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take a trip to a world of bliss and. the young entrepreneurs eager to tackle global challenges. join the chills debt's not german entrepreneur award winner two thousand and fifteen as he travels through asia looking for the next big business idea. big trouble big you really are passionate about because you're going to stick to this for a long time and it's something you don't we like then it's hard to keep on pressing our ten part series the sounders sally starting october twenty third on the d w. i we want to welcome to another exciting week of euro max as always we have got
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a packed show so let's get right to it here's a look at what we've got in store for you today. book of mysteries we take a look at the critics boy meets matthew script. use and a motivation architect and petain sumter reveals what inspires them. in sicilia and so during a tour around cut their balls in southern italy. the voyage manuscript is one of the most mysterious books in the world now it's around six hundred years old and consists of two hundred pages written in secret code even to this day no one has been able to get to the bottom of what is written on those pages but one man in spain has made it his mission to finally solve this age old riddle. thank you. dive into the past with
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a book that's one of the world's greatest unsolved mysteries. for more than two years one course a garcia from book us in northern spain has been studying the voyage manuscript thought to have been written some six hundred years ago its author reason known and the writing remains undecided furred the images sparked the imagination but no one's sure what they mean is that the coming down here of theories that the book might have been written in a kind of encoded latin. or that an alien road while being held captive in a monastery. or that leonardo da vinci wrote it as a child. there are a lot of people in the world who are currently studying the wanted manuscript. in this the moment. scientists have determined that the manuscript dates from the fifteenth century that's
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a period of time that has always especially fascinated one plus a car c.-a he's always searching for rare historic books as was the book dealer with trade voynich who discovered the manuscript in one thousand nine hundred twelve in the library of a jesuit order in italy he was able to buy it but not to decipher it. and i thought that it was made of the script in many books written in the middle ages or the early renaissance there's the author's fear of running afoul of the authorities and that's why the focus of a partially written in a secret code. that's why some people suspect that the voyage manuscript says must be as well for those who don't leave this at the same time it exhibits so many peculiarities that don't confirm that theory as the. historical books are the specialty of the small spanish couple. company's ceiling for two years some twenty specialists have been working on
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a facsimile edition of the voyage manuscript the original is owned by yale university in the united states one jose garcia who is a full knowledge assist hopes his copy will be as authentic as possible some of the holes were repaired with thread and caught on thread and some of the holes were repaired with parchment thread this is very difficult to reproduce but there repairs some of them have lost the thread and the small of the small holes are made in the same place as the book. it's our plants that never existed in nature painted on the finest parchment old handiwork like this is a real treasure. the publishing house wants to sell the facsimile edition for some eight thousand euros
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a piece the print run is limited to eight hundred ninety eight and three hundred orders have already been placed. above the possibly a treatise about a medicine pharmacy or maybe about chemistry. it is about astrology and astronomy. when you touch the original in a way can so many emotions into questions you want to know who touched it who could have made something like this how many people were involved in many. of the. the author of the manuscript appears to have taken the answers to those questions to his grave with him possibly along with knowledge about the healing powers of plants or the synergy of the stars unless of course someone manages to crack the books code. i think that with this facsimile which is very close to their original. we can make a contribution towards this manuscript perhaps one day being fully and printed them
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and. perhaps there are the secrets of the past age hidden in these pages wherever they may have come from one plus a garcia aims to have the facsimiles finished in november when he will present them to the public for the first time and that might just be the beginning of a new chapter in the story of the voyage manuscript thanks. moving on now to some soprano it is on the culture scene from the best new voices to the best new drones one that expressed. her voice convinced the jury at the seventeenth international singing contest noirish demon or new voices. carrying mezzo soprano starting a story on nova and the base. from south korea won first prize and you're just
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beating thirty seven other young opera talents from twenty seven countries. the noise came in competition is celebrating its twentieth anniversary this year the singing award is given out every two years and includes a cash prize it's one of the most prestigious of its kind. some of the world's best drone pilots competed against each other over the weekend at a film a salt mine in lemay nia the highlight of the test track was a forty meta elevation difference quite a challenge for the seven hundred gram drones they can reach speeds of up to one hundred forty kilometers per hour and are fitted with cameras that send images to the pilots video glasses the women with mania was the check team rato rama the drone champions league winner will be decided at the season's final in berlin on the same method. should
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god midsummer night's dream whose is the title of an exhibition at the museum and then day in milan. visitors can plunge into a three hundred sixty degree birch will journey through marquee guns line experiencing the creative world of the french painter who was born in what is now better the show is divided into twelve sequences presenting selected works. which shows an itinerary that does not follow the chronology of the. activity but rather a completely emotional. spectacle can be experienced until january twenty eighth. at seventy four years of age swiss architect toure has earned many titles a pritzker prize winner a riba gold medal recipient uncompromising minimalist just to name a few well his principal works are located mainly in switzerland but you have to
