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things. the way to the twenty seventeen nobel prizes. who will follow in the footsteps of the greatest minds of the time. the nobel prize is twenty seventeen. this week on d w. this is news live from america grieves the terrible loss of life in las vegas vigils calls for prayer and calls for gun control after the worst mass shooting in recent u.s. history it's left fifty nine people dead they were gunned down at
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a country music festival also coming up a day of disruption in catalonia a separatist strike march of blocked roads to protest police violence during sunday's independence referendum that's as catalan leaders call on international mediators to resolve their worsening dispute with madrid. germany celebrates twenty seven years since its reunification but in the wake of the recent general election result is the country more divided than ever. possible remember one or brock's greatest artists. present traveling wilburys dies of a heart attack at the age of sixty seven. i'm sumi so much kind of good to have you. with us gunned down while enjoying their
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favorite music fifty nine people are dead and hundreds injured in a horrific attack on a country music festival in las vegas the man who murdered them opened fire from inside the high rise mandalay bay hotel spraying hundreds of bullets into the crowd of concert goers on the other side of the las vegas strip then she took his own life well the shooting is renew the debate over gun control in the u.s. and las vegas locals and survivors are rallying together to comfort each other. the grief and horror of a city in shock a quiet candlelight vigil replacing the customer glitz of the last vegas strip tales of heroic bravery emerging from the west mass shooting in modern u.s. history. whether they were dead or alive as many because of possible. maybe to introspect were just trying to repeat them one still. when you have been cleared of
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anybody who's alive. stayed with the police department for their structure some comfort in coming together for young people caught up in the tragedy. good i'm a teammate. and this year do we expect this the gratitude that you feel for people being was interesting was taking me to these to be able to come together for you. this is the killer sixty four year old stephen paddick a wealthy high stakes gambler he often got free rooms and meals from las vegas casinos in return for his big spending at patrick's home in the nevada town of miskito police recovered nine hundred guns in addition to the twenty three found at the las vegas hotel where the fatal shots were fired but well you're concerned as anybody would be and we were that somebody close to home would. do something like that but. today this seems to be happening all over the place and so you just
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don't know who your neighbor really is certainly never expected to see. it like this happen in our small community where everybody is just friendly loving police say it's still too early to speculate on patrick's motive i know that you are all very eager to find out exactly what his motive was or what was going through his head or what he was doing up to two weeks ago i promise you the sheriff will provide. information when we have confirmed it it doesn't make sense for us to put out information that is not accurate and isn't timely and reliable. with the investigation into the massacre in las vegas still in its early stages the debate on gun control which has divided america for decades can only intensify well let's talk more about the debate with peter squires he's a professor of criminology and public policy at the university of brighton and an
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expert on gun legislation and is flying to las vegas on the way to a conference on gun control in the u.s. this of course thank you for joining us you know a gun control laws in nevada they are among the most permissive in the country is this more of a state issue as opposed to a federal one. i think it's a central issue that there is there is big issue about different states as there are regulations generally the west south. relaxed gun. policies that obviously. arabs are trafficked across state lines and. the deeds to be some federal grip on this open all the tribes with these attempts to fill some of the gaps in the it's to chip background check system that they get already straight a policy change is now the u.k. where you are tightening their gun legislation after two major massacres in the one
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nine hundred ninety s. one were sixteen children were gunned down in the scottish town of dunblane why do you think that there hasn't been this turning point in the u.s. . i think it goes back to the american constitution the culture the idea the america has has a right to go puts through the second amendment but brought up to date that's that's to do with the powerful four billion strong national rifle association which is a very tight grip on the republican party in particular that along side got it district attorney got it district marketing and i think that the whole hollywood cowboy culture has crew created a particular kind of bites that grips a particular demographic of the american masculinity yet they are worried that if they give up their guns the in the last this is all to the urgency they will be at
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risk you mentioned some republican lawmakers are being influenced by those sentiments some of them are actually pushing to loosen restrictions on gun ownership with further legislation could we really see that happen i think we've seen it happen we saw it happen up there obama the idea that people could take firearms it to national parks the idea that an up or a view to this campuses that it hit the to be gun free zones would be considered to be restored allow students to carry guns on this campus is texas so that the other real pressure is it a number of states people to be allowed to to carry their guns openly about solty states licensed other cities. carry concealed weapons so that. the developer of. the right county they
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got the public to get to go with the lives of the children. all right peter squires a professor of criminology and public policy at the university of right thank you very much for joining us on a program now after the violence surrounding sunday's independence referendum in catalonia people in the spanish region are holding a day of protest marches roadblocks and demonstrations are underway in barcelona and across the province as part of strike action against heavy handed police tactics catalan authorities say twenty four different protests are blocking several roads and freeways backing up traffic for several kilometers public transport is also suspended for most of the day and d.-w. is funny for char is in barcelona covering this story for us he joins us on the line hi funny what is happening at the moment with the strikes. at the moment.
