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tv   World Stories - Famine as a weapon in South Sudan  Deutsche Welle  October 21, 2017 4:15pm-4:30pm CEST

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football made in germany. it's all about the moments that. it's all about the story inside. it's all about george chance to discover the world from different perspectives. join us and inspired by distinctive instagram others. d.w. stories new topics each week on instagram. coming up on this week's well story. the hunger weapon in south sudan.
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a new migrant group through remaining. but we begin in catalonia with the political crisis surrounding the issue of independence from spain continues unabated many businesses are considering a move away from the region. jose maria ming well he's in downtown barcelona together with thousands of others eager to send a clear signal to the cattle on parliament declare independence but why. then it's a chance to have a normal country a country that can develop and make use of its resources and pass its own laws that's it. earlier meanwhile was busy working at a company he set up with partners the mid-sized company that supplies chemicals such as enzymes for beer production but while business is good now what about major corporations leaving catalonia they're not going to put on a body in economic terms there will be repercussions for spain in europe due to the
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loss of trust but that was predictable that europe was slow to respond to our warnings they claim we are a prosperous region with a high degree of self-determination but for years the people's party in madrid has been rolling back our autonomy. climbing on list of columbia. and it's not just the big banks who are leaving catalonia many mid-sized companies are considering the move to theme a sparkling wine producer fresh annette is among them. i propose to the board that we relocate our headquarters should there be a unilateral declaration of independence freshen it is determined to remain in the european union. that stands often does not go down well with customers in catalonia the home of spanish sparkling wine. because of everything that it's had an impact on fresh annette although not that serious these people are a variety of cattle and who are not keen on how i see spanish unity. of one of
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their own in all this punk. many economists already agree that uncertainty about the ultimate status of catalonia will take a heavy toll on the region. the machinery the premises and other assets will stay the workforce to. what will change is future investment. it will disappear because we will no longer be able to give investors legal security access to capital and the european dimension. still jose maria mean well and millions of his fellow catalans believe the only way to a better life is through complete independence from spain. for years the people of south sudan have suffered from the consequences of civil war
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food is scarce supplies barely enough to feed an undernourished population more than a million children are going hungry. honey has been waiting for this moment for six weeks. she's walked four hours from her village to the refugee camps inventive to get food to feed her family. i'm very grateful now i've got some beans next comes the children's food and the grain and oil to. the ngo that hunger hits from germany together with the u.n. world food program provides food for more than two hundred thousand people here every month under the most difficult circumstances. there are frequent attacks which require u.n. soldiers to protect the camp. but hannah doesn't live in the camp for
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the mother of four the most dangerous part of her journey is. just about to begin. with you. know none but none made you more new an uncle don don juan transporting the food to the village is very difficult but i have no choice my family has starving who are women well but if i take everything at once armed men will take it all away from me so i have to make several trips with my god. if i have only a little bit on me then they can only take part of the food and run under when i knew what the. government troops and rebels have been fighting here for years but what started as a political conflict between the president and his vice president quickly took on ethnic dimensions pitting the two largest ethnic groups the dinka and the new or against each other. the minister for humanitarian affairs is seen as one of the few balanced voices inside the government he admits mistakes have been made.
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people into their own hands even within the government that i'm some individuals what i'm truly and that's why i don't know whether you heard that some people were arrested and being taken to court but people like qana now already have little access to the courts and justice you know before embarking on the treacherous hike back to our home village kind of visits her mother in the camp. hannah says she feels abandoned by her husband who has gone underground to fight with a rebel group by the international community because of the continual difficulty to keep food on her table and above all by her own government who soldiers she lives in fear of as she makes her way back home. the proportion of women in the german bund to stalk instruct the thirty one percent since the september twenty seventh election buckling the trend since the early one
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nine hundred eighty s. now the idea of introducing a quota is attracting growing support. for claudia looking me its over. after four years as a member of parliament she has to clear out her desk like many of her female colleagues partly because her cvo party did so badly and partly because women lost out in their own party rankings. we have a core and that says everyone should be fire woman as well every said as you know the others seem to be the thing is that in most people's heads the lists together chris percentages becomes the maximum number they say one two three four five six that's the next women seat seven eight nine that has to be a woman where does this leave us. women's participation in the german parliament is truly not a success story for three decades they struggled along with less than ten percent
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it was the appearance of the green party in the early eighty's and later the left parties entry into the bundestag that changed the dynamics partly thanks to that quota recently some thirty seven percent of german m.p.'s were women. unfortunately i think that in society and in the media there was this idea that everything is ok now one third of the members of parliament are female and we have ministers we have a female chancellor but this is misleading because the percentage of women in parliament does not reflect women's share of society which is over half of the population. and even in the conservative parties women are beginning to get angry although most men oppose it they are pushing for a quota. many men want to protect the privileges they have as no reason for them to support these new regulations if they get implemented then men will be reducing their own chances of
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a political career as long as women agree as long as society doesn't protest things won't change helga lucas shot once a parity law to be implemented similar to those other european countries already have in place and although in the probable new government coalition only the green seem to be for a quota she's still optimistic that the regulation will be implemented one day but that's too late for cloudy looking michoud who can only hope that future generations of female politicians will find a more level playing field. last report takes us to romania where the number of migrants and refugees being rescued off the coast has seen a sudden rise both or it is their belief smugglers are looking for a new route. at the mercy of the black sea crammed onto a far too tiny boat heading toward to
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a mania. this is also how even under a cast by zani came here two weeks ago with their children. they are still shook up from the dangerous passage from istanbul. we were afraid to set off after seeing what shape the boat was in i got mad at my husband we watched parts of the boat fall off but it was too late the waves were very high and water into the boat we were so scared. for several weeks the romanian coast guard has been encountering overcrowded smuggling boats day and night within a month nearly five hundred people from iraq iran and syria have fled across the black sea to remain ian the coast guard is concerned a new so-called blue. the route could emerge from turkey to remain. a bias hanis i'm glad they survived they hadn't been aware of the danger. all that mattered was to leave turkey towards europe they tell us the black sea route is an inside tip.
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order to. help much that we came through turkey because it's easy to start from there and because many human traffickers are there. on the front walk on the turkish police don't do anything about it they're bribed by the smugglers. there is a good way but having arrived in romania the human trafficking is all rested their boats confiscated by the remaining coastguard held together by nothing more than rust numbers of decommissioned turkish fishing on tourist boats are rising. and now arriving at the ports of constant is a result of european refugee politics according to refugee expert and. desperate people always find a way but. the fact that we have these ships on the black sea shows that the typical routes are shut down and are no longer an option on the. internet that swine increasing number of refugees on landing in constanza and many remain ins are
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skeptical. about their with the state should keep these people away from us they shouldn't come to us like they did to germany tragedies keep happening there and about the terror that i did the glance they've made it that remain a is only a temporary stop on their journey they want to keep moving as soon as possible to sweden own germany. why do elephants need this. how does a plastic model turn into a paving stone why do algae make it clean here. good idea can work
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anywhere and there are people developing smart solutions everywhere. let's inspire each other the environment magazine a go at africa next. european stars deliver rousing performances. for jazz flavored soul for the lead. my eyes look around mario biondi has touched the hearts of this fan. club of. europe in concert in forty five minutes on t w your beloved. take for her simile us with all the wonderful people in stories that make the game so special. for all true fans farai.
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