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tv   Doc Film - Lost Children  Deutsche Welle  October 13, 2017 5:15pm-6:01pm CEST

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on thirty two percent. twenty percent changed the f.d.a. loses almost two point seven percent level pegging with the f.t.p. not far behind the left and the greens both at ten percent. in the united states a head of amazon studios roy price has been put on the immediate leave of absence scandal surrounding the producer harvey weinstein grubbs mr price was suspended after allegations that he sexually harassed don imus and t.v. producer and ignored actress rosie mcgowan when she told him she had been right by him. it was in himself is facing a number of sexual assault allegations that emerged this week following an investigative report in the new yorker magazine. i set you up today more at the top of the hour.
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the whole d w one up. for in focus global insights the news that your local heroes. d.w. made for mines. i don't want to talk about our families if we had a family we wouldn't be here. oh my you got here. atlanta truck.
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onto the earth. where do you want to go. to europe where i love your money. like hundreds of thousands of others the brothers hamada and ali are trying to reach europe since the beginning of two thousand and fourteen at least two hundred thousand unaccompanied child migrants have managed to cross europe's borders but according to the authorities at least ten thousand of these children have fan issues on route and one estimate of unreported cases puts the figure at twice even three times that. who are these children and how did they manage to make themselves invisible we followed their trail from spain italy and greece across europe and often found ourselves straying into dangerous parallel worlds.
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you're. you're. malaya the spanish enclave on the coast of north africa which shares a border with morocco. there are around three hundred unaccompanied child migrants here at the moment. we start our search in a place where we can be sure of finding some lapper is a reception center for boys traveling alone most american and only come here occasionally in the evenings they prefer to sleep on the street a child refugee living at the center tells us why. their mistreated at the reception center.
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it's cruel. they're often sent to bed hungry whether or not they've misbehaved. that's why they'd rather try to stall way on a ship. nobody at the reception center wanted to comment on these allegations and we want to allow to film at the center. a seal thirteen shareef twelve mohammed fifteen nine some have been here. others for just a few months they are the spanish enclaves street children they come from morocco and are a major challenge for many as police force. although malaria north africa is part of spain unaccompanied child migrants are not permitted to emigrate to the continent of europe from hanoi so they try to find illegal ways of taking the ferry to spain and become ghosts in europe. they have
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a hiding place in the city center the police don't want to see them here we constantly monitor during filming these children we're told a dangerous criminals. let's just try tonight we're always talking about it but never do anything. about so many people have drowned in the same. swallowed too much water. even i suppose they had to swim for too long. in germany you'll go to school and learn something. lots of kids have died on the trucks. you have to take water with you something to drink going. on how to get pretty hard on the truck.
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that will definitely get across. even meaning in northern greece some three thousand six hundred kilometer. for millennia. while we were still filming in million europe signed a controversial agreement with turkey. all the migrants who entered greece from turkey must now return there that means the closure of the balkans route in two thousand and fifteen four hundred thousand refugees took this route across eastern europe to reach germany. human rights organizations estimate the twenty thousand people are still stranded at the border between macedonia and greece. the people who live and work here confirm that a lot of children and adolescents in the camp are on their own but they don't give us any names or tell us where we might meet these youngsters after a long search we hear about me lad from afghanistan he has
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a friend called mesbah who's also fourteen they seem inseparable. i mean a lot of. my family help me to get away so i can live in safety and. the numerous i went to a people smuggler. he happened to be the same one man's boat was using. he brought us here together you know. with him. i mean my parents brought money from all kinds of people. and the smugglers brought us here. now we've run out of money.