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travel there to experience them as some time doesn't believe in publishing photos of his works however now an unconventional exhibition in austria allows visitors some insights into his thoughts inspirations as well as his artistic preferences. callus pagan is one of some toys designed. parents of the facade made of glass changes according to the lighter color of the sky. there are no windows at the interior is flooded with light. each floor has a daylight seeming. the concrete walls are so velvety they make you want to strike them making architecture a sensual experience based in the dark that goes in there as well as much as appears in architecture are not my thing. or i don't make objects that want to sparkle like a fusion art or from it's
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a feel for space and maybe also for materials because the one wrong material and the whole spell is broken for the by combining the right amount of leather and a bit of this and a bit of that and a few shiny materials those are my passions and simply a gesture case that now he's temporarily remodeled a museum according to his ideas and made it a kind of obstacle course of the senses to take for instance the color of the chance with the other group of heard from a good friend of mine did that a finnish architect with a real talent for dollars a shot there still so she looks at something and says that and that and that and that i can't do that but she can. the compass i think you should decide so quickly because he's assigned so without but he can do that too of course created some tall has been honored with all the important awards from the premium in penny out of the pritzker prize. his hotel and scott complex in both switzerland is now world famous it's built using locally quarried quartzsite stone water stone and lights
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that makes everyone look good just two years after completion the thermal baths were given landmark status soto a starting point is to ask what people want in the second place in a certain space how should they feel that he considers the job finished when there's no longer any doubt but it's wife with whom the downs belong to the process but not the result you always have jobs. but they don't really affect me deeply so so going i should move to the studio. how is it possible to truly experience a space deliberately. one way is with a sixteen meter long composition from music bokes by austria's all going noise. some toss as he likes it when he can see music coming along.
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like made visible in time and a space that briefly becomes a sound box. another of some tools groundbreaking designs was a feel chapel completed in two thousand and seven in western germany built to honor the local patron saint nicholas a few times concrete was laid on a framework of one hundred and twelve spruce logs then a small engine fire was set slowly burning away the wooden framework that for a period of three weeks. i'm so glad to see that something very existential. you're safe from the low but there's this large opening to the sky. and unlike the pantheon of all the cells but in this little chapel the desert clad opening is brutally important the rain comes in on a lot of water called the most time. praying in an elementary
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space via water. and. on the phone fell out of his exhibition pagan's some tool has dreamed up a room that the artists and yet lensing i have tuned into a magic god and with fragile roots seeds and whimsical objects it's now a sense off the pegasus kid into the jaws of the present and i did everything with my hands and i couldn't draw and all the tools get what i wanted to go to art school and they said combs and come by and shows your drawings you know my dear i didn't have a single drawing card i had tickets i show but i was lucky hold. a friend of mine looks one could do wonderful drugs the key kids can all see so we just took off his name and wrote in mine and using his drawings i got into art school where i did learn to draw so i don't know if you could still get away with that today but i help support the boss who called pufferfish. ph and some to himself has become
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a great teacher and his motto is that there is a will to be on pragmatism in architecture beauty exists when people provide the space for it. what do you get when you combine surfing and skateboarding while according to one inventor kerf board know this is a skateboard which is made to respond like a surfboard when pressure is applied now it's the brainchild of stuff on from munich we hear from him now what inspired his new toy. speeding around escape park in munich even as a child stephan how was dean was interested in all kinds of skateboards now he's revolutionized the usual board on wheels by giving it
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a new steering mechanism. so this is my twenty two year old skateboard which my son holed out of the cellar two years ago. when after seeing it and writing it we were so fascinated that we decided to improve on it. after my son had a real wake and my old passion i started building models right away i went into the workshop and getting kicked around and then we tested the results and then fifteen months later we had the perfect product. his curved board was a finalist in the summer hardware category at the last it's both sports trade fair in munich you can even ride it uphill without having to push it with your feet stephan explains how that's possible but his car there are no suffering as a rubber to absorb the energy and that makes it fun. stuff on the steam has now founded a startup and patented his innovation. by design from his axle you can see that
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there aren't any springs or rubber so everything moves freely and that's what's nice about it that self-regulating this anywhere from a small child to a heavy adult can stand on it so it's a board for the whole family supporting parents can use it teens can have fun with it and no one has to adjust it to suit his body weight or ability. that doesn't fall into it may live wildly but stefan's new patented steering mechanism provide stability normally he works as an industrial designer for the very an automaker but augustin hopes to attract a different kind of play intel with his car for. he seems to have attracted one target group already surfer and that's because the movements needed to turn a surfboard and a curve forward are the same so many surfers are already looking forward to using the new board itself i've been surfing for twenty five years now and it's a passion to serve or it's the ideal training equipment. that. purports went on the
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market at the end of september at around three hundred euros each they don't come cheap but they're a family friendly mode of transport that offers a stable right for young and oh. dear never too old to have fun all right well it's time now to take a trip and today we are heading to italy thanks to one viewer from south america guillermo jodan to be from chile wrote in to us requesting more information about the italian island of sicily and of course we are happy to fulfill his wish were there for taking you along with us for a short holiday inn. now cicely's capital city not only has the best weather all year around but it also has a wealth of culture calling area delights and an exciting history.
