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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  October 20, 2017 7:00pm-7:15pm CEST

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join the discussion on t.w. dot com and on facebook. prospects for returning. to w make. this is data we're live from berlin a youth leaders put a positive spin on breaks it talks britain's theresa nice says the two sides are within touching distance of a deal while germany is on get a makeover speaks of encouraging signs of progress but says talks on move forward until the divorce bill is
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a great also on the program. germany's chancellor has some tough talking to do at home as well i'm going to back old begins her first full round of talks on forming a government with a coalition that has never been tried as a national level. and uganda offers lessons in responding to a refugee crisis t w looks at the country's welcome for more than a million new arrivals even as it faces widespread hunger. and. i'm filled gal welcome to the program. leaders from britain and the e.u. are still divided over breakfast and meetings today in brussels broke up with the two sides are struggling with the terms of the divorce german chancellor i'm going to machall raised hopes that talks might be able to move on at the next summit in december but said progress would depend on britain settling its financial
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obligations we'll hear from brussels in just a moment first this. turris there may did her best to keep up appearances in brussels but she offered few new answers to the many questions that remain about. how much is laundered willing to pay to settle its divorce battle and when it remains a mystery. the full and final settlement will come as part of the final agreement that we're getting in relation to the future partnership and i think that's absolutely right finances are the main sticking point between britain and the e.u. university and the four still has to make a significant financial effort at the moment we are far off a figure that takes a long term financial commitments into account. the hope is that we'll have come far enough by december that we'll be able to move on to the next phase of negotiations but it's up to britain to make that possible. though friday's morning meeting did little to sweeten the relationship between britain and the e.u.
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not all was lost. not sufficient it doesn't. progress at all. prime minister may offered a much needed olive branch pledging to protect u.s. citizens in britain after the break that process is completed. the u.k. and the e.u. share the same objective of safeguarding the rights of e.u. nationals living in the u.k. and u.k. nationals living in the e.u. e.u. citizens have made a huge contribution to our country and let me be clear that whatever happens we want them and their families to stay no one has expected a breakthrough but friday summers is unlikely to leave either side feeling satisfied to brussels where we find a d w bureau chief max hoffman not welcome back so european leaders seem to have been mindful of teresa mayes political problems back at home of a given enough to go claiming a victory. i think you put it exactly the right way phil mindful of it but they
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didn't give her everything a victory for theresa may would have been to come back from this summit saying ok we can start phase two of the negotiations the important part for the u.k. about a trade deal with the european union that has not happened but there was a lifeline and we understand from our sources if there is a little progress in the negotiations that the e.u. leaders will be willing in december when they have their next summit to give it a go. now german chancellor angela merkel price teresa mayes that willingness to move forward while criticizing britain for being too hesitant what we make of her comments. what's happening here is that the e.u. so far was very rigid settling the divorce issues first the divorce issues being the border between northern ireland in ireland the status of you citizens in the u.k. and also the brags that bill they have opened up a little bit because they have noticed that the recent may is under too much
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pressure at home because whatever you do here in brussels you have to be able to sell it not only in the e.u. twenty seven so without the u.k. but also in the u.k. they have understood that they're giving her a little more leeway while officially still insisting on those principles i wife from the president of the european council donald toss gold presented a so-called leaders agenda to discuss the reforms proposed by france's president ma crawl all those reforms real solutions. what you have at the moment is you have a very enthusiastic french president with a lot of energy making a lot of proposition suggestions all over the place and i think there's two fold here what they wanted to skip the president of the e.u. council is trying to do is giving all those visions of that energy a little structure sort of channeling what the call is proposing and at the same time not only channeling it but preserving the ambition that is behind it because that you have to think about it you know if you still have twenty eight member
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states that might not agree with everything that a minute michael is saying that's one problem the other problem is that often in the past leaders decided something on these summits but it never happened it never followed through they want to change that wants to change that by setting out a new agenda giving it more pace and really trying to settle also the issues that were contentious in the past that's often in brussels thank you. spain's prime minister used a summit in brussels to reform e.u. leaders that his government has reached a critical point in its efforts to halt cuts on his bid for independence that it was seeking emergency powers such as taking control of the region's health care and policing when well catherine president carter's proved to moan a war that any such move would result in a unilateral declaration of independence. meanwhile germany's chancellor angela merkel has a big job on her hands domestically as she grapples with the task of forming an unprecedented multi-party national governing coalition fifty politicians from her
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conservative c.d.u. the business friendly f.t.p. of the greens amazing to see if they can cooperate on topics ranging from the european union to finance to foreign policy their political differences are significant but so is the pressure on them to succeed i'm told that eighty three percent of germans expecting this multi-party coalition to happen. let's get more from t.w. political correspondent to thomas sparrow who's monitoring those discussions so welcome thomas germany is traditionally governed by coalition so while these talks are posing such problems for i'm going to merkel. well because you have parties from very different parts of the political spectrum everything ranging from a cause sister party the c.s.u. on the right of the political spectrum to the green on the left of the political spectrum on the business friendly f.t.p. failed this is a huge challenge for i'm going to her cause she has to somehow make allies out of
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parties that are normally diametrically opposed on a wide range of issues and that wide range of issues is precisely what they're trying to discuss here right behind me they have twelve issues on the agenda everything from taxes to education to family policy you name it basically every important topic in germany is one where the four parties involved here are discussing and one where they have to find some sort of compromise for that possible future coalition a particularly contentious issue is dealing with the million plus refugees that have come to germany what can we expect well this is one of the key issues in this negotiation and it's one of the issues that are certainly most problematic you have for example in the one hundred conservative bloc that have already said they would like to have a goal to cap the number of refugees coming to the country on the other hand you have the green party saying under no circumstance we will play under those rules so
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this is another area where they have to find common ground the same applies for example to family reunification a very contentious issue in other words where the refugees that are already here in germany can bring their relatives to the country that's something that conservatives are not very happy about that something where the greens for example would say well we would certainly think that is a possibility so you can just see how difficult this issue of migration is and migration is only one of the issues that we're talking about here so it could be january before we see the formation of a new government is this period of domestic political limbo like this a week and chancellor merkel's leadership in europe. i don't think so phil because obviously germany is looking inward for the same time germany still has a functioning government a functioning government that is still dealing with some of the international issues we just saw anglo merkel for example or breaks in there and that's only just one example so i don't think this will weaken obviously angela merkel but it depends on how long these negotiations take and tom aspira thank you.