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going to reach for four months and for two and a half months we've been waiting here and you know many. the border were sealed stuff you days before we arrived. and i still hope they'll reopen. hopefully someone will sort it out soon my sister is in germany and that's where i want to go. me lad and mess are at risk and even many they don't know how long they'll have to stay here. the border between morocco and spanish million. to defend it from illegal
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immigrants it's monitored using a highly sophisticated surveillance system. the police tell us the travelling with unaccompanied minors makes it easier to enter spain from morocco. they use the minors as a kind of entry permit. it allows them to smuggle adults mainly women. and from there to europe. for the. use the miners as a guarantee to get them across the border. that into nobody fortunately we don't know where these people come from. who they are what they're doing and saying. or what has become of them. or you india. the police believe that the same children he used multiple times to cross the border it's a vicious circle and nobody knows whether they'll ever escape and if they do cost
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in order to tackle the international racket involving migrants europol has set up a new department devoted. entirely to this issue we interviewed its director robert creeping co on the dangers facing unaccompanied minors in europe. we take a look at the european continent we see that the criminal networks are equally divided in probably all of all of the countries. but if we go a little bit closer to the detail we saw we see them very actively. seeking their opportunities around the reception centers around accommodations around the routes where the miners are moving. because of course they're seeking to get some money out of the misery of the people of them on the move. and every day seen in the cities of europe nigerian women engaging in prostitution
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they include some of the over ten thousand miners listed as missing the girls who are controlled by trafficking gangs leave the reception camps immediately after their arrival in italy. the first ones we see adults but nearby there's another group standing together in the dock these are children thirteen years old at the most their behavior suggests they've not been working the streets for very long. princess used to be one of them. these days she's trying to get the girls off the street. for sale one about his love i think those who speak up movement normally give them i want. to be a form of the office address so i guess if they have mind sitting with me because
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most of the time buying goods sold they will be afraid of one of them maybe they get. a lot of the quote every year thousands of nigerian girls come to europe they spend their adolescent years on the streets and grow into adult women for the mass fia they're an extremely lucrative business i want yes to after. i did with it you just. think of for the much more laughter i knew you were not for travelers. who are very. well use go to the mall was the. well let's. go to barbara the nigerian girls and women take refuge in the secret shelter after escaping from their madden's thanks to princess everyone here is now able to live in a safe environment friday joy is the youngest just fourteen years old
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she was only twelve when she was forced into prostitution. my mother and father don't have money to pay for our school fees. and then my aunt said she had a sister here she would let me stay and put me through school. and i said ok i would go with her. if she had told me it was for prostitution i would never have come now she says i owe fifty thousand euros. she took me to the bob allow site she took me there and killed a rooster and put its blood on my head. if i don't pay the madame the money then maybe i'll die. and then. then i got
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pregnant. i was pregnant and i ended it. and why because i don't want a baby. and so i said let me run away i'm too small to stay on the street and now i'm so happy that i'm here. naive inexperienced all alone with no one to turn to unaccompanied child refugees are easy prey for unscrupulous adults and when it comes to safeguarding them there's a sense that european policy has failed. in each of the greek police exercises their duty of care in strange ways as part of the reception process minors are initially locked in a cell under the law they should be released after no more than forty eight hours
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but the reality is different in theory they go into protective custody which might mean a shelter so that's under the protection of the state at the moment because the greek authorities a sort of wound with the number of unaccompanied children they're being detained in detention centers staying for weeks at a time the longest that we've recorded so far is five weeks but in the past children have been detained for longer months unaccompanied children are very reluctant to identify as such and to register because they know that there are not sufficient places in the shelters and that they might be kept in detention so if finding is that there is a wealth of children who are not identifying as unaccompanied in order to stay in the camps where they're better off than attention center that explains why no one wants to talk to us about the minors at the camp everybody knows about the detention centers the boys here hide under cover of the general silence so they
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won't end up there boys like me lad only have a choice between prison and the streets. but even in the can they might vanish from one moment to the next either because they've been kidnapped or simply because they set out for their long awaited destination. as you move to the mall after a few days at the camp some of the refugees share their concerns with us. has arrived in greece from afghanistan along with his aunt and uncle and their children . you know that we're leaving today and i guess. do you want to say anything about that. now i hope it works out pulling now that we haven't got the money to take you with us do you understand . we're going to switzerland. you know
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how long it will take us i mean ten months three months maybe we'll live to see it maybe not. thousands of families have been ripped apart in this way. we only just managed to get here. and now we're running out of money you know. that's why you have to stay here. when we get to switzerland well tell the author it is you're here. but i don't want. great that we get there it's a dangerous journey with two small children where. the
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family has paid six thousand dollars to a people trafficker to enter switzerland illegally. we watch cyan being abandoned and staying behind all alone. the next morning scientists disappeared he's left the camp tent is closed the long wars are meant to stop people from going in search of a better life but they also lead to families splitting up or losing contact.
