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tv   Kick off - The Discover Football Festival for Women in India  Deutsche Welle  October 10, 2017 6:30pm-7:00pm CEST

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already doing it and the affected bankers of course want the best for their families so they're now in a rush to secure flats places in schools and kindergartens. some ten thousand new jobs are expected to spring up in the frankfurt area as a result of breaks in. real estate broker stefan pointing observed developments from up high and sensors change in the air. but believed that fund of course breaks it will boost frankfurter will be renting an extra fifty thousand square meters of space thanks to break and we're also sensing a second wave in the making. the companies providing services to the banks are also increasing their staff numbers out of frankfurt wasted no time promoting itself as an alternative home to banks leaving london it's a development that could benefit the entire region of. nothing going on the very first day after the referendum we activated
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a website explaining what it's like to live and work here. instead of using billboards the frankfurt marketing team contacted banks directly and discovered widespread interest except for certain reservations when it came to families. and team people asking about international schools and being assured that people here speak sufficient english. pupils arriving in the metropolitan school in frankfurt in ten years people numbers here of mushroom from fifty to five hundred and the building itself continues to expand as seen from the scaffolding from the previous extension. principal peter feather's used to be an investment banker in london himself and is now receiving a growing number of inquiries about his school from that city. it happens every day because we're still growing physically we're able to offer individual places for all school grades. the school has yet to be overwhelmed by
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families fleeing bragg's it although elsewhere there are indications of change. we were just about to buy a house for the summer and a banker came in from london and snapped up when it was just within our grasp so yes we've already feeling the effects of brits. school places and office space are evidently an ample supply and find. what is likely to become a rare commodity thanks to the breaks that in fact is affordable housing for the new arrivals. for me for the moment back to fill for more world news thanks very much again heart of the head of the u.s. environmental protection agency has confirmed that the united states plans to withdraw from climate change regulations put in place during the obama administration scott pruitt said he would today begin the procedure to withdraw from the clean power plan which aims to limit carbon emissions from coal fired power plants mr pruitt like president trump rejects the scientific consensus that
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manmade emissions are the primary driver of climate change. do you remember this if you first saw it it's been pretty hard to forget. a famous icelandic sunday class i did echoed around the stadiums of the twenty sixteen rippin championships well the club will be heard next year's world cup after iceland became the smallest nation to ever qualify for the world cup the vikings ended up topping their group after beating cost of the population of about three hundred thirty thousand it's preparing a new wave of thunderclaps. on icelandic presenter proudly announce the historic achievement wearing a national team jersey. goals by girl fees sigurdsson and johan good months and sealed the two nil victory over kosovo to set the party going in the icelandic
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capital reykjavik. after the match the country's president captured the mood in typical icelandic modesty. that that instead pride enjoyed come to mind this is one of the biggest moments of the sport's history of iceland we're a small nation but we use that as a strength. congratulations iceland. the victorious players gathered with fans in downtown reykjavik to celebrate through the night. now the icelandic thundercloud made famous at the european championships will be heading for russia twenty eight. this is day doubly his reminder of our top story. has delayed a speech to the spanish region's parliament by an hour is to tell lawmakers whether he is to declare independence if i see huge pressure from his process as well as
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spanish and international that lead us to urging him to back down we'll carry that live. up to that. kickoff special. three women three religions one goal put the boy on the back of the next they've come all the way to the indian states i'll go because football is
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a team sport. you go next to. last. day after day jungle talking tough sandy pope said weight loss can't. hold that fact must go. like most of the young people here he comes from a wealthy family. in china only the well off send their children to these fitness camps and yet it's parents and especially grandparents who are a large part of the obesity problem. gluten free. in sixty minutes b.t.w. . every journey begins with the first step and every language but the first word i looked in the. rico is in germany to learn german why not learn a simple online on your mobile and free stuff from d w z learning course nikos basic german made easy. sustainable protection for the
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earth ideas designed to preserve our ecosystems they exist around the world. global ideas takes the next step protection for our planet's biological diversity trailblazing projects. d.w. dot com slash global ideals. what
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was the good lie. i don't like. all the guys is to say that's not a go if you would or you've been rich considers in the desert then that it's not a good game. of little quirky little mabel in a bottle of nick with big dog a bus and you will go he does it and then a joke and you take a lot of the shit go and leave us a new one you personally. i
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am this and i come from a small limits and boy is everything for me. then hours more i'll show you guys being then no monteith or do my own physical education teacher that so also you when i want to play i'm like dying to play football and then you corner me and then i still believe in boys like small as i did against funding you started with and then as soon as only i started being pretty boy. am i doing this to become a great provider player. it's a binary far this dream and mine to. me
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and you even and i still get rejected any selection. and here is sick i knew he was in or specter was struggling a lot and i was really stressed out because. i don't know what was happening. back this is about my mind with some areas my mind was and my father. in mind there are story i realize that. i have to fulfill his dream no matter what.
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or make it through symbols of a book. or do it in. something. near the. moment of this board. or. this year i don't need a moment. almost all of this is. i don't want to. be on one of the channel. comes up but there now is a war. in the city and. me i want to go it was going to go we didn't. see it signal a. war monger on the other. door
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is another in border no delusion go some i gave up making a. ghost but ourselves or forges a commission with. us the wonderful of all is that me or a model could try to look for another war. on the other colossal fall out ok. i'm inside ukraine oz and i'm doing civil engineering. we are trying to be belittled with the grandmother for. children together. we follow muslim islam problem. oh.
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boy rips me i'm break from my studies it gives me confidence the power to acquire the thing when i feel. that i don't get good marks i just mean i played with the boy i get the grades i get that yeah i can do whatever i want when i see that goes on are given given the chance they're not getting the boys to make these i feel lucky i'm feeling i have something in me that i'm doing and all the girls can do that i want to set an example for them to. the first thing which came in my mind when i started playing football was their job thing. now what will happen if i go ahead and i will not get a chance to pages because of this so when i saw them again a state of ghana stanton playing international games made a good job so they were just like i liked towards me that i was going so much inspired by that. little thing because of it the international games are held in
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the dark so is when i can play on the state level or district level that this. will . blow it well. of course dollars that there will be a doorman if he said there are back a very gentle and get ready to go for the festival i was going to call in part quote seriously hurt selected.
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am victual in form from camera coach for dragon club of one day i'm a happy participant of this cover football. india. this is. oh.
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look at india and comparing the level of what is interested in our young girls who have the desire but they are not open to the world there are no coaches as qualified in india they are not women talented but they have the idea but discover for book has brought qualified coaches have brought their own talent of organization to these local people i think to moderate the game of football in india it's going to be far more better. football has been an essential part of my life as long as i can think back i started when i was a little kid man i also became a coach. we started discover football with this idea of bringing women together from different places really globally and to see do we have things in common and. what you know experiences that we can stand so that we can help each other the
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challenges are everywhere the same of course there are different levels of difficulties you know it goes from to be laughed at when you play as a woman to receiving death threats and the like in afghanistan for example so it's obviously a different degree of danger i would say but this challenges are very similar. to football so i have no idea what. i'm really much excited. for. so love me for voice.
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only for going on if. you don't then he was there to watch that. right. here. and yet.
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in normal competition because we all are mixed for me every minute is importing.


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