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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  October 20, 2017 9:00pm-9:16pm CEST

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of a mysterious catastrophe what killed so many of them and for those that are alive endangered . psychos in distress find out more in our interactive internet documentary and g.w. dot com psych us. this is the w. music live from berlin germany's chancellor braces to pull together and offered alliance and the merkel holds her first full round of talks on forming a government with a coalition that has never been tried at the national level. also coming up
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britain's theresa may tries to keep up appearances during breaks the talks in brussels but germany's angela merkel says that negotiations cannot move forward until the divorce bill is agreed. and uganda offers lessons in responding to a refugee crisis d.w. looks at the country is welcome for more than a million fewer rivals even as the country faces widespread hunger. i'm sorry kelly thank you very much for joining us german chancellor angela merkel has started her first full round of talks to piece together an unprecedented multi-party national governing coalition fifty politicians from her conservative c.v. you the business friendly f.d.p. and the greens have been meeting to see if they can work together on topics ranging
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from the european union to finance to foreign policy their political differences are significant but so is the pressure to succeed. more than fifty migo shaders for parties and one common goal forming an unprecedented coalition that does not really fit together after two days of amicable preliminary talks they're finally getting down to business. issue i mean that's the sort and i'm happy that we're getting started today there will be definitely a number of differing opinions but i have the impression that you also see a desire for the parties to agree as far as i'm concerned i'm willing to reflect in a creative manner. enough to think and creativity might be just what's needed here because there's a long way to go until a so-called jamaica coalition can be formally announced it's called a jamaica coalition because of the party colors brings together americans conservatives and the business friendly free democrats and the green party. the
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first issues on the agenda finance public spending in texas just some of the contentious topics on the table. if you insist. it's important for us to hold the talks in an unbiased way it's possible that things work alex it's we are serious about finding common ground for a legislative period but it's also possible that there won't be enough similarities so i mean this is you know the christ in front of the german bund us talk environmental activist sent their message to a potential jamaica coalition the greens are calling for coal power to be phased out with the other party's more skeptical energy policy is another hot topic so. you have a political correspondent thomas sparrow is monitoring those discussions in berlin and joins us now so thomas how much pressure is angela merkel under to make this unusual coalition work. she's under
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a lot of pressure sorrow there's no doubt about that we just have to think about the challenge that she has because she has to bring together four parties that afford against each other in the recent election and there are diametrically opposed you know wide range of areas there are twelve issues that they're discussing right here behind me issues ranging from taxes to family policy to energy policy to foreign policy to policies on europe i mean basically you name it and they will be discussing it right here behind me on many of these issues these parties could not be more different you have the conservative bloc in particular anglo-american sister party from bavaria the c.s.u. on the right you have the environmentalists greens you have the pro-business f a d.p. they're all obviously interested in defending their own ideas but in some point they will obviously have to to compromise and find common ground if this so-called jamaica coalition is to succeed let's talk a little bit more about those ideas thomas because there are some significant
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sticking points walk us through them well give you one very concrete example if you look at migration policy you have for example the conservative bloc they agreed internally that they wanted to have a goal to try and cap the number of migrants arriving in germany the greens on the other hand say under no circumstance then there's the issue of family reunification in other words if refugees are allowed to bring their families to germany as well that's something that the conservatives are not very happy about on the other hand the greens would say well this is something that we should do in germany or we should allow so this just explains how difficult it is and just as we see this in the refugee issue we also see it on another aspect as well climate policy for example low taxes there are considerable differences between the different parties here so briefly thomas tell us what sort of timetable are we likely looking at here
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. well there are five meetings already planned in the next few weeks but germans would be happy the political parties here would be happy if by christmas there is an agreement if by christmas we have a coalition here in germany thomas sparrow with the very latest on his coalition talks here in germany will angela merkel be able to form a government you have the very latest for us and we appreciate it and as chancellor angela merkel tries to form a government at home she's also been discussing bragg's it with britain's prime minister and other e.u. leaders a meeting to name brussels and head with the two sides still struggling with the terms of britain's divorce from the european union merkel raised hopes that talks may move on at the next summit in december but she said the progress would depend on britain's financial settlement being agreed to resume a did her best to keep up appearances in brussels but she offered few new answers
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to the many questions that remain about brags how much is london willing to pay to settle its divorce bill and when it remains a mystery here. the full and final settlement will come as part of the final agreement that we're getting in relation to the future partnership and i think that's absolutely right finances are the main sticking point between britain and the e.u. you know this and the for britain still has to make a significant financial effort at the moment we are far off a figure that takes the long term financial commitments into account. the hope is that we'll have come far enough by december that we'll be able to move on to the next phase of negotiations but it's up to britain to make that possible zero move. though friday's morning meeting did little to sweeten the relationship between britain and the e.u. not all was lost right progress it's not sufficient it doesn't slow progress