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the children lower themselves down this cliff to get to the point. only a few weeks ago a boy died during the descent a matter is practicing the rutile have to take tonight in the dark in order to reach the port and the ships to spain. the street children call the ship the migrants friend it's the ferry to malaga which is able to carry many more trucks than at the ferries so they have a better chance of being able to hide in a truck and evade the police checks but it's still a risky business more than. a hundred surveillance cameras monitor the port area. around. on this night they allow us to film their escape attempt the street children hauling a sniff glue to help deal with a fair. bit
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of it i made up. their mind off somewhere to go off where they're about. to the larger issue of. the moderates trying to escape from indiana about his younger brother. but. the wind is icy the damp penetrates even the thickest jackets the children way to motionless for hours they're hoping the offices in the police cars will be
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distracted for just a moment then they'll be able to jump off the wall which is at least eight meters high and crawl under a truck maybe they won't be discovered before the truck drives on to the ferry that's what they're hoping for. six. in. five street children have managed to hide in trucks but whether they'll manage to get away is still not clear.
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if it. was going to hit on a truck because the policeman dragged me out and since i was the dog found him and put upon his head and then the face got him out in a low. and they found me under a truck down by the wheel and i was asleep then i tried to run away but they caught me. going back to the reception center to have a shower good try again tonight. put
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a small hope a town on the eastern tip of sicily it hosts one of the new reception facilities for migrants known as hot spots actually the facility is not designed to take in minus but the authorities don't know where to house the children and so the youngsters spend weeks living here alongside the adults.
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i had enough of egypt everything is bad there my system is bad there's no work and no money. for over two years i thought about going to italy. i argued with my parents because they didn't want to let me go. at some point that they made a deal with a people smuggler and organized my trip. was a lot of. effort. than around. mohammed claims he has an uncle's waiting for him in milan he wants to join him as soon as possible. many boys plan their flight just like mohammed but their journey is ended prematurely due to
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a lack of funds misinformation or do you contact. many of those who managed to push on the come stranded in rome thousands of migrants pass through tammany station illegals on their way across europe unaccompanied minors live here for months sometimes years like mohammed most are from egypt they've absconded from the initial reception centers originally in order to make their way to northern europe. in rome many of them make a living from drug dealing all prostitution. for ages fourteen and from egypt he slipped away from a reception center in sicily and came to rome. i live on the streets i do stuff like sell drugs. with. my supposed to do.
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you know. what i had you know in the school there are grown ups who deliberately approach minors who don't say what they want right away. they'll approach a minor now ask him if he's willing to go with them and do certain things the kid goes with them because he needs the money what choice does he have. he goes with the grown up and has sex with him for money you know it all happens within the side of the police they see it but they pretend they don't know what's going on. for rita came ashore in sicily a year ago he left there because he wanted to go to germany. he to me a thirty kilometer fence separates macedonia from greece it's designed to stop the migrants crossing the border here you know films the route is very complicated if we cross here and someone may see us i mean if not we carry on and get caught
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a bit farther on and beaten up. there so you damaged our barbed wire fence and entered the country illegally. and they had. me in someone's. home and besides it takes forever to cut through the barbed wire doesn't i. will need to walk for a whole night to reach the place where the fence comes to an end. a mob walk to the end of the fence too and then carried on through the woods and over the mountains. well i will go the same way i'm intimating and i guess if the fence wasn't so long the traffickers would use this route on top of what i was and they don't they look . yeah yeah it's tough. you know what a horrible situation. people pluck up their courage. and are instantly caught by the police.
