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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  October 3, 2017 1:15pm-1:31pm CEST

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you're watching g.w. still to come there was a huge economic gulf between east and west germany when the country reunited in one thousand nine hundred so what is the situation almost three decades later. that story and much more coming right up with your head in business. we have you know whether you know don't get up yeah i think we're showing you around freely this is a television live i just want to get up and walk away and have an. interest on the stadium was so loud it was a really special event don't remember it all my life everybody had a dream. and you don't need to shout your dreams when you see what you will know
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things are going well but we can still win it. right you know the one only to return fire you can to an international break. international break. here. an exclusive journey into the sun. the sun media phenomenon starting october fifteenth on d w and on line. at the. german celebrates twenty seven years of unification is germany's still a tale of two countries nearly three decades have passed since the wall came down and west germany incorporated the run down economy of the communist east but
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differences remain in people's heads and crucially in their wallets. this is the w. business. in berlin welcome twenty seven years ago today the two german states the communist east and the democratic west were unified again after decades of separation by the iron cut the rich west inherited an economy and taxes two trillion euros were transferred by west german taxpayers since then to prop up the east. but then chancellor helmut kohl the so-called father of german unification promised that very soon flowering landscapes would appear in the east and nobody would be worse off well he was wrong to this day differences remain and they are actually quite steep just take a look at disposable income with an average per capita income of nineteen thousand the lowest are still mostly located in the former east germany areas with the
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fact capita income of slightly more twenty one thousand euro's tend to be those bordering the former east here in orange and that's due to the limited investment those areas received during the cold war in contrast germany's richest regions are all in the former west west germany hamburg the rhineland varia and barton were back in the south have an average per capita income of twenty three thousand or even more but there are also examples where is the west have grown together right here in terrain here in the middle very close to the former in a german border we found a company where workers from the east and west are reaping the economic rewards of reunification. around one hundred people work here a proprietary limited in highest off the ring which was once in east germany close to the border with bavaria in west germany they manufacture technical ceramic components the workforce here was born and bred on both sides of the border in this
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if i'm from west germany but it doesn't really matter it's decided to go on he said you know some of us are from the west some from the east but we all get along with each other very well. do you know what i mean no one still uses the expressions in this seat and aussie but actually nobody cares you go to. the factory stand in the middle of what used to be no man's land between the ranger and the various on the death strip between east and west germany. this in here going on here right in the form of border strip there used to be rifles on tripwires and landmines. like everyone around here. remembers the time when germany was divided only a few meters from the factory there's still a small piece of wall as a reminder the citizens of the g.d. were told it was for their protection. they were under special observation here in the border zone then on the nineteenth of november one thousand nine hundred eighty
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nine everything changed all and noid i was there when these pictures were taken. from the east people came running towards the still closed and heavily guarded border. town bands from both sides were also there peacefully and without violence they broke the wall down. there. was an alley have you but if they all rushed over there everyone was in each other's arms and then the two music clubs united and played together then we all marched over in the direction of highness doff. all a noise about what ran from west to east and rare scramble in the g.d.r. it was coming in the opposite direction. no one knew how long the border would stay open they didn't want to go to highness doff and then suddenly find that the border was closed again and they couldn't get home the guards were here with machine guns nobody really knew what was happening and like it was there was always the events
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of that evening are impossible to forget since then a lot has happened for and they are scramble and the others here things have gone well in a reunited germany. i mean how does the argue on its own i'm very happy that so many people in this area having found work here in this part of franconian aside from many have come here because unemployment is very low does this by. even so many young people have moved away hina store first just seven hundred inhabitants much fewer than before the wall came down there's no butcher no baker and no supermarket it was mainly the older people who stayed. we believe that we were disadvantaged in terms of the pension and in the ceramics business that's not something people are worried about and the employees are happy that they're paid in line with western wages but they're aware that the atmosphere is not so rosy everywhere in germany in. london in the new federal provinces the former eastern
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states the unemployment the lack of work lower wages i really think that people have been left behind. me i'm fifty losses and but the people who work in this factory don't feel like they've been left behind they're grabbing their fight with both hands just like they did in one thousand nine hundred nine. well a mixed picture there and honest of i'm not in the studio by our. business editor york if you were a young man when the war far you remember well and many east germans had lots of hopes about improving their standard of living back then have these hopes been realized personally for instance yes you know back in east germany only a few percentage of high school students went on to university most got job training apprenticeships back then i must admit i was not among the top ten the top fifteen percent of the class so i could not have gone to university but when the wall came down lots of new opportunities showed up and there are many many young
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people aspire for many young people especially but also i know many neighbors of mine who was where in their forty's and fifty's when the wall came down and they lost their jobs and they never found another one until they retired because of my mess unemployment back then so you have both the winners and losers but having said that everyone has still enjoyed the new freedom of the new. liberties like freedom of speech freedom of press freedom to travel anywhere you want to go. we've seen the figures of the average disposable income you think is germany's still a divided country in a way fifteen thousand i'm going to give you that figure as another figure because fifteen thousand euros a year that's what east germans earn less compared to the west why is that because in east germany you usually have many small and medium sized companies who pay less all the big german corporations have their headquarters in the west and the number
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fifteen thousand leads to a lot of other problems pensions are low and these days it's harder to find a job and many east germans young these germans leave their willage villages to go to the west to earn money as we've just seen in was a real problem in many parts of eastern germany but you know that company that we've seen that was a bit of a success story at least other all the success stories in the oh there are many success stories but let's take a look first at one car the trouble and that car symbolizes everything that went wrong in east germany. that card simply could not compete with all the western cars like false weygand b.m.w. mercedes but when you look at the kind of strain now in east germany you see plans by false way again by b.m.w. by porsche and it's not just the automotive sector that has recovered you see pharmaceutical swept companies in the east you name it you name many great you have many great universities in the east and many research facilities there is for
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instance one research facility in dressed and then they develop an enzyme to cut the i.v. virus out of infected cells leading to potential cures for the disease and it's cities like dressed in like leipsic who have profited from the reunification the most it's cities that profit it's villages that lose but that's also. case and all of germany in the east and the west so you now have the same problems and the same challenges and also the same opportunities in the east and in the west and in that respect i think germany has grown together ok so good have positive outlook there from your culinary business editor thank you very much for joining me in the studio now is big cohen poised for a breakthrough top wall street bank goldman sachs could become the first major firm to start trading the nice currency the company says it is exploring how to serve clients interested in bitcoin and other digital currencies sources goldman would
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like to create a team to trade the currencies much as it already trades euros and treasury bonds such a move would mark a mainstream entry for the eight year old currency. general motors says that the future for the company is all electric with zero emissions zero crashes and zero congestion g.m. is given a sneak peek of its plans in detroit in the next year and a half it's releasing two electric cars based on its existing chevy volt those will be followed by another twenty electric all hydras hydrogen fuel cell powered cars by the end of twenty twenty three it's an ambitious roadmap for g.m. whose most profitable models are gasoline powered as you please. and for many many people that were actually hoping to get their hands on an electric car much much sooner than that there could be a bit of a wait because there's
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a problem at tesla nearly half a million customers have preordered the new small tesla model three but now the company says it has built only two hundred sixty of them in the second quarter of this year that's far short of the project did one thousand five hundred well tesla says it's trying to fix the production bottlenecks part it says sales of its existing cars are up expects to sell around one hundred thousand of his s n x models this year that's a third more than last year. well that's it for me on the business team here and have an update for you in the next stop until then thanks for watching here's a look at world markets right now. it's about.
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to go. up just. dortmund shanahan with a women owns good to see her susan. only one point for
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