head in business. so we have you know whether you know don't get up i think we're still. around freely this is a television live i just want to get up and walk away as if. the stadium was sold it was a really special event remember all my life everybody have a dream. and you don't need to shout your brains out when you see what you will know things are going well we can still win it.


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