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we take a walk around the camp the peaceful atmosphere is deceptive. one man from afghanistan spent two or three days following a gun around and he grabbed her and dragged her into his tent but the police caught him. a friend of mine was attacked i took his side and wanted to settle the argument because i'm friends with both sides but then i got badly hurt my arm was injured my back my legs and they even hit me on the head that kind of thing often happened several times a day here in the camp. twenty people beat up a seventeen year old. girl wanted to go to the toilet which is unisex. crowder and. trying to rape her also but. there are five every night they pull are in bars out of the bedsteads or pick up
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long wooden sticks and fight each other and i was once myself given a beating by ten syrians. like. me lad wants to leave because he's frightened violence towards the weak is common place here so we say our goodbyes with the feeling that we're leaving him to his fate. mohammed and his friends have it's gone dead from the reception facility the long overdue at the camp when the bus ticket tanya sets off on its roughly one hundred kilometer journey but none of the police units patrolling in front of the camp seem to be looking for them. we're going to milan. first we want to learn the language. we want to go to school and get an education a lot. and then we'll get our papers and go to work.
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the boys have come from the initial reception facility they're probably not registered yet. if they drop out of sight no one will ever find out nobody knows who they are and who is really waiting for them in milan. tanya the bus that's meant to take them to milan doesn't leave for another five alice they'll have to wait until then and hope no police officer catches them here . it's a good thing we got out of course all of want to go to the police officer grab the other could easily have called us to iowa and. nobody cares about.
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can you carry the bag i think carrying it since we left the station. they were treated to a little square in the old town and wait. but they said i don't want to work. on our farm. we had some land. and i always used to help my grandfather. into trees. grain. you have been stuff and i like being a farmer. of auto. as i grew vegetables and water them. that's all well you know.
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how i love sitting in the fields under the trees. what about the children who have finally arrived at their destination most of those we met wanted to go to germany in two thousand and fourteen a new police unit was set up in bremen it specializes in investigating cases involving unaccompanied child refugees. darkling fenty raman has a lot of traffic involving under age refugees two thousand one hundred a currently registered in agreement. between ten and twenty percent of committed an offense and i'm thinking the early days in two thousand and fourteen we had the refugees moving to various centers braman in particular turned out to be such a center. as i see it if you take the proportion of these miners in relation to the population roman has more than three hundred percent which exceeds its so-called
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quota. but we're mainly dealing with cases of theft these are distractions thefts where mobile phones and wallets and suchlike are stolen. but we're gradually ramping up into rob where violence is united to acquire stolen goods. i do. this. routine inspections at bremen main station a popular meeting place for unaccompanied minors. or to. wait like to see your identification play. and you're right. i'm many of them have already committed offenses and are well known to the invest. some of being reported as missing by the reception center the unit is also responsible for those cases. as it's come to the office because quite often spend
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the night away from their accommodation generally they'll be with other young people in another accommodation by among the caregivers will often not notice because they'll have climbed through the window or something like that at night feinstein's die or they spend their time in the apartments are others like themselves who are better established and that's why they're hard to locate. because there's some been reported missing you really belong in another accommodation and they say you're missing they're looking for you. since it. seems. to me. ultimately we'll check to see if they're missing and where they should be. and then phone their social workers to tell them they've been found and then they're picked up from the police station and returned to the care of the social workers or
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caseworkers particularly the ones born in two thousand and four they're just twelve or thirteen of course. but the reception centers are overwhelmed caring for so many youngsters. ok ok i see thanks bye. still was that a slice of pizza that was mr peters from the children's and young person's emergency care service. he was asking about the two of them and watch them both put in a taxi and taken to dawson. yes and they'll get out of the next corner as it's. been we didn't hear from him and if we tell them during questioning look you're running out of luck we'll be putting you in jail if you carry on like. this then they disappear a few weeks later they move on and i assume the same thing happens in other states
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and on the longer. they move aimlessly from state to state even after their arrival in germany the destination they longed to reach these two children traveled to germany from morocco via malaya the same journey hamada and his brother true enough . i wanted to cross the border. actually stay here and waste away you know you. see the water i'm looking for some paths for it. here. how much are they fifty different. ways ok they're good pets no keep the cold out. we'd like to film amada and the others playing or going to the beach but we realize that's quite impossible when we
