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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  October 20, 2017 8:00pm-9:01pm CEST

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this is state of the news life from bud day and germany's chancellor races to pull together all quote alliance on the back holds a first full round of talks on forming a government with a coalition that has never been tried as a national level also on the program. e.u.
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leaders put a positive spin on bracks said talks of britain's theresa may says she's with and she says they are within touching distance of a deal all that germany's i'm going back on speaks of encouraging signs of progress but she says talks are called move forward until divorce but they settled. on uganda off as lessons in responding to a refugee crisis t w looks at the country's welcomes more than a million new arrivals even as it faces widespread hug. also coming up is the birth of a new fast food we take you to the french island of survival on demand and ready to eat on the go. i'm phil gayle welcome to the program. german chancellor angela merkel has started her first full round of talks to piece together an unprecedented multi-party
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national governing coalition fifty politicians from her conservative c.d.u. the business from the f.t.p. and the greens have been meeting to see if they can work together on topics ranging from the european union to finance and foreign policy their political differences are significant but so is the pressure to succeed. the more than fifty negotiators appear optimistic after two any of will get togethers today's meeting is getting right to the point their goal is to form an unprecedented coalition between no less than four parties. i mean that's the sort of i'm happy that we're getting started today there will definitely be a number of differing opinions but i have the impression that we'll also see a desire for the parties to agree as far as i'm concerned i'm willing to reflect in a creative manner. creativity might be what's needed here because there is
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a long way to go until the so-called jamaica coalition has been reached the colors of the parties involved are the same as those of the jamaican flak medical's conservatives are meeting with the business friendly free democrats and the green party. the first issues on the agenda finance the public budget and taxes some of the most contentious topics on the table. truants is the word. here gets important for us to hold the talks in an unbiased way possible that things work out so we are serious about finding common ground for a legislative period but it's also possible that there won't be enough similarities also and as christ in front of the german bund us talk environmental activists show they are taken out to make a coalition they support the green party who are calling for brown coal to be faced out energy policy another hot topic at the negotiating table. i did earlier
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political correspondent thomas sparrow is monitoring those discussions in bouton welcome thomas explain to us what's going on here because it is usual for germany to be governed by a coalition so why all of these discussions so difficult. well because a type of the correlation that we would be we would see here is something that germany has not seen at a federal level and the parties here represent very different segments of the political spectrum where the environmentalists greens or the pro-business f.t.p. or angela merkel's conservative bloc including the sister party the c.s.u. on the right of the political spectrum and all these different parties have to come to the same table have to discuss the issues that they believe are important and more importantly they have to try and find some sort of common ground there are twelve issues on the agenda not only for today but also for the next few weeks because something is going to take a long time fail and those topics range from family matters to taxes to europe to
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foreign policy to security i mean you name the topic and it will be on the agenda here and then all these parties have to try and find some sort of agreement if they're going to have that jamaica coalition which they hope they will achieve by the end of the year well let's name one of those issues and talk about the refugees the million plus refugees who have come to germany particularly contentious what can we expect. well this is a good example that can explain why this situation here is so complicated you have the conservative block on the one hand they agreed that they wanted to achieve a cap on migration that's their goal on the other hand you have the greens with morals more of a sort of welcoming culture for refugees they say under no circumstances will we allow any type of cap then you have the issue of family reunification in other words where the refugees here in germany are allowed or not allowed to bring their
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families the conservative bloc is rather skeptical of that decision on the other hand the greens say they will be favorable towards that decision so you can just see how different the opinions are here and how difficult it will be to try and find some sort of agreement on this issue that has been definitely one of the key issues in german politics in the last few years thomas sparrow in berlin thank you well as chancellor merkel tries to form a government at home she's also been discussing a brac set with britain's prime minister and a u. leaders a meeting today in brussels ended with the two sides still struggling with the terms of britain's divorce from the e.u. chancellor merkel have raised hopes that talks may move all of the next summit in december but she also said progress would depend on britain's financial settlement being agreed. turris there may did her best to keep up appearances in brussels but she offered few new answers to the many questions that remain about bragg's us how
