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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  October 12, 2017 1:00pm-1:15pm CEST

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knowledge services. biala guest trend food. manage buy from. this is you don't use life or roll and brussels delivers a blow to the u.k. over briggs that negotiations you negotiate or mission about an e.u. says this week's talks have made no great steps forward and he says he would ask us next week's summit to open discussions on the blocks future relationship with the u.k. we are in brussels with the latest also on the show. palestinians are potentially
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a step closer to reconciliation after a decade long split between bitter rivals hamas and fatah say they've reached an agreement on key points we'll go live to jerusalem. germany's biggest airline a move time is gearing up to buy large parts of bankrupt carrier air berlin snapping up dozens of its planes of thousands of its staff. so glad to have you with us and we begin in brussels where the exit negotiator michele bachmann it has said a short while ago that he's disturbed by the lack of progress in this week's talks with the u.k. he says there's deadlock over how much britain should pay when it leaves the e.u. and that he won't recommend next week's session move on to other topics such as trade here's just a bit of what he had to say let's. watch. this week we worked in
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a constructive spirit. and we counted find certain points without however making any great steps forward and. when they listened in to that's a press conference and he joins us now from brussels max that was a damning progress assessment from the. regs that negotiators are they headed to a no deal scenario or is it too early to tell you know that the worst part about that is that it's probably not the worst damage assessment we've heard from our new over the last couple of weeks there seems to have been some progress on to the key issues you know the european union wants to clarify three key issues which are you citizens' rights in in the u.k. after the brags and then of course the border between northern ireland and ireland and the third one and you mentioned that is the braggs it bill how much does will the u.k.
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have to pay to the european union for former obligations when they really leave and that's the part so that third point where bonnie is said that the deadlock is disturbing and yes i mean at the moment there is nothing to signal us that there really will be a solid deal because that deal would have to be struck within a year and really is gone you said now many times progress is very slow or not existence progress is very slow meanwhile we've also heard max from briggs the chief davis are urging leaders to take a step forward he says that their teams are continuing to work a struct a really a listening to these two differing descriptions are they describing the same talks i mean are these alternative realities that they're living their. but we do have alternative realities in brussels we do have twenty eight of them that's the number of the member countries here but without joking joking aside really what we have here is a british negotiation party that is desperate and we've been hearing from some
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sources that have witnessed those negotiations that sometimes the u.n. to go she utters feel sorry for their you keep counterparts because they're in such a bad position now having said that of course it's not in the interest of the european union to not have a deal so the question that becomes more urgent is the european union maybe after all ready to alter its strategy and say ok we can talk about landing zone as they call it a future relationship the trade relationship what that will look like between the european union and the u.k. even if the three points that i mentioned earlier u.s. citizens right the border between northern island and ireland and the regs that bill aren't settled yet but that is something that the e.u. council the summit the leaders of the different countries will have to settle next week when they come here to brussels because it is a political decision as of now the mandate is very clear from a showdown the who's the chief negotiator for the european commission and that is
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settle those three points and after that we can talk about the future relationship that has been going nowhere we'll have to see the european union although they're in a very stronger goshi adding position is ready to alter their strategy all right to be continued m.-x. hoffman reporting from brussels thank you. and we want to bring up to speed now with some of the other stories making news around the world. spain is celebrating its annual national day as the political crisis of care over callow and yet in the pens deepens tens of thousands of spaniards are in madrid to mark the holiday joining king philippe as a military parade marches through the streets paul callan leaders have been given until monday to clarify whether or not the region has declared and the pendants. at least thirty seven people are dead and dozens more are missing as floods hit northern and central vietnam rescue efforts are difficult because much lives have
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submerged roads in several areas thousands of people have been evacuated as weather service is warning of more heavy rains to come. the libyan coast guard has rescued seventy five migrants including several children who were stranded on a rubber boat as they sought to reach italy they were taken to the naval base in libya's capital tripoli and handed over to the international medical corps. and we want to take you to the mideast now where bitter palestinian rivals hemis and fetzer say both groups have managed to reach a reconciliation agreement after a decade long split it follows talks in the egyptian capital cairo this week and it key point has been who of the two factions should control the gaza strip the sea right here well just over a decade ago hamas won parliamentary elections in gaza and then seized the territory from that's ahead during a conflict in two thousand and seven now there is a chance that gaza will be returned to a unity government under the palestinian authority we expect to know more on the
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details of the deal over the course of the day and of course we will be sharing that with you as soon as possible and as we wait to we hear from stockholders stakeholders i should say a gathering in cairo we can talk now to the w.'s cramer she is standing by in jerusalem she has reported extensively on the reconciliation process between hamas and fatah first off tony i want to ask you a to outline some of the potential details of this deal. well first of all i have to say the negotiations have been ongoing there over the past days and intends it intimidation and not much of the details have come out of cairo and you know waiting to hear what the terms of this agreement are but there's some speculation that there will be especially in this agreement talk about the fight of the border crossing the border crossing between egypt and the gaza strip border
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crossing who with managed will be given back to the palestinian authorities so to speak what will be the role of hamas in all of that and also the other very big issue is the administration's how with the two administrations one was the gaza ruled administration in the gaza strip and the other one the palestinian authority . of the palestinian authority in ramallah so how will they go about the employer yes in two thousand and seven employees of the palestinians aren't u.s. sent home they're not supposed to work for the house for the most of ministration other people where we hired for the same job so all of this of course is speculation at the moment the big speculation is what will happen to this military reign because we heard the palace in president mahmoud abbas saying last week he wants to see one of thirty as important one law and one weapon they need to speak to the security services should be confined under one authority and that some quite
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clear how this will work out all right on a crime reporting from jerusalem thank you will donald trump rip up international nuclear deal with terror and all the president could soon tell u.s. lawmakers that the landmark agreement is not in the country's interests he's facing tough opposition even from within his own party the head of the house foreign affairs committee has called on the president to enforce the hell out of the deal those are his words but in a t.v. interview on wednesday trump made his view clear. it was it's a very bad day or i'm not saying anything different tonight that i have been saying for two years now it's a horrible horrible embarrassment to our country but i'm going to get it out of wake this one actually we had great strength.