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approach the children to understand how they live and we come across our images like these they have no organized daily lives no childhood or adolescence in the way most of us are familiar with. in malaya we meet jose palace on since one thousand nine hundred nine he and his organization protein have campaigned for the protection of child migrants in malaysia the loss of your birth and you know the solution is to develop a standard of care for these children for most of the children will stay at the reception center if they're sent to school given papers and treated like children when you otherwise they run away. but that's exactly what the administration in malaya is trying to achieve. it treats the children in a way that makes them run away it sees the children as enemies. but
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they aren't enemies they're children and the solution is to give them the attention they need in spain as well as in italy and in germany. you know. surely it can't be true that europe which promotes human rights can't take care of little children. and what's happening at the moment is terrible. it's women look at the bus and. later despite the constant police patrols we managed to arrange to meet. in the old town after his failed escape attempt a modest come to an important decision for himself and his brother. it's better if we get out together or if he goes first. he stays here on his own no one to look after him and buys it. and if i'm not here i'll start smoking weed or sniffing glue so. i always make sure he doesn't do that. i can't simply go off and
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leave him on his own and. it's good that i stay here. and i'm worried about both of us. if i grow older and have no education and no work will be lost. i want to work i don't want to sit around here doing nothing i need to work. a lot of facilities foster families sheltered group homes all of europe managed to safeguard the wellbeing of unaccompanied minus from them we know that child centered care can be the key to the integration. but thousands of children are still being let down why is the no institution responsible for overseeing the reception centers in malaya sicily and greece in search of answers we had for brussels for a meeting with stuff vice president of the european parliament. even.
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at a european level we established the framework of the standards if you like for the joint asylum policy which states that juta their special situation miners should receive special treatment but the execution minister to have enforcement process itself is carried out by the member states not like european union as i see no institution that could undertake it lest someone comes forward to appeal to the commission and say a member state has breached its european treaty obligations then the european commission could launch in the french one proceedings. i seriously doubt whether that would actually help the children and adolescents on the ground these are little and political proceedings but tangible assistance has to be given locally i know that sounds as if we sit down and brussels and discuss it and the european level says that needs to happen its member state level it sounds like passing the buck but it's not meant to some so i don't in this case where. we don't know the
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local concerns in. the local authorities but we have no idea here in brussels and that's why disappointing as i sound i believe it is not the job of the european union to oversee matters in detail. so the european institutions can't do anything for these children no one in brussels checks whether for example the aid money at the reception centers in sicily is used to care for the children or for other purposes neither national nor european institutions monitor. how care is at the reception center in malaya deal with the moroccan children or inspect the conditions in which child migrants are living in the refugee camps in greece abuse is commonplace then how will these experiences color the later lives of these children what kind of adult europeans
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will they grow up to be. meanwhile mohammed and his friends sitting on the bus to milan other boys on the same bus also traveling alone . why do we have to go on a boat again plus mohammed shortly before we take the ferry from sicily to the mainland he's worried about being taken back to egypt. the bus route from sicily to milan is frequently used by a scolding migrants but the fifteen hour journey passes without a single police check. mohammed and his friends have almost reached milan.
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weeks later we managed to talk to mohammed uncle on the phone the boy is fine he says he's living in a supervised hostel in milan and will soon be going to school. and his brother a still image. they haven't given up hope of making it to germany but one thing is certain definitely be staying together.
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would like to be our fighters want to start families to become farmers or engineers every one of them has a plan with. the children who have already been there. and those that will follow are part of a new. they could be the future of. granting opportunities global news that matters d. w. made from minds. take a trip to a world of boundless ambition to meet young entrepreneurs eager to tackle global challenges. join should just that's not the german entrepreneur award winner two thousand and fifteen as he travels through asia looking for the next big business idea. pick
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