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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  October 20, 2017 3:00pm-3:16pm CEST

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thank god. this is due to every news coming to you live from berlin e.u. leaders try to put a positive spin on briggs the talks but there's still little sign of progress britain's tourism is forced to admit she's fallen short of put a aims and germany's angela merkel insists they can be nor moving on until the u.k.
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agrees to pay the money she says it posed to the e.u. also coming up with some. sort of. a white nationalist leaders hounded off the stage at a university in florida the incident raises questions about the standoff in the u.s. between hate speech and free speech and also about where the president trump is creating a climate allowing bigotry to thrive. and he's been dubbed the czech version of don and from this billionaire businessman is likely to win the country's general election this weekend he's against the euro and also against refugees so walking would a victory mean for the czech republic. i don't welcome i'm a touchy. german chancellor angela merkel says she hopes breakthrough talks can
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move on at the next you summit in december but that is depend on britain the e.u. says the u.k. must make more concessions on divorce issues before the two sides can start talking about their future relationship. theresa may did her best to keep up appearances but to many here in brussels her performance was little more than a staging of the impersonal close. even as negotiations have all but stalled the british prime minister continued to play coy how much is one willing to pay and when the answers to those questions remain a mystery the full and final settlement will come as part of the final agreement that we're getting in relation to the future partnership and i think that's absolutely right. the two sides continue to lock horns over how much britain should pay to settle the divorce from the e.u. friday's morning meeting did little to sweeten the souring relationship but prime
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minister may didn't come completely empty handed she offered e.u. leaders an olive branch pledging to protect citizens from britain even after it leaves the union the u.k. and the e.u. share the same objective of safeguarding the rights of e.u. nationals living in the u.k. and u.k. nationals living in the e.u. e.u. citizens have made a huge contribution to our country and let me be clear that whatever happens we want them and their families to stay. no one had expected a breakthrough but even then friday's summit is unlikely to sleep either side satisfied. now carthon government is discovering that you summit in joins me now from brussels to resume a came to brussels with high expectations do you think she got enough there to take back home. without doubt this was a face saving summit for tourism a of course she knew when she came to brussels
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that the e.u. twenty seven would follow the recommendation of chief negotiator michel barnier that they can should not move to face number two to future a relation talks and that there is simply not sufficient progress it actually took leaders on this summit a mere ninety seconds to establish exactly that on the other hand they have given the green light that they start reparation on these future talks and that is something she can actually bring back because for her it's it's absolutely crucial that she can show not necessarily now that backs it is a success but at least that things move forward and that there is not such a huge deadlock and deadlock was a key word a number of leaders today said maybe that was exaggerated there's not really a full deadlock and at the same time others said look but there are substantive key sticking points that still have to be clarified so we actually move to face number two now german chancellor angela merkel did praise may for a willingness to move forward but she also think critical of britain being too
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hesitant let's take a listen to what chancellor merkel had to say in a final comment at the summit. you know instantly hope that by december we would have moved on long enough to allow face to to begin his cellphone but that depends on the extent to which brittany makes progress on phase one. in this regard here the financial settlement is the most prominent and here it is on the theme there financier. so good what do you make of chancellor merkel's comments there. on the summit recently has not made new concessions but she has also not ruled out that that may be the case that she has not dismissed the statement that she has put to leaders that her foreign speech where she said she will stand by the commitments the u.k. has made that she will pay for the things where the u.k. has committed that that was the final final word if you want so it will be interesting to see how much room there is to actually move these talks forward the
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key thing for your leaders now is what should happen next is that the positive spirit that she brought along to this summit the constructive spirit she is something that needs to be reflected in the actual breck's that talks between the chief negotiators now this team and the catalonia crisis were not officially on the agenda but finally the spanish prime minister mariano high did come out and talk about the crisis what do you say the spanish prime minister said is a crazy situation in his press conference he also said that the separatists are violating a key e.u. legislation and he was referring there particularly to the rule of law and how to reason may has also emphasized that rule of law in fact a number of your leaders echoed mariano rajoy here in saying that spain needs to stick to the rules and regulations something that makes is
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a key part of the european union and where illegal referendum at least from the spanish perspective and from many your leaders perspective can cannot be something that is tolerated in europe riot gear glasses in brussels always a pleasure to talk to you. turning now to syria where u.s. backed forces have officially declared victory in the northern syrian city of raka after pushing out extremists from the so-called islamic state and this comes as new pictures taken by drones has revealed the devastation caused by weeks of fighting entire neighborhoods have been turned into rubble warplanes pounded the city with thousands of bombs during the four month battle to retake the city. two former u.s. presidents from across the aisle have come together in denouncing trump other ticks in separate speeches george w. bush and barack obama criticize deep divisions in today's america this comes as the
