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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  October 7, 2017 12:00pm-12:15pm CEST

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revolution. nineteen seventeen a real october that started over twenty two dollars. this is deja vu news live from berlin spain braces for more protests over the continent independence crisis the unauthorized vote has deeply divided the country however people are still of rallying for a peaceful conclusion to the standoff between madrid and catalonia also coming up in german soccer yet picas returns to byron unit for a fourth time he's taking over as head coach of the bundesliga powerhouse until the
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end of the season. hello and welcome i'm michel henery it's good to have you with us. a series of demonstrations have been planned across spain as a political standoff between the spanish and cuts alone and governments continues madrid has called last night's referendum in catalonia illegal because one government meanwhile continues to stand by its promise to to declare independence even as its leader met with a newly formed team of mediators. if the council on president's power struggle with spain is to end any time soon he will need the help of mediators like those he met on friday. in a sign he may be listening to his guests karla's which demand said he will update
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parliament on the current political situation on tuesday and in doing so he avoided breaking a constitutional ban on a session scheduled for monday. his party called it a gesture of goodwill. and. the president of cuts alone you know has a great opportunity to make the real statement he made a few days ago which is to start a dialogue. meanwhile in madrid a possible change in strategy for the first time the spanish government issued an apology of sorts for the heavy handed policing of sunday's illegal referendum. i said this very clearly before the police were following an order they were in order to avoid an illegal vote they were ordered to seize ballot boxes if there were no incidents underwear and if people were injured evidently we are all sorry. but pressure is piling on control on leaders spain's third largest bank agreed to
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move its a registered offices out of the breakaway region. sign that independence could cost barcelona dearly one argument of catalana unionists. and. the problem is not between the government the problem is between one half of the cotton one people and the other half of the council on people since catalonia is disputed vote last sunday the region has polarized and it's set to be another weekend of protests as tuesday looms. let's now go to correspondent sunny thoughts are who is in barcelona for us funny that there's lots of people behind you can you tell us what's going on. the demonstration has just begun you know i've got a peaceful demonstration in front of the office although i think i mean they are overpriced you know what i don't. you can hear people clapping and there we want to be there very likely sure they are carrying. signs.
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that. they demand there is no hurry to see you don't want to come out see most of us with will come out and perhaps a bit later. and barcelona thank you not to some of them and not to some we're going to go back to fanny to funny or rather the connection a bit better now funny can you hear us in the studio. i'm sorry about that we're moving on now to some other stories making news around the world. jailed russian opposition leader alexeyevna balding has called for nationwide protests to mark president vladimir putin's birthday today vania serving a twenty days in prison after losing his appeal on charges of organizing on the authorized public rallies a potential rival in russia's upcoming twenty eight election novell nice little
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troubles me for prevent him from getting on next year's ballot. to chop it ministration has rolled back and obamacare provision that requires employee health plans to cover contraception as preventive care for women employers will now be able to opt out of providing no cost birth control on religious or moral grounds i was asked to see croup plan to sue to block the new rules. saudi arabia has condemned a united nations report on violence against children as misleading and inaccurate the document blamed a saudi led military coalition in yemen for deaths and injuries to hundreds of children in total do you report counted more than fifteen thousand war crimes against children last year but some believe the real figure could be much higher. it's a gruesome list that the un representative virginia has to deliver year in and year out the list of war crimes against children children are conscripted to fight they
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were abused raped and killed by bombs in their schools and kindergartens in twenty sixteen the un counted fifteen thousand five hundred proven crimes carried out by government troops rebels and terror organizations we have to assume that this is just the tip of an iceberg so don't say oh good we have five hundred five hundred more it's not the case these have a fight and that the u.n. report came late this year mainly because of strong opposition from saudi arabia it had been named as one of the perpetrators on the so-called list of shame in yemen saudi led coalition airstrikes on schools and kindergartens killed six hundred eighty three children according to u.n. reports that's why saudi arabia made the list at the same time it's also been described as a country willing to cooperate with u.n. efforts. hurricane nate is gathering strength as it barrels
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towards the u.s. gulf coast with high winds and warnings of storm surges louisiana is one of the u.s. states in its path but the main city of new orleans bracing itself for a direct hit the deadly storm has strengthened to a category one hurricane. it earlier made landfall in central america killing more than twenty people here is more. the power of nature can't be underestimated even if it's the weakest hurricane on a five can't agree scale houses and boats are wrecked and people in nicaragua a left with a heavy deluge to cope with. where there were serious damage we lost everything food clothes we don't have water besides the brain that is falling down on us the russian children dying my mom is eighty five years old she doesn't have anywhere to sleep today. also made landfall in other countries including costa
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rica and one duress and it's expected to strengthen as it moves towards the u.s. gulf coast. bracing for the storm residents in the city of new orleans stockpiling groceries herrick in nature could directly hit the biggest city in the state of louisiana. three feet. high. but new orleans mayor reassured residents there is no need to panic they show you in the public that we are very well prepared we have a great team of first responders and organizers we have been through this many many times before and we are ready for whatever nate brings our way the calm before the storm but that could soon change as nate gets closer from the caribbean to europe deadly storms have been making headlines in recent weeks the weather is also on everyone's lips and a new exhibition here in germany is taking
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a close look at the elements past present and future through history science and culture the show opens this weekend in bonn the host city for the next round of un climate change talks next month. the weather affects the soul whether we like it or not. the weather report exhibition is focusing on how were the influences human civilization and culture. to clean on this very important debate about climate there's a communication problem it's too loaded with facts and statistics we're taking another approach whether it's climate we experience. our exhibition is taking an interdisciplinary approach we're going to show and give equal weight to every day culture in the natural sciences and through this there will be a surprising and exciting mix in the mission. that makes includes works as varied
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as those by english romantic painter john constable. american artist geoffrey hendricks who has styled himself as a cloud smith for his work with sky themed images to the early technology at sixteenth century sundials all the way to the spiritual with the fifteenth century wind god made of lava. the exhibition boasting more than four hundred objects in artworks from across the world runs till march. this year's nobel peace prize has been awarded to the international campaign to abolish nuclear weapons i can the group played a key role in the adoption of a united nations treaty in july that aims to eliminate nuclear arms the nobel committee says it honored i can for revising efforts to ban such weapons at a time of renewed global tension. as. members of i
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can the international campaign to abolish nuclear weapons celebrating at their headquarters in geneva switzerland after hearing the announcement of their nobel prize winner is also considered an upset victory since many analysts expected the negotiators who had worked out the nuclear deal with the ran in two thousand and fifteen to win however i can had already earned a significant victory when the un adopted a symbolic nuclear treaty they had to.


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