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now to some of the other stories making news around the world two suicide bombings have killed dozens in afghanistan let's talk a set off his explosives as a shiite mosque in the capital kabul killing at least thirty nine people wounding scores more and police say at least thirty three people died in a separate bombing during friday prayers at a sunni mosque in western gore province a warlord who was apparently the target of that attack. a man has killed one person and wounded seven others in a knife attack in southeastern poland the incident occurred at the shopping now and the town of walla police detained the alleged attacker a twenty seven year old local resident his motive is not clear. checks have begun voting in a two day parliamentary election that's expected to bring a populist billionaire to power frontrunner andre bobbish has promised to stamp out corruption boost investment and keep out refugees but he's our no movement is
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likely to need coalition partners to form a government. now uganda's main opposition leader keyes a procedure he has been charged with attempted murder was arrested on thursday after his supporters clashed with police during an opposition rally police claim was the procedure pictured here last year organized supporters illegally and commanded them to attack officers processes threw stones at police to disperse and using tear gas in live bullets and were demonstrating against a controversial bill proposing the removal of the presidential age limit that if found guilty mr procedure faces a maximum sentence of life imprisonment or death. so despite criticisms that uganda's government has become increasingly authoritarian the country also often wins praise for the way it welcomes refugees the east african nations currently hosting around one point three million people who fled neighboring south sudan
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policies followed by the government in camp are are said to be among the most progressive in the world with refugees given land and access to the labor market the large number of new arrivals has however put a strain on the country's resources said under k. reports. the rains have been good this year in northwestern uganda for the smallholder farmers here that's good news especially since those who don't have access to water from the nile a one of the lakes still depend on rainfall rather than irrigation uganda usually receives enough rainfall to grow staples like maize and plantation and even cash crops like coffee it therefore stands out as a country able to feed itself even when the rest of the region is suffering from drought uganda's government is often accused of being off for a tarion but andrea pad burke from german n.g.o.s who now has for credits the leadership with a commitment to fighting hunger. i think the government is doing a big effort and they have
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a national plan where they also put the issue of food security high on their agenda but due to a lot of things like for instance a large influx of refugees their resources are very strained and therefore they're very much dependent on external support. to cope with the situation uganda is home to over one point three million refugees mainly from south sudan and it has been lauded for its liberal policy each refugee family gets a piece of land from which to feed itself. diana's not unlike us where we planted eggplant on another plot and the quality was good now we're trying out onions and hope they will be good to. the refugees also get food rations of maize and beans from international organizations the vegetables from the farm and the russians are just enough for breakfast and one hot meal naturally the newcomers put a strain on already limited resources. we have in uganda high
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population density we have a high population where we have a lot of youth. many of them face unemployment the environmental issues are becoming more and more pressing so there are a lot of things that the ugandan government has to deal with that actually limits their capacity to fully address the food security situation in the country one in four ugandans today suffers from our nourishment access to a balanced diet is often limited by the fact that people can't afford certain foods rather than food not being available so while uganda is generally able to feed itself improving food security remains a major challenge. a letter written on the titanic on the day before it sank in one thousand and twelve is being auctioned in the u.k. its author was an american the business an oscar hopeful so wrote to his mother about the palatial last the boat the ship i should say how it's looking forward to new york after a holiday also up for grabs is
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a suitcase belong to the youngest survivor of the tragedy movie the dean was just two months old when the titanic sank. this is newsnight from above and still to come ons use cash withdrawals a form of protest banks all moving their headquarters to other regions of spanx. and for the bohai five out story on the rest of the days of business news in just a moment and i'll be back at the top of the hour i myself good to. rationalists are on the rise with morning light to make your country great again is their slogan their focus put your nation first i am taking you. to highlights different shades of nationalism.


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