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ten million people in the world at stake they have no nationality and told they don't belong and. that everyone has the right. everyone has the right to say. this is the wus coming to you live from berlin britons to resume say she's confident she would secure a good deal and brags that but she admits it's still a long way to go before an agreement can be reached we have the latest from brussels also coming up he's been dubbed the czech version of donald trump
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billionaire businessman andre bobbish is set to win the country's general election this weekend he's anti euro and he's anti refugees what would his victory mean for the czech republic. and the volvo ocean race the was the longest in jordan succeeding event kicks off this weekend with a new rule change shaking up the competition. i don't welcome i'm under cheema. leaders in brussels are trying to work out how to speed up talks on bragg said today was supposed to be the day when they announced the negotiations that would be moving on to the next stage but the process has been stored by a number of core issues britain's tourism may have appealed to you leaders knitting
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in brussels to inject more urgency into the discussions until recently has been holding a news conference in brussels this is what she had to say. both sides have approached these talks with professionalism and a constructive spirit and we should recognise what has been achieved today. the u.k. and the e.u. share the same objective of safeguarding the rights of e.u. nationals living in the u.k. and u.k. nationals living in the e.u. . e.u. citizens have made a huge contribution to our country and let me be clear that whatever happens we want them and their families to stay. is covering the e.u. summit in joins me now from brussels gil good seems in leaders like that much of what tourism is said there but there's also the scene there's not enough to start the second phase of negotiations is that right. went to resell left this year's summit of the to give all the other twenty seven leaders
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a chance to bid to talk about sit by themselves chair a little smile on their face and the reason for that is that she has been given a gift from the other twenty seven now it took them just ninety seconds apparently that is what diplomats told us here are to decide that the e.u. will not move to second to the second phase something that a reason they would have liked to see but what they have agreed on they gave green light to prepare this second phase and that is something to reason they will be able to take home now the e.u. leaders here hope that this positive spirit that she has left is something that will be reflected in the actual bracks it's negotiations so good what do you see as the cause stumbling block in these banks that negotiations. are the key sticking point really is this bracks it's a bill now that the positive spirit something that leaders like to rebut to reason may is that she reiterated once more that the u.k.
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will honor its financial commitments that it has made in the past and also all sorts of other commitments she said we'll go through them one by one but she declines to give a number and that is something that a lot of e.u. leaders would like to see on paper to do half that number how much the u.k. will pay also she does want to link the phase one to phase two in another sense she wants to talk about the principle only if you leaders talk about a future deal and that is something that is a red line for for european leaders they do not want the past commitments to be become a bargaining chip if you want this is not officially on the agenda at the summit but surely there must be talks going on behind the scenes about the crisis over catalonia. the spanish prime minister was asked over dinner yesterday night which rather he wants to bring up the topic and he said it's not the right moment so there was no debate there were a number of questions asked and so today everyone is of course scheme to hear what
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he will say in his final press conference but the reason may for instance and a number of other leaders make short commons in support of the spanish government she particularly said that catalonia and spain should stand by the rule of law in other words an illegal referendum should not get to get any way forward. your mother is in brussels thank you very much now here in germany talks of building a new coalition government officially get underway in berlin now this week has seen a german political parties hold preliminary discussions to pave the way for negotiations that could lead to anglo-american scope for governing coalition between the conservatives the greens and the free democrats topping the agenda is europe climate and replacing the current finance minister. germany's money masters in two thousand and nine has stepped aside to become president of the
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parliament. turning out of the czech republic which starts today is a voting today in elections which are expected to bring a populist billionaire to power under bobbish has pushed a strong anticorruption messes during the campaign he's also firmly against the czech republic accepting refugee quarters from the e.u. and he's ruled out in joining the single european currency surveys indicate bobbish and his on a movement will be the largest party in parliament that he is likely to need going to some partners if he wants to lead the next government and joining me now from prague is again a g.p.a. he's the director of new york university's academic center that is you bob it is being described as a check version of the donald trump is that effect combat is a give us an idea about who is bobbish well publish is. a very rich man he's the second richest person in the czech republic and oligarch.