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at all. prime minister may offered a much needed all of branch pledging to protect you citizens in britain after the break that process is completed the u.k. and the e.u. share the same objective of safeguarding the rights of e.u. nationals living in the u.k. and u.k. nationals living in the e.u. e.u. citizens have made a huge contribution to our country and let me be clear that whatever happens we want them and their families to stay no one had expected a breakthrough but friday summers is unlikely to leave either side feeling satisfied. and you council president donald tusk presented what is being called a leaders' agenda to discuss the reforms proposed by the french president emmanuel mccall we asked a d w correspondent max hoffman and brussels earlier about that agendas and allison . what you have at the moment is you have a very enthusiastic french president with a lot of energy making a lot of proposition suggestions all over the place and i think there's two fold
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here what they wanted to the president of the e.u. council is trying to do is giving all those visions about energy a little structure sort of channeling what we might call is proposing and at the same time not only channeling it but preserving the ambition that is behind it because that you have to think about it you know if you still have twenty eight member states that might not agree with everything that a minute michael is saying that's one problem the other problem is that often in the past leaders decided something on these summits but it never happened it never followed through they want to change that. to change that by setting out a new agenda giving it more pace and really trying to settle also the issues that were contentious in the past. let's get a quick check now of some other stories making news around the world two suicide bombings have killed dozens in afghanistan and attackers set off his explosives at a shiite mosque in the capital kabul killing at least thirty nine people and
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wounding scores more and police say that at least thirty three people died in a separate bombing during friday prayers at a sunni mosque and western province a warlord was apparently a target of that attack. checks have begun voting in a two day parliamentary election that is expected to hand power to a populist billionaire frontrunner andre. has pledged to stamp out corruption investment and keep out refugees but his i know movement is likely to need coalition partners to form a new government. spanish prime minister mariano rajoy says that his government has reached a critical point in its efforts to stop catalonia as independence bed it is seeking emergency powers such as taking control of the region's health care and policing cattle and president products closed among said that. a move would trigger a unilateral declaration of independence. uganda's main
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opposition leader. has been charged with attempted murder he was arrested on thursday after his supporters clashed with police during an opposition rally police claim that he who is pictured here last year organized supporters illegally and commanded them to attack officers protesters threw stones at police who dispersed them using tear gas and live bullets they were demonstrating against a controversial bill proposing the removal of the presidential age limit if found guilty as d.j. faces a maximum sentence of life life imprisonment or death. despite criticisms that uganda has grown increasingly a thought or a tarion the country also often wins praise for the way that it has welcomed refugees the east african nation is currently hosting around one point three million people who have fled neighboring south sudan the policies followed by the government in kampala are said to be among the most progressive in the world with
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refugees given land and access to the labor market the large numbers of new arrivals have however put a strain on the country's resources sela one co reports. the rains have been good this year in northwestern uganda for the smallholder farmers here that's good news especially since those who don't have access to water from the nile a one of the lakes still depend on rainfall rather than irrigation uganda usually receives enough rainfall to grow staples like maize and plantation and even cash crops like coffee it therefore stands out as a country able to feed itself even when the rest of the region is suffering from drought uganda's government is often accused of being off for a tarion but andrea pad burke from german n.g.o.s who now has for credits the leadership with a commitment to fighting hunger. i think the government is doing a big effort and they have a national plan where they also put the issue of food security high on their agenda
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but due to a lot of things like for instance a large influx of refugees their resources are very strained and therefore they're very much dependent on external support. to cope with the situation uganda is home to over one point three million refugees mainly from south sudan and it has been lauded for its liberal policy each refugee family gets a piece of land from which to feed itself. diana's not unlike us where we planted eggplant on another plot and the quality was good now we're trying out onions and hope they will be good to. the refugees also get food rations of maize and beans from international organizations the vegetables from the farm and the russians are just enough for breakfast and one hot meal naturally the newcomers put a strain on already limited resources. we have in uganda high
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population density we have a high population where we have a lot of youth. many of them face unemployment the environmental issues are becoming more and more pressing so there are a lot of things that the ugandan government has to deal with that actually limits their capacity to fully address the food security situation in the country one in four ugandans today suffers from our nourishment access to a balanced diet is often limited by the fact that people can't afford certain foods rather than food not being available so while uganda is generally able to feed itself improving food security remains a major challenge. and sports news the fallout from the scandal involving the two thousand and six world cup means that the german football association must pay nineteen million euros to the tax man of the german f.a. is accused of using a loan from a businessman to buy vote. to host the two thousand and six showpiece the organization led by rinehart says that instead that
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a six point seven million euro figure in its accounts was for a gala event but that gala it never took place they are challenging the new tax bill resulting from the loan affair the news comes on the day that the german f.a. announced a major structural reform. a quick reminder of the top stories that we have been following for you here at the german chancellor angela merkel has started her first full round of talks to piece together an unprecedented multi-party governing coalition politicians from her conservative t.v. you the business friendly f.t.p. and the greens have been meeting. today. that will hold over information. opinions they want to.


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