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course they go where they get their problem solved and that's possible here on science they are leaving the us i needed china before french but doesn't is a very good place to raise a family. and i know vitis my somebody. this is t w news coming to you live from berlin britain's theresa may appeals to e.u. leaders to break the break that stalemate she urges them to move on to trade talks as soon as possible on the medical is upbeat but says the u.k. has to do more before progress can be made also coming up the catalonia crisis has
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nothing to do with us the e.u. says it's a domestic spanish issue and that it will not intervene as spain gets ready reposed direct rule in the region. and the syrian mother managed to flee the war in her homeland now all she wants to do is to be reunited with her three children we explain why some germans want to prevent this from happening. hello i'm terry martin good to have you with us. british prime minister theresa may has urged e.u. leaders to agree to a break that deal that she can defend to people in the u.k. at an e.u. summit last night she also asked them to approach the issue with more urgency she wants to move talks on to the u.k.'s future trading relationship with europe but
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either leaders want to negotiate divorce terms first despite the deadlock uncle merkel said she is confident a deal will be reached. i whispered exchange and stony expressions chancellor merkel president and prime minister may were already deep in conversation at the outset of a summit where brags it is set to dominate me renewed her call for argent movement on trade talks. of course will also be looking at the concrete progress that's been made in our exit negotiations and looking at setting out on vicious plans for the weeks ahead but e.u. leaders were not impressed they are the british prime minister to match her goodwill pledges with concrete proposals on the rights of e.u. citizens in the u.k. and london's plans in regards to its breaks it down but you will have to walk. but are you ready to fulfill your financial obligations of may he said in florence that they would it was
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a good speech but now we also need to see more meat on the bone don't recall. anglo-american chose to pursue her own agenda she joined emmanuelle mccrone for a coffee and a chats about reforming the european union and then there was the issue of turkey's bed for e.u. membership while merkel stopped short of calling for an end to a session tox she pressed other leaders to cut you funding for the bed. the. image of the human rights situation is absolutely and satisfactory so is turkey's moving away step by step from what we see as a state under the rule of law and of course i also talked about how we suffer from the situation that german citizens have been wrongfully jailed in turkey. for the thirty seven years in the took office and to resume a leftist summit empty handed after pressing her counterparts over dinner for a deal she can defend it home on day two leaders will gather for more discussions
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on bragg's it less time without the british prime minister. or did obviously or about this is covering the summit for us and joins us now from brussels they are a lot to talk about at this summit let's start with brags that some may asking you to help her silence her critics at home sounds rather desperate what's your strategy there. the leaders will have. for breakfast if you want this morning with michel barnier the chief negotiator informing them that he would not recommend to move talks to face to a talking about a trade deal something something that the reason they would very much like so at the same time while they're not doing this it doesn't look that they will have a full english breakfast it but rather a continental breakfast and some more upbeat sounds you heard yesterday from leaders that maybe the talks on the second phase could start as early as december
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there were some positive signs a lot of praise for speech in florence that she will the u.k. will stand by its commitments and that is an important message for her strategy of course she has to silence the critics she has to bring something back because after all she promised to make breck's it a success ok so sounds like no budging on bragg's it there what about turkey german chancellor angela merkel wants to cut into funds for turkey's accession bed how much support does she have for that and that's an interesting question because the leaders according to diplomats i've talked to said that basically they agreed to cut the accession funds to turkey is currently receiving but if you look at the council conclusions you can find that position in their leaders apparently could only agree that they held a debate on charkha and that tells you a little bit about how much support this had from the dutch prime minister made
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clear however that they will investigate to what extent they will cut it but no question that all of the accession funds will be cut out for turkey and finally migration summiteers are also discussing that there in brussels that's a sensitive topic among your member states what came out of those talks. our leaders repeated their promises to italy that they will help to lift the burden for this country with the a lot of refugees coming from the middle essential segment of mediterranean route and they also said they want to increase the help for africa in order to stem the flow of refugees coming from the continent there. thank you very much the masses there in brussels but one thing that was not discussed at the e.u. summit was the crisis in catalonia the e.u. is calling this a matter for the spaniards alone and say they see quote no space to intervene now one diplomat says they do not want to anger madrid or encourage further separatist
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movements in europe but there it is planning to impose direct rule on saturday after the catalan separatist leader defied a deadline to withdraw his independence bit. the game of brinkmanship heats up catalan leader kindness put them on at the regional parliament for the latest showdown cameras struggle to get a good glimpse of the man who is refusing to back down. in his latest letter to the spanish government put him on wand that the catalan parliament could vote to declare independence if madrid triggers article one fifty five allowing it to suspend catalonia as a regional government madrid's reaction to double down. the government will continue with the processing of article one hundred fifty five of the constitution with a goal to restore the law in catalonia if you will reach the ryder. cup and. spain
