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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  October 7, 2017 6:00pm-6:16pm CEST

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discover the world from different perspectives. join us and be inspired by distinctive instagram or hers at g.w. story topic each week on instagram. this is d w news lawyer from by live reports of a serious incident outside a famous london and landmark british pretty said call hit pedestrians outside the natural history museum in the heart of the british capital police say several people are injured a man has been detained and the area evacuated we'll go live to our correspondent
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from there also coming up. thousands that take it to the streets or spain to demoing unity a major protest is held in boss alona with people wearing white t. shirts in a call for peaceful dialogue and imagery the sea of spanish flags fly out the capital demonstrations are of a council unused push for independence. and in russia people take to the streets across the country in support of jailed opposition activist alexina valley he's pressuring will forward you to that to enter the twenty eighteen presidential race for their lives to our correspondent in st petersburg from will. find out on the home free thanks for joining me we begin with breaking news from london british. police say several people have been injured off to
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a call hit pedestrians outside the natural history museum police were quickly deployed to the scene where they say they detained one man now police say they keeping an open mind as to whether the incident was terrorism related it's security is high in britain often a series of terrorist attacks this year several of them involving vehicles. all the natural history museum is located in a part of west london which is popular with tourists the world famous victoria and albert museum and many other attractions are close by and the area has been sealed off. now i witness is have been describing what happened let's take a listen at three p.m. i saw two car one go one car goes shut. and the other and then two men go away from this guy take a man on the ground and so that's it. i just see you
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demand from the car put it on the ground and then thirty minutes later evacuate the streets. one eyewitnesses account that let's now bring in our correspondent back at mass in london better bring us up to date with the latest. well the metropolitan police as far as i know have not issued a very recent statement the latest one says that they will give out any information when they know that it's accurate so at the moment obviously people are asking themselves is this a terrorist incident or was it just a collision because from the pictures that we've seen from the video that we've seen there are two cars and volved in some sort of collision but also we have other witness reports a report that the man has been running out of one of the cars and was actually that report there was a report of a brit by british media then was sort of pinned down by onlookers so
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a lot of speculation that the moment and the police are not saying if this was a terrorist incident or if they're treating it rather as a terrorist incident or not but we understand that a man has been detained but not arrested can you explain that for us well i think the investigation is still sort of ongoing on the ground i think it is the initial stage that the police have made as a detention and obviously there was somebody involved and they were now trying to find out the man's identity and then they were they will find out if this man is going to be charged on the road which is the next up now the not show history museum is one of the most popular tourist attractions in london just describe the area for us. well it's a very affluent area it's just south of hyde park and it's an area with wide roads
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tree lined streets and also where a lot of the popular really popular tourist attractions are the natural history museum the science museum victoria and albert museum this is a place where on saturday afternoon a lot of families would go would take their children to it's really those museums are very popular with children and of course also a lot of tourists it's an area which at this time of day and on the weekend specifically would definitely be very very busy and particularly also with families with children as well but do we know what the situation is now around the museum in terms of cheap stations and access to. well i think the most closely located tube station is still closed but others in the area are open also the other museums remain open they don't accept any other visitors at the moment but it's not like the whole area is cordoned off super lisa
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obviously they were on the scene really really quickly and we see those pictures we see those images with heavily armed police officers who reportedly arrived within really a few minutes given the fact that this is an area that is very popular so police would have been not far away but it's doesn't look like they locked down the whole area but definitely they are on the case and they are they're they're very present d.w. correspondent in london thanks for your reporting massive demonstrations have been held in spain's biggest cities is the tussle over catalonia his independence moves on to the streets now in barcelona thousands of people wearing white gathered near the mayor's office to call for dialogue between supporters and opponents of catalan independence at the same time people for spanish genius he fought to the center of the spanish capital madrid. w. correspondent anna sophia seaborn is in
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a barcelona for us good to see you know we saw that huge demonstration in barcelona earlier what was the message well the vestige of the people was basically peace and dialogue. many people came here they were all dressed in white as you mentioned with white balloons and i was very peaceful and cheerful at the same time people were very angry with the government here in catalonia and with the government in madrid they say that they need to talk they need to get in touch and get into some sort of dialogue that they need to talk many people chanted here that we do not to deserve what's happening here and that was the overall feeling and one of the chance was that they demanded of the governments to talk or resign and with that they meant both governments the one in
