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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  October 19, 2017 7:00pm-7:16pm CEST

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that of cultivating its culture its roots and language it brought forth a ripples of nationalism. the soviet union's heritage where does russia stand today and moscow's empire our series starting november fifth own g w. this is d w news live from her lead showdown in spain the cattle and leader defies a deadline to abandon plans for independence madrid now says that it will start taking back control of the breakaway region on saturday. also coming up britons to
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rescind may want to advance reza talks at a key you summit today but the e.u. says not enough progress has been made yet to move things forward is there any way out of the impasse. and german chancellor angela merkel tries to iron out the differences between her possible new partners in government they're looking to form a three way coalition never tried before and germany's national parliament. i'm sorry kelly welcome to the program thanks for joining us. the crisis in catalonia is ask a lady spain is preparing to take full control of the semi autonomous region after the cattle and leader refused to give up demands for independence the central government in madrid has pushed him on ignore the thursday deadline to withdraw
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catalonia as plans to break away and now he must face the consequences. the game of brinkmanship heats up catalan leader colors pushed him on at the regional parliament for the latest showdown camera struggle to get a good glimpse of the man who is refusing to back down in his latest letter to the spanish government he warns that the catalan parliament could vote to declare independence if madrid triggers article one hundred fifty five this allows spain central government to take over any of the country's seventeen autonomous regions if they break the law which declaring independence is deemed to be. the spanish government's reaction to double down the government will continue with the processing of article one hundred fifty five of the constitution with the goal to restore the law in catalonia if you will restore rather. spain says it will
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hold a special cabinet meeting on saturday to activate article one hundred fifty five this is never been used in modern spanish history so what does that mean in practice it would allow madrid to sack regional office holders dissolve the regional parliament and assume control of all regional authorities. new elections would be held in catalonia until then madrid could fill key interim positions after invoking the article it won't come into effect straight away it needs parliamentary approval spanish prime minister mariano rajoy needs an absolute majority for that and he only has a slim one in barcelona residents are prepared for a standoff. the main doesn't love us they only love our money they want our money i'm not sure if i'm explaining myself clearly all the things they've done for catalonia are not really for catalonia they were let's just go because the money is here. they are making people more
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pro independence with these games they are playing. the rain maybe putting off demonstrators from taking to the streets at least for now. let's get more now on this political brinkmanship that is underway in spain has been our correspondent barbara faisal who is standing by with the very latest from barcelona so barbara i mean there are still a couple of days before this article one fifty five could be triggered with each of these sides not backing down is there any way for them to save face at this point. there is no really real sense of any exit strategy at this point because somebody really would have to turn around and say oh sorry this was all a big mistake madrid is not going to do that and neither are the people in the palace behind us here carlos put demand in his regional government because they have really couldn't admit that themselves to this process which amount has now referred the decision about every new declaration of independence to parliament so
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he's still playing for time but it's a matter of days and of course the left wing in his in his coalition government is a ready really pushing him and saying let's do it right now let's not wait anymore what madrid does is a provocation let's go and there is so much to lose though for catalonia and for pushed him on himself i mean spain very clearly in making some threats and so far those threats that they have made they have executed on them how is all of this playing out there in the streets of barcelona today is there a sense of fear among some. there is no sense of fear but there is a sense of misgiving among people i mean we have to consider that not everybody is for independence here infected population might be rather evenly divided it's not quite clear how the numbers stack up beyond everybody who says look at the economic situation let's think about this again about seven hundred companies have already
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in knowns that they're going to sort of move away from barcelona tourists have been canceling their hotel reservations so the consequences are already being felt now the ideologists in the camp of the independents that they say all this doesn't matter let's go ahead it's for a great purpose however many people in the street or if you talk to people in the bars the waiters and the many of our researchers who make their living here of tourism say we really don't like the way this is going. the clock is ticking of the future of catalonia is at stake our visa with the very latest from the streets of our solona thank you the spanish standoff adds to the list of challenges facing the european union the blocs leaders are meeting in brussels for a two day summit to discuss issues such as migration and the deadlocked brags that negotiations british prime minister theresa may has called for renewed urgency in
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moving the braggs of talks along but european council president donald tusk rolled out a breakthrough ahead of the summit the british prime minister arrived in brussels with one aim to push talks on britain's divorce from the e.u. to the next phase. that means post break the trade ties between london and brussels it's also about looking ahead to how we can tackle the challenges that we all share across europe that means a fool's continued cooperation cooperation which must be at the heart of the strong future partnership but for tourism as european partners talk of future relations is premature even for french president emanuel mccomb who's been pushing for progress progress has been made on the rights of e.u. citizens in the u.k. but the issue of what britain will over the e.u. once it leaves and twenty nineteen is proving more difficult as unfortunately the market will mean we've made some progress but not enough to start the second phase of negotiations by the fall to begin also on the agenda in brussels is turkey
