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tv   Close up - The Secret Revolution - Women in Saudi Arabia  Deutsche Welle  October 4, 2017 5:15am-5:46am CEST

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for later of cash has reportedly said the autonomous region will declare independence from spain within days colace pushed them all told the b.b.c. his government would do so by the beginning of next week his comments following criticism by the spanish king philip a he would cuse catalan late is of acting irresponsibly and outside the lore in carrying out a referendum on the independence last weekend on choose di thousands of independent supporters demonstrated in boss a line up protesting police violence during the hours. americans are mourning the fifty nine people dead in sunday's attack on a country music festival in las vegas hundreds more were injured. authorities say stephen paddick opened fire from inside the highrise mandalay bay hotel spraying hundreds of bullets into the crowd of concert goers on the other side of the las
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vegas strip then he took his own life. with police saying patrick's motives remain unknown the shooting has renewed the divisive debate over gun control in the u.s. it's become a kind of sick. u.s. president donald trump has visited puerto rico to assess damage and recovery efforts after the island was hit by harken maria the island has been struggling with shortages of clean water food and electricity some puerto ricans have complained that the trumpet ministration has been slow to help the u.s. territory. internet company yahoo say is old three billion of its user accounts were affected by a hacking twenty thirteen it had originally announced one billion accounts were compromised but on choose day tripled that figure it's understood to be the biggest
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dodger breach in history the stolen information includes nine e-mail addresses phone numbers and birth dates but yahoo says pos words and banking details were not compromised. so the european parliament has voted against moving to the next stage of talks and britain leaving the e.u. lawmakers in strasbourg slammed the british government for failing to make progress on key issues the vote was non-binding but reflects the mood of the parliament which will have to approve the final brics it deal.
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with. spain and crisis catalan separatists may just try to voice their anger at madrid protesters blocked major roads forcing many businesses and services to shut down also on the program a volcano about to erupt is threatening people's lives and the tourism industry on the island of bali and good old fashioned manual typewriters live on and on in india. welcome to your business i'm krista of colburn bolin two days after the violent referendum on independence in catalonia rage and i'm certain we are taking their toll on the economy and spain's richest region a general strike brought large parts of catalonia to a standstill on tuesday carmakers say i've had to hold one of three production lines some warned that catalonia breaking away could hurt spain's economic recovery . spaniards like us are for gomez lost their jobs when the country's banks were on
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the verge of collapse she runs this community group one of many for those affected by the credit crisis for them no investment from banks meant no opportunities for businesses to grow cutbacks followed unemployment has since dropped nationwide but spain is still very much in recovery pro independence catalans are confident they say their industry and tourism will help them go it alone but breaking away would certainly slow down spain's return to the level of its pre-crisis economy however it would be wrong to overstate the impact catalonia attracts fourteen percent of all of spain's foreign investment still it lags way behind the spanish capital madrid which brings it almost sixty five percent despite being a top tourist destination and a big exporter catalonia comes forth in g.d.p. per person behind other regions madrid the basque country and navarro. independence could have a downside for the catalan economy too hundreds of companies have chosen to move
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headquarters elsewhere in spain worrying that disruption and changing catalonia could upset their business that's cost the region billions of euros in lost opportunities many firms are coming up with backup plans in case of independence. the outlook here in barcelona is usually sunny but the economic clowns for those spain in catalonia won't go away as long as the independence question goes unanswered. time now for a quick market check up so let's bring in our wall street correspondent standing by . investors where i'm fresh sales numbers from the car industry give us the latest . yes of kember has been a very good month for the u.s. car manufacturers thirst specially general motors and ford increased sales so much more than expected chrysler there was the increase but now. as steep as a deer too well we have the huge americans here in the united states still some car
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owners have to replace their vehicles and also some car manufacturers offered bigger discounts that is good for sales but not necessarily for profit margins and then also some foreign car companies like folks watching for example was a sales increase of a good thirty percent did better than expected so overall a pretty good month and we will see how sustainable that trend is and keeping all four tires on the road a car maker test last dramatically missed the production target for its first car for the mass market how did that go down on wall street well investors here on wall street seem to be pretty forgiving at the moment if you look at the expectations tesla it was hoping to produce a fifteen hundred cars of the model is three in september but overall they only could finish a good two hundred sixty vehicle of the model three but if you look at other models
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like the x. and the s. tesla was able to produce a few cars and more as expected and so overall the stock of tesla also gained here in the tubes this session court in new york thank you iran's economy is thirsting for investment and after signing the landmark nuclear deal with the west in twenty fifteen it looked like things could be improving for the second largest economy in the middle east but as the rhetoric between washington tear on has become fiercer recently bridging the gaps that they ran europe's former forum has become easier. the annual conference brings together government officials from around with businessmen bankers from around discuss deals with colleagues from germany or denmark due to recent developments the europe iran forum appears more important than ever in this its fourth year we're lucky to have