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right and we've got lots more on this subject joining me from our faces and then talk about today he is a political analyst an expert on iranian affairs a very good day sir what are the chances that the nuclear deal with iran could fall apart i believe donald trump is certainly trying to create a crisis for safeguarding the agreement he has so far not taken any policy measure or not adopted a policy not sure measured we haven't we haven't we are leaving his words his tweets you're reading his tweets but no actual policy so you will start creating a crisis but it's up to congress to then actually adopt measures or not adopt measures that will decide the fate of the chase if you haven't been clear agreement and now is this agreement done for without the u.s. i mean will the europeans carry on trading with iran even if trump revokes the deal how imperative is is the u.s. is involvement. it is certainly think it will have to deal survives without the
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u.s. it will minimize for the first for the short and medium term the economic benefits you iran wanted to gain from the agreement but if you europeans and the eastern powers russia and china are creative enough they may find in the long term new mechanisms of ensuring businesses and ensuring that you run your market so that the economic benefit is there for the iranians and if the political relations between europe and the run remain intact iran will also benefit politically therefore the deal can survive ok so the deal can survive i want to know as a get the get the view now from iran how are these statements by trump playing on iran. obviously it makes life very hard for those who have been promoting outreach to the u.s. who have been advocates of normalizing ties of easing the tensions and those who have always been skeptical of the us are now gaining. ground again and therefore
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the government is coming under tremendous pressure as in the how could you trust the us as a party to this agreement and it will be seen in the upcoming weeks and months how far the u.s. will go you mentioned for incoming t chairman bach or her thinking differently than what the trumpet ministration is saying so we have to see what the actual as position will be in the end more than just a tweet by trying all right and of course speaking about this it will also have to mention israel because israel argues that iran is not holding up its end of the bargain they have a point. i would disagree because the voices we are hearing from the israeli security establishment is are not that negative about the deal they have been concerned about iran reaching nuclear weapons capability this it remit is effectively undermining this so from israel there is also strong support for the agreement as such to benjamin netanyahu government however has voiced different
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opinions but that i believe is more of a political opinion not a security related of going then that i have i in that disallow thank you for a way and sure are now german airline of towns that is set to buy more than half of its bankrupt rival air berlin while the deal is to be signed today after two weeks of negotiations is set to snap up dozens of planes and thousands of staff also up for grabs are air berlin's the landing rights for routes around the world has more. the unstable airport has been dominated by upstart air berlin since shortly after the fall of the berlin wall but after an ambitious start and then aggressive acquisition strategy air berlin is bankrupt. and now germany's cologne based love tons of is moving in on its turf after weeks of wrangling germany's number one airline will buy eighty one of air berlin aircraft
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and take over three thousand of its eight thousand five hundred workers lufthansa c.e.o. cost inch bore us says prices will not increase without the competition. of tons of has a market share of three percent worldwide and fourteen percent in europe we are far from being a monopoly our business is one of the few with ticket prices have come down over the years i don't think this trend will be up ended by a transaction like this. still many issues remain unresolved the photon's will take over less than half of their berlin's employees leaving the fates of thousands still up in the air air berlin had previously announced it expected to find work for eighty percent of its payroll. and we'll have lots more for you on this story analysis on the deal with monica johns and our a business block a little later on well also coming up in business are you running low on money well we'll tell you how one mayor of
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a russian town solved the problem by printing his own currency for residents to use and would you be this enthusiastic about getting a chip injected in your arm there are calls for athletes to get shipped to fight doping michael shows a will have those are there he is getting a chip inserted in his arms i would not go for that all right monica jones we'll have more on that for you in just a moment statement. we speak different languages we fight for different things that's fine let me all stick up for freedom freedom of speech and freedom of press.


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