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much is laundered willing to pay to settle a divorce battle and when it remains a mystery. the full and final settlement will come as part of the final agreement that we're getting in relation to the future partnership and i think that's absolutely right finances are the main sticking point between britain and the e.u. university and the for britain and still has to make a significant financial effort at the moment we are far off a figure that takes long term financial commitments into account. the hope is that we'll have come far enough by december that we'll be able to move on to the next phase of negotiations but it's up to britain to make that possible. though friday's morning meeting did little to sweeten the relationship between britain and the e.u. not all was lost. not sufficient it doesn't. progress at all. prime minister may offered
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a much needed olive branch pledging to protect you citizens in britain after the break that process is completed the u.k. and the e.u. share the same objective of safeguarding the rights of e.u. nationals living in the u.k. and u.k. nationals living in the e.u. . citizens have made a huge contribution to our country and let me be clear that whatever happens we want them and their families to stay no one had expected a breakthrough but friday summers is unlikely to leave either side feeling satisfied a lot about somebody you council president presented to what's being called the leader's agenda to discuss the reforms proposed by the french president emmanuel mccraw lasted only correspondent max hoffman in brussels about the about agenda. what you have at the moment is you have a very enthusiastic french president with a lot of energy making a lot of proposition suggestions all over the place and i think there's two fold
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here what the president of the e.u. council is trying to do is giving all those visions of that energy a little structure sort of channeling what a money remark or is proposing and at the same time not only channeling it but preserving the ambition that is behind it because but you have to think about it you know if you still have twenty eight member states that might not agree with everything that a minute michael is saying that's one problem the other problem is that often in the past leaders decided something on these summits but it never happened it never followed through they want to change that want to change that by setting out a new agenda giving it more pace and really trying to settle also the issues that were contentious in the past. that's max hoffman in brussels now this is the world's number one killer environmental pollution is causing more deaths every year the wars and violence natural disasters hunger or smoking may just study published in the lancet medical journal says that one out of every six
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premature deaths in twenty fifteen that's about nine million can be attributed to diseases caused by toxic exposure according to the reports pollution kills three times more people than aids tuberculosis and malaria combined more than six times the number killed in road accidents. more than fifteen times the number killed by war. and middle income countries are worst affected pollution could be responsible for up to a quarter of all deaths but developed countries are also grappling with the effects of dirty air and contaminated water. ships in hamburg's harbor pumping air chemicals they're the main source of air pollution in this northern german port city but hamburg's air is also full of dust particles nitrogen oxide and c o two emitted by the city's cars and power stations air pollution is a global problem
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a new study available online has pinpointed where the air soil and water are particularly poor and how many people are dying worldwide as a result. in germany pollution kills seven hundred sixty four people per million. the study shows a correlation between poverty and death due to pollution children are especially at risk and environmental n.g.o.s are warning of long term health consequences. that's in today's fairly. deaths happened because of air pollution. because people and haled microbe particles in i turned them died prematurely from a heart attack or from lung cancer which creeps for. around fifty leading scientists contributed to the lancet study which includes
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numerous economic and political proposals for combating pollution. as to how this whole with richard the following is president of pure non-governmental organization that focuses on pollution problems he coauthored the report and joins us from new york welcome to day doubly if they were dying in such huge numbers one wonders why countries are making greater efforts to protect their own citizens. you're right it's really extraordinary that they haven't paid much attention to this as much as they should and i've been meeting with ministers of health and ministers of environment in these countries for over a decade mostly they're just unaware of how big the problem is this report really is going to help them as ever the world's poorest countries seem to be worst affected why so what's what's going on there is first of all that had pollution problems related to industrialized nations and urbanization at the same time so as