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that picturesque capital of sicily and then mo is surrounded by mountains and crystal blue sea. and even the morning only fishermen are away bringing their catch in to the historic kaba. they themselves are convinced that this is the best place in the wild. oh. yes sicily is the most beautiful place on earth. the climate the people everything the vegetables the fruits the fish everything. we have everything including beautiful women. beautiful women are also visible in palermo in the film of statues. as stroll around the historic city center is best begun where they are at an intersection cold quite.
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awful kaunas after the four richly decorated matching corner buildings the traffic hub is a high point of the rock. you can also take a tour around the city in a horse drawn carriage banana is geographically closer to tunis than it is to rome carriage drive and nick says that's reflected in the architecture of the old city center. area africans are normans helped build this. and the but the other stuff. from the ninth to the eleventh century was under north african rule the saracens used the old basilica as a mosque after them came the normans who built the present cathedral son to sima asunta which is also known as the norman cathedral. cafes. it is a popular spot for a lunch break. if you want to do is the locals do you eat while standing at the
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bank. the hoff rings include can only perhaps the most famous sicilian does it it's made fresh every day so what is the feeling actually made on. the company back when i then add to that we take reporter . add sugar. and then mix it all together thoroughly and then i called. when the recorder has reached the right consistency. we add little pieces of chocolate that normally i do the job that i want to drop a lot and then we feel they can really show us with a mixture they can. so how does it tanks. what is it going only. after a bite to eat it's time to visit the nearby thomas e. mail from the area count us to luciano pavarotti many of the world's opera stars
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have sung han it's one of europe's biggest uprisings he. was. right. there. and the sound on the chan only loves the acoustics and the atmosphere of the theatre. i sing some fifteen years so i've sung. in every everything i sing in a new one with this kind of research i can feel the power of the room and the history with its beautiful. the best way to round off the day is on monday. with its perfect view of palermo. ten years ago as a tourist from russia she fell in love with the city and decided to stay. it's
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a marvelous place when you stand here with this beautiful panorama you immediately fall in love with the sea and with the land there is such a rich and profound history. it's just great. grandiose of. which views one thing and then i was sure to win chance many movies it does. photography is all about getting the right angle and for a german first shot refer that angle often involves turning everything upside down now his pictures are reflections of activity from the world above here's a closer look. i pull a piece from habert is drawn to puddles for him a rain shower opens up
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a whole new realm of photo opportunities with smartphone in hand he plunges into the world that's reflected in part of. his photos show his city from a completely different perspective than most tourists snapshots. some people might think it's stupid but so what. he doesn't care what people think of him when he squatting over a puddle umbrella in hand he's too preoccupied with capturing what makes this temporary pool of water so special. to skip some kind board we don't have any ground here the sky above and below so there's another symmetry and through the clouds a semicircle becomes a circle it's a bit surreal really. as in many countries people in germany have a right to their own image including the reflected one so-called prefers to work with animals than he'll even stoop to a bit of bribery. that's their k. it's the deal this is the idea. but what if there are no puddles. in this
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pedestrian underpass in berlin gave mother nature a helping hand and buildings with it was a tough choice how to use my last sip of water to die of thirst or get a cool photo of the photo on fire opted for the photo and made myself a puddle. on the puts. you. can say when he started taking his puddle pictures he only knows that his passion for them grew as did the. number of his followers on instagram they really like his paddle grabs. person suck on instagram is definitely increased my fascination with this hobby
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because it's a big platform and it's interesting. people on it and you just chat with them and get lots of feedback to it but. has always declined offers to use his pictures to advertise products he earns his living as a tax consultant and photography is just a hobby it's his way of unwinding after a day at the office and earning a little reflected glory with the help of an. hour that we wrap up today show but before we go i want to let you in on this week's contest now we are giving away this calendar of berlin and all you need to do to qualify to win it is tell us which subjects you like to photograph most you will find all the details on our website all right well from me and the rest of the crew here at girl max as always thanks for tuning in and we shall see you again tomorrow .
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is news coming to you live from berlin islamic states de facto capital of the city of kut in syria has fallen. us.


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