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chancellor merkel is vocal in her calls to and turkey's e.u. accession talks during last month's german election campaign but she's unlikely to repeat that call here since she can't count on support for that among her e.u. counterparts meanwhile the french president is seeking support for his proposals to reform the e.u. they include a two speed europe to accommodate both its stronger and weaker economies. waddle says your i know we want to take our own program forward with leaders of any member states based on our own ideas and initiatives if there is an increase in the issues of migration north korea and u.s. president transit wavering support for the iran nuclear deal are also on the summit agenda. and let's head now live to brussels where our brussels bureau chief max hoffman is standing by with the very latest on the summit and max i want to begin by talking about trade because theresa may apparently seeking to get trade talks started by december what are other leaders saying about that. actually she wanted
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to get trade talks started much earlier than december the hope and that was the plan from the beginning to get them started after this summit but the e.u. twenty seven so. all the you member states excluding the united kingdom have come to the conclusion after talking to michelle year the chief negotiator of the e.u. commission that they haven't made sufficient progress in phase one phase one just a reminder is settling the divorce issues as they are calls for example the border between northern ireland and ireland the status of e.u. citizens in the united kingdom and of course the so-called bragg's it bill and especially in the dregs of bill there has not been sufficient progress but here's the thing it seems like the e.u. is moving towards the direction of the reason may a little bit at least we saw the draft conclusions and they say that if everything progresses as in to support it they will be able to start face to so trade negotiations with the united kingdom. but max in the meantime i mean does it seem
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as if you know there's also a back up plan being formed a potential no deal scenario. everybody denies this very strongly in brussels in the european institutions but we've talked to some sources and they say of course we have to think about these things because if we start preparing a no deal scenario let's say for five months before there is no deal that's just not enough time just think about what would happen in you know on the borders in the ports in dover in cali in france for example where now there are virtually no controls over the control maybe five hundred trucks a day and then that would go into the thousands so you need capacities for that you can't just start you know a couple of months before that course we still have more time and the official stance is we are not preparing for this and how have a leaders been reacting to the news coming out of spain about catalonia. it's the
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elephant in the room if you wish of course the leaders were asked this question but they're all in line saying this is the best thing issue and we're all talking to one person only and that is why. ojt the prime minister of strain and nobody from catalonia word has of that money back home the french president will talk to reporters about this today but i think it's safe to say that over dinner with different leaders who were highly what exactly his plan is for the region and for the weekend when he wants to or maybe wants to trigger article one fifty five to take over powers from the regional government. max hoffman with the latest from brussels thank you. and let's get a quick check now of some other stories that have been making news around the world kurdish female militias have vowed to fight on to liberate syrian women from the brutal rule of the so-called islamic state the announcement was made today during
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celebrations to mark the liberation of iraq but with much of i asked this former stronghold lying in ruins the hardships facing civilians are far from over pakistan's former prime minister nava sharif has been indicted on corruption charges the charges stem from leaked documents known as the pan of the papers investigators say that the documents show that the sharif family held unrecorded assets over scenes the family has denied any wrongdoing. yes into are down will be new zealand's next prime minister the new zealand first party has agreed to a coalition with her labor party and the greens the thirty seven year old will be the country's youngest prime minister and its third leader. nearly a month after the country's election german chancellor angela merkel is holding talks with potential coalition partners the parties from across the political spectrum say that their first meetings have gone well but they are warning that it will be difficult to bridge their differences. to most of these politicians the
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exploratory talks are unknown grounds never before have the free market liberal f.d.p. and the environmental green party engaged in formal negotiations to form a federal government both have to overcome their reservations. right now we need to find out of there is a minimum of trust so that nobody has the impression that we are just bashing pies into each other's faces we need to be willing to make compromises that each of us as well as our voters can go along with. for instance on the european union the greens are calling for an end to austerity policy and want a collective pact on taxes and investments on the contrary the free market liberal f.t.p. is strictly against any kind of dept materialization within the e.u. or clean energy the environmental green party wants one hundred percent renewable energy by the year two thousand and fifty they also want to ban combustion engines
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in vehicles by two thousand and thirty no go for the business friendly free democrats migration could be the one issue where the f.d.p. and greens find common ground both parties have been calling for germany's first immigration law. the election campaign is over each party stood their ground and maybe both of us profited we did not choose to be partners but now we just have to talk to each other and see how far we get. to today's talks the f.d.p. and greens will be meeting together again tomorrow but then chancellor merkel see the u.n. sees you parties will be joining in. scientists say that the number of insects and germany has dropped by more than three quarters since one nine hundred eighty nine a team of international researchers has been investigating insect populations on sixty three german nature reserves they say that the use of agricultural pesticides
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to fuel green spaces and climate change are likely the causes of their decline and researchers are calling for storage of measures before germany's natural environment suffers serious damage. you're watching news still to come on the program they are leaving drove companies catalonia as spain's political crisis escalates with madrid threatening boycotts can the region afford to go it alone. all that more in just a few minutes time it will be business news with ben physical and we will see you then thanks for watching and. see who gets. more. take a trip to a world of bliss ambition.


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