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but that's just more towards things that we broke the record about march to making fans cheer the most in the next report you'll find out just how this would have done the. d.w. made for mine. this is deja vu news live from berlin spain braces for more protest spite signs both sides are looking to diffuse the cattle on independence crisis a senior government official still maintains that the use of force during sunday's referendum was proportionate and people are still out on the streets holding
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rallies to try to bring the standoff to a peaceful conclusion we'll cross to barcelona for the latest also coming up. a vision of a world without atomic weapons wins this year's nobel peace prize judges honor i can the international campaign to abolish nuclear weapons but also warn of a rising risk of conflict. and in german soccer you're picas returns to bahrain munich for a fourth time he's taking over as head coach of the bundesliga powerhouse until the end of the season. hello and welcome i'm michel henery it's good to have you with us. catalan his regional government has announced the final results of last weekend's on authorized independence referendum it says ninety percent of votes cast were in favor of
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separation from spain but there are signs the two sides could be softening their tone in the standoff a tough spanish official has apologized to lance injured by police violence during the vote and catalonia as leader has met with a newly formed team of mediators. if the connell on president's power struggle with spain is to end any time soon he will need the help of mediators like those he met on friday. in a sign he may be listening to his guests karla's which demands said he will update parliament on the current political situation on tuesday and in doing so he avoided breaking a constitutional ban on a session scheduled for monday. his party called it a gesture of goodwill. and. the president of catalonia has a great opportunity to make the real statement he made a few days ago which is to start a dialogue. meanwhile in madrid
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a possible change in strategy for the first time the spanish government issued an apology of sorts for the heavy handed policing of sunday's illegal referendum. i said this very clearly before the police were following an order they were in order to avoid an illegal vote they were ordered to seize ballot boxes if there were incidents underwear and if people were injured evidently we are all sorry. but pressure is piling on control on leaders spain's third largest bank agreed to move its registered offices out of the breakaway region. it comes as catalonia is so-called silent majority who oppose separation begin finding their voice. and get into a little problem is not between the government the problem is between one half of the gods and one people and the other half of the catalan people whatever their differences both sides will be hoping the standoff with the spanish government ends
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soon one way or another. detail the correspondent funny for char is in a tense barcelona for us funny demonstration is set to take place soon where you are what's expected is expected to be actually a peaceful demonstration today right here in front of the office of the catalonia mayor but not just here in barcelona all across the country although of course spain people are cold to wear white t. shirts as a symbol of peace but also to demand dialogue or to put something why on their balconies for that matter this initiative is called also which means let's talk let's have a dialogue because a lot of people here are saying we are neither for nor against independence we simply don't want to become a pinball of politics we want to make sure that the country is not becoming divided that people both catalonians and spanish all spanish are not becoming divided so we
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should be a rather peaceful demonstration today but they are more demonstrations expected over the weekend also anti independence demonstrations and the question is if it is going to remain a peaceful over the weekend or not and funny with these pro and anti sides are these two sides still on a collision course for next week. well let's put it to way the exchanges have been rather defined between both sides the what we're hearing from catalonia is not as defiant as it was a few days ago in fact right now the president of course hello any other of the region here is saying that he will go to the parliament in tuesday but the wording is a bit different he is saying he wants to talk about the current political situation rather than the clearing independence of course of the independence now that could still happen of course in fact he may just use this ruling so that the constitutional court in mud dritte does not suspend the parliamentary session as it
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already did for monday and that session has been canceled for monday so therefore there is a little bit of backpedaling you could say because now this session is set for tuesday and as i say the looting is a bit different also from the market its side they had some close to the tourist tones that you have heard yesterday because mother they apologized in the name of the police for the violence that happened on sunday and that violent crackdown of the referendum so if you could use a picture i would say so far everybody was running towards a cliff no matter what right now both parties both. are still at this cliff looking down but maybe they may not jump. police are also gearing up for the coming week fan in madrid is announced that thousands of federal police are set to stay on in the city for now how was that being received.