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they've grown their economies they haven't matched that economic growth with the right kind of controls on pollution so air quality has gone downhill and had more soil and chemical explosions without having the right controls over it all and government is kind of behind the ball in trying to catch up a lot of these problems we've we've seen this this argument though haven't we in the need to develop fossil fuels developing countries will say well if we're going to catch you guys up in the industrialized world we have to do this otherwise we sleep behind and everybody gets poorer and they still die so what's the solution. yeah that argument actually doesn't hold up when you look at toxins when people are being made sick or dying before they have had their productive lives in fact have a drain on the economy we calculated that around two percent. in low and middle income
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countries and that drain actually could pay for an awful lot of illusion medication if people were aware of it and could put it into their priorities so your report proposes some solutions we won't go through them all which is likely to have the greatest effect. well i think it depends on what country and the most important thing that countries ought to do for us is to look within their own borders that where our biggest problems with toxic exposures is it from an pollution in the capital city or is it from soil pollution all that exposure or chromium or some industrial issue all mercury for example and gold mining areas and each country will have a different set of issues that are the most significant and once that is well known then of course programs can be designed and there are plenty of terrific ponder's
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around the well who can provide expertise on the says sense and reducing this disease because of course this isn't so much of a problem in europe or in the u.s. so these solutions are not complex they're well known it's just a matter of let it go really to make sure that they're implemented ok richard full of you of thank you my pleasure thanks for having me. i was take a look at some of the other stories making news around the world two suicide bombings have killed dozens of people in afghanistan attack and set off his explosives at a shiite mosque in the capital kabul killing at least thirty nine people and wounding scores more police say at least thirty three people died in a separate a bombing during friday prayers at a sunni mosque in western province warlord who was apparently the target of that attack. checks are voting in a two day parliamentary election that is expected to hand power to
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a populist billionaire frontrunner andre babbage has pledged to stamp out corruption boost investment and keep out refugees but he's all of movement is likely to need coalition partners in order to form a new government. spain's prime minister mariano rajoy says his government has reached a critical stage in his efforts to stop after the news independence bit it's taking emergency power surges taking control of the region's health care and policing cason on president carter's push tomorrow such a move would trigger a unilateral declaration of independence. and it's not just a business is reconsidering their future in catalonia daniel has more now in the business thank you phil of course everyone's affected by what businesses do catalonian separatists thought they had the trump card a glittering economy but now it seems businesses can more about stability than political identity many firms have already packed their bags and that's for the
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region's students worried and some say they'll be out at the first sign of separation from space. it's break time at the technical university of catalonia. and time to let off steam. the independence debate is a hot topic here. it concerns the students' futures. that. it will result in international and medium sized companies leaving the region it will be very difficult to find work then i don't want to leave catalonia my whole family is living here but there's a possibility that i will have to leave us quite a bit of. the political conflict is already taking its toll say on a volkswagen affiliate is one of the region's biggest employers there are rumors the central government in madrid is putting the carmaker under pressure to leave
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catalonia no comment from the company on the other hand the german business show is happy to talk about things its high tech mechanical arm is designed for the factories of the future made in barcelona and freighted off to other parts of the country and abroad the business is enjoying double digit growth but couldn't catalonian independence post problems hundreds of companies are turning their backs on the region. that's a good wash and here i expect article one fifty five won't be triggered and independence won't be declared early elections are a possibility the whole affair may drag on for weeks but we don't think drastic decisions like shifting operations will be necessary in the short term but we expect the political situation will calm down in the next weeks and months and often want to know what. so shown will stay for now but others have already gone. wind turbines are getting ever
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taught to the frequent annoyance of those living near them just like germany which has bet big on renewables back in two thousand the average german wind turbine measured just one hundred meters that so about the same size of the statue of liberty now let's zoom out and fast forward a little bit these days turbines reach around one hundred eighty five meters leaving them towering above the cologne cathedral but check this out experts suggest that by twenty twenty five wind turbines make assaulter three hundred meters practically the same height as the eiffel tower all of which makes the wind turbine developed by two in based environmental engineers almost in the comparison measuring rather puny ten meters but it has one advantage with a little bit of know how anyone can build their own. this bicycle workshop it's actually based inside this steel container.
