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the german aids foundation is supporting dream in mozambique you can do something to give a baby a future without aids. make a donation safe a life. this is d w news lawyer from about a report of a serious incident outside a famous london landmark the metropolitan police say several protest rings on injured off they call bounce the pavement outside the natural history museum a museum spokesman says no one is being allowed into the building and people
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a big let out through a different exit we'll go live to our correspondent somewhere or so coming up thousands take to the streets of spade to demand unity a major protest is held in barcelona with people wearing one t. shirts and a cloak of peaceful dialogue and imagery to see if spanish flags flood the capital the demonstrations are the council only use push for independence. and in a russia people take to the streets across the country in support of jailed opposition activists alexina bound he's pressuring health ortiz to let him enter the twenty eight thousand presidential race we'll go live to our correspondent in st petersburg for more. on that and a home free thanks for joining me we begin with breaking news from london british police say several people have been injured off they call mounted at the pavement
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outside the natural history museum they say one man was detained at the scene the area in west london has been sealed off off to the incident police said inquiries to. stablish the circumstances and any motive on the way. well i witnesses have been describing what happened at three p.m. . to. shut. the other and then. take a man on the ground and. i just see it to demand from the car put it on the ground and then thirty minutes later. the streets. well let's bring in our correspondent back at mass who is in london burkett what's the latest well this is
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exactly the latest the police haven't released any new information they have said that one man is detained as the eyewitness also described and also that several people are injured media reports at the injures light injuries so we have seen ambulances obviously on the scene and people are being treated but thankfully only light injuries. we understand that one man is in police custody police say that this is not being treated as a terrorist incident can you tell us anything more about that. know the police are saying they want to be sure when they release any new information of what it is they have been describing it according to british media as a collision and also from what we know there were two cars involved so it might have been a collision on the other hand of course people are ok for here in the u.k. because we have already had several incidents where a car was crashing into
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a crowd so this is saturday afternoon it's one of the busiest one of the best museums really also in london where a lot of families a lot of tourists would have taken their children to so obviously people are just really wanting to know what what was there the course was a just a collision was it coincidence that it happened just outside this really busy and popular museum or or was it something more sinister but the police are not confirming that at this point in time but it's as you mention the natural history museum a very popular tourist attraction in london just describe that area around the museum for us well it's a very affluent area it's south kensington the streets are wide but always busy because it's a really popular place to go for families for four strolls on a saturday afternoon the weather is not too bad in london at the moment so one would assume that at this point in time it would have been a fairly of
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a fairly busy place where you see people not just and calls but also but also really on the pavements and wanting to go to the several museums that are in this part of town so it's a definitely a popular spot in london on the weekend but i just want to ask you briefly of course the country is currently at its second highest security alert level meaning that an attack is highly likely what is the atmosphere the mood like in london at the moment. well i think generally the mood in london is through bricks at the people. you know not sure of what the future will hold and i think this sort of terrorist at these attacks that we have seen in the last months add to this general sense of insecurity on the other hand londoners are resilient and they don't have don't have any choice but to go about their daily
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business you know we have millions of visitors we have people that are commuting in and out of town so people have no other choice and to use public transport and also to be on the road and nobody is staying inside because they are fearful. following this developing story for us from london thanks for your reporting massive demonstrations have been held in spain's biggest cities is the tussle over council oni's independence moves onto the streets now in barcelona thousands of people wearing white gathered near the mayor's office to call for dialogue between supporters and opponents of catalan independence at the same time people for spanish unity flocked to the center of the spanish capital madrid. the w. correspondent anna sophia seaborn is in abbas alone for us good to see you know we saw that huge demonstration in barcelona earlier what was the message.