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says it will hold a special cabinet meeting on saturday to activate article one fifty five this is never been used in modern spanish history so what does it mean in practice it would allow madrid to sack regional office holders dissolve the regional parliament and assume control of all regional authorities new elections would be held in catalonia until then madrid could feel key intervene positions once the article is triggered it won't come into effect straight away it needs parliamentary approval spanish prime minister mariano rajoy needs an absolute majority for that and he only has a slim one in barcelona catalan residents are prepared for a standoff. the main doesn't love us they only love our money they want our money i'm not sure if i'm explaining myself clearly all the things they've done for catalonia are not really for catalonia they were a little scope because the money is here. but. look it's making people more pro independence but these guys are playing. it. as
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a political crisis deepens protesters in catalonia have taken to the streets with more demonstrations expected in the coming days. well a catalonia crisis also has huge economic implications come on separatists are calling for a special kind of protest action today helena they are terry katla separatists are taking aim at the banks which have moved out of the region of catalonia in the wake of the vote so in a tweet to their two hundred and seventy thousand followers the catalan national assembly urged supporters to take part in a bank run this morning targeting the five main banks in catalonia so separatists were instructed to. go to banks to a.t.m.'s and take out as much cash as possible it's not yet clear how many people heeded that call but the most withdrawal aimed at condemning those banks which have shifted their headquarters out of catalonia is
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also a protest against the imprisonment of cattle and separatist leaders well catalonia is not the only region wanting to break away here in the european union a number of regions a making their cases for autonomy like catalonia is often the wealthiest regions with ambitions of going it alone and in belgium and italy economists are counting the costs of their countries becoming a little bit smaller. first the cattle lands. then the northern italians including venice. as well as the flemish in belgium there are many regions in europe that are seeking independence and experts fear that it could erode the european union as good as. a few failed could expand and could continue on and there's a fear it will catch on and then the community of twenty eight states will begin to crumble around the edges like a stale cake and fall apart because i have
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a whole lot of title of. the separation of these regions like flanders would be an economic catastrophe for the national government flanders contributes fifty eight percent of belgium's economy. the regions of venice and lumbered that are also striving for independence represent thirty one percent of italy's economy. that's into some to buy these nuts and the interesting thing about these nationalists like the cattle hands is that they are pro european nationalist contrary to the likes of maria let's handle france they want their countries to remain in the european union i cannot stop. if one of these regions does gain independence it must first exit the u. the date for the reentry would be uncertain. from what i think it would sooner be five years than five weeks or months if catalonia were to be accepted immediately
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as an independent state then all the region still applying for membership would have every right to complain optimistic stuff and talk as if to elect bush. venice and the rest would have to go to the back of the line none of the affected regions are willing to compromise the conflicts for independence will weigh down on europe for years to come. well sony and hopefully surely gemini's getting a little bit closer to forming its new government terry has the latest on talks now and the emphasis on slowly the. talks building in a coalition government officially get underway here in berlin today nearly a month after the election this week has seen german political parties meet to pave the way for negotiations that could lead to i can arkell's hope or governing coalition between the conservatives the greens and the free democrats topping the agenda is europe climate and replacing the current planet's winners of all kinds short bla germany's money masters since two thousand and nine has stepped aside to
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become president of the parliament. of course another main topic will be how to deal with the hundreds of thousands of refugees that have come to germany w met one syrian woman who is waiting to see whether her family will be allayed will be allowed to follow. we meet up with a sigh might be a year after her german lessons this is how her day starts here in berlin without her children or husband. she tells us about her escape from syria it all happened in twenty fifteen she had to leave her three children behind that's what her husband wanted. now he's imprisoned in syria she's alone in jordan and the children are in syria without their parents. back then i decided to leave the country
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in the hopes of helping my children by starting a new and then bringing them here. that was my own clinical. we join her as she goes to help center for family reunification. in the hallway she shows us pictures of her son and two daughters. here they are with their grandmother. sebastian movie helps her deal with the situation he's had a lot to do since twenty sixteen when the german government stopped refugees like osama from reuniting with their families it was supposed to only last for two years but now the conservatives want to extend the suspension. but at least and first of all this means is that families are separated for years the parents are