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recently it was even kitted out with knights. and music keeps the workers in a good mood and. the workshop is located in tempelhof park on the fields of berlin's foreman and port most impressively the power is generated by a homemade wind turbine that rises ten metres above the ground. as well what i find fascinating is that you can build this really complex products yourself and wind turbines are complex and many processes go into building one today they're also being built on a large industrial scale we have a lot of big megawatt wind turbines here in germany but to build one you don't need a high tech factory. all you need is the know how and a few tools. of the turbine comes as
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a self-assembly kit costs around four hundred euros and most components can be found at scrap yards the engineers also give workshops to teach people how to build the turbines along with know how it takes concentration and patience through one of the students is jacob he's going to sierra leone soon to pass on what he's learned then people there will be able to use the kits to build their own windmills. we want to create a model program to show people that renewable energy is a workable solution. we want to be able to say look you can do something to you don't need to burn wood and gasoline to get energy for brain or. beans in the wind turbine it's tempelhof park needs regular checks this time seem on good and emmanuelle dawn are doing it
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themselves they're convinced that turbines could be very useful in places the talk connected to the electric grid. when those window into the wind turbine is built properly and has a decent sized battery bank it could supply energy to villages or to another country. in there on the island and the temple who park might workshop has other plans too soon that turbine will supply power to an antenna and three routers then they'll be free wi-fi here all thanks to wind energy. every move you make every word you speak even watch you where it's all obsessive li monitored if you are a central bank governor it's the case the world over especially in the run up to major policy announcements investors are intent on jumping on anything that could give them the faintest clues about an upcoming interest rate rise or policy shift
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but can a face move a market researchers in japan think so. the many faces of bank of japan governor how will he koku road but what's he thinking and more importantly what's he about to say that's the question researchers believe they'll soon be able to answer. critical there are still pretty basic but we've proven the correlation between the governor's facial expressions and the decisions he makes on his school policy i believe we can use this method to predict his next move on monetary policy of some of the. central bank chiefs are used to close scrutiny take easy had mario draghi some people believe his choice of type presents a clue about his fiscal plan. others think the way federal reserve chair janet yellen construct her sentences can be revealing. videos of federal reserve chair
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woman janet yellen and e.c.b. head mario draghi are readily available so why won't the research to convert them to. from facial expressions to fiscal intentions. this image of the bank of japan governor has been assigned one hundred percent happiness racing but what exactly that says about his next policy decision remains unclear after all looks can be deceiving. companies have repeatedly come under fire this year for their apparently racist. of last week this week its never had a quarter here in germany facing criticism across africa for a campaign for skin lightening product for make a budget for social media. for africa correspondent here to tell us more welcome both. tell us about this campaign so at the center of the discussion is
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a complain that navya has been running through a t.v. spots and billboards in several african countries and it advertises. products but in a way that critics say seem to suggest that having dark skin is something negative let me show you an example of that campaign it's a t.v. spot that has been running. this one. t.v. spot that has been running in the past months in several african countries and he shows a model that is rubbing new veil ocean on her skin which then turns visibly lighter and this has caused a lot of criticism this week especially there you go here you can see it and this has been causing a lot of criticism this week especially in ghana and nigeria and also some media people are have begun using the hashtag pull it down to tell nevada they don't want to keep seeing these kinds of. and here's also a strong message by an english good man rapper on instagram he's accusing
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of promoting self-hate for africans through such ads and he's saying these ads are advocating for for african use and it's we've seen a number of similar complains that have caused controversy not only in africa but also in asia in malaysia for instance has emerged recently and by a malaysian cosmetics brand it shows a husband who's throwing his wife out of the house and he's mistreating her until she decides to use one of their skin lightening products and after she uses the product she literally turns into a different person who is also played by a different actress and then her husband wants her back so different region have different company but. you can see this taking here with me yes controversial. to say the least. it is your money if you saw
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race growing up in nairobi what sort of fact did i have well first of all it completely strips you of your self-esteem you can imagine being a twelve year old girl living in a country that's well created by majority black people and seeing black people play such roles and look at the words they use in that movie ad for example they said that it will restore and enhance your skin it's natural and fair a skin is linked to health youth and prosperity so as a young person looking at that you start to think of yourself as abnormal because it's normal language used to advertise something that is very up normal and it creates this dichotomy known as colorism within the people of color spectrum where person who is of a fair complexion for example in my country would be known as yellow yellow in south africa person who is of a feral complection is known as yellow bone and you can imagine what the opposite is on the other side but these perceptions which come with you know these stereotypes lead people to do really crazy things including using products at a very harmful to the. ok so i'm really at
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a time when it sounds to my ears controversial why is it that companies keep pushing this is a new phenomena isn't it absolutely not it's demand there was a study in twenty fifteen which said that up to seventy percent of women in africa way using beaching products that's significantly high and it's all got to do with a lot of the stuff that i've told you but it's also money these companies are pumping a lot of money into advertising products if you want to thank you. you're watching . live from we'll have more in just a. european star's. performance. against labor. a little let me get my eyes and look around like mario biondi has touched the
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hearts of this fact. we're told. there's no man. here early in concert in forty five minutes on the t.w. your beloved. d.w. true diversity. where the world of science is at home in many languages. on top of programming go on doing that. now with us in our innovations magazine for asia. every week and always looking to the future fund d w dot com science and research for asia. africa study where they start to divide the country i do get to where they start to divide the language blood will flow for close to the ninety nine days the
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soviet union is breaking up part. of. the members of the russian federation would have to find their own way politically and economically with love so it was an incredibly difficult task not most of us. would find this democracy was a lie the secret to lectures where frauds that say privatization was robbery. thank the soviet union's heritage where does russia stand today and moscow's empire our series starting november fifth d.w. . the state of the news lie from god and i felt a laser at top stories at this hour german chancellor angela merkel has started the first full round of talks to try and piece together. an unprecedented multi-party governing coalition politicians from her conservative c.d.u.