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well the vestige of the people was basically peace and dialogue. many people came here they were all dressed in white as you mentioned with white balloons and i was very peaceful and cheerful at the same time people were very angry with the government here in catalonia and with the government in madrid they say that they need to talk they need to get in touch and get into some sort of dialogue that they need to talk many people chanted here that we do not to deserve what's happening here and that was the overall feeling and one of the chance was that they demanded of the governments to talk or resign and with that they meant both governments the one in madrid and him barcelona and what about in madrid because there are also thousands out on the streets there what the spanish unionists want. well spanish
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unionists basically opposed to catalan independence they won. catalonia to stay a part of spain and catalonia to basically follow the constitution because the constitution states that spain is supposed to be a single united country and. basically that's their message and they were waving the spanish flags and so it was basically a very pro spanish and anti independence complain on protests in madrid today and also fisi even in barcelona good to talk to you. now after making landfall in central america hurricane nate is barreling towards the u.s. gulf coast with high winds and warnings and storm surges louisiana is one of the u.s. states in nate spaf with the main city of new orleans bracing itself for
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a direct hit the deadly storm has strengthened to a category one hurricane and is expected to reach the area late on saturday. supporters of russian opposition activist alexina valmy have taken to the streets in cities across the country and around the is currently serving a twenty day prison sentence for calling for an authorised process protest rather now he's called on his followers to demand that authorities allow him to enter the twenty eight hundred presidential race in saturday's demonstrations coincide with president vladimir putin's birthday there are reports that police have arrested some protesters in some cities. well as cross live now to our russia correspondent emily show and who is on the so-called field of mas in st petersburg where the central rally is supposed to happen emily what's happening where you are at the moment. well people are assembling here
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a lot of people have already assembled it's hard to say how many people are here i would say definitely a few hundred and it's also people younger people families as well and they've all come despite the announcement that this is not authorized protests and in fact there was construction work taking place here earlier which was announced on thursday ahead of the protest so a lot of observers were saying that they they you know specifically planned the construction work so that that would prevent people from coming but actually people are kind of arriving at the moment it throws kerry why did nonviolent campaign but and there was a man earlier wearing a preaching mask as well or that he saw on his on the on his outfit as well as so people are kind of waiting you know but there's certainly a lot going on and people are waiting to see what happened doesn't say pieces that was planned across the rest of the country. well there are protests
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planned in eighty cities across the country many of which have already taken place today eighty cities that's that's all of the cities where there is a campaign headquarters for now he has been and main headquarters and in moscow hundreds of people came out according to police it was seven hundred participants say it was more likely to have been in the thousands but tonight is this protest today petersburg which is scheduled to be the main protest and this is supposed to be a birthday celebration as you mentioned for your policeman who was actually born here i think petersburg family we've just been looking at pictures of a lot of us so i'm wondering if we've had any reaction from security forces yet or what we can expect from security forces. well this morning in moscow there were bus loads of police waiting for the protesters but then things pretty much stayed rather quiet and the protesters in moscow were walking around
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the bar that you are they tried to get on your red square and people were basically there weren't any not so right there you think peter bergen have announced that they will be on college letters so we'll have to state wait and see what happens but i think i think we can do around just over one hundred people that have been arrested so it is made rather calm considering most of those protests most of those that were not on the rise while working on russia correspondent and many showing thank you jim in johnson i'm going to go has addressed the youth wing conservative cd you bought dresden the chance to use the address to lay out her vision for the party for a fourth term in office now america is under pressure off of the success of the far right alternative to germany which in. in national elections they're all calls from within the c.d.u. to address is future migration policy also announced talks with the pro-business
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free democrats and greens to form a ruling coalition. to sports news now and the formula one season is heading into the crucial final phase with the drivers title still up for grabs lewis hamilton and sebastian fattal are battling over every point starting with this weekend's japanese grand prix saturday's qualification session session so several drivers set stunning lap times in the save man hamilton was the fastest off them all. the formula one season is approaching its home straight with five races left to go do is hamilton is on course to claim his fourth career championship he extended his lead in the driver's standings in malaysia last week and now he's claimed pole position for sunday's japanese grand prix. havel chin has won three times in japan despite struggling in qualifying in the past this time he broke the track record to
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reach the front of the grid. i never ever really got a great balance in the past so i never say never did great qualifying so to finally get the balance behind me with a great work my engineers and a great timing from from all the mechanics want to go on track and get the time fellow miss avies drive about terry both pass was the second fastest but he required to change and that penalty so another racer will line up beside hamilton on the grid his biggest rival. yeah i would love to be a bit quicker but that's what amazing with the new cars around here love the fact. that factor is currently thirty four points behind hamilton in the driver standings if you want to rein in the lead he has to start tomorrow. and just to remind of the top story we're following for you british police say several people have been injured off to a calm mounted to the pavement outside the natural history museum in london they
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