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of course police is preparing here is a say there are going to be demonstrations of probably massive demonstrations in fact tomorrow but also over the course of the beginning of next week the parliament here in the tony is going to convene again they for their real bit massive police presence comes for example to the national spanish police people who support independence say that they're basically occupying a cut the lonia and they are not really in favor of the spanish police being here the question is also home muscles the regional police is going to react that they are going to support the spanish national police in trying to crack down on the behavior not of course the food the chief of the regional police here catalonia has been summoned in a moderate by the court because of him because he was accused of of basically supporting those who are supporting independent rather than working with the national police so there there's
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a division here not just among the people supporting independence or not but also among regional and national police. funny charm barcelona thank you now to some of the other stories making news around the world people along the u.s. gulf coast are stocking up on supplies with hurricane nate forecast to make landfall on saturday the hurricane which began as a tropical storm killed more than twenty people when it lashed central america u.s. authorities have issued storm surge warnings and new orleans mayor has ordered an evacuation of some areas. the trumpet ministration has rolled back and obamacare provision that requires employers health plans to cover contraception as preventive care for women or employers will now be able to opt out of providing no cost birth control on religious or moral grounds at the exit of christian groups plan to sue
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the block the new rules. this year's nobel peace prize has been awarded to the international campaign to abolish nuclear weapons i can the group played a key role in the adoption of united nations treaty in july that aims to eliminate nuclear arms the nobel committee says it honored i can for reviving efforts to ban such weapons at a time of renewed global tension. ok. members of i can the international campaign to abolish nuclear weapons celebrating at their headquarters in geneva switzerland after hearing the announcement of their nobel prize winner is also considered an upset victory since many analysts expected the negotiators who had worked out the nuclear deal with the ran in two thousand and fifteen to win however i can had already earned a significant victory when the un adopted a symbolic nuclear treaty they had devised addressing the issue of nuclear disarmament the chair of the norwegian nobel committee had this to say when you.
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take a historical look it seems like there have been moments where it's been more engagement among nuclear states to end. the solomon in the city of i do not believe we are in such a moment today the un under-secretary general and high representative for disarmament affairs izumi not going mitsu echoed those views and moving towards a wall free of nuclear weapons is really today and priority so is the nobel peace price. very significant in terms of the timing and the situation in which we're all in the thing in today however none of the nine zero nuclear powers have signed up for the new u.n. treaty pushed by icann the award also comes amid heightened tensions over north korea's nuclear development and us president donald trump criticism of
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a deal curbing iran's nuclear program something i can find deeply concerning it. i think that the deal is really important. really really unfortunate and a huge security risk for the world if that was ripped up especially at a time when iran is complying with the deal. so i think that treating the deal needs to remain be supported. i can has pledged to step up its campaign and do even more until all nuclear weapons are eliminated. and bundesliga news byron munich have appointed your pikas as their new coach the seventy two year old is coming out of retirement and i signed a contract until the end of the season it's his fourth time in charge of byron. york pike is retired from coaching in two thousand and thirteen and he went out on a high when the trouble with buying the champions league the bonus league and the
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german cup. his good friend byron president played a big role in convincing him to come out of retirement many of the players know hank is from his last time in charge and they're happy to see him come back. he knows a lot of the guys and he has huge experience he's a great coach and really understands the players i think he'll give the team a boost and make us better. i guess we'll take over training on monday and stay until the end of the season given by and munich time to find a suitable successor. from the caribbean to europe deadly storms have been making headlines in recent weeks the weather is often on everyone's lips and a new exhibition here in germany is taking a close look at the elements past present and future through history science and culture the show opens this weekend in bonn the host city for the next round of un
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climate change talks next month. the weather affects the soul whether we like it or not. the weather report exhibition is focusing on how with the influences human civilization and culture. decline and it's a very important debate about climate there's a communication problem it's too loaded with facts and statistics we're taking another approach whether it's climate we experience it's our exhibition is taking an interdisciplinary approach we're going to show and give equal weight to every day culture in the natural sciences and through this there will be a surprising and exciting makes the mission. that makes includes works as varied as those by english romantic painter john constable. american artist geoffrey hendricks who has starred himself as a cloud smith for his work with sky themed images to the early technology at
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sixteenth century sundials all the way to the spiritual with the fifteenth century wind god made of lava. the exhibition boasting more than four hundred objects in artworks from across the world runs till march. there was a hair raising experience during a severe storm here in germany for the passengers of an emirates flight landing i do so the airport the airbus a three eighty appeared to be touching down perfectly but then it was caught in a powerful cross wind it lurched from side to side before pilots brought it back under control plane enthusiastic cargo spotter recorded the footage and published it on his you tube channel he praised the skills of the emirates true and coping with the unexpected turbulence. and just a reminder of the top stories we're following for you in spain a senior government official maintains the use of force during sunday's cutline
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independence vote was proportion. at this as mediators madrid meet cut along years later to defuse the standoff it remains unclear whether the region still plans to declare independence from spain in the days ahead. you're watching the news from berlin more coming up at the top of the hour and don't forget you can get all the latest news information around the clock on our website that's deedle the dot com thanks for watching. history books are brought to life.


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