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with the business from the f.t. play of the greens have been meeting to see how they can work together on a range of topics. and britain's prime minister theresa may has been thrown a lifeline in bracks it talks after a youth leaders agreed to start preparations for the next round of negotiations but they made clear that britain must that agreement must be reached on britain's financial bill with the e.u. before the end of the year. and uganda's main opposition the iraqi's besiege area has been charged with attempted murder he was arrested on thursday after his supporters clashed with police during an opposition rally a police claim used the procedure pictured here last year all that i support as illegally and commanded them to attack offices protesters threw stones that the police have dispersed and using tear gas and live bullets were demonstrating against a controversial law bill opposing the removal of the presidential age limitation if found guilty mr c.j.
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faces a maximum sentence of life imprisonment or death. correspondent alex get a count pollack joins us on the line from uganda in the capital welcome alex this is not the first time a case of a c.j. has been detained some of these charges likely to stick. our eyes he looks like we've lost the. it looks like we have lost the line to our composite perhaps we'll do that a little later moving up despite criticisms that uganda has grown increasingly authoritarian the country also often wins praise for the way it has welcomed refugees these african nations currently hosting around one point three a million people who fled neighboring south sudan policies for followed by the government in camp are said to be amongst the most progressive in the world with refugees given land and access to the labor market the large numbers of new
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arrivals have for the police strain on the country's resources an echo reports. the rains have been good this year in northwestern uganda for the smallholder farmers here that's good news especially since those who don't have access to water from the nile a one of the lakes still depend on rainfall rather than irrigation uganda usually receives enough rainfall to grow staples like maize and plantation and even cash crops like coffee it therefore stands out as a country able to feed itself even when the rest of the region is suffering from drought uganda's government is often accused of being all for tarion but andrea pad but from german n.g.o.s belt who now has credits the leadership with a commitment to fighting hunger. i think the government is doing a big effort and they have a national plan where they also put the issue of food security high on their agenda but due to a lot of things like for instance
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a large influx of refugees their resources are very strained and therefore they're very much dependent on external support. to cope with the situation uganda is home to over one point three million refugees mainly from south sudan and it has been lauded for its liberal policy each refugee family gets a piece of land from which to feed itself. diana's not unlike us where we planted eggplant on another plot and the quality was good now we're trying out onions and hope they will be good to. the refugees also get food rations of maize and beans from international organizations the vegetables from the farm and the russians are just enough for breakfast and one hot meal naturally the newcomers put a strain on already limited resources. we have in uganda high population density we have a high population where we have a lot of youth. many of them face unemployment the environmental issues are
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becoming more and more pressing so there are a lot of things that the ugandan government has to deal with that actually limits their capacity to fully address the food security situation in the country one in four ugandans today suffers from our nourishment access to a balanced diet is often limited by the fact that people can't afford certain foods rather than food not being available so while uganda is generally able to feed itself improving food security remains a major challenge. our neighboring kenya tensions are running high head of next week's presidential election rerun chief executive of the country's electro board as richard has announced that he's taking three weeks' leave following calls for him to resign and his opposition has said that it will boycott. reground which was ordered after irregularities reported in the original poll in august and also a call for the removal of current electoral officials including mr chalabi.