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you have already begun but you've got a demand. going there wasn't there wasn't a you found your way and i wanted to know what a lot of three zero zero zero more schools are closing so i know it's called the transportation a minute it's a minimum and you see a lot of people basically say i think it is three oh you're motional and so are you about what happened on sunday they say the fall and that's happened on sunday the crux of the referendum is something so what. for then too many of them resembles a dictatorship now so of course this into context even though as you see pictures of thousands and thousands of people protesting against the violence and calling for independence catalonia itself the police over the class of independence to force the turnout wasn't to think and most people it does not vote for independence or he doesn't actually call and vote at all so it's a very mixed climate and
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a very emotional right now as you can probably hear very very loud as well and more will people are coming here to the streets of us alone or the demonstration is just started yesterday we've been looking at pictures of the demonstration as you've been speaking just briefly if you can the protesters you spoken to do they say they're standing firm behind their regions push for independence. because you asked a lot of young people young students who are already learned who are important catalonian identity is a lot of young people that you see here say they want independence and want their posts to be heard while others are saying that he completely disagreed with the fact that violence erupted on sunday i think you not want independence but they're disappointed the way the society played out on sunday next towards the date of these funny for char reporting us from barcelona as the protest take place funny thank you very much still to come on the program of the european parliament deals a blow to britain's brags it helps chief negotiator michele daniels says talks have
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not made enough progress to move on to the question of trade. and one of rock n roll's most successful recording artist dies from a heart attack but tom petty's music lives on will discuss his enduring legacy. german president fun photo steinmeier has warned of new walls as the country marks twenty seven years since reunification steinmeyer was referring to a rise in rightwing sentiment that saw the far right a.f.d. enter the german parliament for the first time in last month's election he said the election results show that the country is divided steinmeier was speaking in the western city of minds at a state ceremony held to mark reunification. under them on the walls have sprung up less visible without barbed wire or death strips but wounds nonetheless which stand in the way of a joint togetherness in my view. our
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chief political correspondent well linda crane is at the celebrations in mines where the german president was speaking a little bit earlier in the day a melinda good to say so you're at a park where people are celebrating today today and the question is how together is germany now twenty seven years after reunification. well like the weather here the picture is mixed certainly if you look at economic and material indicators east and west have converged unemployment is about the same level in both parts of germany although eastern germany definitely does lag in productivity and it continues to lag in g.d.p. but as the president pointed out in the hall that you see behind me in fact perhaps the more grave barriers are the invisible ones a recent survey confirmed exactly what president steinmeier described that over
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sixty five percent of germans say that there is a kind of an invisible burl in wall in people's minds and certainly that was indicated in the recent election the results showing that overall across the country a twelve point six percent share for the far right alternative for germany party but if you look at the results in the east that party came in first in some eastern states with as much as twenty seven percent of the vote so clearly very selective a good deal of frustration disappointment and disillusionment in many parts of eastern germany so and what is the german president and other german leaders chants longer americal there today as well what are they suggesting needs to be done. well both the president and the host of this year's celebration who is the minister president of the state of run palatinate both of them pointed out that polarization
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. and division can threaten democracy itself and the president called for germans to find a new way of talking to each other of listening to each other and he also told them not to take democracy for granted nor unification he said after twenty seven years there is still a good deal of work to be done to make sure that they had to german and germany does grow together in future. and a crane there reporting there from the celebrations taking place in mind today melinda thank you very much. so reunification has brought mixed political and cultural success but what about the economically get out those who make anomic leaders so also there's also the invisible berlin wall that melinda just referred to twenty seven years ago west germany inherited a run down economy west german taxpayers transferred an estimated two million euros
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eastward since then to probably engines and wages and to finance the exchange of the worthless eastern currency into hard deutschmarks much has improved since then but to this day differences we may just take a look at disposable income with an average income of nineteen thousand euros per capita the lowest only regions are still almost completely located in the former east germany areas with per capita income of twenty one thousand tend to be those bordering the former is that's due to limited investment in these areas during the cold or era in contrast germany's richest regions are all in the former west as humble. and very in the south and they have an average per capita income of twenty three thousand or even more but there are also examples where east and west have grown together entering for example very close to the former. the center of germany