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issue of hate speech takes center stage in the u.s. especially so since president truong refused to condemn a white supremacist march in charlottesville virginia last month on thursday at a university in florida protests to shouted down a white nationalist leader richard spencer and forced him to leave the stage without delivering his planned speech. we don't want no nazi hate their target and cite this florida university a leading figure in america's white supremacist movement calling for a white as new state and state he was hunted down amid heated exchanges. you're going to be. fearing deadly violence like not recently seen in other american cities the governor declared a state of american say the critics say president trump's tacit support has
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encouraged the far right rice has has not provoked an extraordinary scolding from not one but two former presidents. we would go out folks who are deliberately trying to make folks saying we're going. to demonize people who have different ideas. to get the base all riled up because it provides a short term tactical advantage. george w. bush also avoided naming trump but it was clear who was on his mind. bigotry seems emboldened our politics seems more vulnerable to conspiracy theories and outright fabrication we've seen nationalism distorted in the nativism. forgotten the dynamism that immigration is always brought to america it began with the mexican border wall these prototypes no wonder consideration. then trump said
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some neo nazis who marched in charlottesville were fighting people. last month he slammed black football players for taking a need to protest police brutality on. thank you very much and this week conflict will walk try dead or did not say to the widow of a dead u.s. servicemen thank you very much. they hate tread lies and division that characterized the trump era of u.s. politics bringing point scoring into one woman's passion and cohesion. less articulate at some other stories making news around the world more than half the ringer muslims who fled violence and men mark are children that's according to the latest u.n. estimates a unicef report says nearly three hundred forty thousand children are living in squalid conditions in camps in bangladesh and up to twelve thousand more arrive
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every week unicef says many are malnourished and chroma ties for the atrocities they've witnessed. iraqi forces have retaken control of the last kurdish held area of kirkuk province following clashes request better guard troops this comes after bogarde rejected a referendum on kurdish independence using the region in northern iraq has got oil production by half in kurdish controlled territory making independence even less likely. to the czech republic now which starts today is a voting today in elections which are expected to bring a populist billionaire to power underrate bobbish has pushed a strong anti corruption message during the campaign he's also firmly against the czech republic accepting refugee quarters from the e.u. the surveys indicate bobbish and his are no movement will be the largest party in parliament but he's likely to need coalition partners in order to govern. and
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joining me now from prague is again he's the director of new york university's academic center there is you bob it is being described as a check version of the dollar drum is that a fair comparison give us an idea about who is bobbish. well publish is. a better is for man he's the second richest person in the czech republic an oligarch who decided a few years ago to go into politics he succeeded movement and now finished second in two thousand and thirteen and ever since been trying to actually improve his political standing sense he's now of course to take all were the czech republic as its prime minister but just same time i would while he certainly expresses the us similar to donald trump he is also quite similar to simply open his county because
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he is not just a businessman a billionaire but also. half of the czech media scene he wants to daily center radio station and and his set influence in the media is something that makes him quite similar to show you the risk own the bullets that indicating that if bob is does indeed win the election he will leave the coalition partners so how easy is it going to be for him to form a government. it may be quite difficult because publishers right now criminally prosecuted for possible on misuse of european funds and that makes a much hardly acceptable for most democratic parties they say they want to be willing to go into a college and wave to some movement i'm not in case that someone else from the know is the prime minister but not with mr publish him self that will make it very difficult for him to form a government because because he wants to be the prime minister and if he's turned
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down by the democratic party he may in the end wind up we're. talking with. several antispam five years which are also likely to gain seats in the parliament and that would be of course so something that was really on change sure the czech republic sort of a liberal democratic orientation and they flee here's what a little abolish victory means for the country's relations with the european union . well we need to differentiate between what he says now in the in the election campaign because his son and authority consists mainly of older most educated people who are against the european union. mark mr popish at the same time it is such a businessman who's business so interest rates from the czech republic to germany and france winner lance and so he really is not in his interest to go against
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european union i think he made the changes that are. actually rise and yet the f.b.i. director of the university's academic center in prague thank you very much for that analysis. you're watching the d.m.v. is coming up ahead confidant cash majoris a form of protest to banks are moving their headquarters to other regions of spain . then visiting from a business says will have that story and other news from the want of business to stay with you dump their. national lists are on the rise when required and you know what i am taking almost straight to highlights different shades of nationalism and to find out what does nation me to you.


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