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let's get more on this from a legal correspondent catherine wander who joins us from kenya's capital nairobi welcome catherine tell us about the significance of the c.e.o. taking a leave of absence now well that is very significant given that earlier during the week the chairman of the commissions asked those who had been adversely mentioned or those who had been accused of making it difficult for him to work as well as bungling in the last election he asked them to step aside so this seems like this way to you know kind of pave way for. you know movement in the terms of preparing for this election on the twenty sixth of october whether or not the opposition will accept this move as a big step forward and then probably reduce some of its demands on the electoral commission is yet to be seen now president kenyatta wants
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a rerun to go ahead but the opposition leader rather is criticizing him because of the reforms that he wants have happened so does the danger have a point. i think it does have a point in the sense that the supreme court actually showed us the issues within the electoral commission or the issues or whatever irregularities led to get an announcement of the result so he does have a point in the sense that the electoral commission to clean itself up when the chairman appears when he makes his announcements he and he has actually also admitted that he's under siege out of the seven commissioners four commissioners have been accused of trying to. propagate the agenda of the of the ruling party so the main opposition leader does have a point but he is in between a rock and a hard place because if the election does go forward if he doesn't participate in the election and this gives almost incumbent president who cannot win on
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a silver platter now this is an interesting situation because you're one of those election in august the supreme court says this was a bogus election there were there were irregularities let's have a new one but kenyans are not united in this desire for a new election other than not we spoke to some kenyans today and they say that. on one side they say that they want to lections and they will go to elections and present who came out in his statement today during the hero's day celebration said that they will provide the government will provide protection for people who want to go to vote on the twenty sixth of september of october so. we have one side that says they do not want to take part at all until reforms made. and i really thank you.
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let's turn to syria now where u.s. backed forces have officially declared victory in the northern syrian city of raka after pushing out extremists from so-called islamic state it comes as new pictures taken by drones to have revealed the devastation caused by weeks of fighting entire neighborhoods turned to rubble warplanes pounded the city with thousands of bombs so in the form of the battle to retake it. we spoke with ryan dillon a u.s. army colonel and spokesman for the u.s. led coalition i gain stuff so-called islamic state in iraq and syria where some to comment on the many civilian deaths that has occurred during the operation to free rocka from my ass i would say that you know this coalition has gone through extensive measures yaz a very deliberate and through process that whenever we conduct any strikes in support of our armed forces who deserve to be protected in their fight. against
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these isis terrorists it is that it is always takes into account any human suffering or damage to infrastructure this is the most accurate and precise campaign in the history of warfare and we are doing everything that we possibly can to minimize civilians as a part of our campaign to defeat isis. this week to w.'s inviting international journalists who have been given refuge in germany to speak about their host country today we're hearing from just sort of mama doll from. yeah germany as all mine yeah messing up their shit from a state m.p. . in trying to get a woman into how she did make. men your job of the men yes it does if the match was a shop must. stay at home. and a mother from
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a mother looks as it abides in one generation when its loans are. less above and none of mine yet jazz the planting the seed doing that is the deal done as a harsh method as the letter that is left of the man that shot in that island the biggest ever of the good ole man made yes and that's all that showed up in his among those bloke and as i was a cog in the bias that the government. many much of the day decided who noticed that a lot of them look almost as i buy them but to the couple will be on the tip of the list. as all my new has produced them which as that abides in the united states the bathroom of none was and what i have been in the us has produced haven't achieved. his did you notice that a lot of man's innovative you have me you must have been also about. stem unless it's been just a maci hegel nice there was
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a lot of talk i've been in that several of those then have been me that. it's a problematic that would have done you not just that it meant the last contest had been that bad let it be that test them a lot more believe it otherwise you. didn't get the money in my stead of all of the wood on the s. and get them on the list as all money for soul should be on the stand one good number well as of your last and best they've said made them a simple song that man has prism arsenal commits a. lot of love for my mother. ourself with the former the world championship which could be decided on sunday at the united states called pre lewis hamilton can claim his fourth title with three races to spare but sebastian vettel still has a chance of overhauling the brit. it's been a blockbusting fight for the biggest title in motor sports but the battle between
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lewis hamilton and sebastian vettel could come to an end this weekend in austin texas championship leader hamilton is staying calm. not in change for me when everything is exactly the same as it was going into the last race into the second half the season is exactly the same mentally for me so. maybe a change from your perspective for me doesn't lead to an ferrari have given me a sadie's a serious run for their money this year they initially had the speed to complete and looked on course to end three years of my cds dominance the german lead for much of the season before reliability issues it is car hamilton went for the last five races and now boasts three hundred six points. the us groom prepared mutations are fairly simple if hamilton wins vettel must finish at least fifth to take the battle to mexico next week anything less and the britain is champion.