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we found a company where workers from the east and west are reaping the economic rewards of reunification. around one hundred people work here at proprietary limited in highness doff the ring which was once in east germany close to the border with bavaria in west germany they manufacture technical ceramic components the workforce here was born and bred on both sides of the border in this if i'm from west germany but it doesn't really matter it's decided to go on he said you know some of us are from the west some from the east but we all get along with each other very well i think but you know what i meant in one still uses the expressions investee and ossie but actually nobody cares you go to. the factory stands in the middle of what used to be no man's land between the ranger and bavaria on the death strip between east and west germany. is in here you know i mean right in the form of border strip there used to be rifles on tripwires and
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landmines. like everyone around here all an annoyed by our remembers the time when germany was divided only a few meters from the factory there's still a small piece of wall as a reminder the citizens of the g.d. were told it was for their protection. they were under special observation here in the border zone then on the nineteenth of november one thousand nine hundred nine everything changed all and noid i was there when these pictures were taken. from the east people came running towards the still closed and heavily guarded border. town bands from both sides were also there peacefully and without violence they broke the wall down. there. was an alley have you but if they all rushed over there everyone was in each other's arms and then the two music clubs united and played together then we all marched over in the direction of highness doff. all
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annoyed about what ran from west to east and rare scramble in the g.d.r. it was coming in the opposite direction. no one knew how long the border would stay open they didn't want to go to highness doff and then suddenly find that the border was closed again and they couldn't get home the guards were here with machine guns nobody really knew what was happening and like it was there was always the events of that evening are impossible to forget since then a lot has happened for and they are scramble and the others here things have gone well in a reunited germany. i mean how does i'm very happy that so many people in this area haven't found work here in this part of franconian aside from many have come here because unemployment is very low there's a spike. that he's. even so many young people have moved away highness' doff has just seven hundred inhabitants much fewer than before the wall came down there's no butcher no baker and no supermarket it was mainly the older
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people who stayed. you know. we believe that we are disadvantaged in terms of the tension and in the ceramics business that's not something people are worried about and the employees are happy that they're paid in line with western wages but they're aware that the atmosphere is not so rosy everywhere in germany and in. london in the new federal provinces the former eastern states the unemployment the lack of work lower wages i really think that people have been left behind. me i'm fifty three losses and but the people who work in this factory don't feel like they've been left behind they're grabbing their fight with both hands just like they did in one thousand nine hundred nine. well i'm expected then honest of i'm not george in the studio by our. business editor york if you were a young man when the war far you remember well and many east germans had lots of
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hopes about improving their standard of living back then have these hopes been realized personally for instance yes you know back in east germany only a few percentage of high school students went on to university most got job training apprenticeships back then i must admit i was not among the top ten the top fifteen percent of the class so i could not have gone to university but when the wall came down lots of new opportunities showed up and there are many many young people aspire for many young people especially but also i know many neighbors of mine who was where in their forty's and fifty's when the wall came down and they lost their jobs and they never found another one until they retired because of my mess unemployment back then so you have both the winners and losers but having said that everyone has still enjoyed the new freedom of the new liberties like freedom of speech freedom of press freedom to travel anywhere you want to go. we've seen the figures of the average disposable income you think is germany's still
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a divided country in a way. fifteen thousand i'm going to give you that figure as another figure because fifteen thousand euros a year that's what is germans earn less compared to the west why is that because in east germany you usually have many small and medium sized companies who pay less all the big german corporations have their headquarters in the west and the number fifteen thousand leads to a lot of other problems pensions are low and these days it's harder to find a job and many east germans young these germans leave their willage villages to go to the west to earn money as we've just seen in helo's door was a real problem in many parts of eastern germany but you know the company that we've see that was a bit of a success story at least other all the success stories of the hour there are many success stories but let's take a look first at one car the trouble and that car symbolizes everything that went wrong in east germany. card simply could not compete with all the western cars