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separated from their children that's houses are separated for years for a period of time that has no definable end and that's very hard for families to deal with it it's catastrophic. loss. of. the conservatives want to make sure that germany is not overrun with reunited refugee families even at the christian church conference the interior minister of germany justified this measure although many see it as unchristian this is it's not right to send under-age children away in the hopes that their parents will be allowed to come here later we won't reward this behavior that's a tough measure to take but it's necessary when you look at the current reality of this refugee crisis. in the advice center shows us her favorite passage in the german constitution article six the special protection of marriage and family
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since the telephone lines to syria are disrupted all osama has are these photos. i keep getting photos of my children but that only makes it worse because i cannot experience them firsthand. oh simas last hope is german politics her dream is that someday she will be allowed to live a life in safety together with her children. take a look now at some of the other stories making news around the world today new drone footage from iraq is revealing the devastation caused by weeks of fighting between u.s. backed forces and so-called islamic state militants entire neighborhoods in the syrian city have been turned to rubble with little sign of civilian life having survived the fighting a ceremony is planned for friday to mark the liberation of the city from i asked
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for sins. more than half of rohinton most limbs with fled violence in myanmar are children that's according to the un's latest estimates a unicef report says nearly three hundred forty thousand children are living in squalid conditions in bangladesh temps and up to twelve thousand more arrive every week unicef says many are mel nourished and are traumatised by the atrocities they are with us. police in los angeles have launched an investigation into harvey weinstein after another woman accused him of rape and assault allegedly took place in two thousand and thirteen police in london and new york have also open cases against a film producer weinstein denies all allegations of non-conceptual saying not consensual sex or. you're watching the news still to come care cook in northern iraq may be returning to normal after the central government we took
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the city at start of the week but some kurds there say they feel humiliated and angry. well u.s. president donald trump is one step closer to implementing his tax reform health into his small yes indeed terry is an important tailwind for the republican party yesterday after the u.s. senate now already approved a budget bill for the next year and with it a fiscal budget resolution while the plant tax reforms include a drop in the corporate tax rate going from around thirty five percent to twenty percent republican supporters say the cuts will spur growth but democrats say the one point five trillion dollar cuts primarily benefit the super rich shall not it will. cause suffering to ordinary watches that take a listen now to see what senator bernie sanders had to say. the president this is not a bad budget bill it is a horrific budget bill an extremely cruel bill and the most unfair budget ever
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presented in the modern history of our country at a time of bessel that in common wealth inequality this budget provides one point nine trillion dollars in tax breaks for the top one percent at a time when millions of working families are struggling to keep their heads above water up this budget cuts medicaid by a trillion dollars fifteen million americans could lose their health the charts this is a budget that poll after poll shows the american people do not want well here in germany industrial conglomerate siemens plans to slash thousands of jobs in its power and gas division and insiders so says the company's been hit by a drop in what is this country's switch to renewable energy is not yet clear exactly how many jobs are set to go the company and scientists say it could be as many as several thousand the positions are mainly in power plant technology an area
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which used to be a cash cow for the company jumps in eastern germany reportedly particularly at risk . now the timing could hardly be worse ahead of japan's elections this weekend yet another corporate scandal shaking the economy this time around it's nice that now the carmaker has shut down all of its factories in the country because unqualified workers were put in charge of quality controls it's the latest in a litany of serious errors from japan's biggest corporations. deneuve a gesture of humility and another apology from the company boss. admitted that the scandal and listen was much worse than originally thought vinyl vehicle inspections were carried out by unqualified employees it all came to light about a month ago over a million cars have to be pulled off the road for of nisson six factories were involved in the shoddy work now nissen has put the brakes on production all
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domestic factories will remain closed for at least two weeks the recall is going to be expanded the string of company scandals in japan continues to stay over a week ago kobe steel japan's third largest steel concern and a nissen supplier admitted to falsifying product data and they did it for ten years around two hundred customers were affected it could be that nissen was cheated by kobe and received inferior materials profit before honesty unscrupulous practices at the cost of safety japan's industry remains stuck in a deep crisis of trust. now with the oil rich region of cake cut reclaimed by iraqi forces it seems that a wave of people terry and now on the news that's right tell him exactly thousands of kurds have fled disputed areas in northern iraq as iraqi troops push into kurdish controlled territory there this comes after baghdad rejected a referendum on kurdish independence city of kirkuk has been