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more from a problem for us from either of these four so welcome pablo so lewis hamilton chasing his fourth title is he likely to clinch on sunday well he's even said that the chances of him winning actually are city because he doesn't feel like he is anything starter sebastian vettel will finish in the top five like we just saw in the report there in order for there was hamilton to actually win. sebastian vettel will have to finish at least six which is fairly unlikely of course according to the briton now how often does actually like this this circuit quite a lot he's won on four occasions in austin and he's had a pretty good season for taking in the latter half and of course we're we're we're talking about someone who has already won several titles in formula one so with someone who has that confidence and he's looking to basically when his fourth title this time vettel lead for much of the child perceives there is
8:45 pm
a chance for ferrari with four races left well there were fusing to give up and he was leading the championship right up until last month and that was right from the big. of the season which was back in australia in march now the problem with that ferrari is that they've been very consistent they've had a stream of poor races now it's about in vettel crashed i would in singapore he had engine failure in malaysia and then of course you had technical problems in japan so basically he want to hope and pray that his ferrari doesn't fail him again this time so we're more generally how has this year's practical benefit from having two teams in the title battle well what we had last season in particular was we had this sort of rivalry within the team and you know within the mercedes team between nico rosberg and lewis hamilton now of course bigger rosberg has now retired so it's just lewis hamilton facing of course his. competitor here sebastian vettel and
8:46 pm
it's been a hell of a lot more exciting for spectators of course as well in the last few years it's been we'll call it less boring still as well because what happened was we had red bull winning back to back for four years and then it was mercedes back to back so now it's nice to see this rivalry between two big teams receive we'll find out on sunday pablo foley ellis thank you thanks so much such as a football on the german football association has been ordered to pay nineteen million euros to the tox man following allegations of corruption surrounding the two thousand and six world cup german f.a. is accused of using a loan from a businessman to five votes to host the two thousand and six showpiece the organization led by ron howard goodell said instead that the controversial six point seven million euro figure in its accounts was for a golf event but that gullit did not take place that challenging the tax bill resulting from the effect of the news came as the german f.a. and others to major structural reform and its woodside lost a world cup qualifier to iceland.
8:47 pm
eld or a half of france's atlantic coast is one of the country's top tourist destinations and many visitors can't get enough of the local speciality seafood now one local resident has come up with a novel way of meeting their demand a vending machine that sells oysters twenty four seven. some depictions of the birth of aphrodite the goddess of love and desire have her stepping out of an oyster shell and oysters are adored by the french they consume around eighty thousand tonnes of them annually and it said that true always still love as can suddenly crave them at any time. tony best hello can help see spontaneous cravings he works in the oldest oyster breeding zone in fronts on the indirect way he's out harvesting a fresh supply for his newest initiative an oyster dispenser.