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like false weygand b.m.w. mercedes but when you look at the kind of strain now in east germany you see the plans by ford's way again by b.m.w. by porsche and it's not just the automotive sector that has recovered you see pharmaceuticals web companies in the east you name it you name many great you have many great universities in the us and many research facilities there is for instance one research facility in dressed in their net developed an enzyme to cut the i.v. virus out of infected cells leading to potential cures for the disease and it's cities like dressed in like lights like who have profited from the reunification the most it's cities that profit it's villages that lose but that's also a case in all of germany in the east and the west so you know have the same problems and the same challenges and also the same opportunities in these than in the west in that respect i think germany has grown together ok so good
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a positive outlook there for your culinary business editor are you very much for joining me this today. the european union wants to delay the next phase of brags that negotiations lawmakers and european parliament have voted overwhelmingly not to advance talks on the u.k.'s withdrawal to the next stage they use brakes a negotiator says there has not been enough progress in key areas including citizens' rights and how much britain must pay to leave the bloc. coffman a standing by at the european parliament where that vote took place a bit earlier today hi max how bad is this for braggs the talks going forward well the european parliamentarians here put the blame squarely on the government in the u.k. saying they had not made the progress in the three key areas to me that they're
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supposed to settle before moving on to the second phase of the negotiations where they want to talk about future relationships just a reminder those three elements are the border between northern ireland and ireland very very tricky issue the braggs of bills of the money that the u.k. has to pay or owes the european union and of course the rights of e.u. citizens that remain in the united kingdom that's something that's very dear to the european parliamentarians here and they all think that as long this is not settled there will be the stalemate we're seeing more or less we wouldn't talk about failed to go she but they're certainly not advancing as they would have to to be able to have a deal in about a year's time max what are the sticking points in those three kid areas that you mentioned why haven't negotiators been able to make any progress there. well if you look at the different issues for example the brags that bill threesome a prime minister of the u.k. has acknowledged that they do some money but it's far less than that what the rest
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of the you things that they should pay it's a lot of details very complicated stuff but the bottom line is we're talking about twenty billion euros or up to one hundred billion euros now northern ireland ireland that borders explain complicated because they don't want to have the border neither nor neither island but how are you going to do that because northern ireland will no longer be part of the e.u. being part of the u.k. and ireland will be part of the european union so huge potential for stress here and so far at least people here believe and also the chief negotiator of the european union concerning the rights of e.u. citizens in the u.k. really what the u.k. has offered is just not sufficient ok max so just briefly if you can what is the next step. the next steps are we're probably going to see the delay they're not going to decide to go into the second phase of the negotiations in october when the leaders come to brussels and then it's up to anyone how long this will take to get to the second stage so far progress as everybody here basically has said has been
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very slow no indication if this is going to change to get these next huffman for us that the european parliament in strasbourg thank you max. u.s. musician and songwriter tom petty has died after suffering a heart attack in california he was rushed to hospital after being found unconscious at his malibu home the sixty six year old is best known as the lead singer of the rock band tom petty and the heartbreakers which were part of a number of hits in the one nine hundred seventy s. and eighty's. and attributes have been pouring in for tom petty from fans and telling musicians english a rock singer and former beatles member paul mccartney tweeted to send his quote love to tom petty and his family at this difficult time he was joined by former band mate rigaud star who posted this picture with tom petty he writes god bless tom petty peace and love to his family i'm sure going to miss utah american author
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stephen king writes tom petty gone that's just so wrong what a bad day this has been so many ways and a finally american musician and actor steven van zandt tweeted this cannot be happening not tom petty please our deepest love and condolences to his family and band a brother and true believer. and we have time for a minder of our top stories at this hour las vegas is mourning the fifty nine victims of a mass shooting yesterday that's after a gunman opened fire on a concert on the city's famous strip before killing himself it's the deadliest mass shooting in modern u.s. history. and cattle separatist protests against police violence with a day of strikes and demonstrations the region's leaders have asked for international help resolving their dispute with madrid the factor voters in a referendum at the weekend back breaking away from spain. thanks for watching we were back at the top of the hour.
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