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european ambassadors senior officials from the european union and other figures from the policy world here in this event and bring these two communities closer together iran's political and economic ties with the west have been strained since donald trump became us president. the islamic republic remains eager to modernize its infrastructure and production facilities with the help of outside expertise the fresh sanctions on iran announced by trump in july of lent the event and zero out it doesn't see. under those circumstances the appearance of american delegates at the conference is considered a positive message i think it's important for iran it's important for europe not only focus on the drama in washington there is a lot that can be going on into iran there's a lot that could be going on brussels paris frankfurt london. that that doesn't have to do with the united states as a previous events one thing is abundantly clear does years europe around for a european banks and companies have their eye on the iranian market and do not want
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to see that business wanted by the u.s. . to bali now where thousands of visitors at the island local authorities have issued the highest alert level. warning that the active volcano might erupt threatening people's lives as well as bally's multimillion dollar tourism industry . empty streets usually a favorite destination for tourists but these days no one wants to do any sailing fishing. instead boats are on used restaurants empty local shop owners and others catering to tourists are deeply worried. yeah. and situations like these guests are departing because they're afraid of the volcano and they're afraid of the eruption of summer. and snorkel but our income is getting short. of course it's not only tourists who are left
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more than one hundred forty thousand people have been evacuated from the area around mt of whom many of them staying in temporary shelters the older ones remember the volcanoes most recent eruption in one nine hundred sixty three when over one thousand people got killed ever since scientists have been tracking all seismic activity recording hundreds of volcanic earthquakes daily as the mountainous fissure by rising mark mark and ok is really spewing ash over two kilometers into the sky some in ahmed however are on faced you should come back to ahmed it's amazing the driving is amazing yeah the weather it's all fine apparently for less adventurous souls all is not fine most visitors have packed their bags and gone home residents of bali hope that they will come back one small decline is silent again. for many of us typewriters have become
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a thing of the past not so an india and fraud of many illegal chambers are public offices typists are still waiting to put into formal fawned whatever their customers wish but earlier this year colleges in the financial capital mumbai announced they will be phasing out manual type writing courses so the typewriter is set to disappear or is it our correspondence on f on the car reports. the sound of a long forgotten outside a local court in delhi street typists still earn a living from a machine that's obsolete in most parts of the word. rock shabana has been working at this exact spot since one thousand. hunting out affidavits see if contracts rent agreements and other legal documents on
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a second hand machine. she makes about five to six dollars a day just enough to make ends meet and i think manual typewriters a really heavy and they can get done we don't have to worry about electricity if it is we don't need a printer. only need is a machine and a table thats it. this typing is the only work she's ever trained for and she's not giving it up anytime soon. i love this type writer like my at it's my only source of income i continue typing very end. but the end has a right for this iconic machine and typing has also become a dying skill as india pushes to modernize and digitize its economy there ever fewer takers for the antiquated technology. as a result shops like roger on the declaring his family has been selling typewriters since the one nine hundred thirty s.
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in delhi faced with stiff competition from computers has been forced to reinvent its business restoring and typewriters like these quite some time i was feeling the pressure. of the period. but most of the. dealing in vibrators. somehow remained. passion and that is making some business and. has embraced new technology in order to preserve the old he routinely checks out websites to get information about the value of his price pressures. his refurbished portable typewriters. one hundred fifty dollars. also has a collection of over one hundred ray machines some more than eighty years old. the typewriter major survived in the hands of skilled pre-payment. giving the old machines a much needed to know perhaps destined for
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a collector. or as an expert in the museum. what a great story that wraps up our program as a result checking out our social media feed is higher late recommendable thanks for watching it's here tomorrow.
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to us on the germany is a strong country. and we have achieved so much we can do this and it's something him to resign so we must overcome it in the. going where it's uncomfortable global news that matters w made for mines. this report presents a rare insight into a society largely hidden from the outside world an insight into the life of women in saudi arabia. we meet women who are fighting for their rights secretly silently and courageously. no longer willing to be banished from public life
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they're now challenging traditional constraints. their goal to emerge from the shadow of their male compatriots. it's a life behind the veil a life in black even in jeddah the city on the red sea the most liberal place in the country saudi women are forced into a straight jacket of restrictions they can only be seen in public wearing a full length the bya are now allowed to drive a car but they still can't travel work or attend university without the permission of a male guardian. hid behind the veil resentment
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is growing. women are increasingly treading new kinds as they turn against fundamentalist dog was a challenge for the strictly conservative saudi kingdom. women are pushing back the systems boundaries and even questioning the religious leader based segregation for men. and the municipal council elections in two thousand and fifteen women not only voted for the first time they also stood as candidates. since female politicians are not allowed to address men directly in an election campaign they hired several actors as mouthpieces. communication consultant and social activists rush i have seen is now one of two women who have a seat on the jetta city council there was a confrontation at the very first session not all the male councillors wanted to sit at the same table as the two women. have see refused to take a seat behind
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a wall since then she's received death threats from strictly religious conservatives people are claiming that some women who entered the council are not mature enough to get in this responsibility but not all men make sure. you have to face cuts of people from the extremists back knowing full well being that women participation in the public life my jeopardize the holiness of the society it was a relationship between a person and god or that is a simple family so. people think that its reception its meaning thinking in its segregated covering. this kind of protection or what they call protection room or over there in.


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