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madrid and him barcelona and what about in madrid because there are also thousands out on the streets there what the spanish unionists want. well spanish unionists basically opposed to catalan independence they won. catalonia to state heart of spain and catalonia to basically follow the constitution because the constitution states that spain is supposed to be its single united country and basically that's their message and they were waving the spanish flags and so it was basically a very pro spanish and anti independence comparing protests in madrid today and also fisi even in barcelona good to talk to you. supporters of the
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russian opposition activist alexei novell they have taken to the streets in cities across the country novelli is currently serving a twenty day prison sentence for calling for an authorized protest and he's called his supporters to demand that authorities allow him to enter the twenty eight hundred presidential race saturday's demonstrations coincide with president vladimir putin's birthday and there are reports that police have arrested protesters in some cities. and we can cross live now to our russia correspondent emily show when she's at the so-called field of mas in st petersburg where the central rally is supposed to happen and really what's happening where you are. well we've actually moved from the field of mars it was kind of a scenes of chaos here people just sort of started moving one of the protesters told me that you know we just want to march we just want to move bring a little movement into this but at the moment i'm actually on one of the streets where they're just in mass arrests i just saw. a big bus full of people being
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driven away there was a line of police across the street it seems that there really been a lot of arrests and a lot of police cars a lot of police vans are driving away with police and the man it seems was was a lot of the protesters as well and i am not sure if you were able to see but how well sorties treating the protesters who they appeared to arrest and i didn't see how they treated the actual people who were being arrested in person but i do see on on twitter that people were writing that it was rather violent one woman reportedly was hit on the head i hike didn't see that myself the only thing i saw is bus loads of people who seem to be being brought to prison at the moment. well emily of course that is the situation unfolding in st petersburg
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was planned across the rest of the country. well the protests there are there were scheduled to be eighty protests around russia all across the country in the east of the country the far east as well as near the urals don't even want to pound there were protests today and there was a large project involved out well. people who were there said thousand came out the police said it was seven hundred and that was actually largely peaceful hardly anyone was arrested there and the protesters were allowed to walk around the parliament around the duma they even walked up to read where so also already there didn't treat them as harshly as it seems they are. reportedly and according to this of the huge police presence that i'm seeing as they have been think peter berg on chorus one of any show when in st petersburg good to talk to you. now hurricane and nate is barreling towards the u.s.
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gulf coast with high winds and warnings of storm surges the national hurricane center said nate would strike the u.s. gulf coast as a category two storm one saturday night and then move north westerly now to easy hanna is one of the u.s. states sin nates paul with new orleans bracing itself for a direct hit. to schools now on the formula one season is heading into the crucial final phase with just five races remaining and the drivers title still up for grabs there was how milton and sebastian fettle a battling of every point saucing with this weekend's japanese girl in pre saturday's qualification session still several drivers set stunning lap times in this eighty's man hamilton was the fastest of them all. the formula one season is approaching its home straight with five races left to go do is hamilton is on course to claim his fourth career championship he extended his lead in the drive
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the standings in malaysia last week and now he's claimed pole position for sunday's japanese grand prix. have alton has won three times in japan despite struggling in qualifying in the past this time he broke the track record to reach the front of the grid. i never ever really got a great balance in the past so i never say never did great qualifying so to finally get the balance behind me with a great work my engineers and a great timing from from all the mechanics finally going track and at the time fellow miss avies drive about terry both pass was the second fastest but he required to keep books change and that incurs a penalty so another racer will line up beside hamilton on the grid his biggest rival. yeah i would love to be a bit quicker but what amazed me with the new cars around here i love the fact. that factor is currently thirty four points behind hamilton in the driver standings if he wants to rein in the lead he has to start tomorrow. in
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full spain have booked their place in next year's world cup in russia spain beat albania three nil and cannot be caught at the top of the group off to italy could any manager's role it's me all in the playoffs and things a tight group decent still remain on top despite the loss in austria but both wales and ireland could still finish top of their group after that trace and in group i iced and go top off their impressive win in turkey croatia sit back off to during home to finland and ukraine also have a chance to qualify after that when germany have already qualified in play azerbaijan on sunday. and just a reminder now the top stories we're following for you british police say several people have been injured offer a car hit pedestrians outside the natural history museum in london well nuns been detained in the area evacuated police say they keeping an open mind as to whether the incident is linked to terrorism. in spain demonstrations in
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a sea of white have been pushing for peaceful dawdled on the streets of boston or not and in the capital madrid thousands campaigned for unity over the council and referendum remains unclear whether council and you still plan to declare independence from spain in the days ahead. you're watching the w.'s live from but more coming up at the top of the hour don't forget you can was get the latest news and information around the clock on our website the state of what you don't call on had an all free inviting see you again same. with books are brought to life.


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