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tv   World Stories - Terror in the name of the Lord  Deutsche Welle  October 9, 2017 1:15am-1:30am CEST

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well we got second last year so we wanted to shoot for first this year but what about this incentive the victory also earned a couple a trip to finland the sport's birthplace for the world wife carrying championship. not sure the wise who are enjoying that championship your washing day w. news in berlin stay with us for a fascinating trip around the globe in the latest edition of wild stories that's up next here on new. nationalists are on the rise you know what. i am seeking. to highlight different shades of nationalism and to find out why this nation me to you. to show you go and join the conversation on to dublin you on twitter and then facebook.
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thank. you. this week on world stories. and insecticide and dead bees in romania a courageous stand against christian terror in uganda. but we start with
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a man who is concerned about the consequences of the recent elections in germany due to the arrival of the radical right wing a.f.d. party in parliament as a holocaust survivor he finds it unbearable. it's a fist most i didn't do it to kneel at fascism in germany never went away it just took on a new form you feel. like it's yeah. yeah yeah yeah yeah then see we will have found this government we will hunt down chance to lead america all or whomever else we need to we will take back our country and our people. and most of it and what does he want them the borders from one hundred thirty nine again. yeah.
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clearly remembers the beginning of nazi rule in germany at school in berlin he was virtually abused and beaten up by his classmates. as thing i'm dumb or doesn't it started with him calling me horrible names like smart alec jew or jewish pig it got worse and worse more offensive and then deadly. yeah in my. sixty one members of my biggest extended family were murdered in the holocaust fascism and germany is coming to terms with its nazi past our core issues in his life and after seeing so much in his ninety years he's horrified by sunday's german election result he's been sharing his reactions online.
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to be honest i don't understand the astonishment and anger that he i have today has made it into parliament nazis have been in parliament since one thousand nine hundred forty nine they had nazi ministers one was even chancellor. yorkies inger was chancellor from one thousand nine hundred sixty six to sixty nine former nazi party members held seats in the west german parliament until the one nine hundred eighty s. across most of the political spectrum. because he is the rise of the f.t. as a continuation of this tradition. as. well. i just hope that a real change of thinking happens here. and that this long standing refusal to take the fire right seriously will finally be confronted. and. we have to expose this ugly extremism and i hope this confrontation will
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play out in the new german parliament but. i don't want to see the f.t. take over on the contrary. in. in romania beekeepers are facing disaster b. colonies there are dying off they say the use of a long banned insecticide is behind it. millions of bees used to buzz around here collecting nectar but two years ago all the buzzing activity around beekeeper costello shiela fell silent. take a look all the bees are dead nicola all because of this chemical they sprayed on the fields my entire business is destroyed at some point i'll have to burn down
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everything. in the spring of twenty fifteen wheat fields here were sprayed with the insecticide five percent which contains the chemical fiber no known for killing ticks its use near domestic animals was already banned at that time says that people in the village of preached in one of eastern romania's poorest regions weren't even informed. it was a disaster for us beekeepers. we were robbed of our livelihood a beekeeper can't exist without bees these gentlemen calls that uncle logical disaster here. they didn't think about the people or the animals or even about us. all they're interested in is money. and they can't get enough of a. crush on the last twenty four beehives and with them his livelihood the same happened to other beekeepers. along with farming honey was one of the few sources
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of income for people in. the beekeepers are suing this man exterminator constantine three goats for using banned chemicals he sprayed the five percent and now he presented to us with a clear conscience he no longer sells it but he does still sell similar agents. the evidence shows that i'm innocent everything was signed in permitted i was supposed to exterminate ticks they live in the fields not on airplanes or ships so that's where i sprayed i'm not to blame. the beekeepers disagree contaminated eggs in belgium and holland have focused attention on dangers of the insecticide five percent which contains the dangerous chemical five. the beekeepers want to put pressure on the manufacturer who is located in bucharest the company ignored interview requests but this invoice shows
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that it delivered five percent to animal breeders. slowly but surely nature seems to be recovering. makes a discovery wild bees have moved into one of his hives that encourages him to begin keeping busy again but it will be a long time before he can once again make a living from it. for years a civil war between a christian terrorist group and government forces has been raging in uganda. one brave man is trying to heal the victim's wounds. st joseph's hospital in kitzbuhel in northern uganda here some two hundred patients are receiving treatment of the wounds they sustained during the lord's resistance army insurgency. millions were massacred mutilated tortured in sleeves and raped in
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the conflict between the l r a and government troops victor archon and his organization african my initiative network provides support for victims who until now have never seen a doctor such as o'meara james dems was abducted from my bia he spent about seven months in captivity so when he was in captivity would be made to walk long distance but then as a process of touch or. the rebel kept on its leg with the bio on it so i got them up there. because i have no problem with forgiving those who injured me as long as i'm healed it depends on my ability to become normal again but defines whether or not i can forgive. omar james will walk again victor uses these success stories to convince the un and the european union to fund his project. he grew up in the midst of the violence and
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later worked as a journalist and reported from the conflict zone. ten years ago viktor quit his radio job to fully commit to his organization. many victims have not forgotten what happened to them. and you make peace tangible to people who have suffered the injustice and that's why we say heal people physically. elevate them heal emotionally it will help in the space for its twenty dialogue and this dialogue the bell of that might be going through. veiling many painful stories. in twenty fifteen victor was nominated for the nobel peace prize since then he's turned down prestigious job offers abroad because he knows that uganda is wounds are still a long way from being healed. the
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last report is about a machine that's facing extinction it's only still used in a few countries such as india it's the typewriter. and. the sound of a long forgotten. outside a local court in delhi street typists still earn a living from a machine that's obsolete in most parts of the world. has been working at this exact spot. punching out. contracts rent agreements and other legal documents on a secondhand machine. she makes about five to six dollars a day just enough to make ends meet. manual typewriters a really heavy they can get damaged we don't have to worry about electricity radius
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we don't need a printer. all we need is a machine and a table. typing is the only work he's ever trained for and she's not giving it up any time soon. it's my only source of income i continue typing very end. but the end has a right for this iconic machine and typing has also become a dying skill as india pushes to modernize and digitize its economy there ever fewer takers for the antiquated technology. upside down as a result shops like roger on the decline his family has been selling typewriters since the one nine hundred thirty s. in delhi faced with stiff competition from computers has been forced to reinvent its business restoring and typewriters like these quite some time i was feeling the pressure. of the grid. but. living in.
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and somehow he demeaned them a passion and that is making some business and. the typewriter made the bike in the hands of a skilled repairman. giving the old machines a much needed to know perhaps destined for a collector shelf. or as an expert in the museum. entered the conflict zone with jim sebastian beat you is getting increasingly fed up with hungary its refusal to take a share of bike routes and refugees about how rough the new regulations and laws
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like are serious budapest is all time kovacs the prime minister's international spokesman how long is his government thank you playing the bad boy in brussels. next d.w. . in good shape. this time we'll be talking about data care for pizza and he sped down a have no idea what that is all terms from your very oldest writing system just. as much more to indian holistic medicine than just relaxation techniques. good change in sixty minutes on d. w. . bush values germany is a strong country. that we have achieved so much we can do this and if something hinders us we must overcome it in the. going where it's uncomfortable global news
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that. matters w. made for mines. climate change. waste. pollution. isn't it time for. africa people and projects that are changing our environment for the better it's up to us to make a difference become a good. legacy d.w. . is getting increasingly fed up with hungary its refusal to take a share of migrants and refugees roff to new regulations and laws my guest here in budapest is. the prime minister's.


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