8:48 pm
many. business hours because of work because they're on holiday and they lose track of time so this suits their needs. voiced is are available here twenty four seven nicely packaged in a little basket they can be plucked right out of the cooler it's easy and it's no more expensive than at the store. this is terrific you can just come here whenever you feel like oysters. leave the beach in the evening after the shops have closed but we can buy oysters here. it's really practical the anything missing here is the white wine. about six hundred oysters a sold from the dispenser each day people here are always ready for the food picnic in france oysters are a staple and taya on the indure they never run out. of
8:49 pm
dispensary lettuce when the supply starts to run no way was fitted up again even during the night. it's comforting to know that anyone who gets a sudden craving for oysters can always come here on the endure a here where oysters are always available. now the national gallery prize for artists living or working in germany is one of this country's major awards for the visual arts the winner is due to be announced at any moment from our culture desk is here to tell us more i mean you just i'm waiting for a message and any minute now ok hopefully even while we're talking well sense about this prize that ok so this is a relatively new prize in the in sort of the grand scheme of things because a lot of people haven't heard about it it was created back in two thousand but it's only given out every two years so this is the ninth edition and e.w. is always a media partner so it's for artists under forty who are living and working in
8:50 pm
germany but they can be from anywhere so as it turns out past winners and nominees have gone on to become you know really really first players on the contemporary art scene big names like daniel for instance the guy out of france and there were four finalists this year all of them women as you can see here behind us and one of them is going to come up the lucky one here this evening that first of all let's just have a look at at their work. welcome to the amazonas shopping center this colorful art installation by bin as well an artist's calero includes a currency exchange. and even a small cinema. calero has been living in europe since she was seventeen in her work she explores social spaces immigrants create for themselves and reflects upon her own experiences. you're trying to integrate to a new society you're seeing a lot of your own identity. became
8:51 pm
a point where i was not only wanted to understand more of the place where i was coming from but i also wanted to understand well with my identity and i. don't let this happy looking son flew you. because video installation is clearly political the sun is. observing the chaos on earth without being able to intervene for the polish artist it's all about individual responsibility and the influence we have on our surroundings. oversized body fragments are part of this cinematic experience created by us artist. combining film and sculpture the artist explores the passing on of musical knowledge and dislocated communities and today's israel. the body fragments compliment the film. they connect to the film and the theme of muscle memory so the film is very much
8:52 pm
about telling history through the senses through the muscle memory that that is needed in order to form music and memorize music over generations the line between old and new is a blurry one and in many sense project the cairo born artist created modern objects inspired by antiquities she's seen in museums and ambiguous artwork that also includes text. all four artists have a joint exhibition now on at berlin's gallery. do we have a winner yet still waiting you know that no message. so we talk about what a diverse group we've got there i'm so obviously a difficult decision for this jury a great stepping stone for the career absolutely i'm this that the joint exhibition that we just saw there is is for all of them obviously it's on until january so
8:53 pm
that alone just for the nominees gives them an awful lot of exposure for the winner when we find out who she is it's not a cash prize but rather a major solo exhibition to come next year and it's interesting the last winner in two thousand and fifteen was an a in hope of who's a german artist known for her performance are still sort of painting and installation work and with the recognition that this prize afforded her she has really taken off she had absolutely triumphant shows last year in basel and berlin where a lot of big name galleries and collectors showed up and she also had an absolutely phenomenal piece at the german pavilion at this year's venice. and was awarded the golden lion for best national participation so that was a really incredible piece in the result of course is now being represented by a couple of germany's hottest galleries including the galaxy. and so this national gallery prize was definitely the ticket to the big leagues for her ok and so as you
8:54 pm
say this is this is based in germany but berlin where we are particularly well known for its alternative and become even more popular it's definitely gaining in stature for what i would call the established art scene you know first of all it's got well over four hundred galleries i think it's something like four hundred forty it's it's a city that's as you know full of very young energy it's still relatively cheap to live here for artists and of course it has that real undercurrent of grit that has attracted lots of artists over the past couple of decades. a couple of really big names of people who have stuck around here or left on for instance and he was actually also a nominee for this prize back in the early days so berlin is also home to a number of really major events on the on the international arts calendar for instance the berlin art week just happened last month in september and this year it actually teamed up with a much longer and better established art cologne so it featured about one hundred
8:55 pm
ten calories from sixteen countries and we're really getting an awful lot of international scope their. feeling is very much a hot spot with a lot of potential i think for the future art market and it's also you know obviously with a lot of other genres i mean obviously street art has has taken on quite a quite a profile here as well ok final time anything nothing out and nothing at all to win it so sorry to disappoint you but how does it appear on the website absolutely as soon as we know it'll be on the websites and later on the german show customers are coming out of that kind of help said thank you so much pleasure. now let me remind you of our top stories this hour german chancellor i'm going to start a tough first full hour of talks to piece together unprecedented multi-party governing coalition politicians from her conservative c.d.u. party business from the f.t. paid out of the greens i've been meeting to say if i could work together on a regular basis. britain's prime minister recently has been strong
8:56 pm
a lifeline in brics it talks after e.u. leaders agreed to begin preparations for the next round of negotiations but they insist that britain must settle its financial bill with the e.u. before the end of the year. the situation of today more on the top of the hour in the meantime of course as always the website that's t w dot com of the day.
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european stars deliver rousing performance of. jazz flavored songs for good let me look around. has touched the hearts
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