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tv   Treasures of the World - Troy - Of Poetry and Archeology Turkey  Deutsche Welle  October 10, 2017 11:15pm-11:31pm CEST

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down to the wire for a number of countries trying to book their ticket to next year's tournament once powerful netherlands beat sweden but did not qualify sweden still face a playoff to get in meanwhile france secured their place by defeating dello russo portugal topped switzerland to qualify and despite thrashing gibraltar greece must also win a playoff to get to world cup twenty eight team earlier australia beat syria to book the asian federations final spot. and here's a reminder of the top stories that we're following for you the leader of catalonia has signed an independence declaration from spain but said the region would delay implementing it for several weeks. said more time before dialogue with madrid is needed that came after a speech where he said catalonia will become a republic. of from berlin for all of us here in berlin thanks for the company will be back at the top of the hour.
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the engines to the dardanelles in the g. it was here nearly three thousand years ago that the great poet boma wrote of the trojan war the conflict between my c.n.a. and troy the two mightiest empires of the time is said to have dragged on for ten long years the finest warriors died a hero's death and all for
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a woman the beautiful house wife of many lives king of my scene a in present day. helen had been abducted by paris son of king priam of troy on the other side of the straits in asia minor in the end troy was defeated and have missed. love hatred revenge. homer's iliad was the first great at the go one literature since then ancient greece has been regarded as the cradle of western civilization. according to houma from troy who could see the aegean island of canada today it's called. belongs to turkey. merchant and military vessels will cool sure in a bay protected from the wind monday bishop but everything is exactly as houma
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described. troll archaeology is mound of destiny for nearly one hundred fifty years now scientists and treasure hunt has been drawn to the dot an els in search of traces of the ancient city describing home as. a present of the eighties scientists on the assistance from germany the united states and. ordered work in a labyrinth of foundations and fortifications from three millenia they're all convinced that troy on the dardanelles in the hellespont is home as beliefs. the pioneering team of archaeologists photographed on the site over a century ago. most people believe that troy was simply a myth. among the first to take homer at his word was
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heinrich schliemann the german was certain that a major greek city had existed in the middle east and he found troy today excavation work is carried out under the direction of man for a call from he and his team but taken from was really out of the point and their findings are completely rewriting the history of the city and thus of the ancient one troy is still archaeology is mound of destiny even today. in the northeast sector of the site highly surely man made a breakthrough he discovered roman hellenistic temple foundations in the same place as late bronze age squared stone walls from the time of the legendary king priam schliemann was forced by this after all he'd already found such walls at another location he wrote in his diary this stone period confronts me with much that i'm
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unable to explain. for this reason i consider it necessary to present everything in as details a way as possible in the hope that one or the other of my esteemed colleagues might be able to shed some light on those areas which remain obscure to me. the mound of destiny lab or nine cities were built here one on top of the other. higher and higher but three thousand year tale of human second the most important city troy one was established five thousand years ago in the early bronze age five
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hundred years later came troy to the first flourishing metropolis a thousand years on troy six was built known today as home as it was followed by troy seven the last city of importance was troy nine the hellenistic roman town it existed through to the fourth century a.d. the schliemann trend cuts right across the entire mound in carrying out his excavation work he destroyed a great deal here and found troy one of the oldest fortified sites in asia minor but there was no trace of king priam. it was a great moment for when the broad ramp was exposed wide enough to take chariots horses and riders it had to lead to the residence of the trojan king time and again home had mentioned the ski and get surely it had to be here. and when the biggest
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hold of gold jewelry ever discovered at troy was found hidden in the masonry of the fortifications shimon was convinced that home city was not a myth but reality the gym an archaeologist smuggled a go to berlin out of the end of the second world war it fell into the hands of the russians the treasure remains a sensitive political issue even today we know today that shimon got it wrong the residence he discovered dates back to around two thousand five hundred b.c. and not as he thought to thirteen hundred b.c. here a turkish archaeologist is documenting what had confused the fortress with a metre high layer of clay. lima knew that home as troy had gone up in flames of troy but also been razed to the ground time and again before that.
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at last troy six primes dating back to the thirteenth century b.c. based on the latest scientific findings this is our artist house not envisages the city a palace area with a large no in town and a population of around ten thousand. the massive fortification as wide and six metres. wide play breaks and mighty towns a sophisticated architectural design. the new head of excavations management kauffman is an expert on the bronze age and on
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a tone he is familiar with sites like this from the hittite period now a new adventure is beginning for troy and the documentation of its history. previously attributed solely to the greek mainland. turned out to be a handicraft which also originated in troy. many ceramic products for my scene a. not always imported as was one store. near the north east bastion the city and palace walls meet then close a deep well which is accessible to both the ruler and the people in other words in the distribution of scarce resources like water a sense of community prevent a feature of anatolian society. the research is also found still a on the gates cultic groups such details of the reminiscent of the hittite empire
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and ancient advanced civilization united totally in. another indication that homer described a troy that really existed is the cave with a spring in it to date surrounded by fields. whom i described ruled stone channels where the wives and lovely daughters of troy washed that splendid clothes in peace before the sounds of the kenyans came. but he had to troy is not something out of greek legends hittite writings even describe the city as we lose the home of the lluvia as an endo demanding trialing. mention is made of one of that god who ruled over the underworld it could be cool
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word that means pop into the underworld a reference to man made water galleries cinta dating has shown the spring cave to be the oldest water gallery created by human hands five thousand years old a sensation. and finally that is the only written document from home is probably a bronze seal. lubin hieroglyphs. the political map of the world at that time has now been modified in his epic poem a describe to equal yet a different culture and a tele and civilization of the loovens and the greek civilization of my scene this is something that went on recognize for centuries. the delta of the river scum and you know home is really at the god xanth complains about all the bodies and blood in the water he wanted to drown the greek hero achilles but apollo prevented it.
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today the delta has silted up its put to agricultural use and has been declared a national park the countryside around troy was one of the attractions of the ancient. forest. to the windy hill to manmade burial heroes a home a. legend or reality that mattered little business. templates. and an. finally an earthquake brought an end to troyes final night. the trojan wars made this place famous in the future it used to be
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