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decided a few years ago to go into politics he succeeded this movement and are finished second in two thousand and thirteen and ever since been trying to actually improve his political standing sense he's now of course to take all were the czech republic as its prime minister but at the same time i would while he certainly expresses so you are similar to donald trump he is also quite similar to syria but also economy because he is not just a businessman a billionaire but also own half of the czech media scene he wants to daily center radio station and. and his influence in the media is something that makes him quite similar to show your risk only now both are indicating that if bob is does indeed win the election he will leave the coalition partners so how easy is it going to be
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for him to form a government. it may be quite difficult because publishers right now criminally prosecuted for possible on misuse of european funds and that makes a much hardly acceptable for most democratic parties they say they want to be willing to go into a college and wave to some movement i'm now in case that someone else from one of these the prime minister but not with mr by vision self that will make it very difficult for him to form a government because because he wants to be the prime minister and if he's turned down by the democratic party he may in the end wind up or. talking with. several antispam five years which are also likely to gain seats in the parliament and that would be of course so something that was really on change sure the czech republic sort of a liberal democratic orientation and
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a basically here's what a little abolish victory means for the country's relations with the european union . well he needs to differentiate between what he says now in the in the election campaign because his son and authority consists mainly of older most educated people who are against the european union. mark mr popish at the same time it is such a businessman who's business so interest rates from the czech republic to germany and france winner lance and so he really is not in his interest to go against your opinion i think he made the changes that are. actually rising yet the f.b.i. director of the looks at universities academics and to improv thank you very much for that analysis. let me bring you up to date with some other stories making news around the world more than half the ring of muslims who fled violence in man march
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children that's according to the latest estimates eunice a report says nearly three hundred forty thousand children are living in squalid conditions in bangladesh camps and up to twelve thousand more arrive every week unicef says many are malnourished and traumatized by the atrocities they've seen. iraqi forces have retaken control of the last kurdish and area of could cook province following clashes with fresh medical troops this comes after baghdad rejected a referendum on kurdish independence using the region in northern iraq as scott oil production by half in kurdish controlled territory making independence even less likely. police in los angeles have launched an investigation into harvey weinstein after another woman accused him of rape the assault allegedly took place in two thousand and thirteen police in london and new york have also opened cases against the film producer one sting denies all allegations of nonconsensual sex reason
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in a speech delivered in new york former u.s. president george w. bush has warned that politics in the u.s. live on a road to peace brissie and what he called outright fabrication bush's comments have been seen as an attack on president donald trump the bush did not mention trump by name. turning out a spoiler in the bundesliga tonight shall could take on minds with the well supported club hoping to jump into the top four it's been a typically inconsistent start to the season for the gals and kitchen side but there are signs of notable improvement bush al gore's sporting director the home game with mines is particularly important. shall coach the medical to desk go in sporting director christian hydel a feeling upbeat before the match with titles explode mines title move from eyes to shout to last year but his first season was
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a flop with shock of failing to reach europe this term things may be looking up if last weekend's to no will it has a bilin becomes the norm shelter in good form as they look to down heigl's old side . searches for a bit of an acquittal always feel weird even if personally i wanted nothing else than a shark away and even if it is against mines of course i wish mine's all the best but only shell kind. of a shocker hydel took a risk in appointing thirty two year old to tesco as coach for the season to discard only coached eleven games in the german second division with the hour before getting the call but another win against mines will push out into the champions league places. as we were trying to focus just on minds starts is one hundred percent i'm sure there are a team who will test and thinking about anything else would be stupid lissac on them was on the. to desk i was right to be wary after months moved up to tenth last
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weekend with a three two win over hamburg game on. now the longest enduring sailing event of the wild a valvo ocean race begins this weekend in the spanish port city of. on the competitions there every three years and will finish in eight months time in the dutch city of the hague this year the race is all about equal opportunities. this year's volvo ocean race has a new law following rule changes and encouraging more women to participate in the once male dominated competition welcomes eighteen female senators this year for the seven teams racing around the world under the new regulations mixed crews can be made up of ten sailors while all male crews are restricted to seven members among the women taking part is british skipper deek a far cry. brings out the best of the girls it makes them raise that
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day and it all psychotic calms the testosterone of the boys at little so ends up being a very nice environment to ferry took part in an all female crew team as cia in two thousand and fourteen it was the first time in twelve years that women had participated. the rule changes were met with skepticism from some male sailors claiming they were not being allowed to freely choose their own kreutz. but with this year's competition about to begin in the spanish port of alicante it appears the inclusion of women is being welcomed with open arms. folded everywhere that they have respected the spirit isn't. that not all of them know we are very happy that they're having a look at it. as thrilling forty five thousand nautical miles away to teams across eleven legs in six continents no matter the winner a new era in the race is about to begin. a time to take out your checkbook
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a letter written on the titanic a day before the ship sadly sank in april one thousand nine hundred twelve is being auctioned in the u.k. the also of the letter was an american businessman all of us on who votes to his mother on how to live the ship wasn't how he looked forward to new york after the holiday also up for grabs is a suitcase belonging to the youngest survival of the tragedy who was just two months old when the titanic sank. here watching the deadly news come to you live from berlin helena humphrey was up next with the business news so do stay with us if you can. the top stories followed across social media to share your comments and content welcome to the beauty. when history books are brought to
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life. maybe the stories they're rambler.


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