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a flashpoint it's the hub of an oil rich region tensions in the city between kurdish and non kurdish regiments residents are running high since the iraqi army arrived. in some ways life is getting back to normal incur cook shops are open and the streets are calm but many of the kurds have remained here feel abandoned. by them. we've been sold off by america and the european countries as long as they needed us they used us. here in our good. kurdish peshmerga forces took the oil rich city of kirkuk after iraqi troops abandoned it in two thousand and fourteen they fought alongside iraqi troops against so-called islamic state and helped liberate much of northern iraq from the extremist groups. but now with iowa's forces
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gone iraqi troops are reclaiming lost territory kurdish military leaders have chosen to leave their positions rather than fight for some here that's a bitter pill to swallow as we've been humiliated by the ruling kurdish parties they broke our dignity these people caused the poor people of this city to be killed here. that's what the. peshmerga troops keep falling back closer and closer to the borders of their own territory. there's one big reason for the conflict northern iraq is rich in oil which is iraq's economic lifeblood it's also an essential part of the kurdish economy losing care cook has cut oil production in kurdish controlled territory by half and that makes farming a kurdish state already a long shot even harder. to
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africa now and uganda is often held up as a positive example of how a country can welcome refugees the african nation is currently hosting around one point three million people from neighboring south sudan the policies followed by the government in kampala are heralded as among the most progressive in the world refugees are given land and access to the labor market the large number of new arrivals have however put a strain on the country's resources sell an echo reports. the rains have been good this year in north western uganda for the smallholder farmers here that's good news especially since those who don't have access to water from the nile one of the lakes still depend on rainfall rather than irrigation uganda usually receives enough rainfall to grow staples like maize and plantation and even cash crops like coffee it therefore stands out as a country able to feed itself even when the rest of the region is suffering from
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droughts you can this government is often accused of being all for a tarion but from german n.j. about whom to his credit for leadership with a commitment to fighting hunger. i think the government is doing a big effort and they have a national plan where they also put the issue of food security high on their agenda but due to a lot of things like for instance a large influx of refugees their resources are very strained and therefore they're very much dependent on external support. to cope with the situation uganda is home to over one point three million refugees mainly from south sudan and it has been lauded for its liberal policy each refugee family gets a piece of land from which to feed itself. now you have now is not unlike us where we planted eggplant on another plot and the quality was good now we're trying out onions and hope they will be good to. the refugees also get food rations of maize
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and beans from international organizations the vegetables from the farm and the russians are just enough for breakfast and one hot meal naturally the newcomers put a strain on already limited resources. we have in uganda high population density we have a high population where we have a lot of youth. many of them face unemployment the environmental issues are becoming more and more pressing so there are a lot of things that the ugandan government has to deal with that actually limits their capacity to fully address the food security situation in the country one in four ugandans today suffers from our nourishment to a balanced diet is often limited by the fact that people can't afford certain foods rather than food not being available so while uganda is generally able to feed itself improving food security remains a major challenge. sports now in europa league soccer it was
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a mixed night for german teams to berlin lost to one ukrainian side soria while hoffenheim beat istanbul here three one for their first ever european when the other. there's to be no end in sight to colognes dreadful start to the season pay to go side went down one nil to. in belarus colognes hopes for picking up their first win in any competition in eleven games were dashed when alexey rios found the back of the net in the second half worrying times at cologne. and forgo just a reminder of the top story we're following for you here today on the news britain's prime minister theresa may is pushing e.u. leaders to agree to a break sit deal that will help silence her critics at home may wants to move talks on to the u.k.'s future trading relationship with europe but the e.u. wants britain to improve its divorce settlement offer first. you're watching
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news coming to you live from berlin we have more for you at the top of the next hour and if i'm worn or stories a lot of you w dot com thanks for watching. you go offline. take football personally. i do it. this time we meet our role model. president. titan.
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and the brazilian. will tell us what it's like to be part of by our new neighborhood. next on t.w. . quadriga the international talk show for journalists discuss the topic of the week when the right wing politics in europe has a new face sébastien cts one austria's recent election by taking the venerable people's party to the right what does that mean for your or find out. quadriga in sixty minutes on d w. because that where they start to divide the country i do it's deal where they start to divide the language blood will flow over to. the
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soviet union is breaking up part. of the members of the russian federation would have to find their own way would agree canonically. would love it was an incredibly difficult task. given this democracy was a lie the elections were a fraud say privatization was robbery the soviet union territory where does russia stand today and moscow's empire our series starting november fifth on w. ninety five when i was five six years old it wasn't even a choice anymore i was a naturally born buyer and i continued with that my life.


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