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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  October 17, 2017 3:02am-3:16am CEST

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in portugal these badly hits with half the country in a state of emergency. look tons i continue as it's shopping spree not content with snapping up at the linnet now germany's biggest ally and wants a slice of alitalia also coming up. dima is shaking things up changing its structure to compete against silicon valley stock and. is the recent political uncertainty in catalonia worrying tourists will take a quick trip to boss alona to find out. i'm done in winter and this is your business news update there's hardly been time for the dust to settle since last tons of bought a large chunk of bankrupt fly at berlin now john these largest airline is eyeing yet another purchase this time alitalia italy's beleaguered flag carrier italian
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media are reporting the offer could be as high as half a billion euros. there is a new order in the skies above europe italian airline out italia which filed for bankruptcy last may recently received another line of credit from the italian government to help it maintain operations until a new buyer is found. tons is offering half a billion euros for parts of the airline according to reports by italian media the german air giant is reportedly only interested in audi talia's aviation business and not its ground operations that means half of the employees of italy's largest airline could lose their jobs that's around six thousand people and that's similar to the current situation faced by the employees of insolvent airline air berlin the photons is said to only be interested in talia's long haul routes and not the short and medium ones whether anyone else is interested in those still remains to be seen
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as no other potential buyers have been reported to be lining up for pieces of al italia europe's largest budget airline ryanair has already withdrawn its bid for the airline the only welcome news for alitalia may be the three hundred million euros of extra credit that it received from the italian government and switching gears if you will one of the companies worrying traditional comic has is tesla but things aren't running so smoothly for them either it's estimated that testified as many as seven hundred office stuff after receiving bad performance reviews that means it's firing more stuff than it is producing cars some four hundred fifty thousand customers all white all that model three but only two hundred sixty one night last quarter despite massive layoffs tesla is still looking to hire hundreds of new employees. and the call to is on wall street for us yes is this a sign that tesla is struggling or is it just an ordinary shake up of personnel.
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tesla itself is saying that they are actually doing those review was about the performance of their workers on a frequent level and obviously the management was not really satisfied with the findings but on the other side there is a lot of speculation going on if tesla can meet the pretty high production production targets they have out themselves and wall street is getting nervous the stock here on monday was down by about one and a half percent and for the month tesla is down about eight percent but still if you compare it to last december when the stock traded two hundred dollars we're now almost at around three hundred fifty s. all the stock is trading pretty high but recently there has been a little bit of pressure and valves that can meet the production targets any time soon all right so yes let's switch gears away from cars so to speak apple stock
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rose today after a boutique investment bank upgraded the company why now well the analyst is quite optimistic there. might not be necessarily able to sell many more phones they can at least play around it was the price tag and especially the new model ten or x. that will be start selling in november third costs around one thousand dollars a piece and the analyst believes that people are still willing to pay that price and if you have more expensive products that will increase your profit margins and also your profits or the stock traded to the upside by almost two percent was one of the main reasons why we saw a new record in the dow jones industrial average and we are now or shall i not even fifty points to reach the next thousand point mark twenty three thousand points ok
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something to look for today against quarter on wall street thank you very much. dima is recalling over one million cars worldwide that's after finding a defective cable in the steering column the defect causes airbags to deploy for no reason at all the recall will begin in a few weeks when replacement parts will be available the volt facts multiple model sold since november twentieth. now donda is famous for its luxury must say these cars as well as history dating back to the very invention of the motor car itself but don't let its towering reputation fool you dima is worried digitalisation in the form of self driving and connected vehicles has it on the back foot to secure its place in the future dima says it's going to dramatically change the way it works. and the electric car is not the first thing you think of when you hear the name dimer or mercedes-benz electric cars the new concepts like digitalisation are the future well dima has recognised the trend it's tesla and others that are making
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the headlines. the german car maker wants to change that it plans to streamline operations by completely restructuring. the large company will be split into three independent visions the car making division will continue under the mercedes benz trademark the second division will be for truck making and the third division will be for services according to the master plan all three divisions will be under the banner of timely eiji the new structures will only make the company more flexible and to also make it more attractive to partners by companies in silicon valley it will mean joint ventures can be arranged faster with less red tape the board of directors still has to get the ok for the final plans during the company's annual general meeting. it's no surprise that tourism is a major industry for catalonia eighteen million visitors went there last year but
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hotel is say bookings are dropping still the tourists who are there already are more concerned about soaking up the sunshine. there's little sign of spain's political storm on the beaches of barcelona most tourists here would rather soak up the sun than worry about the question of cost and independence. or not due to the recent comment from. prime minister so we feel it's ok you feel everything is working here he said the families who will be here. but there are fears over the impact the turmoil could have in the future tourism accounts for over a tenth of the spanish economy catalonia attract some eighteen million visitors a year more than any other region its capital barcelona is one of europe's top destinations some visitors there took a philosophical approach everything changes sometimes country split the sometimes over that particular battle hopefully they'll be peace afterwards but it doesn't
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matter it's not going to restrict me unless there's a lot of serious. terrorism dollars. for the time being visitors appears. but with little prospect of the political chaos of basing anytime soon barcelona's tour buses might not be full for long. film company the weinstein company says it's entered talks to sell a bulk of its assets to private equity firm called in the capital the film production house is in damage control after firing co-founder harvey weinstein there are widespread accusations he sexually harassed or assaulted a number of women over the past thirty years and the media to cash infusion from color he will ensure current productions contain work. in kenya the countdown is on elections once again all just around the corner after a court an old the last run it's been a turbulent couple of months for the country the latest seeing opposition leader
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raul od'ing go with drawl from the ballot the political uncertainty means investors and consumers are holding on to their cash and businesses are feeling the pinch. everything made here is for home use there's nairobi based company money fact just plastic plates bowls and cups but at the moment several machines in the whole have been turned off. during dissolution period what you're facing no it just goes we had some problems with the adding of the material i departed. during election week last august the company's revenue fell by a few percentage points then kenya's highest court declared the results invalid the company has been heavily affected by the political instability like household goods and things like this are moving very slowly because people are saying to me just want to my cash for now wait till after the election and any other any other additional extra expenses can wait so there's a postponement in expenditure and this causes of course
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a big ripple effect in the economy other industries are also feeling the pinch of fewer tourists visiting kenya construction is slowing down and investors holding on to their capital a drop in economic growth has now become standard in election years but the decision to run now this year's results and really hold elections has worsened the situation we've had pleasure and also coming from the kenya private sector alliance which gets but for the last one month since kenya supreme court ruled that we should have. the country has lost close to one billion dollars in terms of business. the main opposition candidate has announced he won't be running in the repeat election no one in the country knows how things are going to continue or whether new elections would even be held. china's central bank is focusing growth of seven percent in the second half of this year despite widespread fears of
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an economic slowdown strong lending figures in the month of september have boosted confidence in the world's second largest economy last month also saw a bigger than expected rise in the country's produce an index fueled by strong demand for all materials the bank's full cost comes as communist party leaders prepare to meet on but. that's it for your business update thank you very much for watching.
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